Gadget is an upcoming American comedy film based on the Saturday morning cartoon Inspector Gadget. The film also draws inspiration from the 1999 live-action film and it's 2003 sequel.  Gadget stars Steve Carrell as the titular inspector with Chloe Grace Mortez as his niece Penny and Hugo Weaving as the voice of villain Dr Claw.


Inspector Gadget is a cyborg policeman in Metro City. In spite of the advanced cybernetics which make up his body, Gadget is completely incompetent at his job, much to the dismay of his superior, Chief Quimby.

Gadget's orphaned niece Penny moves in with him in Metro City, bringing with her her dog Brain. They at first struggle to bond, until Gadget learns that Penny wants to be a detective. Gadget decides he wants to be his niece's role model, but struggles to pulll this off because of his constant bumbling.

Meanwhile, criminal mastermind Dr Claw is plotting something big. Needing help, he puts an ad in the paper for henchmen, which Penny finds and shows to Gadget. Gadget goes undercover to a shady bar to try and find out more, but ends up getting into a fight with a gang of thugs. After a ridiculous battle with the bad guys, Gadget escapes from the bar.

Gadget and Penny go to visit a science convention at the Metro City Hall of Science. Meanwhile, Claw's henchmen show up and cause Gadget to malfunction, leading him to ransack the venue. The villains use this distraction to steal nuclear material from the institute. In the wake of the incident, Quimby is forced to fire Gadget.

Gadget is left deeply disappointed, feeling he has failed Penny, and is unable to find any other job, as his gadgets keep leading to him getting fired. Penny tries to encourage him, and they eventually deduce Claw's plan. He is going to murder many important world leaders, as well as most of the population of Metro City, at an upcoming conference to be held there. Billionaire Artemus Bradford is going to unveil his new fusion reactor to them, but Claw is going to weaponize it and turn it into a nuclear bomb.

Gadget, Penny and Brain race over to the venue to foil Claw's plot. Quimby tries to keep Gadget away, forcing Gadget to eventually knock him out, and he reaches the main hall just as Bradford is about to activate the reactor core. Gadget tackles him away at the last second and reveals Claw's machinations to the world leaders. Claw's thugs, hiding among the crowd, grab Penny in the chaos and slip away.

Gadget pursues the villains to their hideout, and fights his way through them to rescue Penny. However, Claw tries to escape in a helicopter, but Gadget dives over the edge of the building to catch him. Gadget manages to land on the helicopter and fights with Claw, causing both of them to fall out. Gadget extends rotary blades from his head and catches Claw by his hand, only to realize it actually is a robotic claw. The claw comes lose and Claw falls to his death in a public fountain below, proclaiming "I'll get you next time Gadget! Next time!"

Quimby is furious with Gadget as he lands and wants him arrested, but the world leaders thank him for saving the day and force Quimby to reinstate him as a police inspector. Some time later, Gadget is back on the job, doing what he loves, and is also happy that Penny now looks up to him and sees her uncle as her hero. 


Steve Carrell - Inspector Gadget

Chloe Grace Moretz - Penny

Hugo Weaving - Dr Claw (Voice)

Ted Levine - Chief Quimby

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