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Godzilla Also Known As James Cameron's Godzilla In Some Of The Marketing Is A 1997 Japanese/American Kaiju Film Directed By James Cameron.


In 1954, A Giant, Dinosaur-Like Monster Named Godzilla Attacked Tokyo And Nearly Destroyed The City. 

Then In 1997, After Some Sightings Of The Beast Through Out The Years, The Creature Rises From The Ocean And Attacks A Whaling Ship. Zoologist/Paleontologist Johnson Martinez And His Adopted Son, Davis Grant Recruit A Group Of Scientists And The Military To Investigate The Same Whaling Ship, Which Now Has Claw And Bite Marks And Washed Ashore In California. Johnson's Younger Wife, Amanda Thinks That A Mosasaur Caused It, But His Husband Says "But Not With Those Claw Marks." Then, A Helicopter Arrives With The President, Who Wants Johnson's Team To Investigate More Attacks. Then, Godzilla Arrives To Ravage The American East Coast. Julianne And Her Daughters, Tina, And Millie, Visit A Beach In Maryland. Then, Suddenly, A Unknown Reptile Attacks The Two, Causing Then To Be In A Coma. Masaki, A Japanese Agent Who Must Follow His Father's Destiny To Secretly Study Monsters, Visits Julianne And Tina In A Hospital, And Are Questioned About What They Saw, With Tina Replying To A "Giant Flying Lizard." In The White House, Johnson And Davis's Team Find Out The Reason Why The Two Where Attacked, An Awakening Of More Monsters, The Monsters Include: Baragon, Varan, Anguirus, Kumonga, And King Ghidorah. Meanwhile, Godzilla Attacks New York, Causing Destruction And Death In His Wake.  The Military Tries Everything, But The Beast Destroys The Army, And Burns Down The City With His Atomic Breath, Leaving It To A Smoky Ruin. Then, The Team, Officially Called The "G-Force", Investigates The Attack, Davis Finds One Of Godzilla's Cells, Known To Johnson As "G-Cells", In A Drop Of The Beast's Blood. The Sample Is Studied And Is Reveled That Godzilla Can Feed On Nuclear Energy.  The Next Day In Upstate New York, A Group Of Hunters Stumble Upon A Gigantic Spider And Soon After A Burrowing Creature. The Two Beasts Are Reveled To Be Baragon And Kumonga. In The Catskill Mountains, The G-Force Orders The Visitors To Evacuate Because Of The Two Heading There, As Well As Godzilla. Eventually, Baragon And Kumonga Fight Godzilla, Baragon Burrows Underneath Godzilla, But He Gains The Upper Hand with his brute strength. Kumonga Spews A Web Onto Godzilla, But Swings Him To The Sky, And Then Defeats Baragon With His Atomic Breath And Then Covers Him With The Rubble. 

Meanwhile, In Washington Dc, The President Orders A Nationwide Evacuation Because Godzilla Is Going To Destroy The Entire Country In The Coming Months. In The Arctic, The 3-Headed Dragon, King Ghidorah, Breaks Free From His Icy Tomb And Attacks A Military Outpost, He Then Flies South. In A Farm In Pennsylvania, The G-Force Visits The Farmer, Who Is Called Joe, Claims To Have Seen Godzilla During His Drive Home. Then, Godzilla Rampages In The Small Town In Pennsylvania Where He Does His First Fight With King Ghidorah. As The Military And G-Force Get Involved, The Two Monsters Fight With Equal Strength, Each Monster Is Immune To The Attacks They Do, Then, The Three Headed Dragon Retreats. In The Night, Davis And G-Force Member Lisa Hugh Fall In Love. Then, Godzilla Heads Off To Attack Pittsburgh And Burns And Destroys The The City To The Ground. 

In Ohio, Godzilla Encounters The Gotengo, A Land/Sea/Air Weapon Designed To Destroy Kaiju Threats, And Nearly Destroys It, Then The Military Arrives And Opens Fire, But Godzilla Kills The Forces. Then, Johnson And Former Marine Vinny Finds Two Dots In The Mahoning County Area Of Ohio, Later Reveled To Be Anguirus And Varan. The Colonel Suggests That The Creatures Could Attack Somewhere Along With Godzilla. The Colonel Then Goes To An Evacuation Camp And Reunites With Julianne, Millie And Tina, Reveled To Their Dad. Then, Godzilla Arrives In Cleveland With The G-Force Observing. Then, Anguirus And Varan Engage Him. The Two Monsters Are Later Joined By Baragon Who Was Resurrected By A Lightning Bolt And Kumonga Who Swiftly Came To The Scene. The Three Monsters Fight Godzilla, Destroying Buildings And Crushing Cars. Then, At Sunrise, As The Four Monsters Continue To Battle, King Ghidorah Returns, The Four Monsters Fight Ghidorah, Who Is Killed By Godzilla And Others, The Dragon Falls To The Death Into The Waters Of Lake Erie. Then, The Four Monsters Are Attacked By The Gotengo And Godzilla Is Defeated, For Now... Then, Johnson Presumes Him To Be "Dead". Then, Davis And linda Get Married. Then, A Few Weeks Later, The G-Force Notices That There Are Unknown Tremors, And That Godzilla Is Possibly Still Alive. These Fears Where Confirmed And Godzilla Reawakens The King Of The Monsters Roars Menacingly. The King Has Returned...


• Tom Cruise As Davis Grant

• Nicole Kidman As Linda Hugh

• Cary Elwes As Dr. Johnson Martinez

• Michael Clarke Duncan As Vinny Davis

• Russell Means As Professor "Honda" Tyler

• Tia Carrere As Amanda Martinez

• John Lithgow As Colonel John

• Peter Siragusa As Lieutenant Dave

• L. Scott Caldwell As Julianne

• Mae Whitman As Tina

• Morgan Freeman As The President

• Earl Boen As Preston Holland

• Sissy Spacek As Lisa

• Todd Graff As Taylor

• Richard Harris As David

• Ray Winstone As Terry 

• Frank Welker (Creature Vocals)

• Neve Campbell As Alyssa

• Clara Thomas As Tina's Sister, Millie

• Hiroyuki Sanada As Masaki

• Masami Horiuchi As Boat Driver

• Victor Banerjee As A Running Pittsburgh Citizen

• Frances Cuka As Screaming Lady

• Carlos Carrasco As News Reporter

• Clyde Kusatsu As Sailor

• Jim Cummings As The Narrator Heard At The Film's Intro

Effects And Creature Design

James Cameron Wanted A Godzilla Film That Can Use Various Effects. Stan Winston Was Hired To Do Animatronics, Phil Tippet Was Hired To Make Stop Motion Puppets Of The Monsters, & Suits Where Made By Toho Themselves. Cameron Wanted Godzilla To Be A Neutral Force Of Nature And More Dinosaur-like. Godzilla's Color Scheme Was Grey Mixed With Black, With Blue Spots Of Bioluminescnence When Godzilla Is Underwater Or Uses His Atomic Breath. 

The Jurassic Park Velociraptor And Tyrannosaurus Where Both A Inspiration Of Godzilla In Terms Of His Head And Tail. It Is Unknown Of How The Other Kaiju Where Inspired, Cameron Just Siad That: "All Of The Monsters In The Film Will Be Inspired By Other

Concept Art For Godzilla In The Film, This World Be His Final Look In The Film.


For The Sound Effects, Godzilla Was Given His Roars From The 1960s And 70s. With Some Mixed With Crocodile Hissing, & Elephant Growls, Big Cat Roars, Along With The Roars Of The "Sharptooth" Tyrannosaurus From The Land Before Time, All Performed By Frank Welker. For Varan, High Pitched Jurassic Park Velociraptor Sheiks And Komodo Dragon Hissings Gave Varan A More Reinvented Roar. For Anguirus, His Roars Are The Same, But Bull Sounds Where Also Added, For Baragon, His Roars Are Leopard Snarls Mixed With Crocodile Hissing, This Roar Would Later Be Used For Baragon In GMK. For Ghidorah, A Modified Rodan Roar Was Used With His Showa Roar, It Would Later Be Used For The Godzilla Anime Series. For Kumonga, His Original Roar Is Mixed With Cougar Roars And Snake Hissing. 


• Godzilla

• King Ghidorah

• Varan 

• Anguirus

• Baragon

• Kumonga


Shortly After Production Wrapped Up In June 1996, A Short Teaser Was Shown In Selected Screenings Of Independence Day. (1996) In January 1997, During The Super Bowl XXXI, Another Teaser Trailer Was Shown, Getting A Extremely Positive Reaction By Fans. Crushed Cars Where Dotted Around New York, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, And Many Japanese Cities As A Part Of A Guerilla Advertising Campaign. 

Then A Month Or So Before The Film Was Released, The Merchandising Campaign Started, Some Of The Merchandise Included A Video Game For The PS1 And Sega Dreamcast, A Toy Line By Mattel, McDonald's Godzilla Themed Happy Meals And "Monster Sized Meals,"  And A Junior Novelization For Children. Burger king Had A Kids Meal With Figures Based On The Monsters That Appear In The Film. Taco Bell Promoted The Film As Well With A Kids Meal, Commercials Feature The Taco Bell Chihuahua Attempting to trap Godzilla And The Other Monsters In A Box. Nestlé Even Made Godzilla-Themed Candies And You Could Win A Trip To The Film's Production Locations. Other Promotions Include KFC, Kodak, Bandai, Edy's Ice Cream, Hershey's, The Campbell Soup Company, Snickers, Nissin, (The Company That Makes Ramen Noodles) The Coca-Cola company, And Payless ShoeSource. The First Premiere Of Godzilla Was Held On April 29, 1997 At The Grand Rex Theater In Paris, France. The Film Had A Nation Wide Release In May 2, 1997. 

The Film's VHS Release Was August 1997, And The DVD Was Released On November 1997.


The Soundtrack For James Cameron's Godzilla Was Composed By Hans Zimmer. Hans Zimmer's Versions Of Akira Ifukube's Scores From Godzilla Films Made Zimmer Win A Music Award. The Soundtrack Is Sorta Similar To Mission Impossible 2, But Without The M:I Theme. Lisa Gerrard Provided Vocal Cues For Certain Tracks. Zimmer And Gerrard Would Later Work On Gladiator And Mission Impossible 2.


Godzilla Received Positive Reviews From Fans And Critics, Rotten Tomatoes Reported That 91% Of Critics Gave Godzilla A Positive Review. While Metacritic Gave The Film 9/10. 

Video Game

A Video Game Was Released To Co-Inside With The Film's Release, Called Godzilla: Fighting Championship, It Is For The PS1 And Dreamcast. It's A Fighting Game Based On The Film, You Can Play As The Monsters That Appear In The Film, As Well As Other Monsters That Appear In The Toho Films.


The Film Was A So Successful That It Had A Animated Series, Godzilla: The Animated Series, The Film Won A Few Oscar Awards For Best Effects, Best Acting, And Best Director. The Film Is Loved By Sci-fi And Godzilla Fans Alike, And Continues To Be A Cult Classic.

Cinematography And Editing

Adrian Biddle, Who Previously Worked With James Cameron With Aliens, (1986) Was Hired To Do Cinematography For The Film's Human And Monster Scenes. Michael Kahn Was Hired To Edit The Film. 


Both The Film And The Animated Series Received A Toyline By Mattel. The Toyline Features Action Figures Based On The Characters And Monsters In The Film. (And Series) 

Examples Of The Toyline Figures

• Ultimate Godzilla Figure

• Micro Battle Sets

• Poseable Heads King Ghidorah

• Stomp 'N' Bite Godzilla

• Ramming Baragon

• Tail Slash Anguirus

• Electronic Roar Godzilla

• Electronic Roar Kumonga

• Electronic Roar Ghidorah

• Hatching Monster Eggs

• Godzilla Bank

• Combat Claw Baragon

• Shatter Tail Godzilla

• Fang Bite Kumonga

• Thunder Tail Anguirus

• Supreme Godzilla

• Razor Bite Godzilla

• Living Godzilla

• Nuclear Glow Godzilla

• Steel Attack Anguirus

• Mayhem Baragon

• Lava Shatter Tail Godzilla (Repaint) 

Taglines And Quotes


"Guess Who's Coming To Town."


• "When Godzilla First Appeared In 1954, He Devastated Japan Far Worse Than World War II Several Years Earlier. If He Returns, It Will Be As Catastrophic...." - Opening Narration

• "He's Here!" - Davis Grant

• "Kill The Beast Damm It!" - Colonel John

• "Godzilla May Be A Creature Of Conquest And Could Be The Ruler Of This Earth Instead Of Us. And, And He Will Destroy The Country By The End Of This Year, And Eventually All Of Humanity In A Matter Of Mouths." - The President


• This Godzilla Film Marks The First Godzilla Film To Be Made By A Hollywood Studio. 

• In Earlier Drafts Of The Film, Godzilla Was Originally Going To Be Created By Scientists, But Cameron Instead Used His 1954 Origins.

• The Logo Is Similar To The 1998 Film In Our Reality, But Is Blue.

• Hans Zimmer's Score Of The Film Is Similar To His Later Work In Mission Impossible 2, (But Not Really The Same, Just A Bit) And The Godzilla Theme Is Similar To Godzilla's Theme From GMK (2001) And Godzilla Vs. Biollante. (1989)

• CGI, Stop Motion, Animatronics, And Even Suits Where Used For The Film, The Reason Why It Earned An Oscar For Best Effects.

• In Earlier Drafts, Mothra And Rodan Where Considered, But Where Removed From The Film For Unknown Reasons, But The Two Monsters Would Appear In The Animated Series.

• According To James Cameron, The Events Of Godzilla, (1954) Godzilla Raids Again, (1955) Rodan, (1956) Varan, The Unbelievable, (1958) Mothra, (1961) Mothra Vs Godzilla, (1964) War Of The Gargantuas, (1966) Godzilla Vs Hedorah, (1971) Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla, (1974) Godzilla 1985, (1984/85) & Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla (1993) Happened In The Timeline Of The Film.

• The Toyline By Mattel Is Similar To The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Toyline By The Same Company, But Has Godzilla Monsters Instead Of Dinosaurs, And There Are Also Toy Elements To The Godzilla 1998 Trendmasters Toyline Of Our Universe. 

• Godzilla, According To James Cameron, Is Hyper Evolved Carnivorous Dinosaur That Has Been Given His Nuclear Power Thanks To Him Feeding On Nuclear Energy. 

• This Film Was Released In A Alternative History Of The Franchise Where Godzilla 1998 And Zilla Never Existed, But The Monsterverse Still Exists. 

• Godzilla's Personality Is Similar To The GMK Godzilla, Heisei Godzilla, And Godzilla 2000, And He Is Neutral In The Film.