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Gemstone Wars (Japanese: ジェムストーンウォーズー Hepburn: Jemusutōn'u~ōzu) is a Japanese anime television series created by Yuna Kitsumara and produced by Studio 4°C. The series has lasted for twenty-two episodes and was renewed for a second season.


On an island called Juumano, an ancient city called Yakoto, which has stood for centuries, is suddenly under attack by dark and evil spirits. The leader of the city summons four young heroes defend the town from dragons and the evil spirit Hamaitsu, while at the same time trying to retrieve the rare Kimichino gemstone. sparking multiple wars throughout the island.


  • Yokino (Takeru Oshama)
  • Yukawa (Aiko Yenoguchi)
  • Shakini (Hina Yamuna)
  • Mazunu (Mei Kiyota)