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Godzilla vs. Evangelion: Mortal is a crossover film that was shelved and is no longer in production. It was going to be a crossover between the Godzilla franchise and the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. It was written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, with a planned 2007 release, but was canceled due to the 2007-08 Writers Guild of America strike. However, elements of the unmade film would be out in a comic series by IDW, Godzilla vs. Evangelion.


Following a final battle between the Xiliens and a race of giant monstrous beings called Angels, the spirit, Ghidorah, tumbles through time itself, coming to rest on Earth, where it, along with the Angels Lillith and Adam, manifest themselves on the soul of Rei Ayanami. Ghidorah's "fall" has sundered reality, causing the first impact. During the first impact, the "fall" had also created a singularity in the heart of creation, into which all of space and time are slowly being drawn in. It will be in a billion years before reality is destroyed.

In 2015, 15 years after the second impact, teenager Shinji Ikari is summoned to Tokyo-3 by his father Gendo, director of NERV, a paramilitary group dedicated to combating the Angels themselves and the world's nemesis, Godzilla, the king of the monsters. Shinji witnesses Godzilla battle an Angel.

Proposed cast

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  • Godzilla
  • King Ghidorah
  • Evas
  • Angels