avengers trying to stop galactus before the end of everything


rick cosnett as galactus

james marsters as iron man

stephen ammel as hawckeye

grant gustin as vision

anthony hopkins as doctor alex bailey

jet li as kato

mila kunis as black widow

ashley greene as gamora

matt letscher as starlord

tom cavanaugh as groot

morgan freeman as green arrow

neal mc donough as galactus right hand

jonh barroman as galactus army man

colton haynes as galactus army man

sam worthington as doctor paranoid

giannis chronis as multiverse agent jonh smith

idris elba as black panther

samuel l jackson as heimdall

will smith as nick furry

collin farell as the flash

noris hakanji as thor


1 thug killed by galactus

1 terrorist killed by jonh smith

6 thugs killed by green arrow

3 thugs killed by black panther

4 thugs killed by groot

10 thugs killed by starlord

5 thugs stabbed by hawkeye

2 thugs neck broken by kato

3.000 nova corps soldiers killed by galactus heat wave

heimdall killed by galactus

6 thugs killed by thor

6 thugs executed by galactus

vision killed by galactus

starlord killed by galactus

80% of existence population killed by after galactus snaps his fingers with infinity stones(including)

on movie


the flash

black panther

jonh smith


doctor paranoid

iron man

not on movie

jalila kan



kim kardashian

ariana grande

earth population

mars population

universe population

multiverse population

etc.. until infinity - 20% boxes

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