Godzilla Vs Dracula is a 1984 Japanese Science Fiction, Supernatural, Fantasy Monster movie made by Toho. It also shows that both evolution and religion could possibly co-exist together.


The giant mutant dinosaur, Godzilla, has been fighting many of his foes and protecting humans of Japan, but a new monster has arrived, the one he never encountered before, Dracula. Dracula is smarter, deadlier, more human-like than any other monster he ever faced. Dracula has turned some live humans from cities of Japan and lots of dead humans from cemeteries of Japan into vampires, creatures of the night, terrorizing all humans of Japan. Godzilla has to stop vampires of Japan, including Dracula himself.



During the making of the movie, the director of this movie, Kazuki Ōmori, made the final scene of the movie where Dracula makes himself giant size in order to fight back against Godzilla, to do that, the director made a miniature set which makes the characters look like they are huge compared to the city in Japan. Lots of other special effects are like the ones the director did in his previous Godzilla movies, but he also made special effects that are similar to the ones from Dracula 1979 film in order to make vampires of this Godzilla movie realistic.


This film had mostly positive reviews and Rotten Tomatoes reported about 91/100 reviews being positive and the fans said that it is the best Godzilla films of 1980's.

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