Girlhood 3 is a 2017 dark comedy film directed by Shawn Levy and a prequel to Girlhood.




  • Erika Bierman as Ally
    • Lillian Ellen Jones as Younger Ally (archive footage; age 5)
  • Ellery Sprayberry as Alyssa, a childhood friend and neighbor of Ally who goes to the same school as Ally did
    • Kyla Kenedy as Younger Alyssa (archive footage; age 8)
  • Mary Charles-Jones as Miranda
  • Jared Gilmore as Steven
  • Lizzy Greene as Bailey
  • Rhiannon Leigh Wryn as Ellen
  • Jonathan Sadowski as Ally's father
  • Ben Stiller as Alyssa's father
  • Elizabeth Banks as Alyssa's mother
  • Alison Brie as Ally's mother


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