Godzilla Vs King Kong is a 2017 American Action film written by Travis Beacham and Kurt Johnstad and directed by Duncan Jones starring Jason Sudeikis, Mireille Enos, Hugh Dancy, Nat Wolff. Dylan Sprayberry, Zoey Deutch, Ellen Marlow, James Gaisford, Justin Martin, Nick Frost, Peter Dinklage and Cliff Curtis.

The film serves as a reboot of the 1962 film King Kong Vs Godzilla, changing the story and setting of the initial film as well as characters.

The film set on the fictional Skull Island in 1930 (setting the film up as a prequel to Jackson's King Kong set in 1933) oversees a group of teenage expedionists wash ashore on the Island and facing off against the island's deadly inhabitants including the mighty Kong. The film then jumps between the expedionist youths, the adoptive military father of one particular youth trapped on the island and his platoon coming to their rescue as well as the three heirs to the organization Project Monarch whom through tracking a colossal primordial beast known only as Godzilla come to the ill-fated island.

The film sees the clash of the two and is slated for a worldwide theatrical release on August 18th, 2017 and in IMAX Theatres on August 22nd, 2017.

The film is to be distributed by Legendary Pictures who have taken over the upcoming King Kong prequel instalments and whom were behind the recent Gareth Edwards 2014 Godzilla.

The Godzilla and King Kong of the film are taken from the recent franchise instalments, namely Jackson's Kong of 2005 and Edward's 2014 Godzilla.


A group of 19 year old expeditionist youths led by Avon Gardner (Nat Wolff) and his girlfriend Theresa Salaman (Zoey Deutch) set sail for the uncharted waters of the Indian Ocean which apparently hide a mythological paradise known as Skull Island. However upon coming upon infernal fog which obscures their vision just as their dangerous rocky surroundings close in on them and damage the Admirer, a boat belonging to a small statured man Walden Everhart (Peter Dinklage) and his crew of outcasts.

The youths and the crew of the Admirer then wash ashore following the tragic death of one 19 year old deckhand Tobias Walker's (Justin Martin) mother Corma (Gina Torres).

With ship cook Corma dead and expeditionist youth Richard Westonfield (James Gaisford) severely injured they press on for help, hearing the drums of a nearby tribal village.

They encounter the indigenous Skull Island tribe whom descend on them and prepare to kill them after they pay witness of their offering of a female villager to a monstrous ape beast known as Kong.


  • Jason Sudeikis as Dr. Alan Grant
  • Mireille Enos as Dr. Whitney Almore
  • Hugh Dancy as Dr. Russell Almore
  • Nat Wolff as Avon Gardner
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Rufus Grant
  • Zoey Deutch as Theresa Salaman
  • Ellen Marlow as Tabitha Gordon
  • James Gaisford as Richard Westonfield
  • Peter Dinklage as Captain Walden Everhart
  • Justin Martin as Tobias Walker
  • Jaida-Iman Benjamin as Chauncey Aldridge
  • Cliff Curtis as Col. Antonio Salaman
  • Gale Harold as Breckett Coulson
  • Abraham Benrubi as Lars Whittle
  • Reece Shearsmith as Jonathen Mackle
  • Martin Klebba as Shaker Boming
  • Rinko Kikuchi as Yako Fushimata
  • Reno Wilson as Pvt. Lua Muandes
  • Wood Harris as Stama Muandes
  • Nathan Jones as Pvt. Porter Watkins
  • Kevin Corrigan as Consultant Davis Chapman
  • Hal Sparks as Pvt. Charles Fernandez
  • Jason Priestley as Pvt. Walter Sherman
  • Dylan Neal as Dr. Abe Gideon
  • Megan Ward as Dr. Elizabeth Shellton
  • Gina Torres as Corma Walker
  • Brian O'Halloran as Pvt. Burt Lancaster
  • Andy Serkis as Kong


  1. Someone To Watch Over Me- Gertrude Lawrence
  2. Three O' Clock In The Morning - Paul Whiteman
  3. Rhapsody In Blue- George Gershwin with Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra
  4. Always- Vincent Lopez
  5. Ol' Man River- Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra with Bing Crosby
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