Gate's World Domination was a haunted house part of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2019. It is based on what if Gate [the main villian/antagonist of Megaman X6] won against the protagonists and took over the world.


Gate has finally won the battle against the heroes and mankind is in danger. Gate, along with Dynamo, Spider, Techno, and Lumine, have teamed up to make earth suitable only to reploids. Whoever wins, we all loose.



As the line passed through the queue for Megaman Battle Network: The Ride, guests moved into the production facilities, where they entered a soundstage.


Guests entered the dystopian futuristic world, in Eurasian space colony's crash site, where humanoid reploids also dominate the cities worldwide and threatening humans. Dozens of victims were either tortured in machines and/or devices or were cruelly/painfully converted into evil humanoid reploids. Gate's throne is set up next to the victims, but whoever had been sitting there apparently left already.

Inside the abandoned Maverick Hunter Base, Gate himself, along with Dynamo, Lumine, and his friends attacked from side hallways before guests moved into a long hallway. They lined the hallway, bursting out from behind the weakened walls with loud screams and colored strobes. They would then move outside to the top of the lair, where Dynamo reached down from a window above. The next room had Zero, who was apparently a maverick once again, serves Gate in return for E-Tanks to use.

Guests entered the computer room, with long hallways of computers and monitors that boxed you in. Several mavericks like Techno were hidden in alcoves, Gate attacked from behind the computer, and Lumine floated above the victims, twirling above computers.

Next were the jail rooms under the lair, with tunnels that seemed to stretch endlessly into the distance. Several mavericks like Spider hid in the tunnels, while Techno was hidden in a small hole next to the line. From there, guests would pass by containers filled with skeletons. One hid Nightmare Zero, a horrifying and pure evil copy of Zero himself.

As guests passed by several bodies hanging from hooks (with Dynamo hiding behind them), they would enter the final room. A massive tansparent machine was in the middle of the room, ready to turn its horrified victims inside into reploids. Dynamo, Lumine, Spider, and Techno attacked amidst multicolored strobes. As guests ran for the exit, Gate, now in his golden battle armour, leapt from behind a weakened wall with a loud evil laughter.


  • At the end, blood splattered on guests. Guests curious enough to try it, discovered it was actually cherry juice.
  • After the closure of Halloween Horror Nights 2019, this maze won the accademy award for the best haunted house of the year.
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