Geo's World is the 2016 American 3D computer-animated comedy film based on ABC's hit TV show and the comic strip Geo's World. It was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and released in theaters on July 29, 2016. In this film, Geo Guy and Green Bob are having fun at the park on a lovely day, but he ends his relationship with Geo Guy to stole a toy from Walmart's without paying for it looking for the threat from the mysterious Wacky Bandit.


The film starts in the 123 Geo's World as Geo and his friends decided to go to Walmart to buy something, better than The Salvation Army store. Geo told Jea that he went to Walmart. Geo's in a bad mood because Green Bob told him not to steal every toys every day, every minute, and every second and ends his relationship with him. Upon realizing his betrayal, Green Bob got a toy without paying it and sneakly ran off, when Geo and Dr. PBS came running after him, taking Bloo from him. The shopkeeper suddenly takes the toy from him and back to Geo, leaving Bob in disappointment. At the Supermarket, Green Bob talked to Dr. PBS to have the toy back, but the Policeman showed up to tell her he can't. He was then gone to jail and went asleep for 5 days. He then break out of jail for the morning.

When back in jail, Green hates shollers to have the toy back, and he then got an idea. When Geo and Dr. PBS weren't looking, Green suddenly left with the toy, accidentally leading Geo Guy and Dr. PBS to chase her. Geo Guy meets Geo, and they are both shocked at each other.

They were shocked and decided to go get him. Green's feet hurts from walking (or skipping), he rested on a bench, when Eric and Victor surprised him and chased him until they head into a snow bank. Green Bob then told them to not have the toy back and went off. Eric reminded Victor to not worry about the snow storm, and decided to go for a walk. Gary Johnson was glad they're going for a walk, when the Protester Girl came looking for him. She couldn't talk to him because Gary Johnson can't stop sneezing.

Geo Guy and Dr. PBS alked until they found the toy and went home. They spend time watching TV, when Green Bob came to say he has to sholl them next time. Geo Guy and Dr. PBS decided to call the cops. They came in to tell Doom about Shoplifting, and they sholled him to jail, but she stops and tells them that she reveals herself as the former child star. The two went home with the toy, had a dance and joins Doom as the friend. Jea then came in with the toy to think the toy is for babies. Geo Guy wanted to have the toy back, but Jea everely told them that it's for babies. She also reminded Geo that he ever met Gree Guy.

Meanwhile at the spooky lair, Gree Guy have a diabolical scheme to put a stop to the world. His 3 Ballerina Dancers came to him, when he asked him to finish his report of the potion. Gree Guy reminded him that he had a plot to build an invention that will brainwashes the people (or cartoons) in the world.

Green Bob doesn't want to see them make a chicken for Kayla, and decided to sholl Kayla with his new disguise. Geo and Dr. PBS came into Geo Girl's room and showed her a special chicken meal from Geo. Kayla was amazed and thanked him. A hand then knocked on the door, which make Kayla go check who's there. Green Bob was disguised as the thief and tried to sholl Jea and take her away. Geo Guy then got his grey Recumbent digital camera, and took a picture of Green Bob's disguise when it came off. Jea suddenly known it was Green Bob who sholled her, and she taught him a lesson. Green Bob would never wear the pesky mask again, so he put it in the closet so he can wear some new ones. The segment of the movie is Sing-Along Songs with Simon, which features the song "Are You Ready" by Esberg Port. (All subsequent re-releases (the 10th Anniversary release is notable for this) use the Silly Songs with Larry "Endangered Love.)

Geo Guy, Geo and Dr. PBS later realized that they stepped on a sticky red piece of chewing gum. Dr. PBS thinks it's a very sticky situation in the room, and Geo Guy took a picture of sticky gum on the floor. Lisa Simpson and Margo showed up to them to not yelling at them for a while, but then Geo Guy just took a picture of them too. The two suddenly realized who have chewed gum in the room, and that is Stickguy. Then some gum has caught on Geo Guy's sweater, and took a picture too. Lisa Simpson and Lisa then heard another noise that they ran away from the house.

Their friend Jack (voiced by David) was wandering what was all of that, and Eric told him that PC Guy has been called "Shoplifting" and stole the toy from Walmart. The two decided to go for a walk with the camera, when PC Guy's head was peeking out of the bushes and surprised them, knowing that the sholling criminal is back. Jack was noticed of him too, so he called the paramethics (or Cops.) The Policeman showed up to Green Bob that he caught him last time for stealing his badge, then Green Bob decided to run for the roads with the Police car chasing him, until he vanished.

That night at PC Guy's room, he knew that the Policeman and Eric and Victor are not going to catch him, and decided to go to sleep. Eric and Victor peeked and came in the window. Eric can't sleep because PC Guy's snoring is so loud, so the two went to spend the night in March, and went to sleep. Within the next morning, PC Guy came into Steven's house. Steven (voiced by Stephen) has changed a channel on the TV, and PC Guy was wandering why is the weather hot, and he's gonna change the weather.

The GNN news have reported that on the weather; It'll have Rain, Snow and Strong Wind. When Geo Guy and Dr. PBS waiting at the bus stop to get candy and fighting the sleepover girls, Green Bob kidnaps Jea and takes her into the shopping, leading Geo and his friends to save her. Meanwhile at the lair, Gree asks his new henchmen Carl S'Hur the remote to show him his latest invention. His invention was the Dalek-Septor 9000.2, which will be for exterminating the investable cartoon beings of intelligent lifeforms they'll find. Carl S'Hur thinks that invention might be a good way to destroy Geo Guy. Gree Guy tested his invention. When it woke up, he interacts to exterminate, and exterminated the water jug. Carl was surprised to that invention, and he told him that Green Bob is a Stinkerputt and sholled by Geo and Dr. PBS. They'll use it to destroy the cartoons that'll be very specific.

Later that day, Eric and Victor realized that the weather had changed by PC Guy. They'll have to make him pay the ultimate price. PC Guy like to watch something special on TV, until a logo made him screaming and running when he just called himself a snowman. At the Toys "R" Us store, Eric and Victor were looking for PC Guy, when they saw him riding on the ferris wheel. Victor thinks he sounds like "Green Matt" in this entire movie. Eric reminded about the time that he was having a peaceful day with the birds singing after they sung.

Victor doesn't think it will, and still don't know about or met Mr. Keebler. From outside, Eric showed Victor the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Later, Gary Johnson and the Protester Girl suddenly think it smells like Toon-sty. Dwayne was thinking that Eric look like an orange, but he wasn't when Dwayne shouts at him and Victor that they smell like oranges and pineapples. Eric and Victor went to beat Dwayne up. PC Guy yells at them that fighting is not the answer. Victor shouted back it's too far right quick, and they have to be at the circus tomorrow.

The next day at the N.J. International Circus, PC Guy was dressed up to be a clown for the juggling act. The announcer on the stage, Aaron Jefferson (voiced by David) went to introduce the show. PC Guy was first to be juggling. Unfortunately slipped down on the stage floor, and Aaron was not amused to him. He then introduced the two balancers Eric 1 and Eric 2 to balance on 2 balls with canes in their hands. PC Guy felt ashamed for not getting to the act and decided to apologize the people immediately.

Eric and Victor later heard that PC Guy apologized for stealing their toy, and that sholls Toon-sty. The two went upstairs to a food place where to have some pizza. When Victor was eating the pizza, Eric told him that he'll be late for the show. But Victor couldn't, so Eric went downstairs. Back at the circus stage, PC Guy read a funny nursery rhyme, which made Aaron Jefferson think he's a Humpty Dumpty. Cutting to Aaron in bed, he was going to sleep, when PC Guy sneakly came in and he was thinking that he didn't understand why he had accomplished everything. Just then, the clock woke him up which makes him get ready for the morning. PC Guy was not amused to him, because he shouts and pouts at him.

The Policeman peeked at PC Guy, and was going to his house and knocking on the door. Kevin (voiced by C. Elbourn) tried to think who was knocking, but PC Guy thinks there's no one there. Meanwhile, Eric was thinking there will be no Sing-Along Songs with Simon, and he's gonna prank him. The music he listened wasn't so sad, it sounded very merry. Simon then sang a song from Sesame Street called "The Alligator King" which made Eric go nuts. Eric then went away from New Jersey into adventure through the snow.

Geo Guy realized that he was in Antarctica, floating on a large flatbed of ice. Then Stickguy showed up to Geo Guy singing the Mail Time song from Blue's Clues, which was Eric's worst and annoying sing-along song ever. Geo Guy and Stickguy had an electrical battle, when Stickguy fell and smooshed into the Policeman. He made Stickguy go into jail. Geo yelled at Stickguy to be quiet, as Green Bob told him that song is from Blue's Clues, leaving Stickguy behind bars.

Geo then came to tell him that he worked best at LGI. Rick Perry thinks Geo is stupid, but he's not stupid. Santed Stickguy (voiced by C. Elbourn) appeared to talk when he bumped into Stickcop 1, and sent him to jail, with Stickguy singing the Mail Time song. Stickcops came into Stickguy that he's under arrest for singing the Mail Time song. Stickcop 2 then chased him with a huge hammer. He battled Stickguy when he got electrocuted and tossed to the sea. Geo Guy watches Stickguy being chased which made him laugh, that he thinks it's so funny. He then saw (next to the lamp) a GoEx hat, which is full of Beach Park.

Eric will have to find out what's happening. He ran among the grass, when Brian suddenly back sasses him and got punished with a fight. Brian has one thing to do, is take Eric to Carla's Boole. Later, Gary Johnson thinks he might have to tell Aaron Jefferson about Stickguy at his Donisale office. Aaron showed them a slideshow clip from Eric at the King's Academy staff meeting. They later head to Eric's office at The Lobby of New Jersey. Eric showed up to Gary Johnson to think it's all his fault, and for not paying attention.

He then bursted Jewels out of a jewel box, and covered Gary Johnson and the Protester Girl in a pile of Jewels. Gary Johnson thinks Eric is a pity to bring such a gift. Eric reminded them if they cheat on him again, they would be spanked. Eric later saw a new guy Eddy, who was from the 'Cartoon Classics' series. Eric thinks he's derpy and never saw him before. For his secret weapon, Eric has a robot to obey, called Blinky 2PO.

He built the robot, and it'll do the plan for bugging him. Gary Johnson told to Jack that Eric's a grump, Gary didn't do anything bad, and Eric made him cry. Simon (voiced by Dave) was then gonna call for new vocalists for his songs, and said that they'll be on the way. Unfortunately, Mr. Keebler has a maniacal plan for joining in Simon's band, he and Rentro will become Septormen. They went to Simon's office, and their scheme was to ask Simon to join in his band.

Later, Jack was then reading a newspaper that Blinky 2PO was built by Eric to destroy Santed Stickguy, PC Guy and Brian. He then turned into a superhero called Jackashay to stop the robot. He and 2PO had a big fight, when the batteries came out of him. Eric tried to put the batteries back into his robot, and then took revenge to fight back Jackashay. He then used his powers to do the final blast at 2PO, and he was shortened out and dead. Eric then threw a tantrum, and decided to use his secret weapon.

He used a hammer to get rid of Stickguy by break the ice. Stickguy was then falling through the water, and was mad at Eric for doing that. Eric ran away maniacally leaving Stickguy disappointed in the water. He then got an idea, he called Eric 1 on the phone in his office. Later, Dwayne was singing in the court, when Brian told Catherina (voiced by Callie) to turn off the music.

Dwayne was not happy when the music stopped. PC Guy was disappointed that Eric yells at Stickguy every time and he does it again, when he suddenly get drowned in water. Aaron Jefferson went fishing when he found PC Guy's glasses and disguises to be like him, which was funny to him. PC Guy punched him for making a fool out of him. Aaron disguises him again, but then got zapped by PC Guy.

Meanwhile, Matt (voiced by Charlie) have found a newspaper in the mail and read that Santed Stickguy strikes back. It also said that to find the Mega Dalek-Septor. Santed Stickguy later had a tour on his blimp, when he accidentally prayed and the blimp came floating down and exploded. Matt will have to find out what the Mega Dalek-Septor looks like. Later with Eric, he asked Blinky 2PO how his electric shot to break his body parts. Then he said that the batteries are charging, and have to destroy Gary Johnson and the Protester Girl.

Stickguy was wandering what is going on here, then Eric appeared on the screen maniacally at him, knowing that it's the H.N.C. (Holy Nightmare Co.) means that Eric will turn his terrors on Stickguy after Jackashay destroyed 2PO. Stickguy then told Gary Johnson and the Protester Girl to destroy Blinky 2PO. When 2PO was gone, Eric was sad that his robot was destroyed for the last time. Gary Johnson was then mad at Eric, because he thinks Eric is the king of Grouchland, but Eric was on the phone.

He and the Protester Girl then saw what was at the sky, it was PC Guy with the toy. The Policeman then chased him through any obstacle to get the toy back. That night at his house, PC Guy's been in here all day trying to get to bed, but he can't sleep because Kevin is reading books in his bed. He then asked Kimberly to tell Kevin to go to sleep. Kevin later dreamed of his own Reading Rainbow fantasy, when Eric was not amused for the singing part. PC Guy then used a magic wand to trick Eric into a Rainbow vortex and disappears. But then Eric reappears from the vortex, and came to PC Guy that this is some sort of nightmare for letting him inside the Rainbow vortex.

Within the next day, Eric told PC Guy that he should assist that he ain't worse than a thief, because thieves or workmen need to be locked up forever. PC Guy was not amused of Eric talking all the way to the truth. Eric was then writing something, when PC Guy thinks that Eric have ever read Diary of a Wimpy Kid books before.

Eric thinks it's because teasing counts like they do. PC Guy later ride on his bike to deliver newspapers to every people in New Jersey. Sydney Cub (voiced by Lawrence) then got a newspaper to read, and it says that Mr. Keebler striked in New Jersey, by being disguised for joining in Simon's music and almost exterminated him with the Dalek Septor 9000.2. He was scared that he thinks he will run away into the forest.

The next day, PC Guy was about to have a dream world relaxation, when he finally found the toy that he just stolen. Eric was then found out that PC Guy has got the toy again, and then he and Victor chased him through any obstacle to get the toy back. PC Guy stopped them by bursting the toy with a clone war of attacking flying Stick guys. PC Guy then left the two shollers in disappointment.

Eric and Victor were not amused for PC Guy's being a Stinkerputt, and they're wandering who could have striked in New Jersey better than him. A voice then heard through Eric, from behind him, there was Mr. Keebler and Rentro caught in surprise. They should have known it was him. They've talked about PC Guy who's been stolen the toy at Walmart a few days back, and because he's a bad workman. Mr. Keebler was also talked about joining in Simon's music and almost exterminated him with his invention, the Dalek-Septor 9000.2.

Eric thinks that he just don't stand a chance, but Mr. Keebler has his invention to exterminate him and Victor. Eric thinks he'll better think fast, because he thinks he'll have to exterminate PC Guy first. Mr. Keebler then had enough of him, and the two ran away almost getting exterminated.

Within the afternoon, PC Guy thinks the two can't toss him out like chewing gum, so he have to go to Walmart again to buy other things. The best part from Eric 2 is that PC Guy didn't steal any toys, because he bought one, and the Bodyguard will be the Shopkeeper of the store. Eric 1 and Eric 2 were then back on the stage doing the balancing act to the audience. PC Guy just can't wait to unwrap this secret gift, when he opened it, Stickguy popped out by surprise.

Simon later read a newspaper that PC Guy has made Stickguy clones on his toy, and he started to go for an adventure. Eric was not amused because he didn't spend his cash for the Barnes & Noble bookstore, and not even the toy is a complete model. He then went to Target to find some toys there, and he got one. He then sang a Japanese song that he got a toy to play.

Green Bob elt pretty mad that Geo Guy got a toy, and Geo thinks he didn't put in too much money in it. Margo told Geo Guy how is his toy George gave for a valuable client, and Geo Guy thinks the toy is awfully wonderful, and he and Geo would have such a wonderful life if never had been bored. Gree Guy later found out it was time for his own revenge on Green Bob.

While walking in the woods, George and Eric found a newspaper which says that Mr. Keebler zaps it again. Eric wants to stop making the newspapers that try to deserve their world. PC Guy and Eddy were later stuck on top of Mt. Rushmore, when Mr. Keebler showed up to him, ready to have his own revenge. Mr. Keebler was supposed to make him go to jail, but he's not Shoplifting at this time. PC Guy was scared of him, and quickly drove away in his car. Mr. Keebler went to his car with the Dalek-Septor 9000.2 to exterminate him during the chase. Jackashay later came to save the day, and he destroyed the Dalek-Septor with his laser eye powers. Dr. PBS came to him for his final comfrontation for calling Green Bob a Shoplifter. He and Gree Guy went into a big fight, and then got punched onto the ground. Green Bob thinks he just can't match the powers of him, and decided to make him go back from he came. He used a powerful Warp Ball to suck Gree Guy back to where he came from, and is eventually gone inside the ball.

Green Bob finally got Gree Guy gone and accomplished his mission. Green Bob learned a good lesson when he got home, so he can return to every quality theater programming for now on. Aaron Jefferson told to Geo and Geo Girl that everything's back to normal. Geo agreed that Green Bob didn't steal any toys, but he bought one. His father thinks he wasn't Shoplifting this time, and may solve problems in life. Geo waved goodbye to him when they got on the airplane to home.


  • Geo G. as Geo Guy, Geo, Dr. PBS
  • Tom Kenny as Green Bob
  • Gree G. as Gree Guy
  • Jim Cummings as Kebbler, Rentro


Development of the sequel of Geo's World: The Movie began in 2014 attended by John Lasseter, Geo G., Andrew Stanton, Joe Ranft, and Pete Docter. Geo G. had an idea to make a movie based on ABC's hit TV Show, Geo's World. In 2013, the film was originally planned as a direct-to-video release under the working title was Geo's World: The Movie, but was planned as a theatrical release.

Lasseter, Geo, Stanton, Ranft and Docter began working on the script in 2014. While the Pixar staff was working on The Good Dinosaur, Lip was planned to appear in this film, but he was scrapped. The film began animation in January 2015. The film was originally rated G by the MPAA, but TjsWorld2011 felt that the film was not for younger children due to violence, so it was later re-rated PG.

The film was released theatrically in the United States on July 29, 2016.



The film has received critical acclaim from critics upon its release. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 97% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 81 reviews, with an average score of 3.8/14. The critical consensus is "Blending top notch animation with rousing adventure, witty dialogue, and memorable characters, Geo's World: The Movie is another Disney winner." Another review aggregator, Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 top reviews from mainstream critics, calculated a score of 68 based on 12 reviews."

Box office

Home media

The film was released onto VHS and Laserdisc on October 24, 1995 by Walt Disney Home Video featuring the short The Adventures of André and Wally B.. The film was released on DVD for the first time on August 1, 2000. The film was later released again onto DVD on November 1, 2005 as a 2-disc edition to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary.

On October 8, 2011, the film was released on Blu-ray.


Although this movie was rated PG in the United States, it was rated U in the United Kingdom.

  • US: PG
  • UK: U
  • Australia: PG
  • Canada: PG (Most areas) G (Some Areas)
  • Mexico: PG
  • Denmark: 7
  • Finland: K-7 (until 2012), 7 (since 2012)
  • France: U
  • Germany: 6
  • Greece: K
  • Hungary: 6
  • Iceland: 7
  • Indonesia: A
  • Ireland: PG
  • Japan: G
  • Malaysia: U
  • Maldives: PG,
  • Malta: PG
  • Netherlands: 6
  • New Zealand: G
  • Norway: 7
  • Philippines: G
  • Russia:
  • Sweden: 7
  • Austria: 6
  • Brazil: L
  • Chile: 6
  • Colombia: 7
  • France: U
  • Germany: 6
  • Iceland: 7
  • India: U
  • Italy: T
  • Israel:
  • Ukraine:
  • Qatar:

International Distribution

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Video game

A video game based on the film, was released on SNES and Game Boy in the same year.


The soundtrack of the film was produced by Walt Disney Records and was released on July 5, 1996, the week of the film's release.

  • "Party Rock Anthem" - LMFAO
  • "You're a Mean One, Gree Guy" - Eric Idle
  • "Good Time" - Owl City
  • "The Alligator King" - Bud Luckey
  • "The Time of Your Life" - Randy Newman


  • This is the seventh Geo's World film ever made.
  • There's an easter egg in the comic book that features Kenny from South Park.
    • Geo G. had permission by Trey Parker and Matt Stone to use him.
  • The film was originally rated G by the MPAA, but TjsWorld2011 felt that the film was not for younger children due to mild violence, so it was later re-rated PG.
  • This was the last film that features Doom Vercetti.
  • Both Geo's World: The Movie and A Bug's Life are popular for using the "The Time of Your Life" song by Randy Newman.
  • The film was edited a little bit to get a K rating in Greece.
  • This movie made its network premiere on ABC in December 2018. It later made its Cable Premiere on DIsney Channel on January 8, 2019.
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