Glory of Blade (2008 film) Action-Thriller/Spy-Thriller 2008 film.


  • Yasiel Hernandez & Yasel Hernandez as Jack De-Rio/Frank De-Rio; twin half-brothers and CIA agent / tech worker.
  • Zack Synder as Francis De-Rio (uncredited); Jack's and Frank's deceased father.
  • Daniela Jorge as Danielita De-Rio (flashbacks)
  • Oliver Ebanks as Oliver; main antagonist and Jack's ancestor.
  • Glenda Pino as Lisa Goddard; Jack's former love interest and Oliver's antagonist.
  • Yanet Swaby as Janet Andres; Lisa's antagonist and Jack's cousin.
  • Janiah Bodden as Janet's girl
  • Drils Mayo as older Jack De-Rio/Frank De-Rio (flashbacks)
  • Amaila Mayo as older Danielita De-Rio; Jack's and Frank's older daughter.
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