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Note from author : If you think the Cabin in the woods is that movie where zombies and other bad creatures attack humans , i recommend you to visit this link

To start off , the 3 possibilities to godzilla to find The cabin in the woods

Possibiity No.1 :

The theory i call

The bridge theory

This theory is that according to that weird MLP FIM and godzilla fanfic , Godzilla gets thrown into a giant black hole and turns into ponies , but this theory may not be proved by 2 reasons , 1 , if godzilla and the other kaijus where thrown into a black hole , they would come out as atoms , second : as whe all know , the black hole made the kaijus turn into stupid ponies , and imagine a godzilla human or a woman mothra turning into a animal how weird.

Anyways moving to the :

Primeval theory ( this one is for you RickRaptor101 )

As you fans of primeval know , there are these anomalies which can reach into medium sizes and into gigantic sizes , but to fit godzilla this anomaly would be 50 times bigger than the one the giganotosaurus entered , this anomaly would bring godzilla into the cabin in the woods universe which he would instantly burn the cabin in the woods down , killing Keith , Dave , Piper and Carla into nothing but dust.

the last theory :

The coma theory ( pretty cliche right )

This theory is that all kaijus became in Coma and dreamed to be in the cabin in the woods , but since its cliche , whe would not accept this theory.

Bonus theory , TCITW and Godzilla are in the same universe

If we regret all these theorys but simply say that Godzilla and TCITW are in the same universe , this would be far more easy than having the kaijus turning into atoms , humans , going through anomalies and getting in coma , imagine the scenario , Carla and Dave get lost in the forest and suddenly heard a lound bang and godzilla is right there , standing and roaring.


I want this battle to be based like in a Quiet Place like battle , the first changes are the kaiju sizes , mothra would have to be smaller , the size of a bug , Godzilla would have to be the size bigger than a spinosaurus but yet smaller than a sauropod , anguirus would have the size of an T-rex , Rodan size would be equal as that of Quetzalcoatlus , we also would have to change the hole Quiet place movie , the kaijus shall only attack if they are hungry , not by any sound ( sure if someone scream , godzilla would try to find the one who screamed and try to find him and hunt ) , also the characters in the movie are so damn religious , they cant give birth or sacrifice themselves without making a bible reference , also the Cabin in the woods wouldnt be that OP , it will have to change something , if someone calls someone like Rat or donkey , they would turn into animals , instead of making , you know , the thing your mommy and daddy did to make you. But if i want to stick with the the thing your mommy and daddy did to make you kinda of TF , im ok.


The location is unknown , but if whe see , Carla and Dave where in Washington and Piper and Keith in michigan , i propose its Washington , so here is the main fauna :

White tailed deer , cougar ,black bear , wolf , lynx oreamnos americanus , Bigfoot and Sasquatch

The fauna which will appear in the Dinolandia anime :

Troodon , Rat , Crow , Rhinoceros , Blue short beaked macaw.

Final results

Godzilla will try to kill Piper , Carla , Keith and Dave one by one before they turn into animals.