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Goosebumps: The Fright Before Christmas is a 2016 American Christmas Horror-Comedy Family film. It stars Neel Sethi, Dylan Minnette, Miranda Cosgrove, Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried, Richard Jenkins, Robert Capron, and Chloe Grace Mortez. It is rated PG-13. Yes, I know that some of the characters are named after Harry Potter characters and sorry if that is copyright.


A tragic boy and his family get into conflict and lose their Christmas spirit. However, things are about to change when they meet Krampus. Will they become a happy family and survive?


(A title screen says The Fright Before Christmas and reveals the date as December 23 2011).

The film starts in 2011 with people running in the store looking for presents. During the rampage, 12-year-old Harry Puffer (Neel Sethi) gets in a fight with his 13-year-old cousin Draco Dartmouth (Liam James) but Harry is saved by Draco's 13-year-old sister Ginny (Chloe Grace Mortez).

At his grandmother's cabin, he gets along with his siblings Ron (Dylan Minnette) and Hermione (Miranda Cosgrove) and their parents James (Mark Wahlberg) and Lily (Amanda Seyfried). They live with Lily's mother Euphemia (Sondra Locke). They are gonna spend the holidays with other relatives. First relatives are James' older brother Uncle Arthur (Richard Jenkins) and Arthur's wife Molly (Kim Rhodes). They also brought their twin sons Fred and George Puffer (Dylan and Cole Sprouse) but Arthur's daughter Pansy (Debby Ryan) is spoiled. Second relatives are Lily's abusive older sister Patunia (Michelle Pfeiffer), Patunia's greedy husband corrupt Mayor Vernon Meisterburger (Richard E. Grant and voiced by Albert Finney), and their spoiled son Dudley (Robert Capron). Third relatives are another spoiled family, Lily's spoiled sister Narcissa (Helena Bonham Carter), her aggressive rich husband Lucius Dartmouth (Kevin Bacon), their children, the arrogant and spoiled Draco and the kind-hearted Ginny.

At dinner, Draco and Dudley steal Harry's note to Santa and read it aloud to everyone at the table, causing the spoiled people to laugh. Harry gets angry and they get in a fight but James stops this and lets Harry go to his room. James grounds Draco and Dudley and cares if Lucius or Vernon are also starting trouble. Ginny and James try to comfort Harry but he throws his letter out a window and wishes that his family can change. When he closes his window, suddenly a snowstorm comes in and destroys the electricity. An advent calendar is seen and then number 23 is ripped off it by Harry.

The next morning, the family don't know why the electricity won't work until they see the snowstorm outside. Harry sees a scary snowman and it makes an evil grin. But doesn't tell them because they wouldn't believe him. He goes to the basement to look for decorations and he sees a box that is locked. He finds out a something or someone's in there. He opens it and sees a mysterious demon. Pansy goes out to see if there's anyone out there that can help. While she is going, she sees the demon and runs from it. She sees a truck but finds the driver dead. She hides under the truck but sees a jack in the box. It opens up and it's a female Indian python (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). She sees Pansy. Pansy screams as she is attacked and eaten by it (off-screen). It almost midnight and Harry rips 24 off the advent calendar.

At night, everyone are very worried that Pansy didn't come back. James and Arthur go to look for her. When they drive Arthur's truck, they see an empty snow car along the way. They see a house and go check it out.

In the house, Arthur reveals that his truck's suitcase is full of guns, much to James' shock. They see a broken T.V., a gingerbread man stabbed to the wall with a kitchen knife, and a collapsed chimney. Arthur says, "Whoever did this is a coldblooded son of a b***h." They hear breathing and James says, "Oh h**l no, not again", much to Arthur's confusion. They see the monster and start running away. While they hide, James explains that monster is Krampus and only punishes naughty people but will tell the rest at the cabin. Arthur understands and they try to unlock the truck but It's on fire and Arthur gets scratched on the leg. However, they make it back to the cabin.

In the cabin, Arthur is being nursed but begs James to tell everyone about Krampus. James tells everyone about Krampus. The python appears but instead tells them the tale of Krampus and James.

In a clay-like animated tale, a younger James (Kodi Smit-McPhee) was a boy who loved the holidays and believed in Santa but his step-family ruined everything along with misbehaved citizens. He lost his Christmas spirit but Krampus came and punished all bad people. James was spared and given a reindeer bell with Krampus' name on it. Krampus left and James became a reminder of what happens to the naughty on Christmas.

When the tale ends, the nice relatives clap for it because they believe Krampus is tormenting them and are feeling sad about James' tragic past. The snake leaves but the mean relatives don't believe him and Lucius tries to leave. However, Lucius is taken by an unseen monster and this causes some panic. They board up the house and get weapons. Fred and George go to the attic, thanks to Putina's neglectance.

In the attic, they find Ginny scared from this and they calm her down but Fred is attacked (off-screen) by the snake from before. James, Lily, and Molly find out about this and go up there to save them after getting mad at Patunia for letting them go up there. When they get up there, Fred is getting devoured by the monster (only his foot is seen) but George and Ginny survived.

In the kitchen, Arthur is attacked by a lawn gnome named Gnomeo (Voiced by Seth Green) and other trouble making lawn gnomes. They shoot a nail gun at him but he tries using a shotgun. They somehow survive an explosion and try to kill him. He shoots one of them but the only survivor grabs a sharpened candy cane and tries to finish him off. As Arthur closes his eyes, Harry's dog eats it, much to Arthur's relief.

In the living room, a teddy bear called Ted-Bear (voiced by Seth MacFarlene) attacks them but is shot in the head by Patunia. James offers her to kill the snake and she agrees. However, they're interrupted by elves and trolls. A yeti (voiced by Christopher Walken) meets Harry and tells him this will be the present if they all don't change their ways. As the yeti's cave collapses, he takes Dudley and possibly drags him into Hell. Patunia is grabbed by a chain and she says, "See you in hell", before being carried away. Vernon catches the python but is taken as well. They all escape the house but Euphemia stays behind to confront the Krampus, only to be killed by toys (off-screen).

Outside the house, they see it get sucked into Hell by a Poltergeist demon. A snowman throws it's burning head at a screaming Draco and Narcissa (off-camera). George, Ginny, Arthur, and Molly are sucked into the ground by a giant snow worm. While trying to start a snow truck, Harry is attacked by The Invisible Boy (voiced by Jack Black) who is wearing a black hoodie but Harry accidentally knocks him off the truck and The Invisible Boy is also eaten alive by the snow worm. The Krampus gives Harry a reindeer bell with Krampus' name on it. Harry realizes that he is the one who accidentally cause this.

He goes to save his remaining family and asks for everyone back. He throws the bell but a bottomless fiery pit emerges. They realized it can either end the madness or send people to Hell. When they see the words Grampus, they realize Krampus is James' real father but he would never hurt his family because he was trying to make them a happy family. He shows them a grave with their last name on it and reveals their in a bad future where they don't change their ways. James offers to go first and says, "I love you guys too, especially you Harry and Lily". He is given a new watch before jumping in. Lily goes second and is given a new necklace before jumping in. Ron goes third and is given a new phone before jumping in. Hermione is fourth and is given new earrings before jumping in. Krampus grabs a crying Harry, who apologizes for losing his Christmas spirit and is given the bell before being thrown into the pit, which turns blue and shines a white light. Due to Krampus' change of heart and remorse for his actions, he gives them a second chance and sets everything back to normal.

On Christmas morning, Harry wakes up scared by the event but Harry says, "That was one sad nightmare or dream". He rips 25 off the advent calendar, meaning it's Christmas. He goes downstairs and sees his family alive. The Meisterburgers and Dartmouths are nice people and so as Pansy. When Harry opens his gift, him and his family see the bell from last night, indicating this was real, they have scared faces and remember Krampus but smile when they see a picture of what is important: family and Harry finally got his wish. He looks at Krampus and instead tells him thank you.

In Krampus' workshop, Krampus (now finally a human and played by Johnny Depp) puts a snowglobe of the house on his shelf as a souvenir (he is seen smiling and whispering, "Your welcome") while Ted-bear (also resurrected and now the new Krampus) jumpscares the audience before the movie ends. Krampus is heard saying, "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all and to all a good night". (Polar Express end theme plays during the credits).

After the end credits, 1 Christmas year later a misbehaved family in a different town start not believing in Santa Claus while the youngest and kind-hearted child loses a Christmas spirit until Ted-Bear arrives (as the Krampus) with his helpers (revealed to be the rude relatives) and jumpscares the family (they are only last seen jumping at the audience), leaving their fates unknown.


Neel Sethi as Harry Puffer - The Main Protagonist of the film and Krampus' biological grandson. His goal is to return his Christmas spirit and save his family from Krampus (succeeded) and for him and his family to learn their lesson (succeeded).

  • Miranda Cosgrove as Hermione Puffer - Harry's older sister.
  • Dylan Minnette as Ron Puffer - Harry's older brother.
  • Mark Wahlberg as James Puffer - Harry's father.
  • Amanda Seyfried as Lily Puffer - Harry's mother.
  • Sondra Locke as Euphemia Puffer - Harry's grandmother.
  • Richard Jenkins as Arthur Puffer - Harry's uncle and James' older brother.
  • Kim Rhodes as Molly Puffer - Harry's aunt.
  • Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Fred and George Puffer - Harry's twin cousins.
  • Debby Ryan as Pansy - Harry's spoiled cousin.


  • Idris Elba as the voice of Krampus - The Main Antagonist turned Supporting Protagonist and Anti-Hero. He is Harry's biological grandfather and James' biological father. His goal is to change his human family's ways (succeeded).
  • Christopher Walken as the voice of The Yeti - The Secondary Antagonist of the film.
  • Scarlett Johansonn as the voice of The Snake Lady - The Tertiary Antagonist of the film.
  • Seth MacFarlane as the voice of Ted-Bear - The Quarternary Antagonist of the film and the new Krampus.


Landon Liboirion makes an uncredited cameo in a video call as Pansy's boyfriend Jared.