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Ganesh Khanolkar (गणेश खानोलकर) is a human male from Maratha, and the abjaksan of Ingdjiva.



Ganesh has tan-brown skin, typical of people born in Ingdjiva, and a light skinny build due to periodic fasting. He is also bald due to keeping his head shaved.

Known Clothing

Ganesh is commonly wears an orange Shivajist kasaya.


Powers & Abilities

Being a religiously spiritual person, Ganesh's abjaksan powers revolved around the Spirits and Spiritual energy.

Ganesh can use his own spiritual energy to create indestructible barriers. These barriers vary from small to large, and Ganesh can protect a city several miles wide using it if he focuses hard enough.

Ganesh can also project his spirit from his body, enabling him to visit places normally inaccessible, like through sealed walls, under water or across another continent.

Ganesh is also bilingual, and can speak both his native Ingdjese and Zedylric fluently.

Equipment & Skills

Ganesh always carries a six-foot wooden staff. This staff, embedded with spiritual energy, allows Ganesh to cast Chi Magic.


  • Urmila Khanolkar (उर्मिला खानोलकर): Urmila (born 4499ᴘᴄᴢ) is Ganesh's beloved wife and the mother of their four children.


  • Ganesh is a popular male given name in India, and Khanolkar is a Marathi-Language surname.
    • Ganesh is a form of Ganesha, also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, the Hindu God of intellect and wisdom, and is the best-known and most worshiped God of the Hindu Pantheon.
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Abjaksan of Ingdjiva
4494 – 4542ᴘᴄᴢ
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