Ghost Rider: Damnation is an upcoming supernatural superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Ghost Rider and a reboot of the previous film series starring Nicolas Cage. Directed by Marc Forster, Ghost Rider: Damnation stars Ian Somerhalder as Danny Ketch, the titular character, with Yvonne Strahovski as his love interest Stacy Dolan. The film was scored by Marco Beltrami and is the first, and so far only, Ghost Rider film in the Marvel Movie Universe.


The South American town of San Venganza lears thats the volcano above them is about to erupt and wipe them out. A stranger drifts into the town and promises to save them if everybody pledges their souls to him. The citizens agree, and the eruption is stopped. A short time later, the man is revealed to be Mephistopheles (Christopher Plummer), the Devil himself, who sends his servant, the Phantom Rider Carter Slade (Robert Patrick), to retrieve the Contract of San Venganza. Upon realizing that the Contract would grant Mephisto untold power, Slade decided to instead hide the Contract away where the Devil could never find it.

A century and a half later, Danny Ketch (Ian Somerhalder) is an up and coming motorcycle stunt rider. However, during a show one day, Danny falls into a ring of fire he was supposed to jump over. As he lays dying, Danny is visited by Mephisto, who offers to save him in return for his soul. Danny agrees, and survives. In his hospital bed, Danny is visited by his childhood sweetheart Stacy Dolan (Yvonne Strahovski), now a police officer, who explains that she heard about his accident and wanted to make sure he was OK.

Fallen angel Lillith (Antje Traue) and her two henchmen, Micah (Wentworth Miller) and Malachi (Dominic Purcell), come to Earth to steal the Contract of San Venganza themselves. In response, Mephisto transforms Danny into his new servant, the Ghost Rider, and makes him another offer; if he works for him as the Ghost Rider and defeats Lillith, he will give him back his soul. Danny reluctantly agrees, and is teamed up with Mephisto's demonic son Blackheart (Johnathan Rhys Meyers), who disguises himself as a human.

Danny goes to the cemetery, where he visits his sister's grave. The mysterios Caretaker approaches him and tells him that he knows he is the Devil's servant. Danny tries to brush him off, but the Caretaker warns him that Mephisto and his son are not to be trusted.

Danny and Blackheart visit San Venganza, now a ghost town, to try and find out where the Contract may be hidden. They are accosted by the three angels, and a battle ensues. Danny wraps his chains around Micah and pulls him onto a large wall spike, impaling him. Lillith and Malachi retreat, with Malachi promising to kill Danny in retaliation for his brother's death.

Danny returns home and finds a message on his answering machine from Stacy. The message turns out to be a recording of Stacy being kidnapped by Malachi, who then demands that Danny bring them the Contract or else he will kill her. Danny returns to the graveyard and confronts the Caretaker, who reveals that he is actually Carter Slade, cursed to immortality after betraying Mephisto. Slade reveals that he hid the Contract of San Venganza in the tomb at the center of the cemetery.

Danny meets with Lillith and Malachi in a church, along with Blackheart and Stacy. He brings them to the cemetery, where they break into the tomb and uncover the Contract. Malachi then drags Danny into a nearby shipping yard to finally kill him. Danny becomes the Ghost Rider, and fights him. Meanwhile, Lillith prepares to absorb the souls from the Contract, only to be confronted by Slade. Taking advantage of the distraction, Blackheart kills her and then takes the Contract for himself, reverting into his true demonic form.

Back in the shipyard, Danny summons his motorcycle and defeats Malachi by grinding his face into the ground. Danny then charges into the tomb, where Blackheart is absborbing the souls of San Venganza. Danny unleashes the Penance Stare, causing the damned souls to revolt against Blackheart, who begins to burn up. Now imbued with the Spirit of Vengance, Danny leaps off of his motorcycle and strikes Blackheart with his chains, causing him to explode. Danny then incinerates the Contract.

Slade thanks Danny and tells him that he hopes God will give him a second chance, then vanishes as heavenly light floods the tomb. Danny, covered in angelic blues flames, tells Stacy that he already got his second chance and kisses her before he rides away into the sunrise, narrating “My name is Danny Ketch. I'm the Ghost Rider.”


Ian Somerhalder - Danny Ketch/Ghost Rider

Yvonne Strahovski - Stacy Dolan

Johnathan Rhys Meyers - Blackheart (Human)

Andre Braugher - Blackheart (Voice)

Christopher Plummer - Mephistopheles

Antje Traue - Lillith

Dominic Purcell - Malachi

Wentworth Miller - Micah

Robert Patrick - Carter Slade

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