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Good Speed (2019 film) Car racing Action 2019 film.


  • Oscar Sanchez as Jared McOliver, Sr.
  • Josue Sanchez Ebanks as Jared "Jr" McOliver, Jr.[1]; former NASCAR racer and thief.
  • Tyson Tatum as Buddy 'The Axe' McGrey\Tyson McOliver
  • Dante Thompson as Harvey "Big Harv'" McOliver; grandson of Jared Sr. and Jr's oldest son.
  • Tatiana Juardines as Taty McOliver; Harvey's annoying sister and The Boss's daughter.
  • Doug "Mr. Doug" Dodds as DJDennis
  • John Henkis Jr. as Dennis McOliver; Jared's bully-brother.
  • Elroy Bryan as himself
  • Fabio Rene Rodriguez Sabariego as Dwert Damian, Jnr.
  • Wilfredo Juardines as The Boss
  • Jasser Camacho as himself (uncredited only)
  • Caridad Camacho as herself (uncredited only)
  • Jeff Ebanks as Jed Ebanks (himself); friend of The Boss.
  • Daniel Ebanks as himself
  • Diego Pino[2] as himself; main secondary antagonist (Diego Jones)
  • Yuri Ferguson as Benny Dennis-Watts (main villain)


  • Marc Anthony as himself (Cameo; posters only)
  • Clay Fabian Ebanks as Burt Reynolds; ex-racer and actor famous. (Cameo only)
  • Liudmila Gullien as Maria Love (uncredited; voice); Jared Sr. Calling Maria.
  • Jesus Pino as himself (uncredited)
  • Glenda Pino as herself (uncredited)
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  2. Jr