Gacha life miracle leap is a JayMeDino productions animated movie featuring all the current

Gacha Franchise characters from “Gachaverse Max heart” overall. This movie also celebrates the franchise’s 18th anniversary and its been 18 years since Gacha Studio first aired on TCC (because they didn’t have a tv station for JayMeDino Productions). It was directed by Satoru Iwata and drawn by Melanie Dixon.


Myint is walking to Starbucks when the sky turns gray, causing her to turn around in shock, she calls in sick to not go to school as a joke, and walks off, still staring up at the gray sky, and she sings Sister Christian by Night Ranger. When she gets to her house, she tells Kana about what she saw. Kana laughs and says That The Sky Is Always Gray. But Myint drags Kana, Olympia, and Jet outside to show them. Jet says WTH? Olympia finds out that this gray sky was of the Evil Creepy Betrayus. So it is there job to defeat the minions.

They start off with splitting into groups to find the Jewel of destiny. Devil Akki, Coral, and Olympia quest to find The Jewel Of Destiny, a magical key which will help the girls. This is when Olympia finds out about her dynamite bombs. Which she feeds all 1000 to Phantom, causing him to explode. They open the magic portal to the universe, which they tell the other groups about. The group jumps into the portal, where they find a new hero, Enzo. Enzo tells the girls that they cannot fight without him, so they bring him into the fight they explore the portal more, unlocking more heroes and villians.

Elisa, Damian and Callie are in a dark forest but Kana, Naito and Selena helps them to get across and they show them a picture of Betrayus, so they join the team.


Kana Hanazawa as: Kana

Yukaro Tamura as: Olympia

Tara Strong as: Jet

Kira Buckland as: Myint, Coral, Sunshine

Johnny Depp as: Damian

Tom hanks as: Enzo, Naito

Megumi Hayashibara as: Satsuna

Christine Cavanaugh as: Selena

Cecily Bloom as: Elisa

Miyamoto Kanako as: Callie

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