Godzilla In Hell Is An American/Japanese Kaiju Film Directed By Leigh Whannell. It Is A Film Adaptation Of The Comic Book Series Of The Same Name.


After Falling Down From The Mouth Of Hell, Godzilla Slams Into The Vestibule and awakens, Being Greeted By A Large Rock Tower That Says "ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE." Godzilla Blasts The Tower And Moves On Before Stumbling Upon A Alien-like city. He Finds A Nuclear Reactor. Suddenly, Godzilla Is Ambushed By A Demon With Guts As Its Body. Godzilla Eventually Kills The Abomination. He Moved On, The Wind Gets Stronger And Stranger. A Storm Cloud Is Seen, And It's Made Of... Billions Of Human Souls Humming In A Low And Demonic Tone. The King Of The Monsters Walks Across The Endless Sea Of Humming Souls. He Has Difficulty But Is Confronted, In The "Eye" Of The Storm, By What Appears To Be Him. But Then, As Godzilla Goes Closer, He Transforms Into Another Demon, This Time, Larger, And More Powerful. The Beast Puts Godzilla In A Better Fight, But As The Monster Tries To Eat Godzilla, He Kills The Freak. But Doing This Made Him Fall Deeper.

Hours And Hours Later, Godzilla Wakes Up And Looks Over A Demonic City. Suddenly, A Demon Rodan With Red Glowing Eyes Appears, Godzilla Fights Him Off And Heads To An Tundra Region. A Demonic Anguirus Is Frozen In A Ice Cap. The Demon Anguirus Suddenly Bursts Out Of The Ice And Fights Godzilla, Causing Him To Fall Into A Endless Ocean. Godzilla Encounters The Demon Varan. The Damon Reptile Is Disintegrated By Godzilla's Atomic Breath, A Demon King Ghidorah Stumbles Behind Godzilla. He Creates A Whirlpool. Sucking In Godzilla. 

Later, Godzilla Dreams A Flashback, With With The World In Ruin As Godzilla And Spacegodzilla Fight, It Is Reveled That The Power Of Hell Has Attacked The Heavens Of The Earth, Controlling Kaiju Like Spacegodzilla. The Fight Heads For The Ruins Of Rio De Janeiro Where The Flaming Wreckage Of Kiryu And Moguera, And The Corpses Of Mothra And Baragon Are Located. Spacegodzilla Blasts His Corona Beam At Godzilla At Full Intensity, Causing Godzilla To Be Consumed By A Large Flame. Godzilla Withstands The Attack And Fires His Atomic Breath At Spacegodzilla, Defeating The Crystalline Beast. After Roaring In Victory, Godzilla Fires Again, But The Weak Spacegodzilla Fires His Beam, Causing Both Beams To Lock And Explode, Causing The Earth To Be Completely Rest And Killing All Life On The Planet. Godzilla Wakes Up From His Dreams And Stumbles Upon Purgatory, Where Godzilla Sees Angels With Mothra's Wings, Along With God Himself, Who Takes The Form Of A Multi-Eyed Mountain With The Body Parts Of Many Of The Now Dead Monsters. The Angels And God Try Persuading Godzilla To Join Their Army To Fight Against Hell, But Godzilla Is Disinterested. After Crushing An Angel With His Hands, He Is Thrown Back To Hell. Where He Is Confronted By A Swarm Of Demons. But Worst Of All, A Demonic Spacegodzilla. 

Spacegodzilla Tackles Godzilla And Puts Him In Place So The Demons Can Consume His Heart In Order To Make Him A Servant Of Hell. Luckily, The Angels Arrive And Fight The Demons, Kill Spacegodzilla, And Save Godzilla. The Angels Again Persuade Godzilla To Join The Army Of Heaven, But Godzilla Is Still Not Interested And And Responds By Sealing The Entrance To Heaven. The Angels And Demons Begin To Worship Godzilla Like Crazy. Godzilla Is Disinterested Still. Godzilla Then Picks Some Of The Angels Up And He Eats Them. 

Then, Godzilla Stumbles Upon The Demonic King Ghidorah And A Demonic Drstoroyah, But Easily Kill Them Both. Ghidorah And Destoroyah Seem Dead, But As Godzilla Walks Away From His Foes, The Two Monsters Heal And Come Back To Life. The Battle Continues As Godzilla Is Blasted By Their Beam Attacks. The King Of The Monsters Is Then Thrown into A Building By Destoroyah's Flying Form. As Godzilla Recovers From The Assault, Ghidorah Lifts Him And Drops Him Into A Hellish Version Of Tokyo Tower, Stabbing Him Mortally. His Blood Drops Fall On A Crowd Of Worshiping And Zombie Looking People, Like Rain. Despite The Seemingly Fetal Injury, Godzilla Frees Himself, Crushes The Worshipers, And Notices A Huge Wall. Godzilla Tries Blasting It With His Atomic Breath, But The Wall Regenerates Every Time. Godzilla Tries Destroying It. As Godzilla Is Distracted, Destoroyah And Ghidorah Brutally And Violently Attack Him In A Way Of Torture. Destroyah Slices Godzilla's Head Off, Only For It To Grow Back. Eventually, Godzilla Let's Himself Be Defeated While Ghidorah And Destoroyah Fight. After Watching The Long Fight, Godzilla Tries To Destroy The Wall Again. The Other 2 Monsters See Him And Blast Him, But Godzilla Blasts Back, And Makes A Hole In The Wall And Escapes, And The Hellish Monsters, And The Hellish Tokyo Fade Away. Eventually, Godzilla Even Fades.

Then, It's All White. Godzilla Shows Up And Looks Around The Seemingly Endless Nothing While He Hears Low Pitched Chanting Of Words Like Pain, Suffering, Death, Agony, And Punishment In Polish. Suddenly, After Walking For A Few Minutes, Godzilla Sees A Bridge And A Endless Purple River. He Picks Up The Bridge, Which Resembles The Brooklyn Bridge. But Then, As The Bridge Is In Monster King's Hands, It Disappears And Hear A Hiss-Like Chant As The Purple River Flees Like A Snake. Then, Suddenly, A City Starts To Fade In. Godzilla Attempts To Destroy It, Only For It To Grow Bigger And Godzilla Gets Smaller. Time After Time, Godzilla Tries To Destroy The City But Grows So Small That He's Just A Tiny Dot. Then, The Roads In The City Crumble, Causing Godzilla To Fall Deeper Into Hell. There, Godzilla Is Greeted By The Moaning And Groaning Souls Of Hell, Who Pursue Godzilla. Godzilla Then Impacts In A Hellish Forest. The Souls Chase After Godzilla Across The Forest Until Godzilla Is Cornered By A Demonic Troll, Who Joins The Souls To Chase Godzilla. Godzilla Then Hides In A Cave, Only To Stumble Upon Various Freakish Beasts Cooking The Corpse Of Gigan And Megalon. The Monsters Chase After Godzilla As The Beasts Join The Souls And The Demonic Troll. Godzilla Heads Up To A Canyon Made Of The Bones Of The Dead. Godzilla Climbs To Escape The Chasing Armies Of Hellish Beings. He Then Uses His Atomic Breath To Scare Away The Creatures. But As He Starts To Walk, He Falls Deeper Into The Underworld. 

Godzilla Wakes Up, Barely Alive, In Another Icy Region Of Hell. Meanwhile, The Devil Orders A Tentacled Creature To Gaurd The Gate Before Godzilla Escapes. Back In The Icy Region, Godzilla Walks Across The Cold, Endless Sea Of Blizzards, Snow And Ice. The Cold Bombards The Beast. He Walks For Hours And Hours And Hours, The Hours Turn Into Days And Days And Days. 100 Days Later, Godzilla Finally Gets Out Of The Cold, And Finds A Bridge At The Edge Of A Blood Waterfall. Godzilla Moves On Towards The Bridge But Suddenly, The Bridge Bursts Apart And Falls For Miles While Billions Of Souls Chant "Satan." As He Falls, The Souls Chant More Loudly And Insanely, Like It's A Tribal Ceremony. Godzilla Impacts And The Souls Burrow To The Ground. Godzilla Quickly Awakens To Be In A Pit. Godzilla Goes Berserk And Swips His Tail, Destroying The Nests Of Red Creatures Inside The Spires. Godzilla Is Unaware And Moves On. The Creatures, Called Hellbats, Create A Swarm Of Octillions And Follow Godzilla As He Comes Face To Face The The Final Trial, The Tentacled Creature, Called The Guardian Of The Gate. Godzilla Keeps The Seemingly Endless Swarm At Bay With His Tail. Nearing The End Of The Journey, Godzilla Comes Face To Face The The Guardian Of The Gate, Guarding The Entrance To The Living World. Godzilla Tries To Kill The Beast With His Atomic Breath, But Seemingly Can't Get It Out, And Is Just A Poof, But Godzilla Does Not Give Up, And The King Of The Monsters Climbs Up Atop The 3 Trillion Foot Tall Mountain. He Eventually Climbs To The Face Of The God-demon, Who Is 15 Times Bigger Than The Mountain. The Beast Takes Notices And Causes A Earthquake/Landslide Hybrid And Knocks Godzilla Off. Godzilla Finally Gives Up, And Let's The Hellbats Eat Him Alive. The Red Pests Swarm Godzilla And They Dovour Him Until His Bones Are The Only Thing Left And Crumble In The Rubble Of The Earthquake/Landslide. The Bats Fly Away, Plumped And Satisfied. Suddenly, The Bats Grow A Single Eye And Start To Emit Godzilla's Roar In High Pitch. The Creatures Fly Back To The Skeleton Of Godzilla And Reform His Body. The Reformed Godzilla Roars At The Guardian In A Challenge. Then, Each Hellbat Spews An Atomic Breath And A Gigantic Heat Ray Emerges, Killing The God-Demon. Godzilla, Now Back To Life, Climbs Up The Mountain And Heads For The Gate. Godzilla, Then Bursts Into The Deep Sea, Then, Our Of The Water, In The Sunset, Godzilla Emerges And Roars. 


• Demi Moore As One Of The Souls Of The Soul Cloud

• Isabelle Adjani As Angel #1

• Tea Leoni As Angel #2

• Vicky Haughton As Demon #1

• Keith David As God

• Geena Davis As Angel #3

• Greg Germann As Ending Narrator

• Keri Russell As Angel #4

• Amanda Peet As Demon #2

• Sera Gamble As Demon #3

• Prue Clarke As Worshipper #1

• Julia Ragnarsson As Worshipper #2

• Jacob James Beswick As Worshipper #3

• Maria Erwolter As Worshipper #4

• Courtney Gains As Demon #4

• Danny Glover As The Devil

• Elisabeth Moss As Chanter #1

• Carrie anne moss As Chanter #2


• Godzilla

• Nuclear Reactor Demon

• Giant Soul Cloud

• Doppelgänger Demon

• Demon Rodan

• Demon Anguirus

• Demon Varan

• Demon King Ghidorah

• Spacegodzilla/Demom Spacegodzilla

• God

• Ice Claw

• Destoroyah

• Kiryu (Wreckage)

• Moguera (Wreckage)

• Mothra (Carcass)

• Baragon (Carcass)

• Demonic Troll

• Gigan (Carcass)

• Megalon (Carcass)

• Hellbat

• The Guardian Of The Gate


The Film Was Released To Positive Reviews. It Holds 98% On Rotten Tomatoes.


It Is The First Time That A Godzilla Movie Is Rated R For Scary Images, Graphic Scenes, Nudity, Intense Music, And Major Blood And Gore.


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