Goosebumps is an upcoming american horror comedy film, scheduled to hit theaters in the United states on October 19 by 20th Century Fox. It is based on the best-selling children's book series by R.L. Stine, and is directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Chris Columbus.


A preteen teams up with the niece of children's horror author R.L. Stine, whose monstrous creations from his Goosebumps books begin to escape from their books and wreak havoc in the real world.


. Jack Black as R.L. Stine

. Mark Hamill as Slappy the Dummy


. Directed by Steven Spielberg

. Screenplay by Chris Columbus

. Produced by Tim Burton

. Composed by Jack Lenz

. Based on the Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine


20th Century Fox announced on September 2 that a new Goosebumps film was on its way. On April 26, it was reported that Steven Spielberg would direct the film and Chris Columbus would handle the script. On January 17, 20th Century Fox announced that the movie would hit theaters on January 26. On February 7, 20th Century Fox announced that they would push the release date back to September 21. On May 18, Jack Black was announced to reprise his role as R.L. Stine for the film. A teaser image also was released.

On June 12, Mark Hamill was announced to voice Slappy. On June 29, it was announced that the film would start filming on October 12, and will end on January 15.


The first trailer was released on July 8. The second trailer was released on August 24. The third and final trailer was released on September 21.

Monsters and Villains appearing:

Returning Monsters appearing:

. Slappy the Dummy from the Night of the Living Dummy saga

. The Haunted Mask from The Haunted Mask

. The Abominable Snowman from The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena

. Will Blake from The Werewolf of Fever Swamp

. The Lawn Gnomes from Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes

. The Giant Praying Mantises from A Shocker on Shock Street

. Madame Doom from Help! We Have Strange Powers!

. Captain Long Ben One-Leg from Creep from the Deep

. The Scarecrows from The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

. The Graveyard Ghouls from Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls

. The Creeps from Calling All Creeps!

. Count Nightwing from Vampire Breath

. The Swamp Monster from How to Kill a Monster

. The Lord High Executioner from A Night in Terror Tower

. Prince Khor-Ru from Return of the Mummy

. The Pumpkin Heads from Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns

. Murder the Clown from A Nightmare on Clown Street

. Professor Shock from The Creepy Creations of Professor Shock

. The Muglani and Cronby the Troll from Deep in the Jungle of Doom

. Fifi the Vampire Poodle from Please Don't Feed the Vampire!

. The Haunted Car from The Haunted Car

Scrapped Monsters appearing:

. Monster Blood from Monster Blood

. Mr. Wood from Night of the Living Dummy

. Sabre from Welcome to Camp Nightmare

. Cuddles the Hamster from Monster Blood II

. The Masked Mutant from Attack of the Mutant

. Sam, Louisa, and Nat Sadler from Ghost Beach

. Camp Spirit Moon's Ghosts from Ghost Camp

. The Class of 1947 from The Haunted School

. The HorrorLand Horrors from One Day at HorrorLand

. The Vampire Bats from Trapped in Bat Wing Hall

. The Knight in Screaming Armor from The Knight in Screaming Armor

. The Monster Police from Monster Blood for Breakfast!

. The Beasts from The Beast from the East

. Splatters from Earth Geeks Must Go!

. Spiders from Night of the Giant Everything

. Andrew Craw from The Headless Ghost

. Arcturans from Zapped in Space

. The Sea Monster from Deep Trouble

. Dr. Brewer's Clone from Stay Out of the Basement

. The Mud Monsters from You Can't Scare Me!

. Mrs. Maaargh from Creature Teacher

. Dr. Maniac from Dr. Maniac vs. Robby Schwartz

. Hannah Stoneman from Werewolf Skin

. Aaron Freidus from The Werewolf in the Living Room

. Monroe Morton from How I Met My Monster

Other Monsters Appearing:

. Amaz-O from Bad Hare Day

. The Grool from It Came from Beneath the Sink!

. Della from The Curse of Camp Cold Lake

. Marianna Jekyll from Jekyll and Heidi

. Bim from Weirdo Halloween

. Rip the Cat from Cry of the Cat

. The Egg Monsters Egg Monsters from Mars

. Keith from I Live in Your Basement!

. The Phantom from Phantom of the Auditorium

. Curly The Skeleton and Drool the Bulldog from the covers of the Tales to Give You Goosebumps book series

. Mr. Mortman from The Girl Who Cried Monster

. Jonathan Chiller from The Horror At Chiller House

. King Jellyjam from The Horror at Camp Jellyjam

. The Snowman from Beware, the Snowman

. The Ghost Dogs from The Barking Ghost

. The Evil Camera from Say Cheese and Die!

. Mary-Ellen from Bride of the Living Dummy



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