Giant Frogfish

A giant frogfish in the Great Barrier reef trying to hunt a small shark.

Giant frogfish is a species of frogfish and the largest frogfish on earth as well as the largest non-shark predatory fish alive today, about the size of a sub-adult great white shark, big enough to hunt the native food source for the giant frogfishes, such as tunas, tarpons, and among others. In order to hunt, they ambush and blend in with their environments in a similar manner to squid and cuttlefish (which isn't a fish despite its name). Its natural habitats are oceanic areas such as coral reefs and open oceans. They rarely attack humans, but that's usually because they mistaken humans for tuna or tarpon when humans use surfboards or small boats. They also have long tongues like a frog and unlike other frogfishes (despite their group's name), making it the only frogfish species to have that tongue like a frog, hence its name. It uses its fast-moving sticky tongue in order to catch fast-moving prey.
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