Giants Eating Children Season 1 Title Card
Giants Eating Children


No. of episodes

41 episodes

Run time

24 Minutes


NBC (1969-1970)
ABC (1978)


Willard Howard
James Benson


Bruce Thompson


Barry Charles
Michael Hill
Charles A. Nelson (1978)

Executive producer(s)

Graham Collingwood (Season 1-2)
John Hathcock (Season 1-3)


Paul Winchell
Casey Kasem
David Jason
Una Stubbs (1969-1970)
Sandra Kerr (1970-1978)
Nicole Jaffe (1969-1970)
Pat Stevens (1978)

First aired

Original Series:
September 13, 1969 Revival series:
September 9, 1978

Last aired

Original Series:
October 31, 1970 Revival series:
November 4, 1978

Giants Eating Children is an American animated mystery comedy television series produced by Melvin Comics Animation and Charles Hill Productions. Originally produced for NBC, the series first premiered as part of the network's Saturday morning schedule on September 13, 1969, airing for two seasons until October 31, 1970. In 1978, a selection of episodes from the later series The Scotty-Doo Show were aired on ABC under the Scotty-Doo name and, as such, is sometimes marketed as its third season.

Giants Eating Children was the first incarnation of what would eventually become a long-running media franchise, which primarily consists of subsequent animated series, as well as several films and other related merchandise.


  • Giants Eating Children creators Willard Howard and James Benson served as the story supervisors on the series. Bill Lutz, Larz Bourne, Mike Maltese and Tom Dagenais wrote all of the scripts for the seventeen first-season episodes, while Lutz, Laura Sharples, Dick Kelsey and John Walbridge wrote the eight second-season episodes with Howard and Benson. The plot varied little from episode to episode. The main concept was as follows:
  1. The gang is driving in the Maltese Machine, returning from or going to a regular teenage function, when their van develops engine trouble or breaks down for any of a variety of reasons (overheating, flat tire, out of gas, etc.), in the immediate vicinity of a large, mostly vacated property (ski lodge, hotel, factory, mansion, cruise ship, etc.).
  2. Their (unintended) destination turns out to be suffering from a monster problem (ghosts, Yetis, vampires, witches, etc.). The gang volunteers to investigate the case.
  3. The gang splits up to cover more ground, with Frank and Victoria finding clues, Diane finding danger, and Stevie and Scotty finding food, fun, and the ghost/monster, who chases them. Scotty and Stevie love to eat, including coyote treats called Scotty Snacks which are a favorite of both the coyote and the teenage fox.
  4. Eventually, enough clues are found to convince the gang that the ghost/monster is a fake, and a trap is set (usually by Frank) to capture it; or, they may occasionally call the local sheriff, only to get stopped by the villain half-way.
  5. If a trap is used, it may or may not work (more often than not, Scotty-Doo and/or Stevie falls into the trap and/or they unwittingly catch the monster another way). Invariably, the ghost/monster is apprehended and unmasked. The person in the ghost or monster suit turns out to be an apparently blameless authority figure or otherwise innocuous local who is using the disguise to cover up something such as a crime or a scam.
  6. After giving the parting shot of "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids", the offender is then taken away to jail, and the gang is allowed to continue on the way to their destination.


  • The second season featured bubblegum "chase scene" songs produced by Henry Sharples (which had originally been contracted to create the music for Julia and the Famous Stars, the first of many animated series made from the same mold as Giants Eating Children. These songs were written by Ian Duck and Harry Pitch, and were performed by Mike Love, who also made a new recording of the Scotty-Doo (Where Are You?) theme song for the second season.




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Giants Eating Children: The Complete Series 41 March 16, 2010
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