Go To Sleep: Jeff the Killer is a 2018 slasher film, based off the Creepypasta story itself. It stars Ashley Benson, Kevin Zegers, Penn Badgley, Chad lowe and Courteney Cox. It's written by ??? and directed by ???


In 1998, in the town Wildborn, teenage boy named Jeff lost his mind after tratigic incident which Jeff Killed his twin three bullies. He kills his family along with some people from the next door. The police never found him.

20 years later, Hanna Hastings and her family move to Wildborn. She find out she lives next to the Wood's house (that was aboneded since the killings). Than she noticed she is stallked by Jeff the Killer himself who return to his home twon to began a new massacre and now Hanna is his main target. Hanna has to find out what Jeff is wanting from her and how to stop him.


  • Ashley Benson as Hanna Hastings - The main character, Jeff's main target.
  • Kevin Zegers as Russel Leightoon - Hanna's boyfriend.
  • Penn Badgley as Jeff "the killer" Woods - the famous sarial killer. and main antagonist of the film.
  • Shelley Hennig as Bernadette Marsh - Hanna's best friend.
  • Chuck Hittinger as Philip Collins - Bernadette's boyfrend.
  • Diego Boneta as Alex Harding - Russel's best friend.
  • Janel Parrish as Petunia Luis - Alex's girlfriend.
  • David Arqette as Luke Hastings - Hanna's father.
  • courteney Cox as Sarah Hastings - Hanna's mother.
  • Madchen Amick as Carolyn Manning - Hanna's aunt and Sarah's sister
  • Josh Hutcherson as Rory Hastings - Hanna's little brother.
  • Gerard Butler as Officer Gary Leightoon - Russel's father.
  • Jon Huertas as Officer Yustron - Police officer
  • Daniel Craig as Sheriff Himbry - Sheriff
  • Katrina Bowden - Officer Kathrina Lane


  • Logan Lerman as young Jeff and Liu Woods - Jeff's twin brother.
  • Chad Lowe as Peter Woods - Jeff's and Lui's father.
  • Laura Leighton as Margaret Woods - Jeff's and Lui's mother.
  • Tyler Posey as Randy Ford - The leader of the bullies who attacked Jeff and Liu. Jeff's first victim.
  • Tyler Blackburn as Troy Selling - One of the bullies who attacked Jeff and Liu.
  • Brett Dier as Kith Bando - One of the bullies who attacked Jeff and Liu.
  • Brant Daugherty as Billy Aniston - The Blake family's neighbor.
  • Lucy Hale as Melissa Snow - Billy's girlfriend.
  • Lily Reinhart as Cassie Barlow - Sarah and Carolyn sister.

Body Count

No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. Randy Ford Punched in the heart Jeff Woods Yes Flashback
2. Troy Selling Skull brocken by baseball bat Jeff Woods Yes Flashback
3. Keith Bando Impaled in forhead by hook Jeff Woods Yes Flashback
4. Margaret Woods Stabbed in the back with knife Jeff Woods Yes Flashback
5. Peter Woods Stabbed in the heart with knife Jeff Woods No Flashback
6. Liu Woods Stabbed in the head with knife Jeff Woods Yes Flashback
7. Billy Aniston Slashed in the throat with knife Jeff Woods Yes Flashback
8. Malissa Snow Stabbed in the stomach with knife Jeff Woods Partly Flashback
9. Cassie Barlow Hunged herself Herself No Mentioned
X Multiple people Unkniown Jeff the killer No Mentioned
10. Alex Harding Slashed in the throat Jeff the killer Yes
11. Petunia Lewis Stabbed in the chest Jeff the killer Yes
12. Sherrif Himbry Stabbed in the back Jeff the killer Yes
13-16. Four Policmen Stabbed to death Jeff the killer No Found dead
17. Officer Yuston Stabbed in the throat Jeff the killer Yes
18. Carolyn Manning Stabbed in the heart Jeff the killer Yes
19. Russel Leightoon Stabbed all over the upper body Jeff the killer Yes
20. Luke Hastings Neck brocken Jeff the killer Yes
21. Phillip Collins Gutted Jeff the killer No Found dead
22. Bernadette Marsh Stabbed in the stomach Jeff the killer Yes
23, Jeff the killer Stabbed in the back + Heart Hanna+Rory Yes Selfe-defense


  • Hanna Hastings
  • Rory Hastings
  • Sarah Hastings
  • Gary Lieghtoon
  • Kathrina Lane


Roughly weeks after the film was released, a sequel was announced and that it would take place, after the events of the first film. Jane the killer will be the main antagonist.

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