Gary and Larry is an animated dysfunctional family sitcom created by Seth, the creator of famous shows Family Guy, and American Dad! It happens in the same universe as American Dad! and Family, as American Dad! had a crossover with Gary and Larry. There also was a Family Guy crossover as well.


Gary Hidugal and Larry Hidugal are brothers. Larry lives with Gary's family as Uncle Larry. The family is dysfunctional, however, and it obviously shows. This shows idiot adult is actually not Gary, (who is the smart brother) but Larry, who is a jerk to the rest of the family. 


The show ran for 7 Seasons before its cancellation. The ending was controversial as the whole family dies due to them catching Peter Griffin beat Meg, so Peter shoots them all dead with a shotgun one by one, ending the series.

American Dad! Crossover:

On Gary and Larry's show, American Dad! and Gary and Larry have a crossover. After Larry kills a CIA agent (on accident), Stan arrests the entire family due to not knowing who killed the CIA agent. However, Stan finds he likes the Hidugal's, and sneaks them out of prison, and allows them to stay in their house until they can smuggle the family back into their own hometown. 

Family Guy Crossover:

On Family Guy's show, Gary and Larry and Family Guy have a crossover. Peter and his family go on vacation, but things go horribly wrong after Peter accidentally kills a man by running him over, so they go to hide in the Hidugal's home town. Lois offers to pay the Hidugal's to allow them to live with them until they can destroy the evidence of the hit and run. However, Gary reports the Griffins after Peter accidentally kills his sister by running her over in a similar fashion to the other hit and run. However, Gary decides to rescue them out of guilt, so he and Larry try to bust them out of prison, but it goes wrong due to Larry getting drunk and they are all caught. Lois bails them out, and the Griffins head home. 

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