Ghost Rider: Wanted Dead or Alive is a 2017 All New: Marvel Cinematic Universe Reboot of 2007's Ghost Rider its 2012 Sequel: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Which was followed by Five Sequels: Ghost Rider: Wanted Undead or Alive, Ghost Rider: Black Heart, Ghost Rider: W.I.D.O.W., Ghost Rider: Satan's Trial Part 1, and Ghost Rider: Satan's Trial Part 2.

And a Second Generation of Films: The Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch Saga.


Stunt Rider, Johnny Blaze is a professional stunt rider, who sold his soul to Satan to save his father who has dying of cancer, making a deal that when his father dies he'd become the devil's bounty hunter.

Unbeknownst to Johnny: The Devil plays dirty and kills Johnny's father so he can become The Ghost Rider.

Johnny now The Ghost Rider his soul seeks Pure Evil, his objective is to completely decimate all signs of such, within this there is a rampage where he murders Two Gothic Serial Killers (Auston and Jake) by The Penace Stare.

Johnny wakes up not recalling the events of the previous nights


Robert Downy Jr. as Bart Cage

Eric Bana as Johnny Blaze

Mark Ruffalo as Young Johnny Blaze

Gwyneth Paltrow as Roxxane Simpson

Anne Hathaway as Young Roxxane Simpson

Wes Bentley as Auston

Kevin Bacon as Markus Arches/Satan/Lucifer


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