Gordon Fontana

Gordon Fontana is a recurring character in the TV series, Hartman.

Biography & Personality

Born in Brooklyn, New York in March 1968.

Gordon first meets a single mother Ellis Henderson in 2006. Ellis has one daughter, Ariel who didn't like Gordon. Gordon and Ellis begin dated before two years later, they got married. In same year, he secretly got involved with a 14 years old Morgan Shane before raping her. A year later, Gordon become dad where Morgan gives birth to his son Jonathan (which Gordon didn't know) and Ellis gives birth to his daughter Angela.

The relationship between Ariel and Gordon turns sour where Gordon turn violent and raped Ariel in her bed one night and threatened to kill her if she told anybody afterwards.

After raping Ariel, Gordon has been paying more attention to Ariel than his own wife and daughter, continued to secretly abuse her for years. Ariel moved out of her family's house for college but despite Ariel moving out, Gordon still routinely abused Ariel and even threatened to do same abuse to Angela.

In the eighth season, Gordon was seen in Ariel's apartment, letting himself in. Ariel found Gordon and wasn't happy to see him. Gordon said he just wanted to talk, but then made a sexual advance towards and began touching and kissing her. Ariel, out of fear, ended up ultimately gives into Gordon's unwanted advances again.

Gordon spending a night by ends up in bed with Ariel. Gordon left Ariel's apartment the next morning before kissing a upset Ariel in the lip. At the beginning at Season 9, Ariel declares war against Gordon after catching him holding Chloe Hartman's grandson Jason in his arm. Ariel hired a group of teenagers to vandalize Gordon's car as her "first strike". Gordon suspect Vargas was behind the vandalism but didn't have proof however Gordon did threatens Ariel to sexually assault her again if she has been lying.

Couple of weeks later, Gordon invite Ariel for lunch at his house where things turn deadly seduction when Gordon seducting Ariel into sleeping with him again, not knowing Vargas was going to steal his office key. For weeks, Gordon starts to lose his power against Ariel when she got involved with now Deputy District Attorney Morgan.

Decides to have her "dealt with" once and for all, Gordon hired a hitman to kill Ariel, however the hitman mistakenly stabbed Beth Greico, mistaking Beth as Ariel before Beth kills the hitman.


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