Good Evening, Officer! is an upcoming 2015 action comedy film written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and directed by Adam Shankman.


A billionaire and a millionaire meet a police officer on the top deck of a cruise ship and inadvertently cause the theft of the sheet music for their mutual favorite jazz song while exploring the other decks of the ship and meeting the ship's passengers, one of whom is a dead ringer for the billionaire's girlfriend.


  • Brad Pitt as Marvin Goodwin, a billionaire
  • Matt Damon as Edwin Harper, a millionaire
  • George Clooney as NYPD Officer Harold Richmond
  • Bradley Cooper as Captain Oliver Campbell, the captain of the cruise ship on which Marvin and Edwin meet Harold
  • Amy Adams as Shirley Stanton, Marvin's girlfriend
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Camille Stanton, Edwin's girlfriend and Shirley's sister
  • Jessica Chastain as Julie Hall, Captain Oliver's cousin
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