Golden (Season 1)

The first season of the American television comedy series Golden originally aired on NBC in the United States between September 20th, 2017 and December 13th, 2017. Created by television writer Susan Harris, the series was produced by Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions and a reimagining of the 1980s situation comedy The Golden Girls. It stars Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton, Rita Wilson and Tippi Hedren as the main characters Dorothy Samuels, Blanche Roux, Rose Allen, and Sofia Andersson. The series revolves around the lives of four women living together in a house in Miami.


No. in Series No. In Season Title Original Airdate
1 1 Pilot September 20th 2017
Blanche Roux (Rita Wilson), an attractive and carefree woman, has been dating a gentleman named Harry. Her roommates, Dorothy Samuels (Susan Sarandon) and Rose Allen (Diane Keaton), help Blanche make an important decision after Harry proposes; Blanche accepts, and they plan to marry next week, because they think long engagements do not make sense at their age. Both Dorothy and Rose have different views on the engagement – Rose worries about Blanche's future, and Dorothy feels happy. Rose has a bad feeling about Harry, but Dorothy does not let Rose ruin Blanche's happiness. When Harry is 30 minutes late to the wedding, the ladies find out he is a bigamist with six wives. Dorothy reads Blanche a letter that Harry wrote to her, claiming that he really cared about her, and it was different this time. The wedding does not happen, and Blanche has a broken heart and feels like an old fool. Meanwhile, Dorothy's mother, Sofia Andersson (Tippi Hedren) moves into the house after her retirement home, Shady Pines, burns down.
2 2 The Prude Named Allen September 27th 2017
Rose agrees to double date with Blanche and two brothers: Jeffrey and Arnie Peterson. Blanche's date with Jeffrey ends badly, while Rose forms a romantic relationship with her date, Arnie, making him Rose's first boyfriend since Charlie's death. Arnie invites her to accompany him on a cruise, which would involve sharing a stateroom, something which Rose is not sure she is ready. The trip with Arnie is further complicated by a revelation from Rose about Charlie's death, which took place while they were making love. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sofia have a gin rummy marathon, with Dorothy hoping to end a 30-year losing streak.
3 3 The Dangerous Grandson Cometh October 4th 2017
Dorothy is studying for a French final exam, when Blanche tells everyone that her grandson David is coming to visit, while his parents go on a second honeymoon in Hawaii. David causes trouble by having a party at 2:00 am and in general acting like a brat, and after mouthing off to Dorothy, Sofia slaps him, and he runs off to the lanai. Blanche gets angry at Sofia, and goes to comfort David, who reveals that his parents do not pay attention to him. Blanche offers to take in David, but her daughter, Janet, forbids it and says she is paying for him to join them in Hawaii. The girls teach David responsibility by giving him chores, and Dorothy gets an A on her French exam. Before he leaves, Dorothy tells David that he could live with them if it does not work out with his parents.
4 4 The Break-In October 11th 2017
While the ladies attend a Cher concert, their house is burglarised. Blanche is relieved when her Chinese vase is found safe, and Dorothy quotes Dirty Harry. Rose is terrified after the burglary, and Dorothy and Blanche are enraged, because Dorothy's mink stole and Blanche's jewellery were stolen. Dorothy throws a crooked salesman out of the house, after he encourages them to pay $10,000 for a security system. Rose gets a guard dog, which later runs off when Sofia scares it. Then, Rose buys a revolver, and sits up all night with it, hoping to catch the burglars if they returned. Blanche and her date, Lester, accidentally set off the alarm, and Rose shoots the vase by accident. Dorothy tells Rose that she needs help, but Rose discovers soon after she can defend herself, after a man chased her in a parking garage, and she kneed him in his "safe-deposit box". Meanwhile, Blanche helps the police by giving them sketches of her jewellery. The police catch the burglars, and Dorothy gets her stole back, but they do not find Blanche's jewellery. Miraculously, Blanche finds her jewellery while putting champagne in the freezer.
5 5 Rose's Small Affair October 18th 2017
Though Rose has been dating Dr. Jonathan Newman for 3 weeks, she is reluctant to introduce the girls to him. When Blanche invites him over for dinner without consulting Rose first, and they see why: he is a midget. Blanche thinks that Rose hired him to teach her a lesson, and makes a fool of herself, due to her self-consciousness about his height. He tells Rose that he has important news for her; she assumes he intends to propose and frets over how to respond. Later that night, she has a dream about marrying Jonathan, in which her father, in midget form, and famous psychic, Theresa Caputo, appear to her and give her advice. She wakes up, and decides that she will marry him. Jonathan and Rose go to L'Auberge Restaurant, and he tells her that they have to break up because she is not Jewish. Rose makes a scene, and they then agree that the relationship was difficult for both of them.
6 6 The Hospital Situation October 25th 2017
Dorothy injures herself attempting to perform a "six-count Cincinnati riff with a double pull-back" and requires foot surgery. She is terrified until she meets her hospital roommate, a woman with breast cancer. When Dorothy asks the woman if she is afraid, the woman responds by saying, "of course she is, but life goes on; when it comes right down to it what other choice do we have." The woman's words of wisdom leave Dorothy feeling silly over making such a big fuss over her own minor surgery. Dorothy goes through with the surgery and wakes up to find that she has been kicked out of the ladies' tap-dancing trio. Blanche and Rose have now formed a new name for the two of them: "The Two Merry Widows".
7 7 Risky Business November 1st 2017
The girls try desperately to get Madonna tickets, while Blanche attends night school in hopes of getting a promotion at the museum. When she struggles with one of her courses, her professor offers her an "easy" way to a good grade: sleep with him. In the end, she tells off Professor Cooper.
8 8 Drop Dead Gorgeous November 8th 2017
Rose brings a date home, and in the morning, Sofia discovers that he is dead. She confides in her roommates that her husband also died while they were making love. Believing that she kills men by sleeping with them, Rose becomes depressed and says she will never sleep with another man.
9 9 Flu Season November 15th 2017
Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose all come down with the flu and are at one another's throats. When all are revealed as contenders for the "Best Friend of the Friends of Good Health" award, they all are determined to attend, though all are still ill.
10 10 Rose Jobs November 22nd 2017
Due to a lack of funding, the grief-counseling center is closed, forcing Rose to seek employment elsewhere, but she faces age discrimination. Due to her frustration of failing to find work, Rose decides to continue counseling people from home, much to the annoyance of Dorothy and Blanche. At their wit's end, the ladies inspire Rose to persevere and "stretch the truth" on her job interviews. Meanwhile, Blanche flirts with one of Rose's former clients who has an infatuation with fat women, and Dorothy reconnects with an old flame, who she later finds out is gay.
11 11 Sister, Sister November 29th 2017
Rose's sister Lily comes to visit for the first time since losing her sight; the rest of the girls do spring cleaning and hold a garage sale to raise funds for a new television. It is revealed that Lily only came to ask Rose to come home with her and take care of her. Rose tells her she has to go to blind school, and in the end, Lily goes to the school and receives Becky, a service dog.
12 12 Big Daddy's Big Visit December 6th 2017
Blanche's father visits with a big surprise: he has sold the family mansion to finance his dream to become a country singer. Dorothy feuds with the girls' next-door neighbor over storm damage.
13 13 That Time We Met December 13th 2017
In the season finale, after watching the movie Psycho, the girls reminisce about how they came to live together.
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