Giant Whale Sharks are giant subspecies of whale sharks that live in most of Pacific ocean. They are the largest shark ever, even bigger than the extinct Megalodon (which was the largest carnivorous shark, about 40-60 feet), about 70-76 feet long, it is the largest fish alive today, surpassed only by the long-extinct Mesozoic Leedsichthys, which grew about 80-90 feet long. Fortunately for us, they are gentle giant filter-feeders that feed entirely on plankton, krill, and small fish (including sardines, anchovies, minnows, herrings, and basses). They resemble a common whale sharks but are much bigger (like I said before) and has slightly smaller spots, as well as being darker blue in color than common whale sharks. Despite competition from marine mammals such as baleen whales, the giant whale sharks are thriving.

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