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Gate of Albion

Samuel using the Gate of Albion
Kanji アルビオンのゲート
Rōmaji Arubion no gēto
Alias/Titles Treasury of Albion
Type Holder Magic
User(s) Arthur "Uther" Pendragon

Gate of Albion (アルビオンのゲート, Arubion no gēto, Literal: Gate of Albion) is a SS-Class magic that allows the user to gain access to "Albion's treasury", unless they have the Arubionmāku Mark and the key, Arubionkī.


The Gate of Albion functions has a spatial gate between 2 separated dimensions between the user and the Treasury. Once opened, a ripple pattern is formed in the air, or space and the user can select anything to appear from it.

However, Samuel can use Gate of Albion with the Albion's Treasury and in the Vaults where the Holy Swords are kept.

Notable Treasury


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