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The official title for Gate film.

Gate is a 2015 Japanese-American sci-fi action thriller horror film. It focuses on Gate (similar to a character with a same name in appearance, role, etc), who was built by a group of scientists and had wreak havoc to humanity.


Somewhere in the future, a group of scientists have built a robot named Gate. But suddenly, Gate malfunctioned and attacked and killed the scientists who created him. He wanted revenge against humans for creating him and created multiple robot monsters as an attempt to kill of humanity. Will he succeed in killing off all human life or all life itself?


  • Gate - The title character and the main antagonist of the film, he works as an evil robot scientist to kill off humans.
  • Marko Willson - The main protagonist of the film who is a 31 year old human male, who is a boyfriend to Ashely Jackson.
  • Ashely Jackson - The main protagonist's love interest who is caring for Marko, she is also a 30 year old woman.
  • Tyler Morgan - The main deuteragonist of the film who was once a bully to Marko, until Gate had started an attempt to kill off humanity. He was killed by one of Gate's creations.
  • Michael Georgia - a male human boxer who was killed by Gate after Gate smashed his head with his hands and strength.
  • Ferid Albertson - a female human news reporter who was killed by one of Gate's creations.
  • Wilson Alexis - A male rapper human who was killed by one of Gate's creations.
  • Michelle Barneyson - A female human swimmer who was killed by one of Gate's creations.
  • Blake Jose - A male construction worker who was killed by one of Gate's creations.

Rated R for:

  • Frightening imagery
  • Strong language (for example: 3 f-bomb words were used)
  • Blood and gore
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Sexual content


  • This movie was distributed by Universal Pictures.
  • This movie received mostly positive reviews (about 81%) and was a commercial success, so it was the best horror sci-fi film made by Universal Studios in the recent years.
  • Despite featuring Gate from Megaman X6, he wasn't against any robots in the film and all robots were already turned and worked for him.