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Goldeneye is a 2008 action thriller spy film. It is a James Bond film starring Daniel Craig as Bond and a remake of the 1995 film of the same name.


Secret agents James Bond 007 (Daniel Craig) and Alec Trevelyan 006 (Elliot Cowan) infiltrate a chemical weapons factory in Russia. As Bond sets explosive charges, Trevelyan  is captured by General Ourmov (Laurence Possa) and subsequently shot. Bond detonates the explosives and escapes.

MI6 later intercepts a phone call from Ouromov to Russian mobster Valentin Zukovsky (Alec Newman) which reveals that Ouromov is interested in obtaining a helicopter which can survive an electromagnetic pulse. Bond visits Zukovsky in his Barcelona nightclub. Zukovsky informs him an arms deal occurring in Dubai. After Bond leaves, he is attacked by an assassin disguised as a waitress, Xenia Onatopp (Kate McGowan). Bond fights her off and escapes.

Bond follows Onatopp to Dubai where she and Ouromov pick up the EMP resistant chopper. Bond places a tracker on it and follows them to a remote Siberian computer base, Severnaya. One of the employees, Natalya Simonova (Kirsty Mitchell), goes to get coffee when Ouromov and Onatopp arrive and massacre the other workers. The bunker is in fact the tracking system for a satellite known as the GoldenEye, which is designed to disable enemy targets by unleashing electromagnetic pulses. Onatopp and Ourmov steal the control for the GoldenEye and blow up another satellite to disguise the theft. Bond makes his way to the lower levels of the facility and rescues Natalya but they are then arrested by the Russian army.

Russian Defense Minister Dmitri Mishkin (Ed Stoppard), thinking that Bond and Natalya are responsible, interrogates them at St. Petersburg but Ouromov bursts in and guns Mishkin down. He abducts Natalya, so Bond chases them to a train yard and follows them onto a train. Bond derails the train and confronts Ouromov. However, Onatopp appears, and proceeds to betray and murder Ouromov. Bond and Natalya escape from the train as it explodes and Natalya tells Bond that she overheard Ouromov setting up a meeting with someone that night.

Bond arrives at the meeting place and is horrified to come face to face with Alec Trevelyan, who had orchestrated the entire affair. Trevelyan reveals that he has become disillusioned with his job and plans to take revenge by ruining the economy. He then abducts Natalya, as she is now vital in his plan because of Ouromov's death.

Bond traces Trevelyan to his base in Nigeria and is confronted by Onatopp. She attacks Bond in a helicopter and then hand to hand as the helicopter falls into a ravine beneath the landing platform. However, the cord drags her over the edge to her death. Bond then destroys Trevelyan's supercomputers and has Natalya deorbit the GoldenEye. Bond chases Trevelyan to the cradle as the facility explodes and they grapple. Trevelyan smugly asks Bond "For England, James?" Bond replies "No, for me." Just as Trevelyan draws his gun to try and shoot Bond, Bond pulls his own and shoots Trevelyan, causing him to stumble and fall over the edge to his death. Natalya picks Bond up in a helicopter and they escape as the entire base explodes. They land in the jungle in the aftermath and share a kiss.


Daniel Craig - James Bond (007)

Kirsty Mitchell - Natalya Simonova

Judi Dench - M

Alec Newman - Valentin Zukovsky

Ed Stoppard - Dmitri Mishkin

Elliot Cowan - Alec Trevelyan (006)

Kate McGowan - Xenia Onatopp

Laurence Possa - General Arkady Ouromov


The film was followed Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.