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Godly is a 2012 American supernatural thriller horror film written by Ryne Douglas Pearson & Juliet Snowden and directed by Saman Keshavarz marking his directorial debut.

The film stars Jeremy Renner, Kerry Washington, Ewan McGregor, Carey Mulligan, Chace Crawford, Dave Franco, Isabel Lucas and Nathalie Kelley.

The film is distributed by Paramount Pictures and Ghost House Pictures. The film concerns three young adults and six teenage youths who become stuck atop a rock formation during a set of raging rainstorms and find themselves being prayed upon by some of Greek Mythology's most infamous gods.

The film was released theatrically in cinemas on May 14th, 2012 and was released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc on October 16th, 2012. The film was awarded with a Saturn Award nomination for Best Horror film 2012 (losing out to Joss Whedon's The Cabin In The Woods) but came runner up and secured a satellite award for actress Isabel Lucas, For Best Stand Out Actress In A Horror film.

The film was met with mixed reception from critics put in great comparison with Carter Smith's 2008 horror film the Ruins an adaption of the Scott B. Smith book of the same name.

The film is produced by master horror filmmaker Sam Raimi (Of Evil Dead, Spider-Man and Drag Me To Hell Fame) and comedic actor Chris O'Dowd (star of Oscar nominated cult classic Bridesmaids).


Lionel Everett (Jeremy Renner) is a debunker who drags along his bestfriend Campbell Stans (Ewan McGregor) on a trip to Greece to a recently discovered rock cliff formation rumoured to be cursed.

We are then introduced to a group of American College Youths Constance Fairchen (Carey Mulligan) her brother Thomas (Chace Crawford) and his girlfriend Sarah Fitzgerald (Isabel Lucas), Constance's bestfriend Alex Tomeras (Nathalie Kelley) and her boyfriend Johnson Whelan (Dave Franco) who are set for a Summer trip to Greece.

Tagging along with them is Alex's extremely overprotective, disapproving sister Andrea (Kerry Washington) who had been left to raise Alex after their parents perished many years ago in a fire.

Lionel and Campbell meet with the American College youths and Andrea Tomeras in Athens and from there head off to a long forgotten forest village tourist trap Manos where they come to a local bar called Zeus' Bolt.

They meet a less than welcoming young female bartender Maria (Cobie Smulders) and a bunch of strange locals who learn of the location they desire to go to.

They find a lift there with one particular local who drives them halfway and leaves them to hike with their gear till they reach the rock cliff.

He prays for them as they depart and also attempts to suade them into not going claiming like the other locals it's cursed.

The large group of individuals then scale the rock cliff with their climbing gear and reach the top where they prepare to set up camp.

They pitch tents and the very first night atop the cliff lose all their climbing gear and tools which offer a way back down via a nasty windstorm.

Strange noises then occur all through the night and after the group is done arguing they discover the noises to be emanating from inside the rocky mountain top.

It eventually rips open and Johnson, Sarah, Campbell and Alex fall down inside a chasm.

Inside the chasm they discover ancient engraved wall images depicting the Greek Gods and humans standing before them undergoing horrible transformations.

Horrible whispers and noises are then heard and Sarah in a panic screams out for them to quickly come down and get them.

A strong gust of wind then travels through the chasm chamber and Johnson finds himself compelled to further explore the chamber.

Campbell and Alex follow on after him whilest Sarah remains in the same spot still calling out for them to hurry up and get them out, whilest reporting the others have gone further into the chamber.

Sarah hears crackling noises and turns around seeing on the wall she was leaning against engraved images of the Greek Monster Medusa and hordes of snakes coming down upon victims as well as victims having snakes come out of their bodies.

Sarah begins to panic and scream out again as the wall begins to crackle and open up.

As it opens snakes pour out in piles and come at her.

She backs away in a hurry from the wall but a couple of snakes fall from an up above wall onto her shoulder and one snake bites the back of her neck.

She screams out and Alex and Campbell hear her screaming and leave the tranced walking forward Johnson to go to Sarah's rescue.

Up above Lionel, Constance, Andrea and Thomas rush around assembling a long rope for one to go down and reclaim them.

Andrea decides she will be the one as her sister has fallen down there.

We then see a shocked and disorientated Sarah fall to the ground gasping in pain as Campbell and Alex come running to her.

Andrea begins to come down with the ropes and calls out to them, Alex responds and Campbell calls out saying Sarah's been bitten by some sort of snake.

We then Johnson as he comes to a certain chamber with two walls full of engraved images of the Greek Monster the Chimera and it's fire and wind breaths.

A strong gust of wind then overtakes Johnson as a large wind outline of a skull appears and shoots forward at Johnson engulfing him.

We then see Alex hold up Sarah and attach onto the rope with Andrea as Andrea drops the second rope for Johnson and Campbell.

Campbell runs to get Johnson upon Andrea asking where he is.

He finds him upon the ground unconsious in the small chamber and limps him to the rope.

The five then return to the surface but halfway there Alex and Andrea are hit by a strange red smoke.

The smoke is later revealed as being the influence of war from the Greek God of War Ares.

The five then begin to descend into madness by succumbing to the things that overtook them down in the chasm.

They discover the cursed rock cliff they find themselves stuck upon is indeed an original part of Mount Olympus which broke apart from it and fell from the heavens after a legendary battle between all the Gods and Monsters took place a thousand years ago.

The night following Campbell is revealed as being hit by the influence of the Chimera and turns on the group who have not been reduced to staying a tent to be monitored.

Campbell attacks and is advanced by an infected Johnson who after an intense battle, knocks him off the cliff supposedly to his death.

Johnson turns around to face the group and his face begins to form cracks of fiery red and his eyes become a frightening yellow.

He tells the group to chain him down.

They use the shackles from Sarah's backpack to lock down her tent to lock him down.

The following day however Alex releases him instructing he will be released on the condition he kills her sister.

Upon being released however he attacks her violently and is inadvertenly killed by Andrea who shoots him to death.

His body flies off the cliff and unshown to the characters but shown to us his body is absorbed into the rock cliff.

Andrea realizes her sister was out to get her and the group as her shackled down.

She however is aware that her boyfriend is dead and begins to grieve over his death.

Sarah meanwhile tells the others that the poison in her is seeping through her body and she wants it out.

Lionel, Constance, Thomas and Andrea then proceed to cut a deep hole in Sarah's chest and Andrea sucks the venom out.

As she goes to spit the venom out some trickles back down and she accidentally swallows it.

However her face morphs revealing she has already been infected by the same thing as her sister Alex which shocks Lionel and Constance.

Lionel then talks with Constance and tells there is no way that they can all make it off the cliff, especially due to the fact they lost nearly all their critical climbing gear and Andrea and Alex being infected and Sarah's condition.

He states he will buy them time and her and her brother will climb down the cliff together as low as they can before they can jump to the ground.

He kisses her on the cheek as Thomas watches over Sarah with Andrea.

Andrea enquires to Thomas as to what they are talking about.

Sarah then springs up and states isn't it obvious that they are going to desert the infected and the clean ones get to get off the god forsaken rock.

Thomas tells Sarah they would never do that, that they're all going to get out of this together.

She pushes him off and tells him to go over and ask his sister.

Thomas comes over to Lionel and Constance and asks wether they are planning on abandoning the infected on top of the rock.

Constance tries to explain to Thomas but their argument carries over and Andrea overhears and then states to herself she's not going to be left here and neither is her baby sis before she goes into her tent and unchains Alex.

Alex tells her to leave her but Alex sees her face morph and she embraces her in a hug before biting into her throat.

Alex then drops her sister Andrea upon the ground inside the tent and heads out to the group walking straight and with determination.

Lionel sees this and seizes Andrea's hand-gun and begins to fire at her until all the bullets are dispensed.

Andrea springs to her feet with her gushing wound and jumps in front of Alex taking several bullets into the chest.

One rips through her shoulder however and lands directly in the left side of Alex's temple.

Sarah begins to scream as Thomas embraces her in a hug and a shocked Lionel and Constance stare onward at what has happened.

A dying Andrea and Alex extend their hands out to each other and die together.

The rock ground they lay upon then absorbs their bodies before the eyes of Lionel, Constance, Thomas and Sarah.

Sarah goes into a panic as snakes erupt from cuts on her arms, we then are revealed that there are no snakes just the cuts and Thomas tries to tell her this as does Lionel and Constance but she fights them away and by accident Thomas is knocked off the cliff onto a large rock spike below.

After impalement the rock cliff absorbs his body like the others.

The gods Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite and Hephaetus then appear at the top of the rock cliff before the eyes of Lionel, Constance and Sarah.

Constance is screaming and crying at her brother's death as is Sarah as she has killed her boyfriend.

She begs Constance to kill her who pins her down as rocks swail around and stop by gravity and drop.

Sarah tells her to kill her and as Constance goes to do the deed she cannot.

The gods then reveal themselves and tell them what has happened to them was not their intention but their fault as they have trespassed on the sacred Pierce Rock: A rock once part of the foundation of Mount Olympus.

He tells them they opened the way to the Underworld's inner-city of Tartarus which brought about the curses of the beasts Medusa and the Chimera and the exiled god of war Ares.

They tell them they are gravely sorry but they all must be given to the sacred Pierce Rock.

Zeus and the other gods then begin to shoot out energy bursts at them as Lionel escorts Constance holding Sarah behind a rock for shelter.

Sarah tells Constance she is sorry and she can help, that she can help them get out and they'll get home.

She then rises up as Constance tries to stop her and bellows at them to strike her down, to smite her like they did her boyfriend.

Zeus then shoots her back with a bolt blast of concussive lightning.

She slides to where Constance is and dies in her arms apologizing and telling them to go.

Lionel then pifts a large rock at Zeus and the others and tells Constance to run to the side and begin the climb down, that he will meet her there.

Sarah then gets absorbed into the cliff as Constance reaches the edge and begins descending.

Lionel just reaches the edge and comes to her side when Campbell arises still alive and gravely messed up with injuries.

He stabs Lionel in the back with his swiss army knife and then advances Constance but is seized by Lionel which causes them both to fall.

They both die and Constance keeps climbing down.

She reaches close enough to the bottom and drops down.

She injures her foot and begins limping away.

We then see Zeus and the other gods still atop the rock cliff watching her limp away in the distance.

Hephaetus asks as to what they are going to do now, Zeus tells him nothing and that things have a way of coming full circle for any who disturb the sacred Pierce Rock.

We then come to the limping messed up Constance who makes it to the local man from the beginning who got them halfway to Pierce Rock before dropping them off.

As he puts her in the back of his jeep and drives onward using his mobile phone to call the police we see Constance's face morph symbolizing she was hit with Ares' influence after Alex's dead bodies' blood got on her.


  • Jeremy Renner as Lionel Everett
  • Ewan McGregor as Campbell Stans
  • Kerry Washington as Andrea Tomeras
  • Carey Mulligan as Constance Fairchen
  • Chace Crawford as Thomas Fairchen
  • Isabel Lucas as Sarah Fitzgerald
  • Nathalie Kelley as Alex Tomeras
  • Dave Franco as Johnson Whelan
  • Cobie Smulders as Vanessa King
  • James Hurst as Zeus
  • Richard Riehle as Hephaestus


  1. We'll Be Coming Back For You- Calvin Harris featuring Example
  2. Over The Rainbow- The Demensions
  3. Cell- Don Diablo
  4. This Is Love- featuring Eva Simons
  5. Na Se Kala- Anna Vissi
  6. I Ran (So Far Away)- Bowling For Soup
  7. Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)- The Impalas
  8. Walk This Way- Aerosmith
  9. Sugarbush- Doris Day & Frankie Laine
  10. Magic- Pilot
  11. Underneath the Arches- Henry Hall (End Credits Song 1)
  12. Novocaine For The Soul- Eels (End Credits Song 2)