Directed by James Phillipson
Produced by Waltham Richardson
James Lasseter
Alex Scott
Written by Bruce Thompson
Screenplay by Eric Johnston
Story by Laura Sharples
Virgil Geopper
Ken Armstrong
James Rogers
Dick Kennedy
John Warburton
Ernest Peters
George Get
Based on
Starring Willie Rushton
Fiona Fullerton
Dom DeLuise
Bob Newhart
Julie Andrews
Music by John Wallace
Editing by Roy Tanner
Peter Tanner
Production company(s) Beauty and the Beast Animation Studios
Michael Shires
Distributor Pentagon Distributors Co., Inc.
Release date(s) July 9, 1982
Running time 93 Minutes
Language English
Gross revenue
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Galaxyit is a 1982 American animated drama film produced by Beauty and the Beast Animation Studios and Michael Shires

Voice Cast:


  • The film was released on July 9, 1982.


  • The second Shires animated theatrical feature to receive a PG rating.
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