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Go Rangers is a 2011 action/drama series based on the 1984 Japanese television series 'Himitsu Sentai Goranger.' It was followed by four more Super Sentai adaptations, Dyna-Man, Beast Force, Flash-Man, and Sky Force.


The storyline follows the fictional EAGLE organization, a multi-national counter-terrorism organization which is targeted by the evil Black Cross Army. After a brutal suprise attack, most of EAGLE's members are killed by the Black Cross soldiers. Five surviving members become the Go Rangers, a secret task force dedicated to thwarting the wicked Black Cross Army and avenge their fallen comrades.


The five Go Rangers are named after the original five Power Rangers.

Jason: The Red Go Ranger. He possesses the spear whip and is the leader of the team.

Billy: The Blue Go Ranger. Armed with a crossbow.

Rocky: The Yellow Go Ranger.

Kimberely: The Pink Go Ranger.

Tommy: The second Yellow Go Ranger. He takes over for Rocky when he is injured. He dies in the final battle against Magma Mask.

Adam: The Green Go Ranger.

Commander James West: Former EAGLE commander, transforms the team into the Go Rangers. In the crossover with the later series Dyna-Man, West transforms into Rainbowman (a superhero based off of Big One from J.A.K.Q Dengektai) to take down the villain Iron Claw.

zach: the orange go ranger

trini: the rainbow go ranger

tom: the clone of yellow go ranger

aisha: the purple go ranger

kat: the navy go ranger

Black Cross Army

Black Cross Commander: The mechanical leader of Black Cross, he is initially shrouded in mystery because of the white cloak which he wore to conceal his identity. EAGLE at first thought that he was a human, but as the

Black Cross Commander

series went it became clear that he was not human. In the finale, he was confronted by the Go Rangers in his secret base and his mechanical head became detatched from his body. He then self destructed in a failed attempt to kill the Go Rangers, but he only succeeded only in killing himself and destroying the Black Cross Headquarters. Voiced by Michael Ironside.

Sun Mask: An African Sun-god that was freed by Black Cross Commander after his first seven generals failed to defeat the Go Rangers. He created more powerful monsters than the previous generals. He was the most egomaniacal of all the generals; this eventually lead him to his death. He confronted the Go Rangers in a final battle to prove that he was the most powerful, but Go Red impaled him with the spear whip and he fell from a cliff to his demise.

Moon Mask: This mask was discovered in the Gobi Desert and was given to an irate man who's family had been killed in an accident that the Black Cross Army convinced him that the Go Rangers had been responsible for. Once the moon-god had a body, he sent several monsters to attack the Go Rangers. Eventually, his human conscience fought back and the Go Rangers finally destroyed him. Voiced by Keith Szarabajka.

Magma Mask: His first monster seriously wounded Rocky and Tommy replaced him. He was the most humble and loyal of the generals, he deeply feared his master's wrath. When the Black Cross Commander became irate over another monster's failures, Magma Mask ran out to face the Go Rangers. In the final fight, he fatally stabbed Tommy and was killed by the Go Rangers. Voiced by Michael Jai White.

Sphinx Mask: Final general, freed from an urn in Egypt. He was the most treacherous and cowardly of all the generals. His monsters where the strongest. In the final battle, Go Red impaled him with the spear whip and Go Pink threw a bomb at him. He then used the last of his powers to transform himself into a shower of gold dust rather than die a painful death at either the Go Ranger's or his master's hands. Voiced by Steven Blum.

Black Cross Soldiers: Mechahumans who shouted 'Hoi!' repeatedley.

The first seven Black Cross Generals where:

Gold Mask

Samurai Mask

Bronze Mask

Jade Mask

Poison Gas Mask

Iron Mask

Skull Mask


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The Go Rangers later appeared in a special team-up with Dyna-Man. The story takes place after the end of Dyna-Man and features the two teaming up to take down the shadowy organization C.R.I.M.E.

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This was a special movie that takes place after the end of Sky Force and sees the five teams combining their efforts to take down the evil Demon Tribes. They are assisted by a new team, the Space Rangers. (Modeled after Hikari Sentai Maskman)

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