Godzilla: Kingdom Of Monsters Is A American/Japanese Kaiju Film Directed By Matt Reeves, It Is The Next

Instalment Of The Godzilla Franchise After Godzilla Vs Kong, But This Film Is A New Continuity. It Will Be Released On July 12, 2022.


In This Exciting Film Adaptation Of The Hit Comic Book Series, The Monsters Rule The Earth And Cause Havoc Wherever They Go. Causing The Human Race To Fight For Survival. Will The Apocalypse Be Over With?


• Brad Pitt As Steven Woods

• Veronika Bonell As The Evil Twins

• Melody Hurd As Allie

• Sigourney Weaver As Steven Woods' Mother

• Barack Obama As Himself (Replacing President Ogden)

• Akira Nakao As The Japanese Prime Minister

• Ana De Armas As Girly Yaya

Note: The Rest Of The Cast Is Unknown


• Godzilla

• Rodan

• Battra

• King Ghidorah

• Mechagodzilla

• Anguirus


The Film Received Positive Reviews From Critics, Rotten Tomatoes Says That 79% Of Critics Gave The Film A Positive Review.


• Instead Of Godzilla Entering North Korea, He Enters South Korea

• The Original Film Is Part Of The Film's Timeline

• Like Shin Godzilla, (2016) Kaiju Roars From Other Godzilla Films Are Reused, Godzilla Has His Showa Roar, Mechagodzilla Has His 2002-03 Roar, King Ghidorah Has His Showa Roar, Battra Has His Heisei Roar, And Rodan And Anguirus Have Their Final Wars Roars.


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