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Godzilla: The Animated Series Is An American/Japanese Traditionally Animated Television Of Series For Kids. It Is Based On James Cameron's 1997 Film, Godzilla . It Serves As A Sequel To The Film. It First Aired On Fox Kids, The Children's Channel, And Nickelodeon On July 10, 1997, And Lasted For 3 Seasons. 


Godzilla Has Returned To Rampage Some More, But More Monsters Appear And Wreak Havoc On The Planet, Godzilla, Along With The "G-Force" Must Go On Action Packed Adventures To Fight Newly Discovered Or Created Monsters.

Animation Style

The Animation Style Is Similar To Kong: The Animated Series, (2000-01) As Well As The Legend Of Tarzan. (2001-03)


Season 1 (1997)

1. King Of The Monsters Part 1 

2. King Of The Monsters Part 2 

3. Underwater Assault

4. No Man's Paradise

5. Mothra

6. The Hollow Earth Expedition

7. Man Vs Nature

8. Monster Island

9. The Attack Of Gigan

10. Return To The Hollow Earth

11. Talkin' Trash

12. Robo-Zilla

13. Cat And Mouse

14. What Dreams May Come

15. Framed

16. Terror Of The Sky

17. Freeze

18. The Dark Goddess

19. Atlantis

20. Nasty Surprise

21. Deception

22. Resistance

23. Wrath Part 1

24. Wrath Part 2

25. Rage Of The Gryphon

26. In Deep

27. Godzilla's Day Out

28. Bring On The Bad Guys

29. Savages 

30. One Little Thing

(More Coming Soon)

Season 2 (1998)

1. The Return Of Godzilla

2. Advent Of Desghidorah

3. Leo

4. Destroy All Monsters Part 1

5. Destroy All Monsters Part 2

6. Destroy All Monsters Part 3 

7. Protector

8. Vision

9. Fist Of Gojira

10. Trust No One

11. Metamorphosis

12. Rude Awakening

13. I See Fire

14. At The Depths Of Death

15. Vicious Brood

16. Nocturnal Maneater

17. One Eyed Counterattack

18. The Race Against Time

19. The Rouge Elephant

20. The Enemy Within 

21. Really, Really Big Trouble In Little Tokyo

22. Feeding Time

23. The Way Of All Flesh

24. Mothra, My Girl

25. Target

26. Captured Part 1

27. Captured Part 2

(More Coming Soon)

Season 3 (1999)

1. In Times Of Chaos

2. The Hidden Fears

3. Underwater War

4. Clash Of The Titans

5. Rise Of The Fire And Ice

6. The Eighth Wonder

7. Hunger

8. Fugitives

9. Season Of The Dragon

10. Persecution Of The Masses

11. Black Angels

12. Defeat Is No Option

13. Who Will Know?

14. Under A Burning Sky

15. Until All Are One

16. Holy Beasts

17. Battle Positions

18. Legends Never Die

19. Jailbreak

20. Return Of King Ghidorah

21. Nothing To Fear

22. See No Evil

23. Fear Of Victory

24. Destroyah's Reckoning Part 1 

25. Destroyah's Reckoning Part 2 

26. Destroyah's Reckoning Part 3

27. Size Does Matter

28. To The End

29. Reign In The Desert

30. Area 51

(More Coming Soon)


Like The Film , The Series Has A Line Of Toys For Kids. Mattel Created The Toys To Promote The Show, Just Like The Film It Is Based On. 


Used Kaiju And Kaiju Based On Mythology

• Godzilla

• Anguirus 

• Varan 

• King Ghidorah (Flashback, Season 3 Only)

• Baragon

• Kumonga (Flashback, Season 2 To 3)

• Rodan

• Mothra

• Gabara 

• Gorosaurus

• Manda

• Battra

• Mechagodzilla

• King Caesar

• Desghidorah

• Ebirah

• Kamacuras

• Gezora

• Ganimes

• Kamoebas

• Destroyah

• Dagahra

• Dogora

• Maguma

• Gaira

• Sanda

• Biollante

• Yamata No Orochi

• Quetzalcoatal

• Loch Ness monster

• The Kraken

• Giant Rats

• Giant Bees

• Giant Beetles

• Giant Ants

• Firebird

• Eartheater

• Stone Creature

• Magavolt Monster 

• Cyclops Creature

• Chimera

• Magnetic Monster 

• Breeder Beast

• Great Watchuka

• Time Dragon

• Giant Squid

• Giant Fly

• Giant Octopus 

• Axor

• Power Dragon

• Giant Dragonfly

• Giant Black Widow

• Giant Venus Flytrap

• Giant Antlion

• Giant Seahorse

• Giant Jellyfish

• Giant Crab

• Giant Manta Ray

• Giant Shark

• Giant Swordfish

• Magma Lizard

• Batragon

• Ghilaron

• Lepirax

• Centipor

• Yetrigar

• Gigan

• Hedorah

• Mothra Leo

• Mothra Lea

• Aqua Mothra

• Rainbow Mothra

• Armor Mothra

• Light Speed Mothra

• King Kong

• Giant Lizard

• Skeleturtle

• Guesra

• Ragon

• Red King

• Gomora

• Jirass

• Cybersaur

• Burtannus

• Bagorah

• Hydra

• The Stranger

• Sea Baragon

• Moby Dick

• Cyclops

• Thunderbird

• Wyvern

• Basilisk

• Typhon

Original Kaiju

• Megaloglyptodon, A Glyptodont Kaiju 

• Obsidius, A Volcanic Kaiju Who Would Later Appear In The 2007 Game, Godzilla: Unleashed

• Vaganosaurus, A Deep Sea Poison Monster Who Later Appears In The 1998 Godzilla Game, Godzilla Trading Battle

• Krystalak, A Crystal Monster Who Would Later Appear In The Godzilla: Unleashed, Along With Obsidius

• Zentaur, Also known As The Dark Goddess, The Goddess Of Fire, Death, And The Sun, She Is Basically A Tyrannosaurus But With Dragon Wings And Horns.

• Brutusk, A Mammoth Kaiju Who Would Later Appear In The Kaiju Video Game Franchise, Colossal Kaiju Combat

• Fanapa, A Proboscis Monkey Kaiju, And One Of Godzilla And Anguirus's Allies

• Orcaia, A Two Headed Orca Kaiju And One Of Godzilla And Anguirus's Allies

• Axoloc, Aka Great King Axoloc In Japan, A Axolotl Kaiju

• Megaconda, A Giant Anaconda

• Barubaroi, A Evolving Kaiju Similar To The Thing From The John Carpenter Film Of Its Name, It Was Originally Going To Be In The Scrapped Film, Godzilla Vs Barubaroi, But Was Replaced By Godzilla Vs Destroyah. (1995) 

• Fox-Zilla, A Giant Fox/Godzilla Hybrid Created By Scientists

• Moby Poseidon, A Green, Mutated Whale Kaiju.

• Emperor Ghidorah, A Six Limbed Ghidorah Created By Atlantis, It Was Originally Going To Be In The Scrapped Film, Godzilla Vs Emperor Ghidorah, But Was Replaced By Godzilla Vs Spacegodzilla. (1994)

• Gryphon, Originally Planned For The Unmade 1994 Godzilla Film, The Gryphon Is Another Kaiju Created By Atlantis.

• Fire Lion, A Fiery Kaiju Lion. It Was Supposed To Make An Appearance In Godzilla: Unleashed, But Never Was.

• The Black Cat, The Main Antagonist Kaiju Of The Episode, Nocturnal Maneater, It Is A Black Panther Kaiju. It Has Long Pointy Ears And Razor Sharp Quills Like A Porcupine. 

• Titanophant, A Giant Elephant Kaiju Who First Appeared In The Episode, "The Rouge Elephant". It Is Just A Generic Elephant, But With Trees And Vines Growing All Over Its Back And The Underside Of The Tusks. 

• The Holy Beast Of Stone, The Leader Of The Holy Beasts, This Kaiju Was Inspired By The Stone Titan In Disney's Hercules. (1997)

• The Holy Beast Of Speed, A Velociraptor-like Holy Beast With Dragon Like Horns. 

• The Holy Beast Of The Sky, A Holy Beast In The Form Of A Vulture But With A Tail.

• The Holy Beast Of The Water, A Shark-like holy Beast. 

• Suchorius, A Giant Crocodile-like Kaiju With A Sandy Color And Red Plates.

• Deutalios, A Rat/Fish Hybrid Kaiju. The Monster Was Originally Going To Appear In Godzilla Vs Biollante, (1989) But Was Scrapped. 

• Awatateki, An Oviraptor-like Kaiju With Wings For Flight and big peacock-like feathers. The Males Are More Colorful Than Females. 

• Ataxius, A Therizinosaurus Kaiju With A Cassowary-like Head. 

• Verogha, A Kaiju With Three Rhino-like horns, With Spiky Soilders, Blue And White Feathers, And Raptor-like feet. 

• Khaceras, A Horned Dinosaur Kaiju. The Skin Color Is Blue, Brownish Orange, And Dark White. This Kaiju Also Has Pangolin-like Plates on it's back.


• Most Of The Hanna Barbara, Dark Horse, And Marvel Godzilla Kaiju Appear In The Show.

• The Hollow Earth Appears In The Show.

• Dinosaurs live in the hollow earth.

• Mechagodzilla's Design Was Inspired By The Terminator, And The Heisei Mechagodzilla.

• Their Are 90 Episodes Per Season, In Total, Their Are 270 Episodes.

• Godzilla Is Realised To Be Neutral After He Killed Off Ghidorah. But Then Turns Sorta Good When He Falls In Love With Mothra. 

• This Is The First Time We See Godzilla And Mothra Fall In Love, Many Forms Of Fanart Show Godzilla And Mothra Having A Relationship That Is A Peaceful One.

• Season 3's Episodes 10 To 14 Would Later Be The Titles For The Tracks In The Shin Godzilla (2016) Soundtrack. 


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