Someone is taking over they tapes of the house


Javier keller (Jay Hernandez) And his wife Scarlett (Kate Beckinsale) and their 3 Kids Silas and Carlie and Jonathan


Noah Crawford as Silas Keller the son of scarlett and Jaiver and the brother of jonathan and carlie
Kate Beckinsale as Scarlett Keller The mother of silas and Jonathan and carlieand the younger sister of jasmin Carson
Joel Courtney as Jonathan keller the son of javier and scarlett
Jay Hernandez as Javier Keller the husband to Scarlett Brewer
John Magaro as Chuck Carson the husband of Jasmin Brewer
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Jasmin Carson the older sister of Scarlett
Caitlin Carmichael as sandy the daughter of jasmin and chuck and half sister of chuck
Chase Maser as chuck Saxton The son of Jasmin carson and Jeff Saxton
Kathleen Robertson as Katelyn carson
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