Game Night is the second episode of season 1 of Matthews. This episode picks up after the Pilot where Jacob had injured his foot.


After the events of the Pilot episode Jacob isn't able to play football as he injured his foot. During 1st period Jacob is limping to his desk and the teacher told Jacob to go to the nurse's office and Jessica helped him walk. While the nurse is checking on Jacob's foot Jessica heads back to class and tells him she'll get him if his aunt doesn't pick him up. Later before 2nd period Elizabeth comes to pick Jacob up so they can go to the hospital to have his foot checked out and on their way the hospital Jacob goes to sleep and after they arrived to the hospital Elizabeth helped her nephew out of the car. While they are the room the doctor says Jacob had broken his foot and he will have to wear a cast for 6 to 8 weeks which makes him angry as it is keeping him from playing football. The next day Jessica saw Jacob came into class with a cast on his foot and blamed herself for what had happened to him and Jacob told her it will take up to six to eight weeks for it to heal and that prom isn't until next month. At lunch everyone signs Jacob's cast and when Jessica signed it she added a heart. Before the kick off Jacob apologized to the team for what had happened and the coach said that he is waiting for his return on the field. During the game Jacob was impressed with his teammates as they scored 13-0 and was laughing at the same time as he saw them dismantling the other team and during the 4th quarter Jacob's team managed to score 50-0 therefore winning the game by a blow out. To celebrate their first win of their sophomore year the team went to Jacob's aunt house. Later on during the night Elizabeth let Jacob stay the night at Jessica's house.

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