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Galaxyit is a 1982 American animated drama film produced by Beauty and the Beast Animation Studios and Michael Shires

Voice Cast:

  • Willie Rushton as Nosey the Alien
  • Bob Newhart as Nosey's Father
  • Julie Andrews as Nosey's Mother
  • Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Wickersham
  • Stan Lee as News Reporter
  • Fiona Fullerton as Mona
  • Mickey Rooney as Claude
  • Dom DeLuise as Hugh
  • Charles Nelson Reilly as McKimson
  • Frank Welker as Alax the Donkey
  • Laura Summer as The Blue Unicorn
  • Peter Hawkins as Gordon the Cat
  • Brian Wilde as Figtree the Dog
  • Janet Waldo as Clementine the Canary


  • The film was released on July 9, 1982.


  • The second Shires animated theatrical feature to receive a PG rating.