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Ocean Pictures 1995-1999, 2010- Logo
The Children's Channel Logo - Giants Eating Children The Movie

Opening Credits

Michael Shires
Ocean Pictures

The Children's Channel Movies

in association with
Charles Hill Films

Barry Charles

Jim Cummings

Billy West

David Jason

Jodi Benson

B.J. Ward

Giants Eating Children
The Movie

Teleplay by
James Herbert

Music Score by
Hummie Mann

Associate Producer:
Chris Michelson

Written by
Bruce Thompson James Herbert
Peter Michaelson

Supervising Producer:
Richard Kenny

Produced by
Barry Charles Michael Hill
David Clutterbuck

Directed by
Barry Charles

Closing Credits

Based on the Characters Created by
Willard Howard
James Benson

Production Design:
Maurice Nelson

Art Director:
Doug Scheib

Screenplay by
Eric Johnston
Ian Moo Young

Story by
Laura Sharples Ludwig Ickert
Simone Greiss

Film Editor:
John Carnochan

Supervising Producer:
Richard Kenny

John Hulett

Casting by
Michael Wallace

Animation Director:
Chris Randall

Line Producer:
Chris Rogers

Creative Producer:
Richard Celador

Wallace Shawn

Jason Alexander

Lena Headey

Matthew Broderick

William Shatner

Ralph Fiennes

Bruce Willis

Steve Buscemi

Kelsey Grammer

Scrolling Credits


Scotty Doo
Willie Beakers
Jim Cummings
Stevie Rogers Billy West
Frank Jones David Jason
Diane Blake Jodi Benson
Victoria Dinkley B.J. Ward
Captain Rudolph Wallace Shawn
Mr. Gottfried Jason Alexander
Laura Collins Lena Headey
Benjamin Norville Matthew Broderick
Doctor Tobermory
Professor Fitzpatrick
William Shatner
Johnson Ralph Fiennes
Big Fat Boogie Bruce Willis
Shouting Scrooge Steve Buscemi
Mr. Patterson Kelsey Grammer
Sneak Paul Winchell
Snack Don Messick
Butterflys Casey Kasem
Gino Conforti
Ed Gilbert
Frank Welker
Una Stubbs
Sandra Kerr
Nicole Jaffe
Pat Stevens
Marla Frumkin
Mary Kay Bergman
Janet Waldo
Debi Derryberry
Peter Renaday
Gregg Berger
Kath Soucie
Tara Strong
Jean Vander Pyl
Tress MacNeille
Jess Harnell
Rob Paulsen
Eddie Deezen
Neil Ross
Michael Bell
Alan Oppenheimer
John Stephenson


Story Supervisor: George Get
Story Manager: James Rogers
Storyboard Artists: Adrian Gonzales
Dave Iddon
Andy Willard
Anthony Forster
Jerry Eisenberg
Kurt Anderson
Hank Tucker
Boyd Kirkland
Keith Tucker
Frank Paur
Glen Lovett


Layout Supervisor: Ron Graham
Layout Artists: Ralph Bruckheimer
Ed Benninger
Ryan Budweiser
Warren Marshall
Paul Gruwell
Lew Ott
Clint Taylor
Bob Singer


Background Supervisor: Al Davidovich
Background Artists: Stuart Thompson
David McCluskey
Drew Gentle
Al Gmuer
Maggie Turner
Diane Turner
Diane Wilson
Sarah Rogers


Supervising Animation Directors: Hiroshi Aoyama
Kazumi Fukushima
Karen Peterson
Animation Supervisors: Robert Alvarez
Kunio Shimamura
James T. Walker
Frank Andrina
Jim Stenstrum
Animation Timers: George Kenny
Mary Tanner
Russ Mooney
Ron Myrick
Ben Thomas
Animation Producers: Phil Jarman
Peter Dobbson
Roswitha Haas
Animation: Glen Keane
James Baxter
Mark Henn
Mark Mason
Mike Ryena
Mike Whaite
Mike Williams
Assistant Animation: David Brain
Terence Harrison
Rick Leon
Russ Mooney
Bob Zamboni
Dale Case
Visual Effects Animation: Don Paul
John Brown
Jack Boyd
Chris Jenkins

Paint and Trace Department

Paint and Trace Supervisors: Warren Johnson
Karsten Sorger
Paint and Trace Artists: Andrew Phillipson
Richard Grandmain
Ray Hellmann
Ray Hartshorne
Yoram Garling
Art Rogers
Bill Lynn
Frank Armitage
Jeff Ricahrds
Mary Turner
Mary Wren
Fred Warter
Wendy Carols
Lisa Keane
Mary Ann Steward
Nina Apel
Daniel Kerber
Alexa Kreissl


Camera/Film Recorder Operators: Graham Sharples
Frank Hardie
Mario Ciunel
Jean Pinard
Digitizing Camera Operators: Graeme Edelman
Roy Willis
Dennis Weaver
Nigel Stansfield
David Booth
Roger Collins
Production Camera Supervisor: Ron Jackson
Trainee Camera Operators: Ralph Migliori
John Aardal

Special Effects:
Roy Huckerby

Main and End Title Design by
Saxon/Ross Film Design

Opticals and Titles by
Paific Titles

Voice Recording:
Wally Burr Recording

Music Recording:
Screen Music Studios

Music Scoring Facility:
Paramount Scoring Stage M

Music Performed by
The London Symphony Orchestra

Executive for Ocean Pictures:
David Ward
Jon Woods

Research Co-ordinator:
Ken Griffith


Executive in Charge of Production:
Jim Organisation

Director of Production:
David J. Crobbett

Script Editor:
Patrick Barrett

Supervising Editor:
Robert T. Gills

Assistant Editor:
Roy Hill

Animation Editor:
Nigel Rutter

Post Production

Post Production Supervisor:
Mike Stern

Post Production Manager:
Bob Strew

Post Production Co-ordinator:
Ernest Nelson

Post Production Assistant:
Doug Smith


Supervising Design:
Ray Butler

Recreation Supervisor:
Larry Houston

Creative Consultant:
Davis Doi

Supervising Manager:
Larry Parr

Creative Director:
James Benny

Character Supervisor:
Izzy Takmoto

Character Design:
Bob Beck


Sound Effects by Wellington Productions, Inc.
Sound Designers: Gary Rydstrom
Wolfgang Roser
Sound Supervisors: C.O. Stevens
Harold J. Scott
Sound Effects Editors: Tim Gedemer
Rick Hinson
Michael H. DePatie
Michael Tomack
Bruce Elliott
Heather Elliott
Richard Allen
Foley Artists: Pauline Griffiths
Jenny Lee Wright
Re-Recording Mixers: Scott Millan
Tom Meadows
Associate Sound Editor: Martin Cantwell
James Boyle
Jonathan Miller
Supervising Sound Editor: Nigel Galt

Color Timers:

Terry Claborn
Jim Passon

Negative Cutting by:

Michael Shires Studios Negative Cutting

Visual Development

Virgil Geopper Eric Dodgers
Dick Kennedy John Warburton
Peter DeVito Chris Spencer
Sarah Shirees Emily Shires
Charlie Barks Max Thomas
Yoram Patterson Kevin Kinney


Orchestrations: Michael Young
Conducted by Hummie Mann
Music Editor: Emery Kennethson
Voice Director: Andrea Romano
Music Supervisor: Richard L. Wallace
Music Co-ordinator: James Davies
Mixer Supervisor: Thomas Claster
Music Created by Robert Crissman

Animation Produced by

Reynolds Webb Studios

Animation Services by

Mook Co., Ltd.

Assistant Animation by

Koko Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Souel Movie Korea

Special Thanks to

Bernard Matthews


"Scotty-Doo (Where Are You?)" Theme
Written by David Michaels and Ben Rogers
Performed by "Weird Al" Yankovic

"The Ghost is Here"
Music by: Tom Snow
Lyrics by: Glenn Leopold
Performed by "Weird Al" Yankovic

"It's Terror Time Again"
Music by: Michael Silversher
Lyrics by: Patty Silversher
Performed by "Weird Al" Yankovic

Additional Voices

Nigel Cross Bruce Thompson
James Herbert Jeff Bennett
J.P. Manoux Toby Jones


Postman Pat
courtesy of
Woodland Animations Ltd.

Super Hedgehog
courtesy of
Shires Enterprises

General Manager:
Laura Charles

Executive Producers:
Dickie Bamber
John Hathcock
Roy Edward Shires

Mixed and Recorded in a

Smbmovie thx

THX Sound System Theater

Color by

DTS Digital Sound logo

No. 19601


(C) 1996 Shires Enterprises
All Rights Reserved

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