Ghostbusters III is a 2017 sequel to Ghostbusters II, Where The Ghostbusters team up with The Real Ghostbusters, to stop other worldy creatures constructed of Black Magic, with a new Rookie: Eric Smith.

Approximate run time: 3 hours.

This movie was immediately followed by a sequel: Ghostbusters IV


Twenty Six years after Ghostbusters II, The Ghostbusters have been on again/off again travelling world wide, ever know and then using new concoctions of technology, having rookie after rookie, The team of supernatural busters have had it easy and hard for the past twenty six years, until meeting a similar team that uses Magic capture the evil forces of supernatural whom' call themselves "The Real Ghostbuster" (Jake Kong, Eddie Spencer and Tracy the Gorilla).

Conveniently when The Real Ghostbusters came to New York City, they accidentally unleash several Black Magic Wielding Other Worldy spirits they caught in Hong Kong and is in New York City so its up to The Ghostbusters and The Real Ghostbuster, and the Ghostbusters new rookie Eric Smith to stop them.


  • ? as Black Magic Ghost
  • ? as Black Magic Ghost 2
  • ? as Black Magic Ghost 3
  • ? as Black Magic Ghost 4
  • ? as Black Magic Ghost 5
  • ? as Black Magic Ghost 6





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