A gearlock rifle.

The gearlock rifles, used by the orcs during the War of the Ring, were the primary ranged weapon next to bows and crossbows, used by the orc armies. They were invented by a group of unknown orc engineers, and later were used by most of Mordor's orc infantry. It utilized a small amount of semi-large gears inside, which, after a small wheel on the side was winded up, would keep it in place, then the wielder would load a small metal "striker" with a piece of serrated metal, which was held in by clamps, the wielder would then load refined and oiled krene, down a wide tube, along with metal shrapnel, or a small projectile. After this was done, the striker was pulled down into firing position, where the wielder would pull a switch, which would let the hammer and the wheel go at the same time, where they would touch each other, with the wheel while it was spinning, this created sparks, which would be led by a small pan, or "breech", into the tube, where the krene would be ignited, which would create pressurized gases, which would then force out the projectile.

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