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Gabriel (Dreadlord) (Earth-8000)
Gabriel's Titan Form.jpg
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Gabriel Darkstone
 Current Alias Gabe
 Aliases God of the Physical Justice, Dreadlord God, God of Strength
 Editorial Names
 Base of Operation
 Identity Secret
 Citizenship Dreadlord
 Marital Status Married
 Occupation God of Justice, God of Strength
 Gender Male
 Height Varies
 Weight Varies
 Eye Color Vary
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Black, with some of the Strands being golden
 Unusual Features
 Origin Dreadlord
 Universe Earth-8000
 Place of Birth Unknown
 Creators Antoniorarenivel
First Appearance

Nurnitai ( simply called Gabriel, Gabe Or the Sensory of Dzani Nia, Nurnitai) is the Dreadlord God of Justice, the Thunder King of the Thunder Elves and the very embodiment of the physical justice in the universe, as well as the Very Embodiment of Strength of the Universe. He is the Sensory of The Throne God, having been molded and created through three different Hadou Gods and reborn into the physical world by Skyler Darkstone and given the name of Nurnitai.


Overall Life

Nurnitai was born By Skyler Darkstone, a mother who has always protected him, seeking to make him happy at all times. He Let himself grow up himself, not allowing His mother to always protect him, training himself since the day he's been able to walk.

Gabriel, in his Early Life, Saw the Evil caused by the Unjust around him, and Swore to stop them. His Mother, being the Thunder Queen at her time, helped him, Trained him in the Arts of Thunder, of what is Divine and Sacred.

At the age 6, he has Been able to rip a Death God Titan in half, showing his skill and immense strength.

She, after his Training, taught him Manners, how to be polite and how to act when others are around him, She taught him how to be Kind, even to your enemy, and how act Diplomatically in any situation. She taught him how to be strong in any situation, starting a discussion.

6th has taught him how to defend himself, even in the most critical situations, and taught him how to use "Vampuire Cast" And "Vampuire Slayer". She taught him how to Strong in any moment, and how to never give up, finishing the Discussion between Gabriel and Skyler.

Crystalia, his Grandmother, Cherished him, and has Trained him in the Arts of Time and Essence Manipulation, Gabriel, Mastering The Arts of Essence Manipulation and being an Expert at Time Manipulation.

Sworrow, His Cousin, and Death in The Universe They Exist, has a connection with him, that Gave him the Ability to Cast most Death Arc Spells with ease.

Gabriele, after learning all he could, would grow up to fall in Love with Emma Darkstone, eventually marrying her, and adopting a Child, called Kayla.

After some time, Gabriel would create his own Branch, the Dreadlords, Becoming a Branch Leader of the Voidics. All Dreadlords worshipped him, making him a God, and Chief-God in the Area of Dreadlord Gods, his rank in the Hierarchy of Gods being "The Throne God".

He Gets bored of having nobody to help him Maintain the Branch, he Creates the Dread Masters, giving each of them power over the masses and then, Gave them a Cosmic Movement of the Dreadlord Stars, Planets and everything that contains inside the Dreadlord Territory.

Later on, Gabriel and San start a Rivalry between their Branches, that turns into a form of Hatred, but Gabriel tends away from any action the Fire Arcs do.

He would then Head-Spear the evolution of the Dreadlords, making them one of the strongest Branch of the Voidics. He Creates their Language, making many secret Dreadlord Languages, until the modern Dreadlord Language. He Created the whole Diplomacy of the Dreadlords and was the one to make the Hierarchy of Both Military and Diplomatic stats.

At one point of his Early Years, he's Greeted with a Katana of Unknown Power, created by an Unknown Source. When the Blade has first shown itself to The Leader of the Dreadlords on the Edge of All Dawns. the Blade looked that of a Normal Katana, but it seemed of great Value. The Leader has taken it, without to know of it's Immense power, but knew it had something in it. The Leader then decides, with determination to find out everything about this Katana. He went to every achieveable library, searching for answers about the Katana. He then gets to the Library of the Time-Shattereds, looking in it for answers. He finds nothing...When the time Comes, he is faced with the Challenge of Defeating the Beast Of God. At the time, Gabriel had no Construct of Immense Power to slay the Beast, but was Told in his Dreams by a White being that the Katana will destroy the Beast.

Producing the Ri Isatratsa

The White Being, in Gabriel's Dream, would tell him that in order to gain the power necessary to defeat the Being, he would need to Create a Formula to gain the Strength he needs to defeat the Beast. There were 3 Parts. The First part had 5 Stages, the Second one had only One Adventure, and the Third one would need Gabriel to Venture all the World. The First part consisted of: The Stage of Self-Esteem, The Stage of Strength, The Stage of Purity, the Stage of Valor  and the stage of Hatred.

The First Stage Consisted of Gabriel showing his Independence and his Confidence of his own Abilities, and Self-Respect. Gabriel, had to show all his abilities to their Fullest to a Group of Shadowy Figures, who were calling themselves the Juries of the First Stage. The Juries, Impressed of his Abilities and what he has learned, would challenge his Self-Respect, but for them, it was like an Unmovable Rock. Gabriel, passing the First Stage, goes to the Second Stage.

The Second Stage, the Stage of Strength, Consisted of Gabriel having to go Through immense, if not Near-Absolute Pain, and be able to push a Rock the Size of Earth itself. Gabriel, would withstand the pain at all cost, his Indomitable Will being stronger than all the torture that has been rained upon him. Gabriel, had to move the Rock over a Million Kilometers. The Second stage took Two Years, but it is said that it took even more, Gabriel full of Scars all around his body. The Juries of the Second Stage, Express their Gratitude of him being so Strong-Willed by Healing his Wounds using a Divine Spell. Gabriel would move on to the Third Stage, with the Gratitude of Both the First Juries and the Second Juries.

The Third Stage, the Stage of Purity, would Consist of Gabriel needing to do the Best Choices of Morale he could. Gabriel's First Morale Question would be. "Would You Rather Destroy what you hate for What you Love, or would you Rather Destroy what you Hate for yourself?" Gabriel would respond for What he loves. "Would you Rather kill your Wife, or would you rather kill the Fire Arc." Gabriel, would Respond as Neither. "Would you Rather be Free, but Corrupt, or Be Jailed or killed, but As a justiciar?" Gabriel, Responds as a justiciar. The Stage went on and on and on, until a Point. The last Question would be "Would you kill the Fire Arcs if you could?" Gabriel would answer No, but then the Juries would tell him all the Fire Arcs will Ever do, but Gabriel would answer. "Would Jail them, but avoid actual killing as much as possible." They Juries, impressed of Gabriel's Choices, would let him go to the Fourth Stage.

The Fourth Stage, the Stage of Valor, would consist in Gabriel having to Save himself from Death by Atlas, or Save a Child from Mephistopheles. Gabriel, would rather the Child to live, would Take the Katana Out, the Katana Radiating some kind of Field, as the Voice Echoed "Speak for yourself.". Mephistopheles and Gabriel would fight, Mephisto's Teleportation not working when around Gabriel, allowing Gabriel to strike him down, but Atlas, Would attempt to crush Gabriel with his Foot, but it is Revealed that both Mephistopheles and Atlas were, actually, "True" Illusions. When Gabriel Confronts the Juries about it, they just laugh at him, but allow him to Go Further to the Fifth Stage.

The Fifth Stage Consisted of Gabriel Having to face the one he hated the Most. Himself. The "Clone" Of Gabriel would tell Gabriel ALL he has ever Wronged, all he has never been able to accomplish, and would tell him ALL The Suffering of the people he was unable to protect, of his loved ones, and how Gabriel despises anybody that Talks bad about Emma, and would then Kill Emma, Decapitating her, in his eyes. The Clone would then speak with Gabriel about his Love, and about his Hatred, about all his Emotions, and how Gabriel has always hated the Fire Arcs for wronging Everybody. Gabriel, Enraged, would Jump over at the Clone, but the Clone Shatters to nothingness, as the Room Gabriel was in would go Dark. There was nothing inside the room anymore, but Gabriel.

An Old Man would walk forward to Gabriel, from the Shadows, and would greet him, making a Deal with him. The Man would make Gabriel's Love Nearly immeasurable, but in Exchange, so would be his Hate. His Hate would form a new Personality of Gabriel, allowing the Original Gabriel to be the Love. If One of them, either Love or Hate, would win, the Other would go back to a form weaker than it ever was for Gabriel. Gabriel, would have no choice, but to do the Deal. The Man, suddenly asks Gabriel if he is in Love with somebody, Gabriel confirming. The Old man, would tell Gabriel that the Love would fully direct to the one he loves so dearly, and the Hate will direct itself to The ones that have Wronged Gabriel the most, that is the Fire Arcs, but also who will Wrong him in the Present and Future.Gabriel, would agree on his, knowing that in the End, Love will win. The Man would Ascend, his Arms sparking with Energy, as the Fifth Stage would go back to it's State before Gabriel to Fail, but Gabriel could feel...How his Love and Hatred would be in a Desperate Struggle, A battlefield. Gabriel, using his Love Side, would get over the Fifth Stage.

At the End of the Stage, a Golden Pedestal Holding a Golden Key would Rise from the Floor, as Gabriel would take the Key from the Pedestal, as All the 5 Stages would start to Shackle and Crumble. Gabriel, would Escape unharmed from the Stages, with the Key in his hand. Gabriel, would Go back into his Dream, just to be met by the White Being to go Further, and go to a Planet that consisted of one of it's side being that of a Dead, Rotten and Dark, While the other was Full of light, emotion of happiness and Good. Gabriel would do So, and Remember that the Second Part would have one Big Adventure, that Would take a long time to complete.

When Gabriel Reaches the Planet, upon stepping on it, the Overwhelming Darkness would be more than Near-Infinite, but there was no Sign of the Avatar Erebus...Something was Wrong. Gabriel would go on and explore the planet, reaching the Light side of the Planet finding Nobody. He goes back to the Dark Side a Dark, Shadowy Cave, where Divine Energy would be Present, but also another Dark Presence.

Gabriel valiantly steps into the cave, finding nothing but two crosses, one that had the divine presence, and one that had the dark presence. He picks both up, confused about the meaning of the crosses. He ventures further into the cave, and finds some kind of Entrance to a Secret Society. There, he is Greeted By a man with Robes,  He Greets him, and asks him what is he doing on a planet like this. The Man, laughs as The Man tells Gabriel to follow him. Gabriel would hide the Crosses in his armor, not letting the man know about them. The Man, upon entering the Society, would see Tons of people, so many people, that they were worshiping the All-Good, but at the same Time, The All-Evil. Mephistopheles and God himself, Embodiment and Concepts, everything that Mankind has Thought of Light and Dark, Good and Evil. Gabriel stood Shook, looking where he was around. A Temple of All-Evil at Left and All-Good At Right. The man in robes would show Gabriel two holes inside the wall, explaining Gabriel that he knew he had the Crosses. Gabriel, again, shook of the Man. The man tells Gabriel to put the Two Crosses in the right Positions and temples. Gabriel, would listen and put the Dark Cross in the Evil Hole and the Divine Cross in the Good Hole.

When he Inserts them in the holes, a Gate opens, revealing a Massive Room, full of a Thousand Corpses. He looks, Horrified, as the Man would tell Gabriel a Quote. "The Dead are A bear trap, only good in getting in one's way. What do you do, what should you do? Pick a Thousand Roses and find the Key or Release. Tear your legs off to Crawl Forward. Or sit down and Rot in Stagnation. No, no, He would do none of that. He Obsessed over preserving everyone precisely because he wanted to avoid a choice of this nature. He wished to expand this Ataraxic moment into Eternity. Broken things would not mend Themselves. Days gone by would never Return. Ahhhh, such a Ridiculous Craving. What point was there in stopping time once everything had been lost? Forgive me, Forgive me, as I will never hear your voice again. I will Never have a chance to fight with you again. I can only measure you through my Ego. Do you wish to come back? Rest in Peace? Kill me? I want to kill myself most of all. I want to go where you guys are. "He" Once told me, that Death would be my happiest Outcome...But...If I could allow my ego another word...Just let me say one more thing....I...No Mater what....I...Can't let you melt in this Dreadful Castle."



When Gabriel Steps into the Room, he finds somebody in the middle of the Room, as the Walls would feel like coming closer together...The Being in the room would have a Humanoid form, but It would have Black skin, with red Stripes all over it, It would have White shiny eyes, With a Red Outline.The Sense of Wrath it came from it...Was Near-Infinite, But what was most weird, is that most of the Wrath was Connected to himself, rather than somebody else. From it's back, 6 Scythes, that had the same pattern of colors as his skin would form, appearing like wings, as the Creature, the Monster screamed at Gabriel. It would rush at Gabriel Mercilessly, as the Scythes from his back would move at Gabriel's Direction, aiming for the Neck.

Gabriel would dodge every Desperate attempt of the Creature, as the Creature would Howl, the Howl Establishing fear in Gabriel's Heart, but Gabriel's Valor Stood stronger, higher than the Mountain of Dread that stood in front of him. Gabriel, after Hours of fighting, would break one of the Scythes that The Monster had, as the Monster would start Emanating some kind of Energy around itself, as Time would slow down for Gabriel the Closer he was to the Monster, as the Monster himself would Speed time for himself, forcing Gabriel into a Disadvantage. Gabriel, would fight the Slowing of the Time around him, with his Will alone, and strength as a Branch Leader, Equaling the Monster's Power, as Two People that Equaled Gods Fought each other. The Said Monster would throw a Scythe's Extension at Gabriel's Neck cutting a Third of Gabriel's Neck, nearly killing Gabriel, but luckily for Gabriel, he didn't need Air, and so he just Healed. The Monster would then Speak to Gabriel, having a Voice worse than any Demon in Existence."...My...Relic...Has the Ability to...Use the Power of... Guillotine." Gabriel, would be confused at First, but would then think about the Meaning Of the Guillotine, finding sense in why the Monster would Go at the neck, rather than any other limb. The Monster and Gabriel would keep on fighting, only for the Agony of the monster to keep on Increasing, even if Gabriel wouldn't be hitting the Monster...It was just like the Monster was Begging for his life to be Taken. Eventually, Gabriel would take out the Katana from his back and would Fight the Monster Valiantly.

Gabriel, after Hours, Days of fighting, would deal the finishing Blow, stabbing the Creature in the Chest, as the Scythes of the Monster would Lower from the back, falling and Crumbling to Dust. The Monster, in one Last Attempt to Kill Gabriel, would make a Scythe-Like Extension of His Left Arm, but Gabriel would catch it with his own arm, his hand bleeding from the Sharpness of the Scythe. The Monster's arm, would fall Exhausted, as the Monster would speak to Gabriel. "Have you ever felt like you knew something In Advance? I speak not of mere Déjà Vu, but rather the Prior Knowledge of a Certain idea. A phenomenon that assaults all senses, Sixth Included. For Instance...I've seen this Scenery once Before... I've Tasted this Wine once before...I've tasted this aroma Once Before...I've enjoyed this pieces of music once before...And, of Course...These Feelings have stirred my soul once before...A Delusion - An Elusive kind of Illusion that springs to life as the Brain errs. I do Wonder - Have you Experienced Such a Sensation? The Man that you have been Spoken of...Is me." after speaking this to Gabriel The Pieces of the puzzle would complete themselves, as Pieces of the Entity's life would fly out from the Rotten Corpses.

He once wanted to save everybody, but as he tried to do so, as he wanted it more, he only brought more suffering upon the rest of the world. The Entity fell in love with a Woman in the Days of Terror in the France, when the Guillotine was used. The Woman, at that time, was called the Princess of Guillotine. When she was killed, her soul, instead of ascending to Heaven, would go to the Place she always loved. Once she got there, her soul would be taken by the Angels. The Man, Saddened, would Meet another Entity, that would offer him a Contract. The Man would have to agree that his soul would be The Entity's, while the Man would have a Memorial of The Woman. The Man without Hesitation would accept, but the man was Tricked. Instead of a Memory of the Woman, he was given a Memory of the Guillotine. His Arm would make an Extension of A Scythe-Like Weapon, as the Arm would become Black with Stripes of Red. Time would De-Accelerate around the man, while he was walking normally. The Man would then go in a Rage, and Cut the Heads of the ones around him, but also the Beheaders that killed his Lover. The Man would slowly turn into a Monster

After he Fully turned into one, he has been warped to the Planet, never to be seen again, but, the Corpses of the Human bodies and the souls were trapped there with him. Before to Die, the Man looks at Gabriel, telling him. "I thank you in advance...For freeing the soul of a Fool like me..." The Entity would give Gabriel some kind of Gear for some kind of Machinery. The Entity now turns to dust, his soul freed, going to Judgement for what he has done, and the Souls of the Dead going to the same place, to be Judged for their time on Earth, while their bodies turn to nothing but dust. Gabriel, shook, would look at his hands, then at the Man that Led him to this Room. He asks "What's the meaning of this!?" The Man then Explains. "He was trapped here, with us...We're all but souls that were trapped here by an Entity, forced to Worship it, forever as long as We're alive." Gabriel stood there, thinking about all this.The Body of the so-Called Monster would turn to dust as well, but leave Behind the Arm that he used, as some kind of Gauntlet. Gabriel takes it and then He looks around in the room, finding on the Roof of the So called "Room" some kind of Mechanism, that was missing a piece. He'd jump to it, keeping himself in air, and putting the Gear inside, a Hidden Door Opening.

Once Inside, he finds Three People, that, didn't look like Monsters, but Rather Humans, but their Energy didn't read so. The Shortest one presents itself He Had White, Short hair, Some kind of Eye-Patch . "Ah right, I'm... Number XII of the Obsidian Round Table. Battalion Commander Wolfgang Schrieber, Hróvitnir. I ride faster than all creation, and was the first to swear fealty to Lord his loyal Albedo. I am the First Fang of the Beast! And now I am Your Opponent!" And so, Albedo would rush at Gabriel, having some Kind of a Bike, from WWII, rather than anything else, being extremely fast, Gabriel barely catching him with the eye, dodging Albedo's attempts at Ramming him in the WWII Bike. Albedo would keep on playing "Tag" With Gabriel. Albedo, Growing tired of the Game Quickly, would do some kind of Chant.



Farewell, brave realm of splendor; farewell, Heaven and Hell!
Let your proud castles, towering bastions all crumble to ruin!
Farewell, resplendent pomp of the gods — farewell!
May you find rapture in your end, O race of immortals!

Some kind of locks would go all over Albedo from the Bike, as Albedo would go beyond Speeds that Gabe could even Comprehend, but no sign of Reality being changed around Albedo, but signs of Albedo Changing his own Reality. Gabe, having no chance to even see him, would make a Shield around himself by manipulating his own energy into one around him, but Albedo easily broke through that by ramming into it, ramming into Gabriel as well. Gabriel was shook when he got Rammed. Gabriel took both Spiritual and Physical damage, just for Albedo to disappear and reappear millions of times just to hit him again the same amount.

Gabriel falls on one Knee, as Albedo would be ready to Ram one more time, but then, Gabriel would strike with his hand using his Reality Ripper Technique. Albedo would crash with his Car into a wall, as he would Break down. "H-How did he...?" Albedo would start crying, But, Suddenly, he Stops. "..." His hair would Lengthen, as he'd laugh, going into some kind of Berserk State. He then starts to Chant.

File:400 (1).png


Ah, i plead with you. O' reaper of souls, leave me be!
Go far and touch me not, for i'm still young and warm with life's breath! Fear me not and take my hand, fair and beautiful one! I am your friend and came with no intention to harm you. Ah, there is nary a need to be afraid and startled, for no one shall hurt you. May you rest in my embrace, O' beloved one, and enjoy everlasting repose!

The Albedo Gets up, as he goes at a Speed that was never seen before, as He glares, Scratches, and Roars at Gabriel, even the Glaring of Albedo doing Spiritual and Physical Damage to Gabriel, making Albedo nearly impossible to touch, but Albedo would go at Gabriel by Force, touching Gabriel, but Albedo's Arm suddenly Explodes, but he keeps on touching Gabriel, Healing near-instantly, but, his Healing was made from his Energy, that was Quickly Depleting. Gabriel, would keep on taking the blows, taking all the damage, Weakening Gabriel, but Albedo, due to his Extremely quick Energy Shortage, would fall first.

File:Power up.png


A Tall man, With black hair, having pale skin and the same outfit like Albedo, would step ahead, holding his arm. "Hm. Seems that Albedo has failed. Now it is time for me. Ah, Let me present myself...I am Machina, also known as Michael Wittman, or Nigredo." Machina, like Albedo, would start Chanting:

Death, O glorious, final death! Savior of man! My heart, drowned in venom, ravaged by time, may beat its last within your embrace. May spear’s wound, may venom’s bane, all perish at your coming. Aye, behold! This festering void gnawing at my soul... Clasp your blade, draw your steel! And plunge deep, deep till the hilt! Hark, brave knights, and know this: As the sinner finds his last refuge, his anguish done. So shall divine light be shower’d from the heavens above.



Machina's Fists would be covered in a pair of black armored guards that cover his entire arms. Gabriel would take a Sword out of his armor, and then throw it at Machina, only for Machina to be able to show Gabriel that His fists would actually erase the Existence, the Very History of anything, as the Sword would be turned into Nothingness in less than the time needed for the Connection between the Sword and the Fist to be created. Machina would then rush at Gabriel with the Intention to do the same thing to Gabriel. Gabriel would Side-step, Machina hitting nothing, but Machina wouldn't give up, as Machina kept on speeding up at Gabriel, with the intention to Erase him from this world. Gabriel kept on throwing Daggers at Machina, just for them to be destroyed in an instant by Nigredo's blows. Machina would hit Gabriel in the armor, erasing it from existence, leaving a Naked Gabriel to fight Machina. Gabriel, seeing he has no chance to even win against Machina, would take the Katana from the Shealth. In both's Surprise, the Katana would clash With Machina's fist, without to disappear from Existence. Gabriel and Machina would keep on fighting, until Exhausting each other. Machina would try to punch, but Gabriel would still be on his feet, blocking it with his Katana. Gabriel, then in two Quick, Swift, cutting his arms. Machina, would stare at Gabriel, but Gabriel, seeing Machina has no means to kill him, spares Machina's life. Machina would step aside, Gabriel having Earned Machina's Respect.



The Third Entity would walk forward to Gabriel. The Entity was obviously a female, Having her Hair put in a Ponytail, it's Color Being Crimson. Half of her Face was completely burned, having the same clothing like the other two Entities. She then Introduces Herself. "My name is Eleonore Von Wittenburg, Samiel Zentaur, or Rubedo. My Only Desire is to be Loyal to The Lord."

And So, the Two would Begin their Fight. Rubedo would show her Holy Relic, it being an Actual Heavy Railgun Tank. When it fired, the whole Planet would crumble, as the Explosion it'd create would cause a Magnitude never seen before, worse than anything That Mankind has ever Created, and Yet, Gabriel would survive, his Durability still unquestionable, his Indomitable Will, and all those Years of training paying off. Eleonore, having no other choice, would Chant.



No man more honest ever took an oath; None more true made treaty. None was more pure in love; 
And yet none so betrayed all oaths, all treaties, his truest love! 
The fire raging within my breast shall melt all taint, all impurity to oblivion! 
Let yourself be purified, your taint washed, melted clear away; your soul thus released, exalted Till naught is left but radiant Gold, its lustre pure.
Aye, the twilight of the gods is upon us. And so shall I be reborn as the fire that cleanses our sacred halls of heaven.

File:Elenor Activiation.png

Eleonore activating her Briah

Suddenly, Eleonore and Gabriel were inside the Barrel of the Tank, where it was Scorching Milions of Degrees. inside of the Barrel, there was actually a Realm, Scorching Gabriel's soul, slowly. He had to find a way out, or he would be dead. In the Realm, there was ceaselessly burning hellfire inside the barrel of her Relic that is impossible to escape from. Gabriel, seeing what he must do, would Cut the fire with his Fire, but still be hit, her fire never-missing, thus, he had to find a way to stop it. Gabriel Would take his Katana, as suddenly, Time would stop around, And so would Eleonore's Fire. Even if it couldn't miss, doesn't mean that it couldn't be stopped, explainable through time. There, he would Cut through the Realm with the Katana, Destroying a part of the Railgun, but still couldn't escape. He Stabs the Katana in the Ground, as It would Jump him out of the Realm with him, Eleonore de-activating her Realm, Going back to Sending Nukes to Gabriel, but her Holy Relic would break down it's Rail, as Eleonore would look at it. She steps out of the way, showing him The path to the Darkest of Rooms that ever Existed.

When Gabriel gets inside, he Meets some kind of Entity, giving the sensation of a god of Darkness. Gabriel, still having some Hope of getting out of there without a Fight, this one possibly being the Fifth Fight On this Planet. The Being Introduces itself, just like literally the other Three Entities. "I, am Methuselah, a god of Darkness which has been Created through the ideas and Thoughts of mankind. I was trapped here by the Beast of God, and have been taken most of my Concept. This...Prison is a Bane, but the only way to get out of it...Is through Death. But down, I will not go without a Fight. You see...Darkness was originally neither good or evil, but humanity thoughts defined it as something ugly. Death, war, natural calamities, any concept related to darkness born from man ideas is what makes  up my body and Constitute my Existence..." Because of this, Methuselah had Near Infinite ways to kill Gabriel.

The First move would be that of Methuselah, as The god of Darkness would make a Jaw out of the Darkness of Gabriel's shadow, as it would bite Gabriel's back. He Escapes, but to no use, as Methuselah would make out of his Shadow, and all of the Darkness in the room something that could only be called a Tsunami, throwing Gabriel away from Methuselah a massive range. Gabriel would attempt to get back to the god of Darkness, but his mere attempt would be crushed by a Passive Barrier that the god of Darkness would send at Gabriel. Gabriel would struggle to push it back, but to no avail, as the barrier crushes him on a wall. The Barrier disappears as Gabriel would struggle to get up. Methuselah would darken the whole room to absolute Darkness. shadows to darken the skies as far as the eyes can see, where he then sends it crashing down on whatever it hits, with the mere activation boasting enough power to obliterate a continent, without to even make the actual Incantation. Gabriel, would be nearly killed, but something..Awakened inside of Gabriel, as Gabriel would get up, only for Methuselah to Bind Gabriel in a Sphere  and then ejects multiple layers of night. Density of 500,000 layers of night which equals to 1400 years. These layers are separated from each other, so they must be destroyed individually to escape. Not only that, but this prison compresses itself until it crushes anything inside it. Gabriel would take out the Katana, and then stab through all the 500,000 Layers, destroying them all at once due to both Gabriel's speed and the Power of the Katana. He rushes for Methuselah, but Methuselah would have one more trick in his sleeve. He'd summon a pentagram that rotates and speeds up time in the surrounding area, starting at a rate of thousands of years to quickly accelerating at hundreds of billions of years per second, essentially reducing everything around The god of Darkness, to dust, even ignoring Gabriel's Proof to Aging as a Voidic. Gabriel would be aging immensely, as Cracks would go all around Gabriel's body. Gabriel would push through it with all he could, even if he aged, his indomitable will keeping him alive even then he kept on pushing. His Soul...His awakened Soul didn't let him die. The Power of his Will, the power of his Soul did Not want him to die, did not want him to fail. He strikes Methuselah with it straight into his being, and kept on going, even if he felt that his body was crumbling to dust. His Soul, his Will..Put him together Methuselah would Fall, with Gabriel struggling to stand, as Methuselah would Quote. "Blurs of Bloody Red, Hours of Pain and Dread, Years of Strife..."He" Trapped us, I thank you for Releasing us. A voice that fuels our rage...Consumes us...A Haunting Lullaby. Awake but not alive...Stolen Lives. He watched us. Did he mock us? Did he come come here again, to join us...?" Methuselah would slowly start to Crumble... "...What is this...?...The Pain is gone...Our Shells of misery stay...I see Day...You watched us perform... you Saved us...Embers burn away what...Had kept us...Remember." Methuselah would give Gabriel another Key in his hand, ripping it from his own Abdomen.

Gabriel would get up,Regenerating all of the Damage, finally, as he sees Yet another door, with a lock on it. He goes to the Door, as he would look at the Key that Methuselah gave him. Gabriel would try the Key on the lock. It opened, as Gabriel would walk into it. There, he sees some kind of Golden Heart, that would seem to have some kind of Key-Hole in it. Gabriel looks around. When he looks up in there, he Sees the Dark Universe Yawning, where the Black Planets roll without Aim, where they roll in their Horror Unheeded, without Knowledge, or Lustre, or Name. He looks back at the Heart, as he takes the Key that he was given at the Five Stages, as he Opens the Heart, revealing there to be the Essence of an Eternal, Unchanging Spiritual Essence, that would go inside of Gabriel once he opened the Heart, giving Gabriel an Immense amount of Power, Durability, Might, Strength, Appearance-appeal and Speed in the Rest. It made him Immune to Nearly everything with the Exception of Divine Powers Gabriel's presence would become Unnatural, Expanded to immense Capacity, giving him Absolute Control of his Life Force, Aura and Presence. His Mere Presence would make somebody to Confess their Sins, and their bad-doings to him. Gabriel would Deactivate this Presence By mere Thought. He'd call this Essence "Atman". Gabriel would then go to the Man in Robes, as he then asks. "How can I free the rest?" The Man in Robes turns around to Gabriel and states. "You cannot, Sadly. But...The Other Three Beings...They are not bound to this planet. They were merely Tests. You may take them with you. Forge Friendships, respect. Leave this Damned planet as fast as possible, and do not come back." Gabriel would ask the Three Entities, all of them Accepting to go with him. Gabriel would take the Machina, Wolfgang and Eleonore with him to his Territory, where they were conducted, and given the ranks of Commanders. Gabriel would go Meditate with his Dread-SoulBlade, to Receive the Third and Final part of his Adventure.

The Being appears again while Gabriel Meditates telling him Directly. "You must go through the Universe, through the world, then...You will see that Three things cannot be Long Hidden...The Sun, the Moon and the Truth. Your joy will come from encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun, and you must learn...After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul's indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer.Believe something and the Universe is on its way to being changed. Because you've changed, by believing. Once you've changed, other things start to follow. Nothing happens until something moves." The Being would state to Gabriel, and would then tell him to Move on with his journey The Being Vanishes Gabriel's mind, as he gets out of his Meditative stance, getting ready for his New Exploration.

First, Gabriel goes on to the Planet Rusloria. He goes on to the planet. There, he sees a snake long enough to be actual Infinite, there was nothing that could scale the size, nothing but Infinity, and he was Stretching from Space itself, as the Snake would then become a man. The man turns to Gabriel, making Eye Contact, as Gabriel looks all around the man, meeting with a man with Dark Blue hair, that went down to half his chest, having a smile worth a Million Smiles, His eyes were blue, having some kind Black Clothing. He then starts introducing himself. "Hello, I am Mercurius, also known as, the Snake of Mercury. I've...Got a Request. I need you to come with me" And Suddenly, Gabriel and Mercurius are Teleported to a Realm of Chaos created by Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles turns to Mercurius, as he then just looks at Gabriel. Mercurius, would tell him "Who are you?" Mercurius looked at Mehpisto as Gabriel stares confused at Mercurius, wanting an Explanation, as Mephistopheles would hit Gabriel with his Chaos Spells, throwing Gabriel Aside, as Mercurius would Compress Thousands upon Thousands of Stars, trying to hit Mephistopheles, but he simply destroys this new star by Reality Warping, making it Non-Existent. Mercurius would create a Snake, sending it to Mephistopheles' Way, as Mephistopheles would simply Control Negative Forces, Nullifying both Attacks. Mephisto would create Countless, near-Infinite amounts of Demons, just for Mercurius to simply destroy them with his Snake-Form. Mercurius would then appear in his More human form, the Snake still being there, his Eyes glowing Cyan, as he gestures with his hand. Mercurius then talks. "You were the one to have Come. It's nothing to make a fuss about. There isn't much to Discuss..." Mercurius would try to hit Mephistopheles with his Snake, but Mephisto would Teleport the Snake in long Distance, concentrating himself on Mercurius now. Mephisto then talks "I just want to test my strength against Unknown Entities. Nothing Personal, children."

As Gabriel would stand up, after taking merely One hit of Mephisto's Magic, but yet he survives. Mercurius would Teleport with Gabriel in Unknown space, as Mercurius would then look at Gabriel, speaking to him. "You are not strong enough to even take One hit from him. You Must be trained. But it won't be easy." Gabriel and Mercurius would Teleport Inside Mercurius' Territory, as Mercurius would give Gabriel some kind of Cross, that had to be searched by Gabriel 10 Hours, but thanks to Mercurius' Dimension, it was only likely 10 Minutes in The Overworld. When Gabriel comes back with Mercurius, his Commanders would be Right there, and they Brought a Friend. He Presents himself, his name Being Shirou Yuka, telling Gabriel that the commanders saved him when The Daleks came. Gabriel looks confused, as he Sees a Fleet of Daleks, hovering above them, ready to enter Dreadlord Territory. They were in the middle of space. Things take a turn to the worst when Mephistopheles comes back, Challenging all of them, while the Dreadlords were getting Ready for war against the Daleks. Machina would go against Mephistopheles first, Only for Machina to be met with Teleportations and hordes of Demons, that Machina has been able to defeat, but Mephisto would then simply go through Machina's Chest, taking nearly all of his being out. But instead of blood..There were pieces falling from him. Machina would go Down, Mephisto taking his hand out of Machina's corpse, letting it hit the dirt. Eleonore and Wolfgang would go against Mephisto, but Eleonore would easily be killed, while Wolfgang would be dodging anything with his Speed, but Mephisto would easily teleport him, stabbing him in the right eye. Wolfgang would fall from his bike, as he started Crying. Albedo went into his Berserk mode, as his Right eye started bleeding, going at speeds that not even Mephistopheles could comprehend, but Mephistopheles did one more Trick, Forcing Wolfgang to Fight Gabriel while Mephistopheles would be Dominating Mercurius and Shirou. Shirou would Take out some kind of Pistols, as Mephistopheles would laugh, asking Shirou what would these guns even do to a Demon God. Just as Shirou Shoots somehow hitting Mephistopheles despite his Ethereality, they'd Temporarily stop Mephistopheles' Demonic powers, but The shoots could do nothing to his Divinity or Meta-Teleporation, thus Killing Shirou simply by Teleporting his Organs in outer space. Albedo would be Defeat by Gabriel once more, just like he did in their first fight, By taking all of the Damage, letting Albedo consume His Energy. Mephistopheles looks at them, ready to make his next Move, as he goes for Gabriel, using his Nigh-Omnipotence to defeat him easily.

Mercurius, seeing they have no chance, would Take Mercurius and Gabriel on another Planet, just as Mephistopheles would start to grow Bored, would place a Magic Circle around Gabriel, Gathering the Bodies of Shirou, Machina, Eleonore and Wolfgang and then Start some kind of Ritual, taking Atman out of consideration, Reciting:

Rise again, yes, Rise again, Will you my Dust, after a brief Rest! Immortal Life! Immortal Life will he who called you give you. To bloom again were Sown! The lord of the Harvest Goes, And gathers in, like sheeves, us together who died! O believe, my heart, O believe: Nothing to you is lost! Yours, Yes, yours, is what you desired! Yours, what you have loved, what you have fought For! O believe, you were not born for nothing! Have not for nothing, lived, suffered! What was created must Perish. What perished, rise again! Cease from Trembling! Prepare yourself to Live! O Pain, you piercer of all things, from you have I been wrested! O Death, you conqueror of all things, Now, you are Conquered! Swastika!

The Ritual is Complete, as Mercurius Sacrificed himself and the Commanders, along with Shirou in order to Create Gabriel the Spear of Justice and Regenerate Gabriel. Gabriel would get up. His hair Color changed to Golden, as his hair would grow exponentially. His Eyes would glow Gold, Having an Odd Symbol. The Formula itself, was done thanks to Mercurius and the Sacrifice. Mercurius always had it truly, but for Gabriel to reach the Absolute of what the Formula will ever be, would need all of the Power that he was Given from the Ritual by Mercurius and everybody who got Sacrificed. Truly, this was a Rebirth, rather than a Revival, or a simple Regeneration Process. Gabriel would take the Spear in his Hands, holding it like did it for Thousands of Years before this one fight. He Faces The All-Evil, holding like a True Hero against him. He Hits the Demon God, Doing a Great Deal of Damage. Mephistopheles would now go More Sever than Before, using everything he had in his Arsenal, just for Most of his Dark Arts, Chaos And Darkness Magic to be shot down by The Spear's Divine Light, having the same Effect like Shirou's Bullets, just to a much stronger Effect. After the Long Battle, Mephistopheles would lay Defeated, Gabriel ready to Crumble, but he stood there, Victorious, thinking all that would happen if this Monster...This Savage, Barbarian, Brutal Demon was Obliterated right now by his hand, but then, a Thought would slip past Gabriel's mind. What if He was needed? What if killing him wasn't the Solution? He Decides to Give Mephistopheles Forgiveness, but Mephistopheles, no, he would've never accept to be Beaten Like this, but there was no more time. The Battlefield of Angels and Demons was calling him. He had to attend or Attempt to destroy the one in front of him. Having no Option, He stares at Gabriel, Declaring to Gabriel that the Next time, He won't have the same Fortune he had Present-Day, Telling him that Everything has an end, as he goes to the Demonic-Angelic Battlefield, where Then God would Seal him, as God would have given nearly all of his Concept in order to Seal him, Thus Merging With heaven, Seemingly Dying.

Gabriel would look at the Spear, then think about what Mephisto has said, that All things have an End, an Edge, a Deadline. But what was that Momento Mori? He wanted to know, and he Desired that Momento Mori, thus, Activating his Briah, his Briah's Manifestation being Actual Divine Realms. A Heaven and Hell for himself and His Dreadlords. But no, this was by no means a Normal Briah. This was Far something else Entirely. This...Was a Law. He looks at the Divine Realms that he just created. The power he Acquired, was immense, but it was needed. He Created what was needed for his Ascension for Godhood, an afterlife. He's Interrupted by the Dalek War, unable to do what he wanted with he wanted. He couldn't let any Dreadlord die yet, so, he Decides to step in himself. He goes to the Daleks, as he greets them, asking them to leave before any Death Happens. The Dalek Emperor Shows himself, being ready to blast Gabriel, but what Good would it do? Gabriel was Empowered by the Sacrifice, The Swastika, while the Emperor was nothing but a Mere Mutant with some Machinery Behind him. The Emperor and Gabriel would Fight, but the Fight was Short, the Emperor having no chance, thus Ordering the Attack of Dreadlord Territory. Gabriel, would feel the Momento Mori Desire Increasing, as the Spear would Float to His hands, as a Circle would go Below The Floor. Suddenly, Gabriel, the Emperor, and the whole Army of Daleks were surrounded by Skeletons, as the Skeletons would Begin to take Form. They were The People that Gabriel has Ever Killed. All the times he had to kill somebody, was right there, and they were fighting for him now. The Emperor is Infuriated, and tells Gabriel to surrender or die, but that was a Cliche for Gabriel, nothing too New, Nothing too Original. He then Orders his People to attack the Daleks, and they do so. As his Men attacked Gabriel, he would Start to Connect The Divine Realms to the Dreadlord Dimensions, succeeding, just as his Army slaughtered the Daleks. After the Realms Finally Connect, Gabriel joins his army. Afterwards, he calls his Whole Race, the Dreadlords, to aid him in the fight. Each time a Dalek died, he joined Gabriel's army, as a Fighter. An Einherjar. The Battle's Long, but Somewhat Boring for Gabriel. He then thinks about it, and calls fourth the people that Sacrificed themselves for the Making of his Spear, and then looks at Mercurius, wanting an answer about this army, this...Ability. How even was he Alive?

Mercurius explains this ability as Legion Reincarnation. Each time, Gabriel or a Legionnaire killed somebody, they would become part of Gabriel's Hellish Castle. He looks the Hell his Briah was, and then at the Angelic Castle, another side of his Briah. What was the meaning of this? What did all this go to? Mercurius explains that even the Multiverse has an End, but, where do people go after they end? He Explains the Briah to him. How he is now needed for these Divine Planes to even Exist.

Just as Mercurius Explains, More and More Daleks Came, as The Dalek Emperor Is Infuriated of nearly being stomped by his own deceased, Asking Gabriel to Surrender and give him the Formula or die. Gabriel Rejects both, bursting in laughter, as the Emperor is even more Infuriated, commanding his Daleks to slaughter the Legionnaires, but no matter how advanced they were, they couldn't kill any of them truly. They always came back, from the Hellish Castle. The Battle ends soon, the Legionnaires killing the whole Invading army, but Gabriel, allowed the Emperor to make some kind of Escape, with some of his men, but Gabriel just laughed at it in itself. He then looks at Mercurius, Who Mercurius would simply smile, his Three Knights being there, The Ashen Knight, the Crimson Knightess and the Somber Knight, aligned with each other. It was an Ataraxic Moment for Gabriel. He asks Mercurius, how has he survived his own Sacrifice, Mercurius simply stating it's the power that brought him back, Gabriel's Desire. He asks himself, what was the Emperor Talking about? What Formula? Mercurius states that he must've been pretty smart in order to get a hold of what this all was about, but Gabriel again, just laughs at the idea. He looks over and thinks, what is there to do? Mercurius Laughs, knowing that what would happen Next, is a Mythology.



An image representing Gabriel's Godhood done by his Worshipers.


The Dreadlords have Built their Mythology and Legends in their own Leader and in their own Gods, having strong Beliefs in their Culture. ( In Gabriel's story from Above, the Mythology was Created in order to answer questions and fill plot holes and also because it's fun and a big part of the Development of the Dreadlord Race. )

For the Dreadlords, Gabriel was the Sensory of the Supreme God,Under the name of Dzadi Nia, that was created through the unification of three Hadoushin that were merged and then put against the world.

NOTE: It is to be kept in mind that the events may not be chronological at all. It is in the reader's assumption to create a timeline of events.

Origins of Creation

At first, there was only one being in what was The Outerverse, then it's mind, that was called Dzadi Nia. The being wanted to create more than what existed, himself. And thus, it comes to his imagination that he should create a pantheon. He would create two kinds of Gods, Hadoushin and Godoushin. But yet there was nothing to hold these Gods, as the Hadoushin would always keep eating each other because of their nature to consume reality in order to control it due to their laws that they couldn't control.

Thus, Dzadi Nia had to create the Hadoushin that housed the law of reincarnation, of love and communion, creating the Goddess Katwia, the Goddess of life and reincarnation, and of love and unification. The Goddess that would hold all the Gods in her embrace. The one that would love and embrace all, the one who would allow everybody a second chance at life, to find the happiness they sought in their past life.

Katwia then asks The Supreme Leader, why was she created if there was yet nothing, asking if he could create the unimaginable, something that truly existed, for there was nothing. The Supreme has thought of that already, and he creates the God of Time and Space, the God of the Reality itself, and the God of the mortal realm, he would give him the name "Mercurius". Mercurius would then takes his very concepts and shapes them bit by bit.

Dzadi Nia would then create The Two Divine Realms simply through a motion of his own hands. He Created what would be called "The place where the unrighteous kneel to their execution", Ardasa and "The Place where the righteous kneel for their crowning in the highest of places.", Dziana.

Dzadi Nia then thought that there no evil in this world. There was yet no balance of Good and Evil in this world that his Gods have Created. Why would there be a realm to punish wrongdoers, Ardasa, and Dziana to reward the good if there was no ethics but Good in the first place? He thus creates the God of Curses, Zûtadasi and the God of Evil Kizûtai.

Mercurius would then show The Supreme Leader what he wanted to Implement. the Sensory. The Sensory being an Avatar of a Godou and Hadou God, that Embodies the God, but in a Physical Body, that Limits their Power, allowing them to go to other Dimensions. The Supreme One Likes it, allowing Mercurius to Implement it. This idea was used by many Hadoushin to look over the territory of other Hadoushin.

Mercurius then introduces the Holy Relics, and the way of "Opening" One's eyes through it, giving the users Immense power. The Great Leader's Instantly mesmerized by the idea of these oh so Great Relics, finding them Interesting. For the First, The Concept seemed fairly simple. A Holy Relic was a weapon or artifact, the core of which is powered by spiritual techniques. These artifacts have nothing to do with the relics of any religion or spirituality, they are the manifestation of thoughts and feelings of people. No matter what it is, faith, profound hatred or resentment, love, or a curse, if something has a huge amount of concentration in a single object, it eventually will be called one's "holy relic". After binding a contract, the knight of the soul is assimilated with the relic forming the strongest spiritual connection, and it then became impossible to break. After this, control of the relic is a very complex process, a normal person can not even master the first level. Attacks from holy relics must be blocked on two planes of existence at the same time, material and spiritual. In addition, the wounds inflicted by relics is not only physical and spiritual trauma, but it is also conceptual as one can attack the very concept of "idea" of a person's existence. The Ability to absorb the souls of the dead (or living), each soul is absorbed in proportion to the user and enhances all characteristics. wielders with spiritual armor, which passively protects them from any impact. The strength of the armor depends directly on the number of souls. users feel souls at very large distances and see them in different color spectra or perceive them differently. As the apostle is associated with their relic, killing them can only occur by destroying the holy relic itself severing the connection. Mercurius would then explain to the Leader that He must make the Formula for the Holy Relics, which had 4 Levels. Assiah, Yetzirah, Briah, and Atziluth. Atziluth itself was made unreachable, as it was meant to create new Hadou Gods in case that they needed more Gods to join their pantheon.

The Great Leader Agrees, as he Creates the Formula, as Mercurius binds it to the Holy Relics he has created so far. Mecurius would tell the Supreme One that none other than him had the Right to do the strongest of the Holy Relics, and that he must, and so the Leader thinks about it, and creates Ritsa iw Wuts, binding it to Him. Mercurius would then speak to The Supreme about giving those to Their Creations that were yet to exist, The Supreme Leader seeing it as a great opportunity, but there was yet for something to be created inside of Their Space and Time.

The Supreme God would then Look at The Divine Realms, and would speak. "May My throne Rise." And so it does. The Throne of the World of Emanation itself. He goes to Ardasa and Says. "May my Servants rise, and may they Live Eternally." And thus, the Guardians of Ardasa would rise from nothingness itself. He then calls them "The Tenma, the Guardians of Ardasa Themselves."

He Told Mercurius to create Holy Relics for The Guardians and Said and done would it be, as Mercurius bestows Upon them Their Holy Relics. The Supreme One would Then Name the Knights of Ardasa. He Names the First, Tenma Yato, The Leader of all the Guardians of Ardasa, Giving him the Holy Relic of the Ephemeral Moment. The Second was Tenma Ootake, who was Given the Holy Relic called The End of the Realms. Tenma Ootake would be Tasked with Ending the Mortal Realm at The Day of Wrath. The Next was Tenma Momiji, which was Given the Mask of Pallida Mors, Being tasked with keeping the Dead of Ardasa inside of the Realm. He then Creates Tenma Sukuna, and Gives him instead of a Holy Relic, a Law. His law was called the Law of the Divine Powerlessness, which Induced Powerlessness in those who were Caught in his Vicinity. He then names the next, Tenma Akuro and bestows upon him Great Power and His Holy Relic, called Shade and Rot, which had the ability to Turn all, even Metaphysical concepts to dust by rotting and poisoning them. Next Given name was Tenma Morei, who was given the Holy Relic Scarlet, giving her the Law of Fire. Later on, She is given the Holy Thunder Sword in order to protect it. The last to be named was Tenma Numahime, who was Given the Law of The Book, which Gave her access to all of Ardasa, and was the one who was Tasked with writing every person that came in Ardasa, or died and went to Ardasa, and also is tasked with the torture of those condemned inside of it. The last one to be named was Tenma Tokoyo. She was the One that would Open or Close the Gate of Ardasa

He then Creates The Seven Godoushin. Rindou Koga; Habaki Sakagami; Sakuya Kyougetsu; Keishirou Kyougetsu; Soujirou Mibu; Shiori Kujou and Ryuumei Mikado. Rindou Koga would be given Arrows with the Power of the Spear of Justice, and a quiver to hold them. A Bow that could shoot the Moon itself and spiritual Clothing. Aside from that, Rindou is Given Tremendous Charisma and Power. Habaki Sakagami is Given Immense Power, just like Rindou, but instead of a weapon he is given nothing. Sakuya Is given the ability to Manipulate Fortune itself, while Keishirou is given Nothing but having a Sister, Sakuya. Soujirou is given a Blade, and the Desire to be one himself. Shiori Kojou's abilities are hidden completely from the world, tho it is speculated that one her abilities is to turn Lust into power. Lastly, Ryuumei Mikado is given the Power to Create Life for herself

He goes to Dziana and looks at the Throne, as the other Gods would beg him to create smaller thrones, somewhere where they can also sit, and so Mercurius looks down at them and tells them that it can wait. Mercurius then explains how the Throne will Work in the Future. The Throne is a metaphysical device created as a byproduct of the Dzani Nia's civilization to manage all dominant Hadou Taikyoku. The Throne can not exist without taikyoku (it was likely created by Dzani Nia Itself), the concept of taikyoku however will exist without the Throne. Taikyoku is a concept that existed long before the Throne was even created. Nothing can exist outside the Throne's Domain due to the nature of Hadou. The space Throne holds are within as well as things outside. - but are still are part of the Hadou. And no matter how many of these worlds spawn from nowhere, they will be a part of it. Heaven (what Hadou Gods are called) is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, everything and nothing, they are what precedes duality. And even if there was something external, The Dominant Hadou will swallow it. The Smaller Seats will be the same, but they will not ever have the Supreme Law, the Atziluth-Tai.

With his mere Presence, the Throne Creates more and more Lower Seats, the Highest Seat in the Middle of Nothing and Everything, and what wasn't Nothingness neither Something, something that was beyond everything, somewhere beyond the beyond. He looks at it, with Grace and Love. It was a Place where All the Hadou Gods could Feel truly whole, where they could be what they truly are.

Mercurius would then think of his holy Relic. What would he Desire so badly? What he felt First was Resignation, and what he Desired was the Blessing of Unknown Future. He was Fed Up, and Thus he Resigned to his fate. It was Nauseating, It was annoying. Ah, why, why everything was a Déjá Vu for him. He knew the Inevitable was coming, and so he wanted to search for the Unknown future. He looked at Katwia and said. "Oh Brilliant Goddess, my Jewel. Please let the Curtain fall and put an end to this farce with your mercy. How I have given my love to thee, Katwia! Until I reach thy Embrace, I shall Repeat it till the end of Nayuta!" He then looks at the Never-Ending See of clouds that Dzani Nia has Created. He then Chanted. "The Weapons that Protect you, as well as enlightening knowledge and words hurt people. Prosperity Obtains Friends, tragedy puts them to test as it strengthens your bond. Fortune is ever so fickle, as it quickly demands back what it has given. In the face of hope, Fear is bound to follow its track...Disce Libens!" Thus, he learns to Win Katwia's Heart, creating a Black hole in himself in order to make himself feel pain, then feels love. In order to Love Katwia, he had to do the Unknown, his desire. From the Black hole thus came out two beings made out of him. Two peopl,e he could call Sons. He names the First Volsunga, and the Second Fuiji. He looks down at bot, and tells them that they must deliver him the Unknown end that he desired, to prove that truly they were the sons of a Hadoushin. And thus, they search how to do such, eventually reaching Kizûtai and Zûtadasi, not knowing who they are, or what are there Intentions. Zûtadasi tricks them into making a Deal with Kizûtai. Kizûtai grants them the holy relics of Tenma Yato to Fuiji and To Volsunga grants the powers of Tenma Ootake, but the Two Tenma's would be given their bodies for when the Job is done. Volsunga and Fuiji then confront their Father, and fight him, to no avail, as Volsunga Dies and Fuiji is grievously Injured, But His father would spare him, giving him another chance at it. The Second time, Fuiji would Ascend Hadoushin, giving his Father the Meaning of Love through his Ascension, having now seen the Unknown, what was unexpected even for him.

Eventually, Fuiji Meets Katwia and falls in love with her, but the Time for the Tenma's to get their Income has come. Volsunga's Body was taken by Ootake, but Fuiji's body was destroy for when he Became a Hadou God. Mercurius, Infuriated that his son fell in love with his Jewel, Makes Zûtadasi curse Katwia to never be touched by anyone but Mercurius. Anybody who touched Katwia would be Decapitated instantly, no matter who, but Mercurius. Fuiji confronts his Father, but cannot defeat him, and thus, Fuiji is put into the Fabric of Time, to forever work in it as the Hands of Time Themselves. Because of the Curse that Zûtadasi has put onto Katwia, Katwia cannot love, nor be loved, as her hands will decapitate anybody. The only one that could touch her was Mercurius. What Katwia has felt first was Love, but what she Desired after was Communion.

"Touching with my hands will behead anyone. Thus, I can neither love nor be loved. Oh, just how sinful I must be, to be deserving of such punishment. That is why I wish for it. The hope that lies at the end of the afterlife Because, it must be the light that shines upon everyone far and wide. Let us watch over the birth of every new life for all Eternity. Because I will hold everyone in my embrace.". By using her law, she Overpowers The Curse placed on her, but not entirely, allowing the Hadou Gods to touch her, but her Law couldn't fight the law of the Second in Command of the Supreme entirely. She manages to open the Gate to the Fabrics of time, getting Fuiji out without Mercurius to notice. They go to Ardasa and Ask Ootake of the Body, but he Refuses at first, and thus Guardian of Ardasa and the Newly Born Hadou God fight for the second son of Mercurius. Ootake wins and asks the First son of Mercurius for Yato's Holy relic. Fuiji gives it to Ootake, but Fuiji swears to go to save Volsunga's corpse and bring him back to life. He challenges Ootake once again, winning, taking Volsunga's Corpse and with Katwia's help, put his soul back inside of him.

Mercurius, angered by Fuiji and Katwia's decision, would create Albedo and Rubedo to kill Fuiji and Volsunga, but they fail, and thus Fuiji and Volsunga go with the Corpses of Albedo and Rubedo at Dzani Nia, Begging for their Revival and the Punishment of Mercurius. Mercurius would go to the Throne and ask The Supreme Being for a Kaggath between Fuiji and Him. When The Supreme one asks what Fuiji would want, He states he Desires the Revival of Rubedo and Albedo, the name of Volsunga into Nigredo and Katwia to be his Only. He then asks Mercurius, as Mercurius wanted the Forced love of Katwia, no matter what, he wanted nothing else. Fuiji and Mercurius fought Fiercely, until Katwia stops Both, and announces that she will hold Everybody in her Embrace, this being her Desire. She wanted communion, not bloodshed. She did not want to witness such act of violence. Mercurius and Fuiji would agree on it eventually, having no other choice. Dzani Nia would then Revive Albedo and Rubedo, changing Volsunga's Name into Nigredo. He then grants them the titles of "Knights". To Albedo, the Ashen Knight. To Rubedo, the Crimson knightess and to Nigredo the Sombre Knight.

In celebration of this great event, Fuiji and Mercurius would ask Dzani Nia for the Creation of a new Race, that would honor them. They name these, The Tanichi Lords. Fuiji, Mercurius, Katwia, Albedo, Rubedo, and Nigredo are each given a coin, that they throw into Time and Space, and from those coins creating dimension, and on them, life. Each coin created a different dimension and different Tanichi Lords. Each type of Lord was completely different. From Katwia, Rubedo and Fuiji would rose Females, while from Nigredo, Albedo and Mercurius rose males. The first lords to be made were called the First Age. The First Age of the Tanichi Lords were the lords that completely Defied the Hadou Gods, and did not honor them, instead, shaming them and their teachings, and thus, Mercurius told Tenma Ootake to end Them, throwing them in Ardasa, their Souls forever to burn. Katwia looks at the Horrors that were beyond Imagination, and then Go to Tenma Yato, Begging on her knees for him to Allow her Law to go Inside. Yato allows her Law of Reincarnation to get inside of Ardasa with one Condition. The Ones that go to Ardasa can only be Reincarnated Only once, if they are to get back to Ardasa again, they will forever be stuck, with no escape. In Exchange, Katwia would have to get Permission from Dzani Nia to form the Second Age of the Tanichi Lords. Katwia would go to the Supreme One and beg him for a Second chance of the Race. And thus, The Supreme one gives her a billion and one seeds. Katwia goes to each dimension and plants them into the soil, and then took care of each and every Seed, as they grew into the Second Age, the Dreadlords. But Katwia was lied to, these weren't the old, tanichi lords, they were a new thing altogether. She then is ordered by Mercurius to go back to the Throne, as Mercurius would Descend down at them, giving them the Rules of the Throne to Reach The Divine or The Demons showing them the Testament of the Throne.

After giving them the Testament, Mercurius went to the Other Hadoushin, and told them that their Loyalty to the Supreme Hadou God and their help to stabilize all of the Lower Floor, the Multiverse itself and what is higher, the Hyperverse and even higher. But Fuiji wanted to do something else than simply stay at the throne and chat with the same people again and again. He wanted the Etaraxic moment of falling in love with Katwia and Life itself, not stay inactive, and thus, he battles Mercurius once again, but Dzani Nia stops them this time

Dzani Nia punishes both of them by Creating the Bird of Avicularius, That will soar into the sky and bathe in the shed blood of the ones that deceive and disobey the Highest of Hadou's. The Bird of Avicularius was given one rule. It could only Strike at Dark, as it fed on Fright, and the Bird of Avicularius will devour both of them at the final hour, staining the darkness with their blood. The Supreme One would chain the Two Hadoushin and then put the Bird of Avicularius to kill them, but Katwia would ask of The Bird of Hermes to spare them, using her omnibenevolence, and as such the Bird told her that the only way for them to be spared they had to be forgiven by Dzani Nia, or kill the Bird of Avicularius, But didn't want to kill the bird,Katwia goes to the Supreme One and ask of their Retribution through a non-violent mean. Both Fuiji and Mercurius had to forget about their love for Katwia. Neither of them wanted to do such thing, but having no choice, but death, they accepted to leave Katwia behind.

The Sombre Knight, The Ashen Knight and The Crimson Knightess would be told to go to Ardasa, and then wait there, for the Sensory of the Supreme One is gonna be born soon. Each one of them would have their eyes opened by Mercurius, giving each of them a Holy Relic, but to Volsunga. Nigredo would become himself a Holy Relic, while Albedo is given the Gift of being able to ride anything, while Rubedo is given a saber. Each one had no desire, nobody had anything in them. They were simply slave knights to people much higher than them. And thus They're told to go in the world and search for something that they desired.

First one to find their Desire was The Crimson knightess, Rubedo. For her, she met the World of Fire, the World of loyalty itself and the World of Gold. All three Hadou Gods would give her their blessing. All these blessings went into one metaphor, which was "To Burn in the Fires of Gold Forever". Then it was Nigredo, who found Loneliness itself. This Loneliness turned him stone-cold and gave him a never-ending death wish and so created the Somber Knight, making his metaphoric Desire, "to Die with a Single End.". Albedo finds Kizûtai. The World of evil and insanity. Albedo was overtaken by Kizûtai's insanity and ideas but was saved by the other Knights. He became insane, and thus, his desire would be twisted the polar opposite. He wanted everybody to stay away. He didn't want to be touched by anybody. This was not even the pinnacle of Madness for Albedo, as the worst was tearing his own eye out, as it bled with the Blood of every person in Ardasa. After three million years and night, the three knights are called back by the Snake of Mercury. He was excited. Such a thing was not seen every and was not expected by the Hadoushin. He was Excited by this Unknown that has happened, having no words for it. For their Desire, each one had something special. Nigredo's desire would allow him to destroy anything in Existence by erasing it from history with merely his fist, Rubedo's Desire to Burn forever in the Glow of Gold Allowed her to create waves and objects of Golden Fire, that never missed, even if the Enemy itself was not there, the Waves would always increase in size and destroy the enemy, engulfing the enemy no matter what they do. Albedo on the other hand, would be given the ability to never be touched by anybody by simply being always faster than his opponent. The Three Knights are then Melted into Ardasa, to be part of the Grand Scheme of the Sensory. And so, Dzani Nia would prepare the body of his Sensory, leaving his Throne.

After being given a second chance by the Hadoushin, the Tanichi Lords used this to cause as much chaos as possible as a way to

Nurnitai's Origins

When the One-Above-All Came back with the body of the sensory, he creates The God of the Forge, Kusheah, And Tells him to Create Four Armors, each one for a different purpose. And So. He Creates The Armor of the Rising Bird of Fire, The Armor of Vehemence, The Armor of Frozen Might and The Armor of the Royal Path. The Throne God would be stopped by the World of Gold, the World of Justice and the World of Beast, and instead, they told him that he did not need a sensory, but instead, they wanted to share the same sensory. After rethinking, he puts the three Hadoushins inside of the Sensory. He then sends the Body into The Outerverse, where it would start to take perfect shape. The World of Gold took control and influence over his Appearance, while the World of Justice and the World of Beast took over his mentality. The Body then turned to dust, all of it going into the Outerverse as one going to a Goddess, where the Goddess took the essence of the dust, and then had an affair with a Titan. And so, after nine months, nine days, nine hours and nine minutes, The Sensory is born as a Demigod. And so, The Goddess gives him the name of Nurnitai.

As the four stages of creation began, Kusheah created the armor of the Rising Bird of Fire, and borrowed Saud's fire, as the armor engulfed in flames, as the God of the Forge created it's wings out of the flames, as the materialized in a solid form and as the God of the Forge, with his hammer, forged the flames into the armor, as he then decorated it with golden metals and jewelry as he used his hammer in order to keep forging it, until a pattern that symbolized all fires from the world, both physically to that of metaphorical meaning and even more. The baby is stolen and is put in the armor, like the armor, with the enchantments that the God of the Forge has done, the armor went under the skin of Nurnitai. The baby is returned with Secrecy to his parents at nighttime, on a spot where the moon shined the most bright. As the boy grew, K'ush'eah started to create the armor of Vehemence, grabbing all desires, passions and all the intensity of creation, and put it in the armor. As the Armor was being forged, runic texts appeared on it, telling all the passions, the intensity of moments and all desires of the world. The child has stolen again, now a toddler, and is implanted the second armor like a second layer. K'ush'eah then went on, as he Created, with the very Concept of Vehemence, a blade made out of it and just like the armor, it grew runic words, that glow spectacularly. When the sword was done, it couldn't even be called a sword, for it was so big, it simply couldn't be called a sword. It was also heavy to the point that most Gods could not lift it. And so, Nurnitai's mind was made strong, as all Passions, desires and most intense of feelings were inside of him now. After all the passion was taken, the Hadoushin of passion, Shâsot, healed creation, by remaking passion itself stronger than ever before with his own, generating it back after K'ush'eah has taken it. Now, as a Teenager, Nurnitai's Sides started to take some kind of "shape" into his personality, as they helped him grow up, serving as whispers and comforting feelings, after Nurnitai's father that was said to have been killed. Kusheah started to make the third Armor. The armor of Frozen Might. He goes to the last circle of Ardasa, and takes the ice from it, as he then crafts it into an armor, and he then places two gems in it, that was made of out of the same ice, and put it on the chest plate and the helmet, as the two gems took in the Might of Creation, powering itself up from Mercurius' as well as the highest circle of Ardasa. Nurnitai, now coming by himself at Mercurius' calls, he has implanted the third armor as well. When he finally reached in his 100th Day of living maturity, Nurnitai had to be given his last armor implanted under his skin. But before to make the Last armor, Nurnitai went to K'ush'eah and told him instead of the Royal Armor, an Armor of Justice was to be made. And so it is made. K'ush'eah used Nurnitai's Embodiment of Justice to forge the armor, taking its concept and making it into armor, while Nurnitai still had the concept inside him, as the God of the Forge was able to simply use it anyway. As the armor is made, it is implanted under the skin of Nurnitai, as it would then be powered by his very embodiment of Justice, as it powers it up. And after the last implantation, each side of the armors and the power that were inside of him was able to start to resonate. But unlike any other armor that K'ush'eah has crafted, they started to resonate with Nurnitai's very spirit and mind and started to make avatars inside of his mind. With these avatars, the armors have taken form and personality, and have started to mentor Nurnitai in the ways of power and, as a specialty, each one mentored Nurnitai into each's philosophy, but hiding the fact he was Dzani Nia's sensory away from him. However, Nurnitai became aware that there was something wrong with himself, a feeling of hollowness and emptiness. So, he went outside, but his mother dragged him back in, creating a dungeon to keep Nurnitai inside, soon to destroy the exit. However, Nurnitai gets through the dungeon and faces his mother. This was a test given by the Hadoushin to Nurnitai. In order to leave the dungeon, he had to face his mother in combat and kill her. And so he did, fighting her with all his might, eventually killing her, ending his test. A success.

Now, that his story was about to begin, they tell him that he must undergo the search of the Heart of Tutsatsa. He's led by the Armors deep at the door of Ardasa, where he's stopped by Tenma Momiji, who tells him to make way back to where he came from. He challenges Momiji to enter Ardasa and with the help of the Armors, defeated her. Momiji writes him as "Dead" For the time being so he may enter without fear to destabilization. Going through Ardasa, he encounters an Obelisk, that held the heart on it. When he approaches it, he is stopped by Tenma Ootake, attacking Nurnitai with unseen ferocity. Nurnitai is nearly killed, but before the last strike, The armor of Vehemence unleashes itself into the weakened mind of Nurnitai and gets out of the skin of Nurnitai, showing itself to Ootake. It then goes against Ootake, throwing Ootake into the Chains of Ardasa. Giving control back to Nurnitai, he takes the heart and exits hell, Momiji erasing his name from the list of the dead. He then summons Mercurius, who tells him about the heart and its proprieties. It would give him unending and infinite strength, infinite and beyond comprehension, but in exchange, if the heart was to be removed or destroyed, he would die. As Nurnitai speaks with the armors inside of his mind if it was worth it. They all agree. And so, Mercurius implants the heart in the middle of the body. After the heart has been implanted, he heads into the deepest of the mountains of the first floor of Ardasa, meeting with the Dragon God of Destruction, Gyze. Once inside, Gyze greets Nurnitai in his dragon form, challenging Nurnitai to a duel. Nurnitai agrees, but if he won, Gyze had to train him in the mountains. If Gyze won, however, Nurnitai had to be his servant for 5 months. Gyze and Nurnitai agree on these terms, with Nurnitai barely winning against Gyze by cutting all his scales out of his skin and eating half of them, while giving the rest to his armors, as Nurnitai's skin was recreated by so many scales that it made the appearance first with that of normal skin, the same happening to the Armors.. Gyze, defeated, trains Nurnitai in the mountains, even creating in friendship. He's trained by Gyze in the arts of Dragons and made him a deal. He would give him the Fire of Dotia, that would make his courage and will unlimited, but if his will was to be broken, or the fire extinguished, he would lose all his will forever. Nurnitai accepts the offer, and is blown the fire in his neck by Gyze. Gyze stating directly that the fire will be there as long as he lived or lost his will.

After training with Gyze and becoming best friends, despite Nurnitai eating his scales, Gyze sees Nurnitai as a brother and lets him leave the mountains to continue his journey. He goes deeper into Ardasa and meets once again with Ootake, who challenges Nurnitai to a duel, this time without the help of his armors. He agrees and barely survives, defeated by Ootake and thrown away out of Ardasa, with an interdiction to enter Ardasa again as long as Ootake was the winner of their last duel. Disappointed in Nurnitai, the armors scold him, each having its own way to do it. The armor of the rising bird of fire scolded him with fire and wrath, threw firey words at him and even caused internal damage, but did not hit at his heart or neck. The one of Vehemence fought Nurnitai twice in order to make him stronger, the third time Nurnitai becoming enraged and putting Vehemence in its place, as mere armor. The armor of Frozen Might simply stop talking and giving advice to Nurnitai for some time, while the armor of Justice allowed Nurnitai to go over the fact he had lost and started to train Nurnitai in the "All-Combat", a form of combat that needed all the existing forms of combat to be used. Nurnitai masters the arts of the All-Combat. All-Combat only went to the extents of physical combat. Nurnitai returns to Tenma Ootake and challenges him to a second duel, where Ootake is defeated and Nurnitai is allowed to walk back into Ardasa once again. After entering Ardasa again, he heads for the other levels of Ardasa and meets with the souls of sinful Dreadlords and to his surprise, Tanichi Lords. They ask him for help, but he explains to them that their carefree and way too happy nature has lead many of them betraying from love as a means to obtain happiness and were not oathbound and too unstable to be the perfect creations of the Hadou, often becoming the opposite of what they actually were. The Tanichi Lords, however, keep trying to seduce Nurnitai with their lies, to no avail. However, Dreadlord souls didn't ask for help, but for mere repentance and to prove themselves worthy. That, he gives for those was the ones who deserved it. However, all of them died but the Warlords, who were able to get out. Telling Mercurius about this, and states that only Warlords are worthy of repentance through trial once in Ardasa, by going through Ardasa and fighting the Tenma's, getting their approval of going to the other levels and escape the burning fires.

After this, he meets with the leader of the Tenma, Yato, who Nurnitai asks to give him training in controlling magic, which from Mercurius command, he gives it to Nurnitai. Nurnitai was given the choice of remaking his body through a spell that would make him near invincible, but he disagrees, as the costs were not to his liking.Unknown to most mythology readers, the spell is called "Lone Warrior". After disagreeing, Yato makes the decision to train Nurnitai for 3 years and 7 days to complete his magic training and make him a master in divine arts. After completing his training and preparing to leave Ardasa, Yato gives Nurnitai a gift. An inscribed rock that Yato describes as a key to the Gate of Chains, where a challenge awaits him. He sets on the journey as one would. On the way, he meets a cursed Demon called Tubal that challenges Nurnitai for his hair, that Tubal wanted because he had no hair. They fight and Tubal loses, however in exchange for the entertaining fight, Nurnitai gives Tubal some of his hair that regrew in short notice. For this gift, Tubal joins Nurnitai on his journey to the Gate of Chains After 7 days of walking straight, they encounter the Gate, guarded by a Sentinel of Chains. He challenges the sentinel of chains and at first, their match comes to a tie. However, with Tubal's help, the Sentinel is partially defeated. The Sentinel, unwilling to be defeated, takes in more power from his surroundings and defeats both. They retreat 300 meters away from the sentinel and plan their next move. However, Nurnitai gathers out of his skin the armors forges by K'ush'eah and face the Sentinel once again. The Sentinel is defeated and put to shame by hanging it on top of an edge of a mountain and then stabbed with the Sword of Vehemence. They rip one of the sentinel's arms off and then use it to unlock the Gate. Upon unlocking it, they see yet another armor under the influence of 7 million chains and 3 thousand spikes. The armor recognizes Nurnitai and introduces itself with the name of "Armor of The Dark Wolf" as a challenge for Nurnitai created by Mercurius and his fifth armor that is to be implanted. Tubal and Nurnitai decide to free the armor. The Armor and Nurnitai duel and Nurnitai fail miserably against the Armor of Darkness and as a punishment for his failure he is chained by the same chains that the armor was imprisoned in. However, breaking them with infinite strength, he goes against the Armor once again and finishes the fight victorious. Before the implantation to be started, the Armor of the Dark Wolf gives him another key, telling him it led to his counterpart, the Armor of the White Wolf then explains the existence of a second Gate of Chains that held it's the counterpart. He implants successfully the armor and sets journey east to his South to his location and after 3 nights of walking, he decides to rest under a tree that seemingly dying. After staying to rest, the tree turns into a Cursed Demon and attempts to steal Nurnitai's Blade. However, Tubal stops the cursed demon and persuades him in joining Nurnitai and Tubal in their journey. After resting, he wanders off back to his journey. After going to the other side of the world, they finally reach the second Gate of Chains, which was guarded by 10 sentinels, all of which heard of their other fallen brother, that was shamed by Nurnitai. They attack Nurnitai but are quickly dispatched one by one by Nurnitai. After beating them, Nurnitai gives them the choice of either being shamed or accept their defeat and pledge loyalty to him. They accept and join Nurnitai. He opens the second Gate of Chains with the key and then he is greeted by yet another set of 7 million chains and 3 thousand spikes that were attached, this time to the Armor of the White wolf chained. He frees it and then implants itself into Nurnitai, merging with his other half, the armor of the Dark Wolf, and form the armor of Balance, creating the symbol of Taikyoku through the two wolves. He gets out of the gate, stronger than ever as well as completed by his journey. However, the leader of the Sentinels appears and challenges Nurnitai for turning the sentinels against him. They duel and Nurnitai comes victorious at first, however, the leader of the sentinels uses his connection with the Hadou God of Lightning and Thunder, Tonka and easily defeats Nurnitai. However, Nurnitai kept getting up just to be put down again. This happened 1007 times in order to make fun of Nurnitai, until the leader of the sentinels decides to finish this. He goes for the Heart of Tutsatsa, aiming to destroy it but is stopped by his own people. Nurnitai stood up and took on the leader of the sentinels along with his companions and defeated him. The leader of the sentinels refuses to join Nurnitai and thus is killed by him.

However, Tonka hears of this and descends down to Nurnitai in order to ask for reckoning for killing his most trusted person. Nurnitai is forced to accept and is brought 8 challenges. The first challenges are to tame the 4 Beasts of the 4 edges of the world, who were respectively 2 Dragons that were bigger than 3 solar systems, one serpent that slithered across creation, owned by Mercurius and a Mammoth whose fur made it invincible. The Two Dragons were paired up against Nurnitai. One was breathing fire and one was breathing water. The one that was breathing fire however, was slow, while the one that was breathing water was agile and hard to catch. After days of fighting, they decide to go into humanoids forms and keep fighting him until a full moon is achieved. At that point, Nurnitiai grew bored and used the All-Combat technique in order to beat the two dragons, then he takes a part of their scales as proof of their defeat, leaving them alive. Next, he goes for the serpent. After meeting the serpent, it is made clear that the serpent was a reflection of Mercurius, as well as his pet. He makes a deal with the serpent. He allows the serpent to be left without a fight but in exchange, he gives Nurnitai some of his scales as proof of his defeat. the Serpent accepts and gives him some of his scales. The last to challenge was the Mammoth. It's fur made it invincible, however, Nurnitai used the eyes of the mammoth that were unprotected and used this weakness to weaken the Mammoth and put it down. Not being able to cut the fur down initially, he rips off one of the tusks and uses it to pierce the fur. He takes all the fur and out of it he turns it into a cape, dipping it into a volcano in order to make it's color crimson red. He creates a cave inside of a mountain decides to shelter himself and his companions inside of it to rest.

After resting, Nurnitai goes to the Hadou of lightning to show him the proof of slaying the four beasts, Tonka presents Nurnitai with his second challenge. He had to take the Flower of Diatri from Katwia, a flower made by her to break curses. He goes to Katwia in order ask for the flower but Katwia tells him that she only made one for herself in order to break the Curse that Kizutai has put on her. However, Nurnitai asks her how she made the flower. She tells him that she needed the essence of a cursed demon as well as a bit of her own essence and mix them. He uses Tubal's essence with Katwia's essence and then takes the new flower to the Hadou Tonka and awaits the third task.

Tonka sends Nurnitai on the Mountain of the South to take some snow for the Mountain's snow was said to be able to create miracles. However, the Guardian of the mountain stops Nurnitai and tells him that if he wants to enter he must get some water from the northern mountains, where there was a cascade. He goes to the north mountains and encounters a spirit that had control over the waters. Upon asking for some of the water, the spirit tells him that if he wants water he must give him something in return. The Spirit wishes a woman to marry. So Nurnitai now on this journey, he finds a woman sitting around a lake and asks her about marrying the spirit, but she tells him that if she wants him to marry the spirit, he must give her a crown of flowers made by him. He goes to a field of flowers where he is met with hostility by the guardian of the field. Nurnitai, upon asking to take some flowers, is told to go create a piece of music and give it to the guardian in order to be lent some flowers. He goes to a muse of music and allows him to create some of his own music. He gives the musical notes to the guardian of the field of lowers, allowing him to take some flowers. Nurnitai took the flowers then made a crown of flowers and gave them to the woman. In return, the woman marries the guardian and becomes his spouse. The spirit of the cascade in return gives him water from the cascade and heads over to the guardian of the mountain. He gives him the water, however, the guardian is not satisfied. Now having the water, but being envious of the spirit's spouse he asks Nurnitai to find another woman that would fit the guardian's needs of staying on the mountain forever, be loyal to him and him only, as well as being extremely beautiful. Nurnitai searches all the corners of the world for such a woman, but in all the world he didn't find one to truly love the guardian, because the guardian was so ugly that each of the women that met his face would be petrified of it. However, after weeks of searching, he finally decides to venture the darkest places of the world. He goes into the darkness, as it got to the point it was so dark it burned him. Venturing in the true darkness, itself, he finds the Queen of Darkness, Jena'tes and asked her to marry the guardian. She takes this as an offense but makes a bet with Nurnitai. If he can shoot the arrow of a bow further than she can she will marry the guardian. However, if he fails, he must marry her instead. They both take a bow, the queen shooting her arrow millions of realms and dimensions away, Nurnitai's arrow however, broke right before to be shot, making it impossible for it to be an actual shot. He's given a second arrow, that also breaks. The process repeats until Nurnitai gives up and asks Mercurius for an arrow. Mercurius gives him an arrow, that doesn't break and uses it in the bow, but this time the bow itself breaks. Now enraged, he asks Mercurius for a bow as well. He gives him a bow as well, then finally is able to shoot the arrow, as it reaches a tie with the queen's arrow. So now, they kept fighting over who'll reach higher, shooting arrow after arrow, always reaching ties. Eventually, the queen gets bored and asks Nurnitai to marry her regardless. Nurnitai is told by Mercurius to reject her and tell her that the guardian can love her. Nurnitai does so but the queen gets furious at the rejection, challenging Nurnitai to a duel for his heart. He accepts this and wins with ease. Having lost the duel, the queen accepts to marry the guardian. The marriage goes well, now Nurnitai allowed to take some snow. He does so, taking it to Tonka. Tonka being satisfied, he now sends Nurnitai on his fourth challenge.

For Nurnitai's fourth challenge, he had to live the life of a Gladiator and become the Champion of the Arena. He enters the arena, met with absolute fighters of destruction that he needed to fight in order to climb the ladder. His first fight was the hardest, fighting the Master Trainer of the Gladiators in order to enter the Tournament. He is defeated, but as he has shown enough skill, he is allowed in and further trained as a gladiator and warrior of destruction by the Master Trainer. After 3 years and 7 months of training. Eventually, he's allowed in as a legitimate gladiator and fights his first gladiator, winning the battle, but spares his life. Weeks passed and the tournament finally came. He climbs through the ranks of the tournament, but sparing every gladiator he came across. He makes it to the top, where he fights the strongest of Gladiators, Le snaâ mure Bnijeisija. Their fight extends to hours until a tie is set, with both being too hurt to continue. The next day, the fight re-issues and after even more hours of fighting, Nurnitai comes at the top. He spares the life of his enemy, Le snaâ mure Bnijeisija. The two soon after become friends before Nurnitai had to leave. Before he left, he's given the prize of the tournament, which was some kind of piece of armor that seemed uniomplete. He goes to Tonka to tell him he has won the tournament, Tonka satisfied with him making the fourth challenge. He sends him off to the fifth challenge.

As the fifth challenge, Nurnitai had to learn by himself how to blacksmith. So he ventures around to find the finest materials in the world. He manages to find them, however, he doesn't know how to turn them into a weapon, so he decides to experiment, his first attempt being his worst. He seemed to have made some kind of rough, nearly cropped and made as if a child had done it. After thousands of attempts, he finally gets to make a normal blade. As time passed, he got better and better at it. Weeks became months and months years. Eventually, he was able to mastefully create swords. Nurnitai went to K'ush'eah in order to show him the blade, but K'ush'eah regarded his skills as a novice, rather than a master. So, Nurnitai shows the blades to Tonka, which also laughs at them. So now having nothing to do, he continues to master the art of blacksmithing, taking him years. Eventually, Tonka is pleased, but K'ush'eah was still laughing at his feeble attempts at mastering the art of creating a blade.

As the sixth challenge, Nurnitai was given the challenge to retrieve the Crystal of the Jirai. To do this, he sets off with his companions to the Labyrinth of Saarai. Upon finding the entrance of the labyrinth, a temple, he entered the temple. After entering, the temple's doors shut off, locking Nurnitai in. And so begins' Nurnitai's journey inside the Labyrinth. He first encountered the traps of the Labyrinth, that he easily goes through unscratched. However, afterwards, he finds the main hall of the labyrinth that was a giant maze with seemingly no end or exit. And so, Nurnitai wandered with no end, until he found a hint to the maze. A board that spoke about listening to the walls, while letting go of emotions and letting himself be guided by the walls themselves. So Nurnitai does just that, as he touches the walls, feeling their vibrations and synchronization. He closes his eyes and lets go of his emotions, being guided to the end of the Maze, where he falls deeper into the labyrinth. As another challenge appears before him. This time, he must decide the fate of two phantoms that couldn't find rest, as they were sinners. He does what he would do to any sinner, and send them off to proper judgment. And afterwards, he is met with his last challenge, as his mind would be tricked into creating the faces of all those that he has judged, killed and tortured Nurnitai's mind, however as this happened, Nurnitai would gather all his mental strength and survived this. In the end, the souls would present themselves as those that he has killed, wanting vengeance for their death, with an equal price. He had to feel the pain of all of those he has killed and those that he will kill in the future, no matter if it was done because of spite, justice, wrath or trial. Even his mother, that he had killed, was present there. And so, Nurnitai accepts these conditions. And so, he receives all their torture head-on. After that, he sets the souls free from the cave and goes on to finish his prolonged quest. He finds the Crystal of Jirai and takes it, as the labyrinth would then start to crumble. Nurnitai sees an exit ahead and goes through it, escaping his demise. And so, he goes with the crystal of Jirai to Tonka, but in the end decides to keep the crystal for himself. Tonka allows him to do that, but in exchange, Nurnitai gives Tonka the life of Tubal Cain, at the agreement of Tubal, that wished for death anyway. Tonka uses Tubal as his new right-hand man, as Nurnitai keeps the Crystal.

His seventh challenge was finding the treasures of Tave Fasunika. As a way to start his quest, Tonka gives Nurnitai a map, that should lead him to the treasure. He would wander the world in order to get to the Treasure, but in his way stood little to nothing, which was uncommon for Nurnitai. He gets to the treasure and gathers it without any issue. However, when he presents it to Tonka, he finds out that the treasure had absolutely no value, as it was but simple metals that soon corroded once they've been given to Tonka. However, this was another lesson for Nurnitai; Every road that is carried with ease, will have a worthless destination. And so, with another lesson learedt, Tonka is pleased and gives Nurnitai his last challenge.

His last challenge was to build and create an Empire. For that, he needed a Realm, so he asks Mercurius to create a realm purposely for the creation of the building. And so, Mercurius shows him multiple realms of infinite length that he had created at the birth of the Tanichi Lords, that Nurnitai had to work on. And so, K'ush'eah gives Nurnitai his hammer and bids him good luck. Nurnitai kept working and kept working for entire Eons until he has built structures all around an infinite realm, ranging from whole architecture to simple things. And so he calls onto Mercurius, telling him to command the Dreadlords to inhabit these lands and so they are commanded and they do as ordered, not one of them daring to disobey the Command of Mercurius. And like that, Mercurius goes to K'ush'eah and commands him to do one more gift for Nurnitai, one that signs his crowning as Emperor. And so K'ush'eah Delivers, as he took all of Nurnitai's armors, taking a bit of each of them and placing them into a new armor. He took all of the gold from Creation itself but it wasn't enough, so he took all of the colors of gold from Creation. Using these materials, he creates the seventh skin and armor of Nurnitai. The Armor of the Golden Emperor. He then takes the crystal of Jirai and created the frame of a crown. With that crystal, he puts the crown in the front of the crown, then put it in as it was a piece of jewelry. With these, he crowns Nurnitai as Emperor. Tonka was now convinced that Nurnitai had learnt his lessons and the challenges were done.

As the Challenges were now done and he was free, he then went around the world to choose his highest ranked Dreadlords, and he went to the Gladiator arena from the fourth challenge, and took the Master Trainer as his trainer for the Royal Guard and then took Le snaâ mure Bnijeisija as the first ever Guard, that became Second in Command to the Master Trainer. And then, he went around the world to find others, but he found none other, so he had to take from the ranks of the Dreadlords as they were. So to do his, he organizes a tournament, where the thousand strongest of each bloodline would become his Generals and most trusted. And so, each bloodline sent their 1000 strongest, as the bloodlines were: The Dread Guards, the Warlords, the Beastmasters, the Dread Sorcerers, the Dread Manipulators, the Swordwraths and the Shadow-Wraths And so the tournament starts and the blood started to spill, as only the strongest of each bloodline stood and Nurnitai accepted them as his generals.

However, after thinking Nurnitai decides that none of them were fit to be his second in command, so he reaches to the Hadou Gods in order to give birth to one that was fit for the job of being the second in command as well as the very Sword of the Empire. After the birth of this Dreadlord, Nurnitai took the infant and raised him with the blessing of all the Hadoushin. Like this, the child was blessed by each individual Hadoushin and got entitled to become the very Sword of the Empire. With the highest rank settled in, the Dreadlords are formed in divisions, castes by bloodline, with the generals leading each one of them. With the hierarchy now formed, they create the High Council, the Middle Council, and the Low Council. Nurnitai, with the Crystal of Jirai then changed the bloodline's powers and abilities as he wanted, creating a diversity never seen before. Like this, he finally finishes setting the baseplate of his Empire. And like that, he goes back to his adventures, leaving the Sword of the Empire as well as the generals to work on the Empire. As a way to indoctrinate them into the High Command of the new hierarchy created by Nurnitai, all of the Generals were sent to bathe into the pool of fire from Ardasa. All of them lost all their emotions and feelings but one at random.

Nurnitai and Mercurius

And in secret, Nurnitai went to talk to Mercurius about the future and his power. Mercurius praised Nurnitai for completing the eight challenges, so he took Nurnitai to another adventure that Mercurius would accompany Nurnitai in. At this time, the two didn't really know each other. Mercurius was simply a bigger brother to Nurnitai as they were both created by the One Above All. And so, Nurnitai asked Mercurius about all the secrets of the word and Mercurius answered with all the whispers of those that wanted the same thing, but never gained it. In the end, Mercurius shows that it's more of a curse to know everything and all its secrets. It's as if a person spoils all that will happen in the future and you can't change how it's gonna happen to make it. Like that, Nurnitai stops trying to seek the answer to everything. After some time, Nurnitai and the Hadoushin sat at the shadow of a tree, where they talked about the empire as well as how long it's gonna prosper. Mercurius was amused when Nurnitai thought it was gonna last forever, but he dismisses such childish dreams, telling him that nothing lasts forever, but Nurnitai at his time dismissed such foolery of Mercurius. And like that, they kept arguing over the end and the beginning, with Mercurius winning the argument. With this, Mercurius and Nurnitai talk about their philosophies, as Nurnitai's philosophy was simple; Gain more and more power, which was another thing that amused Mercurius down to his core. Then, the Hadoushin explains Nurnitai his very philosophy, that Nurnitai has already expected from Mercurius. And in-joke, Mercurius told Nurnitai about the Gate of the Void and the power that lied at the end of it, waiting for a worthy person to wield it. Nurnitai, mesmerized by the power that the Gate of the Void possesses, he asks Mercurius to lead him to the gate and open it, but Mercurius points to the mistake that Nurnitai is making, that power wasn't everything, but he didn't listen. And that was one of the worst mistakes that he has done. He asks Mercurius for the key as well as the location once more, Mercurius now wanting to see how far Nurnitai will go for power. He tells him to go to K'ush'eah and ask him of the key. Nurnitai does so, but K'ush'eah stated that he had lost the key and a new one must be forged. And so, K'ush'eah creates the hilt, the blade, and a black hole, that he puts in between the hilt and the blade of the sword. He forges the three key components and gives the blade to Nurnitai. Like that, Nurnitai finds the Gate of the Void and uses the Void Key to open it. Upon opening it, he finds the power he was promised, as the power of the void went into his body, but also a sort of entity that fed itself with all the darkness in his body, as well as his negative emotions. This being goes deep into his core. This one being also cursed Nurnitai. The cursed appeared physically on his body much like veins. His sclera turned red as his iris and pupil remained golden to the core. He goes to Mercurius and he's scolded for his action of gaining strength at all times. Like this, Mercurius gives him some kind of lock, given the name the "Lock of Emotions" that he puts in his forehead. With his lock, they stop the entity from gaining too much strength as well as stopping it from gaining a physical body. This shown that Mercurius cared for Nurnitai to say the least.

And so Mercurius and Nurnitai settle down at the shadow of a tree once again and started to speak about each Hadou God to Nurnitai, and what to expect of each of them. And in a random attempt of Kizûtai, he sends thousands of his Hadou Cells at them, that Mercurius and Nurnitai take on, destroying the small army that Kizûtai has launched at them. The two then started to drink tea and became more and more acquainted in time. They slowly become friends, and Mercurius tells him more about how the Universe works and gives him advice on his very attitude and philosophy about power, his very power-hunger that holds his mind. And so Mercurius and Nurnitai make a bet. If he can find a wife only using power alone and keep her loyal to him, then Mercurius would get Nurnitai to meet his creator. Nurnitai accepted and attempted such thing, attracting women from all around the universe, thousands wanting to marry him, but none stood as none liked power as he did. This opened the eyes of Nurnitai, as he changes his way of power through trial and in shame, locking himself in the Void, as the void gives him infinite pain, that he could only survive with his infinite will. This was his own way to punish himself for his foolishness. However, Nurnitai never expected the Void to feel his need of redemption, so the Void itself strengthened Nurnitai, as it deepened the curse that he was given in his first time opening the void. Veins started to crawl all around his body, expanding further, as his sclera remained into a bloody red, his iris still golden, as symbols would start to engrave themselves on his arms, as the Void itself paints them on his body with daggers, stabbing and cutting him, as the cuts soon healed, but instead of the regular scaled skin that Nurnitai had, black markings replaced them, the daggers having done perfectly their job, having made an artwork of his arms. The gate opens by the will of the void and he's then kicked out rapidly, as the gate closes itself shut. Thus, Mercurius congratulates Nurnitai for his need for atonement, but it was also quite pathetic in the eyes of Mercurius. So, Nurnitai and Mercurius slowly began to unfold more beautifully, with Nurnitai becoming a much nicer person than he originally was. Nurnitai developed over time as he became better and better.

The Dread-Soulblade and the Great Quest

Eventually, Dzani Nia cuts his hand and shapes into a being, and that makes itself into a sword, and goes on the Edge of all Dawns. The armors that were in his skin and mind forced Nurnitai to the Edge of all Dawns in order to show him one of the finest creations of the One-Above-All. When the Blade has first shown itself to Nurnitai on the Edge of all Dawns. the Blade looked that of a Normal Katana, but it radiated off the almighty power, more than that of a divine. Nurnitai has taken it, without to actually know of its Immense power. Nurnitai then decides, with determination to find out everything about this Katana. He went to every achievable library, searching for answers about the Katana. He then gets to the Library of Mercurius, looking in it for answers. He finds nothing to help him, but a prophecy that foretold that Dzani Nia will cut his own hands to create a sword for his most perfect of creations, and a monster beyond comprehension, the Beast of God. And so, Nurnitai after hearing the prophecy, thought that it was true, but saw that the perfect creation didn't exist and that perfection was nowhere to be found, and so, Nurnitai goes into hiding for years to come, training with the blade, as the blade slowly unfolded its secrets to him. In the first year of the Blade being in the possession of Nurnitai, the Blade takes the first form, that of a blade full of Hope and Light, that has Created life around itself. A form of divinity that was ataraxic to Nurnitai. The blade then created the dimension called the Eternal Kingdom, where the blade split a part of his power in order to create the Gods of each bloodline was to serve. The Second Year, the Katana took the Form of a Giant War-Axe, that Had the power to destroy Virtually Anything. The war-axe has then destroyed the corruption from the lands, leaving only the Purity of the lands, as the surviving corruption went into the darkness of creation. The Third Year, the blade became as Cold as the highest circle of Ardasa. The Fourth year, it became a spear that gave heat that hotter than any star, even all the stars in all the multiverse, and more than the first circle of Ardasa. Fifth Year, a blade that manipulated wind. The sixth-year it became a scythe that created death around it and misery untold. The seventh year the blade turned into petals of colors surreal, that went around the realm forevermore, but their perfection brought sharpness. The eighth year, it split into two swords. One of hate and one of love, each representing Katwia and Kizûtai respectively. Ninth year, a greatsword that had two endings, one symbolized victory, and one defeat. In the Tenth year it became a rusty sword that became sharper and sharper the rustier it was, symbolizing power through age. Finding these secrets he decided to go back to his Empire and rest thereafter his great training, sleeping. However in his sleep, the Sword itself came inside of his mind and presented itself as a white being, giving itself the name of Arika. The White Being, in Nurnitai's mind, would tell him that in order to gain the power necessary to defeat the Being, he would need to combine the might of the m to gain the Strength he needs to defeat the Beast. There were 3 Parts. The First part had 5 Stages, the Second one had only One Adventure, and the Third one would need Nurnitai to venture all the world once again.

The First part of his quest consisted of: The Stage of Self-Esteem, The Stage of Strength, The Stage of Purity, the Stage of Valor  and the stage of Hatred.

The First Stage Consisted of Nurnitai showing his Independence and his Confidence of his own abilities, and self-respect. Nurnitai, had to show all his abilities to their fullest to a group of shadowy figures, who were calling themselves the juries of the first stage. The juries, impressed of his abilities and what he has learned, challenge his Self-Respect, taking away his powers temporarily and setting him free. But Nurnitai didn't falter nor care what has happened to him. For them, it was like an Unmovable Rock. Nurnitai, passing the First Stage, goes to the Second Stage.

The Second Stage, the Stage of Strength, Consisted of Nurnitai having to go through immense, if not Near-Absolute Pain, and be able to push a Rock the Size of Earth itself. Nurnitai would withstand the pain at all cost, his Indomitable Will being stronger than all the torture that has rained upon him. Nurnitai had to move the Rock over a Million Kilometers. The Second stage took Two Years, as he had to drag it without to destroy it the least, making his infinite strength not nearly as efficient. It is said that it has taken, even more, Nurnitai, full of Scars all around his body, badly injured from the torture he had endured. The Juries of the Second Stage, express their gratitude of him being so strong-willed by Healing his wounds Nurnitai would move on to the Third Stage, with the gratitude of both the first Juries and the second Juries.

The Third Stage, the Stage of Purity, would consist of Nurnitai having to do the best choices of morale he could and as truthful as possible when asked about his past. Nurnitai was then asked of every choice that he had ever done as well as the ones he will do. The Juries, impressed by Nurnitai's Choices and their reason, would let him go to the Fourth Stage without much difficulty.

The Fourth Stage, the Stage of Valor, would consist in Nurnitai having to Save himself from death from erasure from time, or save a child from the Tsoudiwama, the three-headed-beast. Gabriel, would rather the child to live as would Take the katana out, the katana radiating some incredible light, as the light blinded the beast and Nurnitai cut one of its heads off, but it simply reformed. Tsoudiwama and Nurnitai would fight, Tsoudiwama's heads striking at Nurnitai, never hitting Nurnitai, thus allowing Nurnitai to strike the Tsoudiwama down, cutting all three of it's heads down cauterizing the wound before to heal, killing it, but as the deal was, Nurnitai was erased from time, just to be brought back by the juries of the stage, but it is revealed that both Tsoudiwama and the child were but True Illusions. They allow him to reach further to the Fifth Stage.

The Fifth Stage Consisted of Nurnitai Having to face the one he hated the Most. Himself. The reflection of Nurnitai would tell Gabriel all he has ever wronged, all he has never been able to accomplish, his desires, and would tell him all The Suffering of the people he was unable to protect, of his loved ones, and those that he has killed, as well as himself and the reasons he hated himself. The past powerhunger, the imperfection ,and his ego. The reflection would then speak to Nurnitai about his Love, and about his Hatred, about all his Emotions, and how Nurnitai has always hated timself for wronging everybody. Nurnitai, in a fit of rage, Jumps over at the reflection, but the reflection Shatters to nothingness, as the very reality Nurnitai was in would go dark. There was nothing inside the trial anymore, but Nurnitai. He has failed the stage.

Mercurius walk forward to Nurnitai, from the shadows, and greeted his now desperate and lost friend, making a deal with him. Mercurius would make Nurnitai's love nearly immeasurable, but in exchange, so would be his hate. His hate would form a new armor inside of Nurnitai, a dark armor made for the sole purpose of destruction and hatred, allowing the Nurnitai to feel the love. If One of them, either love or hate, would gain too much control of Nurnitai, the other would go back to a form weaker bond than it ever was for Nurnitai, leaving him without that emotion until he regains his faith in it, or feels it once again. Nurnitai would have no choice, but to do the deal. Mercurius suddenly asks Nurnitai if he ever felt love, Nurnitai protesting that he has not. The Mercurial Snake would tell Gabriel that the love would fully direct to the ones he loves so dearly, the very folk that he ruled over, and the hate will direct itself to The ones that have wronged Nurnitai even in the slightest. Nurnitai agrees to this conditions, knowing that in the end, love must win. The Mercurial snake ascends, his arms sparking with divinity, as the deal was done and the reality was lit back up, as the Fifth Stage is rewritten back to it's state before Nurnitai to fail, but Nurnitai could feel how his love and hatred would be in a desperate Struggle, a battlefield. Nurnitai, using his love side to temporarily overpower the hatred, would get over the Fifth Stage quickly, fixing the mistake he has done before and accepting who he was in the past.

At the end of the stage, a golden pedestal holding a golden key would rise from the floor, as Nurnitai took the key from the pedestal. This caused all the 5 realms of the stages to start to shackle and crumble. Nurnitai escapes unharmed from the crumbling of the stages, with the key in his hand. Nurnitai would go back into his dream, just to be met by Arika. being told to go further to a star that consisted of one of its sides is that of a dead, rotten and a dark light that came from it, while the other was full of white light, happiness and life. Nurnitai would do so, and remember that the second part would have one big adventure, that would take a long time to complete even for him.

And so went Nurnitai When Nurnitai Reaches the star, upon stepping on it, his legs caught fire, but he didn't mind it anymore. It was warming for him after all. To feel the warmth of something. the overwhelming darkness would be more than near-infinite, but there was no sign of the Hadoushin of darkness or his creations, but there wasn't even a hint of the essence of the Hadoushin of light to make the other side. An Anomaly. This seemed made up. Something was wrong. Nurnitai would go on and explore the star, searching all of the light side of the Star finding nothing. He goes to the dark side of the star, where a dark, shadowy cave, where divine energy would be present, but so would be another dark, demonic presence.

Nurnitai valiantly steps into the cave, finding nothing but two crosses, one that had the divine presence, and one that had the ominous presence. He picks both up, confused about the meaning of the crosses. He ventures further into the cave and finds some kind of entrance to a darker part of the cave. There, he is greeted by a man with robes nearly as dark as the room itself, and another man that had white robes that illuminated the cave,  He greets the men and asks him what is the meaning behind this very star. And so the men ask Nurnitai to follow them. Nurnitai would hide the crosses under his skin, not letting the men know about them yet. The men, upon entering to the deepest part of the cave, he is revealed to a secret society, would a cascade of people, a cascade made by the millions. They were worshiping the all-good but at the same Time, The all-evil. Kizûtai and Katwia themselves, the very Hadoushins, everything that the mind of any species has thought of light and dark, good and evil. Nurnitai stood shook, looking inside of the cave. A temple of all-evil at left and all-Good at right. The men in robes would show Nurnitai two holes inside the wall, explaining Nurnitai that they knew he had the crosses. Nurnitai, again, shook of the men's perception. The man tells Nurnitai to put the two crosses in the right positions and temples. Nurnitai, trusting of the men, would listen and put the dark cross in the hole that had the most intense darkness there was and the divine cross in the hole that was radiating of pure light.

When he Inserts them in the holes, what is revealed as a gate opens, revealing a massive room, full of a thousand corpses. He looks, horrified, as the man would tell Nurnitai a quote, a puzzle.

"The Dead are A bear trap, only good in getting in one's way. What do you do, what should you do? Pick a thousand Roses and find the key or release. Tear your legs off to crawl forward. Or sit down and rot in stagnation. No, no, He would do none of that. He obsessed over preserving everyone precisely because he wanted to avoid a choice of this nature. He wished to expand this ataraxic moment into eternity. Broken things would not mend themselves. Days gone by would never return. Ahhhh, such a Ridiculous craving he's had. What point was there in stopping time once everything had been lost? Forgive me, Forgive me, as I will never hear your voice again. I will Never have a chance to fight with you again. I can only measure you through my ego. Do you wish to come back? Rest in peace? Kill me? I want to kill myself most of all. I want to go where you are. "He" Once told me, that Death would be my happiest Outcome...But...If I could allow my ego another word...Just let me say one more thing....I...No Mater what....I...Can't let you melt in this Dreadful Star."

When Nurnitai steps into the room, he found somebody, or something in the middle of the room, as the walls would feel like coming closer together. The entity in the room would have a humanoid form, but It would have black skin, with red Stripes all over it, It would have white, shiny eyes, with a red outline. A sense of wrath it came from it. Was Near-Infinite, But what was most weird for Nurnitai, is that most of the wrath was connected to the very owner of this wrath, rather than somebody else. From it's back, stood out 6 Scythes, that had the same pattern of colors as his skin would form, appearing like wings, as the creature, the entity screamed at Nurnitai. It lamented it's own existence. A deathwish is what it could be described as. It would rush at Nurnitai mercilessly, as the scythes from his back would move at Nurnitai's direction, aiming for the neck in attempts to decapitate him.

Nurnitai would dodge every desperate attempt of the creature, as the creature Howled, the Howl itself establishing fear in Nurnitai's Heart, but Nurnitai's valor stood stronger, higher than the mountain of fear that stood in front of him. Nurnitai, after hours of fighting, would break one of the scythes that The monster had, the monster started emanating some kind of energy around itself, as time would slow down for Nurnitai the closer he was to the monster, as the Monster himself would speed time for himself, forcing Nurnitai into a disadvantage. Nurnitai would fight the ever-coming sowing of the time around him, with his will alone, and strength as two-thirds of a God, equaling the monster's power, as two people that equaled the power of whole Gods fought each other. The monster would throw a scythe's extension at Nurnitai's neck cutting a third of Nurnitai's neck, nearly killing Nurnitai, but luckily for Nurnitai, he needn't air, and so he just healed this wound and kept fighting the monster with nothing but his fists. The monster would then speak to Nurnitai, having a voice worse than any demon in existence. It told him about the power of Holy Relics in attempt to scare him, as the monster itself was a holy relic, as well as telling him that he held the very concept of decapitation and death by it. The monster truly wanted to die, having asked afterward of Nurnitai to kill him, as he had lost control of his body and no longer the person he once was. Nurnitai was underestimating his foe at first, but would then think about the meaning of the guillotine, finding sense in why the monster would go at the neck, rather than any other limb. The Monster and Nurnitai would keep on fighting, only for the agony of the monster to keep on Increasing, even if Nurnitai wouldn't be hitting the monster. It was just like the Monster was begging for his life to be taken. eventually, Nurnitai would take out the katana from it's sheath and would fight the monster valiantly.

Nurnitai, nine days and eighteen hours, would deal the finishing blow, stabbing the creature in the chest, as the scythes of the monster would lower from the back, falling and crumbling to dust. The monster, in one last attempt to kill Nurnitai, would make a scythe-like extension of his left arm. Nurnitai was unprepared of this surprise attack and would be unable to catch it, being hit in his chest. Nurnitai took the blow without to even flinch from the pain. The Monster's body started to decay, as it fell, exhausted. It was now free of its once cursed life, allowed to move on. Death was its solace. Before it's death, however, the beast has thanked Nurnitai for giving it freedom from it's everlasting despair.

And so, the men in the cloaks came inside the chambers that Nurnitai was now sitting in, looking at the people that the monster had once killed. They explained the story of this animal.

"He once wanted to save the one he loved, but as he tried to do so, he needed more and more power. He wanted it more and more, falling into despair. And once he had lost what he loved, he's become mad. And so he only brought more suffering upon the rest of the world. The monster, once a man, fell in love with a woman in the Age of Terror in the lands of Iroi shahkû when the guillotine was used. The woman, at that time, was called the Princess of Guillotine, a woman that shared the same curse with Hadoushin Katwia, as a follower of the Goddess. When she was killed, her soul, instead of ascending to a higher place, would go to the place she always loved, the heart of her lover, to be with him, one more time. Once she got there, her soul faded away into nothingness. The man, saddened, met another entity, that would offer him a contract. The man would have to agree that his soul would be transformed beyond recognition, while the Man would be given a memorial of the woman. The man without Hesitation would accept, but the man was tricked. Instead of a memory of the woman, he was given a memory of the guillotine itself. His very being darkened as his back would grow 6 scythes that had the form of wings. Time would De-accelerate around the monster, while it was walking normally. The monster would then go into a fit of rage, and cut the heads of the ones around him, the beheaders that killed his Lover. Everything the man was once had disappeared and became but a monster." Said the dark robed man, as the white one interfered.

"This is what you have to combat as the one you are. You have much to learn and you are but a child still. You will grow more than what you can imagine, for beyond the stars you have been blessed and blessed you truly are! So do now weep at the beast, for you carry precious seed. And those who that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bearing his sheaves with him." Nurnitai did not know what the man was truly talking about, as he was yet too young to understand the true meaning of destiny. And so he left the two men in order to reach further into this. His quest hasn't ended and it won't end like this. And like that, Nurnitai looked above himself, as he saw the roof, that had a mechanism fueled by divinity itself. And thus, Nurnitai explored this mechanism to it's fullest, using his divine energy to open the mechanism, opening a hole in the roof, revealing a secret entrance to yet another room.

Once inside, he finds three personages, that didn't look like monsters, but normal, but there was entirely different from anything that Nurnitai has seen before. Not strength, simply the uniqueness that they were created. These three personages were the Ashen knight, the Crimson knightess and the Sombre Knight, the battalion and enforcers of the Hadoushin themselves. The ashen knight presented itself to Nurnitai "I am the Ashen Knight, Son of the One-Above-All. Battalion Commander Wolfgang Schrieber, Hróvitnir. I am the fasted being under the sun and was the first to swear fealty to the Lord, his loyal Albedo. I am the First Fang of the Beast! And now I and my fellow brothers and sisters are here to face you. To test if you are worthy of not of the power you are searching of!" And so, Albedo took his horse into battle as he rushed at Nurnitai, too fast for him to perceive and react, throwing and ramming Nurnitai away, like he was but worthless. With this, both Nurnitai and the Ashen Knight have grown tired of playing, and so Albedo started to chant his very soul out, as his words became reality, as distance itself distorted infinitely towards Nurnitai

Farewell, brave realm of splendor; farewell, Heaven!
Let your proud castles, towering bastions all crumble to ruin!
Farewell, resplendent pomp of the gods — farewell!
May you find rapture in your end, O race of immortals!

Like this, the Ashen knight became unreachable, but Nurnitai for the Ashen Knight, he was still reachable. And so, the Ashen Knight humiliated Nurnitai by attacking him while Nurnitai helplessly watched him do it, unable to react even. So, in order to win, Nurnitai played dead. Like this, Albedo approached but when he got too close, Nurnitai attacked, hitting the Ashen Knight and throwing him off his horse. Like this, Albedo is paralyzed, unable from the shock of being tricked and thrown off his horse. His very desire has been stomped by Nurnitai. The humiliation has come back.

However, now it was the next challenge, as the Sombre knight itself approached Nurnitai, his fists clenched and his face completely emotionless. But as he approached, his once thought dead feelings coming to life. Excitement, for his desire could today come true. And so, like the Ashen Knight, the Sombre Knight shouted out his soul, his very desire to die.

Death, O glorious, final death! Savior of man! My heart, drowned in venom, ravaged by time, may beat its last within your embrace. May spear’s wound, may venom’s bane, all perish at your coming. Aye, behold! This festering void gnawing at my soul... Clasp your blade, draw your steel! And plunge deep, deep till the hilt! Hark, brave knights, and know this: As the sinner finds his last refuge, his anguish done. So shall divine light be shower’d from the heavens above.

And all now knew that the Sombre Knight wished for nothing but death.This desire enveloped his arms into the strongest of gauntlets, that erased all memories and existence. The desire that truly destroyed everything, manifested in the rawest emotion possible. And so the Sombre Knight and Nurnitai fought. The Knight's fists were like an arrow, always aimed towards Nurnitai's head, accurate, but Nurnitai was using the blade that he was bestowed upon at the Edge of all Dawns to cut through the Knight's fists, but regardless, the Knight just regenerated his weaponry. He didn't grunt, he didn't feel the pain. It was as if the Sombre Knight had no feelings truly, it was like trying to fight a corpse. So, Nurnitai instead directly attacked the core of the Sombre Knight's being, striking him down.

And so, another challenger approached Nurnitai. A woman with a half-burnt face, crimson haired. And so, she presents herself. The Crimson knightess, the lady of the Golden Flame. With this extremely short introduction, the battlefield was ravaged by golden flames as the knightess was shouting out of her soul, the desire to forever burn in the blaze of gold.

No man more honest ever took an oath; None more true made treaty. None was more pure in love; 
And yet none so betrayed all oaths, all treaties, his truest love! 
The fire raging within my breast shall melt all taint, all impurity to oblivion! 
Let yourself be purified, your taint washed, melted clear away; your soul thus released, exalted Till naught is left but radiant Gold, its lustre pure.
Aye, the twilight of the Gods is upon us. And so shall I be reborn as the fire that cleanses our sacred halls of heaven!

​​And so, the whole battlefield was plunged into golden flames that Nurnitai could never escape. Thus in order to defeat the Crimson knightess, he was forced to lunge straight at the knightess to attack, as the knightess dodged with her eyes closed. She had no problem with Nurnitai's advance towards her, moreover, she welcomed this attack. In order for Nurnitai to survive and win this battle, he had to move faster. Going to the limits of his speed, the battlefield the two were in now was like a little step, but Nurnitai was unable to catch the Crimson knightess. So in order to catch her, he used the All-Combat taught to him by Gyze in order to catch up to her by creating and using movements that the knightess couldn't predict, striking her down in the final hour.

But, as the final challenge arises, the One-Above-All spoke to the three knights, ordering the same command as always to them. "No need to hold back, entertain me." And so the peerless champions of the Gods, the battalion of three, obeyed.

The first to answer his order was the ashen knight, the fastest being under the sun. A distorted and confused craving aligned itself to perfection the very instant it was graced by their God. His mind, beyond broken yet it was in this state he could unleash his true power. The antimony of rejection and desiring the touch of another, with the contradiction pointed by his very nature, remaining unsolved, he acted out two roles as one. Such was the engine that fueled his ungodly speed. No one could catch him. And so he, capable of catching all, was indeed a mixed alloy forged of death and a maiden. He who fled and he who captured. A whirlwind of chaos that bared its fangs with a furious hunger.

The crimson knightess came second, singing the aria in her usual, matter-of-fact tone. The orders of her lord and master meant everything for her. She would carry out all his commands without a second's hesitation. Her crimson pyres to devour the approaching opponent. Passionate love that scorched her from withing; te zealous faith in her master manifested itself as an all-devouring conflagration.

..While the sombre knight of impregnable iron silently trembled. For his emotions, thought to be long dead, stirred alive once more. He could feel his hollow heart beat again. The iron giant rejoiced at the unbinding of his full power, feeling a certain kinship with the traces of deep-rooted emotion drifting and filling in the air. The iron fists of the sombre knight were made to close the curtains on all that the Obsidian Mercury had wrought.

And so, all the desires of the three knights aligned, as they howled their chants in unison.

Ah, I plead with you. O' reaper of souls, leave me be!
Go far and touch me not, for I'm still young and warm with life's breath! Fear me not and take my hand, fair and beautiful one! I am your friend and came with no intention to harm you. Ah, there is nary a need to be afraid and startled, for no one shall hurt you. May you rest in my embrace, O' beloved one, and enjoy everlasting repose!

For the ashen knight, as his desire has changed as per the contradiction, so did his chant. A chant that opposed the other. Another half of the ashen knight that has now gotten out of his being to plunge it's teeth into the opponent.

Death, O glorious, final death! Savior of man! My heart, drowned in venom, ravaged by time, may beat its last within your embrace. May spear’s wound, may venom’s bane, all perish at your coming. Aye, behold! This festering void gnawing at my soul... Clasp your blade, draw your steel! And plunge deep, deep till the hilt! Hark, brave knights, and know this: As the sinner finds his last refuge, his anguish done. So shall divine light be shower’d from the heavens above.

No man more honest ever took an oath; None more true made treaty. None was purer in love; 
And yet none so betrayed all oaths, all treaties, his truest love! 
The fire raging within my breast shall melt all taint, all impurity to oblivion! 
Let yourself be purified, your taint washed, melted clear away; your soul thus released, exalted Till naught is left but radiant Gold, its lustre pure.
Aye, the twilight of the gods is upon us. And so shall I be reborn as the fire that cleanses our sacred halls of heaven.

And so, all of their oaths have been renewed to the Lord, ready to strike their opponent with all they've had, unrestricted. The resulting force absorbed all energy in the air, rumbling creaks, intensifying the heat even further. The world would now see the full prowess of the Indomitable fighters of the Hadoushin. They all faced the approaching avatar of three Hadoushin. The final hour of the battle drew nigh.


The collective roar of three demigods pierced the world.

The All-devouring Beast of the Abyss, the Harrowing Sword of the Inferno and the End of the Mortal Realm were all activated at the roar of the three. A storm of utter devastation swept across the cosmos. Their long awaited Day of Wrath had dawned amidst a torrential surge of passion and zeal.

In that very instant, crimson pyres surrounded the whole cosmos, eliminating all in its way, thus allowing for no place to hide. The canvas of the sky turned into one colossal furnace. It mercilessly scorches all in its path without exception, it's raging hellfire of inescapable death never faltering, never waning. Eternal fire from the desire of the soul itself. The crimson knightess mocked Nurnitai. "Never before have I revealed this in front of another. Consider yourself honored. By baring my naked steel, I acknowledged your power and spirit. You would do well not to disappoint me now." Eleonore's world manifested in the form of an inferno. Her blazing gale rivaling the heat of the hottest of stars. This, represented the crimson knightess' ardent craving to forever burn in the passionate luster of her Lord.

The ashen knight flew down the floor with a ferocious howl, always one step ahead of Nurnitai in terms of speed. The Knightess' fires scorched him alive, yet the golden blood pouring from his right eye stood testament to the boundless nature of his inner legion. As long as he commanded that, not even the gravest of injuries slowed him down. And for the Sombre Knight, he shattered the flames around him with a heavy fist. Contrary to the ashen knight, he descended heavily with the weight of a lump of iron, his mouth completely sealed. He saw this impending battle as sacred. Watching over the unfolding spectacle, the crimson knightess smirked. She then told him "I'm sorry for having given you the wrong idea. The disgraceful display of power we have shown earlier was by no means voluntary. This is our full power." She paused and directed her will at the space before her, collapsing upon itself with a condensed explosion as it molded into a spear. With this being said, a spear, carrying the force of a dying star shot towards Nurnitai. Like this, Nurnitai cuts through it with the blade in his hands, utterly destroying it. However, the Ashen Knight shot himself towards Nurnitai, falling right onto Nurnitai's neck, Nurnitai having to use his blade in order to cover the weak spot in the spur of the moment, but that was not enough to neutralize the full blunt of the blow, still hitting him, completely throwing him out of the scenery and where he was awaited by Machina. His iron fist soared through the air, extinguishing all life and flames in its wake. Nurnitai dodged this sideways, escaping with but a hair's breadth. But in that very moment, a volley of burning spears shower upon Nurnitai like rain. There were no gaps in their defenses. The crimson knightess snickered. A laugh that caressed his ears was one of ridicule and jubilation. She did not care about her comrade's safety, yet all of them were very capable of being used as sacrificial pawns. The eternity the battalion of three has spent was not without meaning, for blood and corpses forged their bond, harder than any steel. The ashen knight, however, threw himself at Nurnitai, but it was the third knight out of the two that was more fearsome. The sombre knight, launching punch after punch, each blow rivaling the power of that of a black hole. Getting through him would be nigh-impossible. And so, Nurnitai lamented this battle initially, but kept fighting, for in his heart, this battle could be the end of everything. For him, it was a gamble. A gamble for the outerverse. In order to save it, he had to defeat the three knights. And so, the Crimson knightess spoke. "Wail. Your lamentation is not heartfelt enough."

A giant fireball, like the flames of hell itself, shot after Nurnitai at an inconceivable speed. At the same time, her power's conflagration has reached it's limit, setting the Sombre knight on fire. Even the ashen knight, that has dodged the attack at the last second could not avoid the blaze as he landed. Nurnitai could feel as his body burn as it was being reduced to ash. Even the other knights, that have avoided a direct hit, have failed to escape the blast unscathed. Yet, they were the immortal Einherjar. Even in the face of an explosion that decimated everything in the blink of an eye, the two warriors continued their relentless assault, enduring the pain while regenerating all the body parts that they have lost to the flames.

The approaching ashen light, the soaring sombre fists, and the raging crimson flames. The proved him that he could save no one. He grieved his own lack of power, cursed his ignorance. Despite it all, he had made an earnest oath to prove victorious, no matter the cost. However, not even his best was enough, thus he has let go of all his armors, sending them to the battlefield to fight alongside him. Nurnitai refused to lose. He had yet to try everything. The crimson knightess observed this with mixed admiration, contempt and jubilation. She found Nurnitai's resolve to be marvelous and would have considered it most unfortunate to have the battle end here, on such a low note. She spoke with these feelings. "Out in the Hell and into the fire. Indeed, that's what it means to be a hero. Although a powerless buffoon would do little more than disgrace himself."

Her biting remark was not without a sliver of truth. The air was the realm of the rabid beast. The ashen knight used the Sombre Knight's fist as a springboard. He lost his leg for having come in contact with that instrument of absolute annihilation, but he paid it no heed. He threw off the chains of eternal stagnation through sheer strength alone. No one but besides The One-Above-All could bind him. Even while being boiled alive, the sole eye of the rabid beast starved for destruction and carnage. He would never let its prey out of sight. Although such move is dangerous, it proves ineffective, as the power of Vehemence quickly outpower the Ashen knight, blocking his path to Nurnitai using his blade and body as an indomitable wall, yet Vehemence was unable to land a hit. Time and time again would the ashen knight evade Vehemence's blade, suffering no injuries whatsoever. But the ashen knight was a predator through and through, regardless of what state his mind was in, chopping off a piece of the thigh that Vehemence had, the most valuable part for a counterattack. The ashen knight's instinct would never fail him in bringing his prey down. However, in a second attack of the ashen knight, the armor of Vehemence chose to meet the attack head-on, in order to catch the ashen knight. But an ineffective strategy, as the feral beast screamed like never before. It was the most genuine way to deal with this situation. Potent enough to confuse even Nurnitai from distance and Vehemence. Vehemence was thrown away at the sombre knight, an enemy that needed no further description. No one was more worthy to deliver the final blow to the armor. His fists surrounded by a demonic force that warped the very air around them. The fires of the crimson knightess burned each and every one of them, but they paid it no heed. It wasn't like it failed to hurt them. They all felt the heat, but even then, the battle was even more heated. The battalion of three were equal in strength and not even the iron warrior could not endure the crimson knightess' ultimate weapon indefinitely. If this continued on, the sombre knight too would fall. He could destroy the flames around him, or kill the knightess altogether, but he chose to do neither. He had no love for his body that of a cursed man. All that mattered was his soul. All that he had to protect was his honor. And so, the sombre knight took all his feelings and emotions into one clenched fist and threw it at Nurnitai, not Vehemence as everybody thought that he would do. This was the end, thought all three knights. The sombre knight solemnly and silently mourned the farewells inside of his mind, while the ashen knight directly had mocked Nurnitai with a mere salutation. But moments before the sombre knight's all-ending fist to eradicate Nurnitai's body and soul, the only thing burning in Nurnitai's heart was an adamant refusal to give up. He couldn't die now. He didn't have the luxury to. Everybody has left their hopes on his shoulder. He had no choice but to win, for he had long passed the stage where giving up was an option.

He hadn't the slightest of intentions to lose and to prove it, his blade has changed to represent this, taking power from the failed hero that turned into a monster that Nurnitai had fought and defeated, taking his soul and memories. With this new resolve and power, Nurnitai dodges the punch, as the sombre knight was frozen in time. The power of stopping time was taken to the strongest itself, something unbelievable for the three knights. Then Nurnitai cuts off the sombre knight's head, taking his soul and destroying his body, cutting through the immortality of the sombre knight. The remaining knights were now both in awe and in a shock at what Nurnitai was able to do. But just like the sombre knight, the crimson knightess found herself unable to move. Nigh-powerless before the terrible shackles of time. Cold and ruthless like ice, yet warm like a passionate embrace, the power of time sent the legion of millions to the gallows. As for the ashen knight, he ripped off his frozen limbs, turning into a whirlwind of fangs. Although, his body refused to regenerate. His limbs remaining missing and above all else, the source of his obsession, the legion dwelling in his right eye, remained completely silent. He finally seemed like he has run out of souls. And so the blade also claimed his head. Before his head to be cut, however, he had realized his true craving for the first time, to be embraced. And so, he welcomed this behead, letting Nurnitai take his soul with him. The crimson knightess on the other hand, blinded by rage as all her resolve was fading, she used all her knightly pride into one strike. A fireball condensed, so strong that none could withstand it.

However, the armors of Nurnitai broke through it, each and every single one of them slicing at the knightess, putting her down. This sight conveyed a terrible truth to her. That her plea had paled in comparison to Nurnitai's plea. And so, the crimson knightess' head had danced in the air with a wisp of smoke escaping through the slits of a wry smile, taking her soul as well. Like this, the very One-Above-All congratulates Nurnitai for his achievement, to topple the three unwavering and immortal Einherjar of the Hadoushin. And so, he presents Nurnitai with the last challenge of this part. The One-Above-All himself opens the gateway to the inside of the star, revealing what has been corrupting it from the inside. And so, Nurnitai steps into it in a heartbeat

When Nurnitai gets inside the very core of the star, he finally is face to face with the cause of the darkness of a star. An Entity, giving the infinite aura of a God of Night and of Darkness. Nurnitai, still having some hope of getting out of there without a fight, as his very soul couldn't handle how many fights he had to wage so far. The being makes the first steps towards Nurnitai, Introducing itself to Nurnitai. "I, am Methuselah, The God of Darkness which has been created through the ideas and thoughts of all sentient beings, from the very beginning of time. I serve to you as the last challenge this star has to offer you, is a Bane, but the only way to get out of it...Is through a fight. But down, I will not go without to test your strength against mine. Darkness was originally neither good or evil, but the collective thoughts of living beings defined it as something ugly. Death, war, natural calamities, any concept related to darkness born from man ideas is what makes up my body and Constitute my existence now." Because of this, Methuselah had near Infinite ways to kill Nurnitai.

The First move would be that of the God of Darkness as he makes a jaw out of the darkness of Nurnitai's shadow, as it would bite Nurnitai's back. He receives the hit, but to no use, as he didn't even stagger to that. Methuselah took this as an offense as he would make out of his shadow, and all of the darkness in the star something that could only be called a tidal wave, throwing it at Nurnitai, as Nurnitai is taken by the wave, propelled away from Methuselah to the other view of the center of the star. Nurnitai tries to get back to the God of Darkness, but his insignificant attempt would be crushed by a barrier that the God of Darkness sends at Nurnitai. Nurnitai struggles to push it back, but to no avail, the barrier pushed him back with an equal yet opposite force. Eventually, Nurnitai punches the barrier, shattering it into infinite pieces, uncountable. Nurnitai stood up proud still, unwavering. Methuselah would darken the whole room to absolute Darkness. Shadows to darken the skies as far as the eyes can see, where he then sends it crashing down on whatever it hits, with the mere activation boasting enough power to obliterate the star, without to even cast the actual Incantation. Nurnitai would be nearly destroyed, despite having stood proud beforehand, but something awakened inside of Nurnitai. He realized that this fight was without a cause. A fight that simply was happening without the need to fight. Even as a trial, he saw this as too much fighting. Nothing that had value, simply a way to use violence to resolve a problem. However, Methuselah saw the expression on Nurnitai's face, seeing that his thoughts were of peace, of confusion and of misunderstanding. And so, Methuselah explained to Nurnitai that the only way that he could be free from the curse of his existence and this trial to end was if Methuselah was to die by his hands. There was no other way. Nurnitai then remembered the very resolve he had from the very beginning of the fight. To save existence from the Beast of God itself. To age and become wise, to live all the emotions at their peak. He promises to himself not to die here with this new resolve, to defeat the enemy that was presented to him at the moment. Nurnitai gets up, as Nurnitai's new resolve gave Methuselah a glimpse of hope to be freed from life itself and to assure that the Demigod infront of him was strong enough to defeat the Beasts of God. Methuselah Binds Nurnitai in an Orb and suddenly ejects infinite layers of night. An incalculable and infinite density of layers of night which equals to eternity itself. These layers were separated from each other, so they had be destroyed individually to escape. Not only that, but the orb compressed itself slowly until it crushed anything inside it. Nurnitai takes out the katana, and then sliced through all the infinite layers, destroying them all at once, as his katana radiated divine light that destroyed the eternal darkness. He rushes for Methuselah, but Methuselah had one more trick in his sleeve. He summoned a pentagram that rotates and accelerated up time in the encompassing area, starting at a rate of thousands of years to quickly accelerating at hundreds of billions of years per second, essentially reducing everything around The God of Darkness to dust, even ignoring Nurnitai's immunity to aging as a Demigod. Nurnitai would be aging billions of years, as breaks went all around Nurnitai's body. But regardless, Nurnitai pushed through it with all his will. Even if he aged, his indomitable will keeping him alive and even then he kept on pushing. His resolve, the very core of his being didn't let him die The power of his will, the power of his soul rejected the notion of death, rejected the very notion of falling into the abyss of death. He strikes Methuselah with it straight into his being, and kept on going up until he slashed his chest apart from the rest of his body, even if he felt his own body crumbling to dust. His soul, his very put him together, as Methuselah fell, with Nurnitai standing triumphant over his foe. Methuselah then, with what strength he had, started to speak. "I thank you for Releasing me. A voice that fuels my rage consumed me. A haunting lullaby. Awake but not alive...A stolen life. He watched me. Did he mock me? Did he come come here again, to join me...?" Methuselah would slowly start to Crumble into ash and dust "What is this?...The pain is gone. My Shell of misery shall stay, but I see Day. You watched me perform, you Saved me. And so embers shall burn away what had kept us." And so, Methuselah became nothing but ash and dust. However, from the dust itself was a golden glow. Another key. Nurnitai grabs the key, but he kept thinking about what Methuselah had told him. How darkness is misunderstood as evil and the cause of everything death, war and so many other wrong things. The star's sides were both illuminated now by undying light as it should've been from the beginning. With the two keys he now had, he summons Mercurius' presence and hands the Hadoushin the keys, telling him to unlock whatever these keys unlock truly. As Mercurius does this, He decides to take a break in order to collect his thoughts.

As he sat down, the season changed, passed before him. The motion of life became much faster. He saw the beauty of life and existence. Yet when he thought how some simply wanted to watch it burn, it filled him with disgust. A hatred for those that in their turn despised what they have given themselves through hard work. But these thoughts disperse from this mind as he sits in the open, meditating in order to clear his mind from thoughts themselves. Through meditation, his mind was clear as glass, focused on his surroundings, but then a thought stroke him, shattering the clear mind. He thought about love, how he wanted to share his near-infinite love with somebody else. He wanted to feel somebody else's love. But he saturated this need by clearing his mind once again. As he was meditating, the need to be loved and give love grew more, until meditation couldn't saturate it. And so, a woman showed up in Nurnitai's mind. Her eyes were as beautiful and bright as all the stars in the world. Her body was a piece of art, her heart made from love, compassion from the soul that was waiting to be showered on somebody. Veiled in amber haze, her hair fueled by violent rage as her body danced discordant, spinning in retrograde. Born from the sea and the wave, from a cosmic array, of the colors in space, nothingness erased. She took his arm and he came to dance with her in the stars, but then she departed, as he hopelessly watched her transit afar, crossing the star's burning gaze, as she set ablaze. She was the actual warmth of the midsummer sun that gives the breath of life, nurturing herself and others, as the flame of her wisdom was burning with divine intelligence. And so, Nurnitai now wanted this love he was dreaming of with desperation. He started a journey across the stars to find this Goddess. He went through star after star, but never found her, but she at her turn, found him. She was as beautiful as his illusions of her and she wanted to give this love to Nurnitai, but for that, Nurnitai had to quit his search for power in order to stop the Beast of God, because for love to bloom, it needed caring and time. But Nurnitai, bound by duty, was forced to refuse. But even then, the Goddess was willing to wait for him to shower him with love. But after all, duty was the break of love, and love was the break of duty. But even then, this motivated him to continue the quest. Do his duty, then collect the harvest of love that his hands have sown. And to bid Nurnitai farewell in his quest, she has given him a kiss on the neck, that shall last for eternity on it, a mark that shall stand with Nurnitai forever.

And so the quest to slay the beast of God continued. As Nurnitai advanced to his next challenge, going through the worlds, he encountered the frozen realm of Tnitsiyia. Once he landed, his presence caused an avalanche that revealed a lost city frozen in the ice. Shapes were moving in the distance, as Nurnitai observed. He was approached by one of these figures. A former shadow of a Dreadlord that didn't listen to the words of the Hadoushin to move to their new home that Nurnitai has built, incased in everlasting ice. Upon seeing Nurnitai, the shadow crumbles in fear and kneels to his savior, as they ask for salvation, as they are not dead but alive, cursed by a plague that went through their veins, only curable by one flower, that if used carelessly, could be deadly. However, the flower only grew in the plains were the bloodiest battles were fought in the older ages, Ehcyr mun besekyr. And so, Nurnitai ventures to the plains of the Ehcyr mun besekyr. And there, he sees the mountains of corpses that were made on the battlefield. Many soldiers have died in the darkest of ages. And only from the blood of the fallen brave could the flower grow. From the negative thoughts and feelings of death, failure, the very final hour approaching for them. The flower itself grew from the highest mountains of corpses, thus Nurnitai looked for the flower at the most titanic of the mountains of corpses. He fiinds one of the flowers, grabbing it gently from it's roots and held it from the roots, not to touch the petals. The flower was like a dark rose that has opened, with a neon violent center, glowing brightly. As he makes his way out of the realm of Ehcyr mun besekyr, the soul of a fallen warrior appears in front of Nurnitai and asks of him to bring his sword to his home. Nurnitai accepts, taking the sword from the soul and continuing his quest

However, when he returns to the realm of Tnitsiyia, most of the Dreadlords incased in ice were already gathering in a ritualistic mass suicide, driven by their leader, Ariwisiyia. Nurnitai busts into this ceremony but the deed was done, with a river of blood spewing from their corpses, freezing in the cold. And so, Nurnitai approaches Ariwisiyia, that hasn't killed himself, but rather, he was too much of a coward to do so. He begs Nurnitai for mercy, but no mercy was given, as he uses the flower to kill Ariwisiyia. This disgusted Nurnitai. Kill your own people but be unable to kill yourself in the end with them. So, he kills Ariwisiyia, as for Nurnitai, cowards were truly something he despised. As for the sword of the soul at the plains of Ehcyr mun besekyr, Nurnitai took the blade to the home of the fallen warrior, giving it to the oldest son of the warrior.

Back on track to the main quest, Nurnitai summons forth Arika and commands Arika to lead him to the mercurial snake. So does Arika, and so Nurnitai finds Mercurius by going through the dark universe, where the black planets rolled without aim, where they roll in their horror unheeded, without knowledge, or lustre, or name. Here, the last part of this challenge, was to conquer Ardasa itself and take control of it. So, Nurnitai went to the gate of Ardasa, the "mouth" itself. There, he is met by Tenma Akuro, who was the very first line of defense and the first to have to be conquered. However, Nurnitai found it difficult to defeat Akuro in close combat as Akuro was turning the air itself into acid, so Nurnitai slew down time in order to hit Akuro, but unbeknown to Nurnitai, Akuro was also turning time around him into acid, this allows Akuro to counter Nurnitai and keep him at bay for an amount of time. However, with Nurnitai's skill, he manages to find an opening, hitting Akuro in the neck, putting the guardian down, but not for long, as Akuro has gotten up, without to even grunt, as he combats Nurnitai further, and further. However, as Nurnitai started to find the extension of this fight to be unnecessarily, he uses his infinite strength to strike through Akuro, putting him down for good, not to miss the opportunity, Nurnitai decapitates Tenma Akuro in a swift strike in the neck with his katana, taking his soul. Like that, Nurnitai further descends into the realm of Ardasa. He meets Momiji, that instead of attacking him, welcomes him without a fight. She guided Nurnitai through the realm of Ardasa, until Momiji and Nurnitai meeting up with Tenma Numahime, Numahime herself doesn't want to fight, but in exchange, asks for Nurnitai's name, which Nurnitai gives. Upon this, the three simply went to Momiji's resting place, a dojo inside of the realm of Ardasa that served as the only place without suffering in the realm. Like this, Nurnitai finds out about the history of Ardasa, its corruption by the Hajun and its recreation by the One Above All. He also finds out Tenma Yato, the leader of the Guardians of Ardasa. Like this, he's guided to Yato by Momiji and Numahime, challenging him to a duel for the ownership of Ardasa. However, Yato simply declines Nurnitai's challenge. However, when Yato saw that Akuro's soul was taken by Nurnitai, he makes a bet with Nurnitai, accepting the challenge. If Nurnitai won, then Yato would give him ownership of Ardasa, but if Yato won, then Nurnitai had to give Akuro's soul back to Yato. Nurnitai accepts the bet and the two fight, with Nurnitai losing the battle and being forced to give Akuro's soul back to Yato. Afterwards, he is kicked out of Ardasa with a restriction to enter it. However, Nurnitai calls for Mercurius, who tells Nurnitai about the Spear of Justice, the Holy Relic created by the One Above all for his sensory and that it was hidden deep inside of Ardasa. However, Nurnitai was unable to get inside of Ardasa through the main gate anymore, thus Mercurius speaks to Nurnitai about a second entrance, the mouth of a creature with a neck so long that it served as a second entrance to Ardasa. Mercurius leads Nurnitai to this creature and cuts the neck of the creature, going through the neck of the beast, inside of Ardasa. Mercurius gives Nurnitai the two keys, directing him in the deepest part of Ardasa, where there were two openings. He thrusts the keys into the openings, revealing an entrance to an altar that held the Spear of Justice, a weapon that was fast as Albedo, never missing like Rubedo and all-ending like Nigredo. Upon touching it, the spear and Nurnitai's soul bond, forming an inseparable bond, becoming Nurnitai's holy relic. With this, Nurnitai challenges Yato again for ownership of Ardasa, however as Nurnitai had nothing to offer Yato, he refuses. But, Nurnitai puts at bet his very own soul. Yato, intrigued, accepts. However, never did Yato know of the spear until it was too late, the spear hitting and killing Yato, taking his own soul. With this battle won, Nurnitai has taken over Ardasa and connected it to the spear itself. However in order to activate the true power of his holy relic, he had to gain a desire, other than simply stopping the Beast of God. With this, Ardasa itself interfered here, giving him all the pain of those that were meant to suffer here, but soon this suffering soon turned into Nurnitai's desire to punish the wicked and become the supreme judge, prosecutor and defense. With this desire, Ardasa was transformed by his desire, turning it into the figment of his creation, Be'riah. Nurnitai reincarnates Yato into a guardian of Ardasa, from the request of Tenma Momiji and Numahime. With the conquest of Ardasa, the guardians swore utmost loyalty to Nurnitai, their conqueror and sensory of the One-Above-All. And so, Nurnitai's preparations for combating the Beast of God were done.


The Beast of God itself

Nurnitai headed back to his lover, telling her of the great news. But his lover, worrying for him, wanted to keep him to herself, forever close. She didn't want to accept the possibility of Nurnitai dying, yet for Nurnitai, there was no other option but to fight the Beast of God, because with the power that he deemed necessarily only for the protection of those he loved and those that were pure in heart, he believed that he could make a change. And so, the guardians of Ardasa, with Nurnitai and Arika's lead, march towards the lair of the Beast of God. However, what they found shook the guardians and Nurnitai. It was Nurnitai's lover, in the center of it, that soon became the very beast that they were hoping to kill this faithful day. Nurnitai hoped that this was but an illusion created by the Beast of God, but he became assured it was real once Yato's snake eyes never could be deceived. Like this, Nurnitai has to kill the very person that has once been his lover, the one that called in his dreams and the one that Nurnitai thought that was his chosen one in the stars. But regardless, even if that was his lover, Nurnitai chose his duty that has motivated him to get here, the feelings he once had for the monster that tricked him into loving it, bereaved his right to love and not be betrayed. This filled Nurnitai with wrath. Like this, the guardians of Ardasa attack the Beast of God, Akuro dissolving everything he touched, intangible or tangible, into acid, Yato created a protective layer around each of his allies that erased the damage done on them by erasing the time the attack was done, an armor of time. Momiji used her strings to control the battlefield, Otake fought the beast head-on, Tenma Morei, who used the power of fire and the power of lightning at her advantage in order to encircle the beast and confuse it. Sukuna weakening it by making it's divinity commit suicide with his powers, nullifying it's divinity, Numahime used her shadow to paralyze the Beast while Tokoyo was praying for their success. The beast of God was crippled the efforts of the guardians of Ardasa alone, as they were using their power at their fullest. However, the God of Evil himself, Kizûtai, saw the Beast of God itself was faltering, so he had sent one of his servants to aid him, his strongest, created from his law of narcissism. This being multiplies infinitely and uses his infinite horde to attack Nurnitai and the guardians of Ardasa. With this, Nurnitai used the souls of the Ashen Knight, the Somber Knight and the Crimson Knightess and threw them in Ardasa in order to reincarnate the battalion of three, as they, like the guardians of Ardasa, swore fealty to Nurnitai as he has defeated and killed each of them. Like that, they and the guardians of Ardasa would fight against the legions of Kizûtai, while Nurnitai remained to stand alone against the Beast of God. And so, as the only man with infinite willpower, a desire to burn the wicked and the unjust, infinite strength that he could use to destroy even entire world and realms, he stands against the Beast of God itself, stabbing it continuously with both the Hand of the One-Above-All, his katana, and the Spear of Justice. With this, the Beast of God weakens over time, as the armies that Kizûtai has sent have been killed. However, in a last effort to self-preserve itself in its dying moments, the Beast of God turns into essence that soon went inside of Nurnitai, that essence going into the Curse of the Void and imbuing itself into the hatred of Nurnitai, making both the curse and the hatred stronger, taking over them quickly, taking control of them, hiding inside of Nurnitai. As the battle was seemingly won for the guardians, the battalion of three and Nurnitai, they leave the battlefield victorious. But little did they know what was going to happen next. With his new control over the near-infinite hatred of Nurnitai, the Curse of the Void, the Beast of God waited until Nurnitai was the least ready for it.

Nurnitai, not knowing of such plot that was happening right inside of him, blissfully ignorant to the signs, he tried to find love once again. So, he called every woman that was unmarried and from all of them he chose one person to fall in love with. Planning a marriage and to have a child with this woman, the Beast of God finally interferes on the day of the marriage, bursting out of Nurnitai's chest, killing the woman and raising hell around the realms, killing anybody that stood in his way, walking the plains. In his ravenous hatred, he found no peace. And with boiling blood, he scourged the plains, seeking vengeance against those who have defeated him by killing everything he held dear. And those that tasted his power named him "Hatred". As this Hatred could not be stopped by normal means, terror spread around Hatred like a plague, with Nurnitai the only hope to stop this unrelenting monster with unseen ferocity. Yet there failed Nurnitai as the Hatred always knew how to use his weaknesses and his endless crusade against the harming of the innocent, using those around him to make a bloodbath, killing every person in his path, ignoring Nurnitai. Such caused Nurnitai to unleash his rage at Hatred, destroying everything that stood in his way. Yet there fell Hatred, fallen and broken with no escape from Nurnitai, but he had done his job. He had caused Nurnitai to unleash his wrath, showing Nurnitai what was truly inside of him, what rage existed inside of him. Now, as Nurnitai had seen the truth, he had decided to go to the Throne of Nerose Satanel, who taught him the art of meditation, but knew it wasn't enough. Nerose saw the conflict between love and hatred, and moreover, the conflict between the two hadoushin that were inside of Nurnitai's mind. The Hadoushin of Destruction and the one of Justice.

For this fact, Nerose had to teach Nurnitai how to control himself, and moreover what was inside of him. As for the justice, it was already done, but for the Destruction, it was going to be harder. In order to control it, Nurnitai had to understand it first. And to do that, Nurnitai had to bring out the Beast inside of him, the God of Destruction that resided inside of him. However, as Nerose had thought, merging the mind of the two completely and undoing the chains that the One-Above-All has set would be necessarily. And in order to do that, Nurnitai unleashed all the raw emotions inside of him. His love, his hate, scorching everything around the two divines to nothingness itself, affecting even the throne. Such was the strength of the raw emotions inside of Nurnitai. And so the Hadoushin of Destruction has shown itself, with endless charisma, beauty unmatched, evergolden and unchained. The Beast of Gold itself. Yet this was the time for Nurnitai to show his true nature. He loved everything and everyone, thus he had to destroy everything and everyone. A man that showed his love through the heat of battle, he was. The chains were broken and the merging happened, bonding Justice with Destruction correspondingly, creating the true Nurnitai that the One-Above-All planned to create. One that loved everything in the true meaning of it. To that end, those feelings culminated into a desire, an impulse, to turn the world into a literal hell on earth of eternal war, undeath, and slaughter. But with Justice, it created a balance that couldn't be destabilized. A limit to this. But with this came a price. With his hatred, he also began to understand it. But he began to understand all evil and all good. A true balance of sorts, that was created, but unstable by all means. In order to create stability, there had to be interactions between him and the world around, insight. And so he sends Nurnitai to Mercurius, who guided him to the pool of knowledge and the well of power. He was told to drink from only one. With this, Nerose and Mercurius make a bet. Mercurius placed his bets on Nurnitai drinking from the well of power, while Nerose, having trust in Nurnitai, bets on the pool of knowledge. Like that, Nurnitai thought wisely, choosing the pool of knowledge. However, things take a turn. In order to drink from it, Nurnitai had to give something in exchange. He had to give up one emotion from his soul. Thus, he throws his wrath into the pool, seeing it as an emotion that he could truly give up. With this, Nurnitai was given wisdom without end and limit and knowledge, stabilizing the two merged minds. Justice and Destruction, no more did they oppose each other. Destruction took control of most actions that Nurnitai would now make, while Justice created boundaries, limits that were made to suppress the destruction, giving love without destroying those who he loved.


Sometime in Nurnitai's life, Mercurius came to him and told him about a merchant that could create essences that could give any ability and power to anybody that could pay the price. Mercurius then redirects Nurnitai to K'ush'eah who has masked himself in order to hide his identity, calling himself as but a merchant. He offers Nurnitai many bottles of different colors that he labels as essences created by him. He gives him the choice of 45 essences and the choice to take only one. However, Nurnitai would be allowed to take all the essences if he forged K'ush'eah a heart made out of gold. And so, Nurnitai took the hammer, then cut much of his hair in order to use it as material to forge the heart. He brings the heart to K'ush'eah, holding it as if it was sacred. As he kept his word, all the 45 essences were given to Nurnitai in that moment, as the Hadoushin soon leaves. With the 45 essences, Nurnitai gives his generals one bottle each. The first General was transformed into a guardian with no fear, that listened to every order without question, a soldier through and through, forged through steel and hardships. The second one, was turned into a machine of war without remorse for its enemy, but unsurpassed in loyalty to his emperor to none, a Warlord that was loyal to the bigger body, the Emperor. Then, the third General grew a bestiality unseen before, as well as a bond with the beasts of nature, with a scent to match his new psychology. The fourth general had became skilled with all kinds of blades and became unstoppable in a clash of swords. The fifth general became one with the shadows, bonding with darkness as if he was part of the shadows of the universe. The sixth general's powers allowed him to manipulate the core of everything around him, the truth behind all without limit and causality itself. The seventh general himself was blessed with magical power beyond anybody else's power, as well as cursed with knowledge that none should know, his mind altering itself in order to adapt itself to the knowledge he has gained. However, Nurnitai was still not happy with his generals, so he took one of the essences, that had a clear, blank color and gave each of them a drop of the essence each, giving each of them limitless potential, to the point that any discipline or skillset was possible for them, even if it wasn't possible before and practice it into mastery. Even the essence they have consumed were increasing and becoming perfected, developing in ways beyond their initial purpose. However, as the generals would be unable to get the essence distributed to each of their bloodline members, Nurnitai had ordered the generals to kill all of their bloodline, leave only one female for each of them that they loved dearly. And without question to this order, the generals carry it out, killing each and every of their bloodline but one female for each of them, that they bless with the drops of essences as well. But to use this essence, they all needed to cultivate it, refine it and master it. And like that, Nurnitai called K'ush'eah, then told him to take the generals and re-make their shape and insides, giving him the crystal of Jirai and placing it on the hammer. With the hammer and crystal. He ripped the chest of each general apart, then skinned each of them, taking their muscles away and throwing the old parts away. K'ush'eah then took seven stars and then shrinks each of them, putting them in the chest of each general, then creating spikes at the south, north, east and west of the stars, from where meridians spiked out, networks of vessels, channels from where the life force of each general had, circulating through them, created from the star. K'ush'eah then created a new shape for each of them, to mark them as the generals of their bloodline, their division, as well as marking the future children of the generals. He then made the Dread Seed, that the meridians connected, creating a second source of life force. But as Nurnitai and K'ush'eah didn't see this as enough, they've made a second dread seed, to serve as a third life force along with the star and the first Dread-seed. With three sources of life force connected to the meridians of the generals. However, another problem has risen. As the lovers didn't receive the modifications, they had to make sure the offsprings would have only the meridians of the fathers, so K'ush'eah then conceived a new method to carry on the meridians to the offspring, creating a way of processing and impurities and mistakes in the meridians and the organism of a Dreadlord, letting impurities out through the skin of a Dreadlord through a smelly, black substance. The result of the body purifying itself and expelling waste in order to achieve a state of perfection, which is what Nurnitai and K'ush'eah wanted. Like that, K'ush'eah remakes the muscles of each general, then the body was done, but not the skin. K'ush'eah, had yet another idea. Looking back to the armors he had constructed Nurnitai, as well as their evolution with Nurnitai eating Gyze's scales, K'ush'eah replaces their old skin with that of Gyze's scales, connecting the muscles, skin and all the body with the meridians from the three sources. But Nurnitai wasn't done with K'ush'eah. Now, Nurnitai instructs K'ush'eah to make their souls evergolden, with great courage and loyalty imbued in their characteristics. And so does K'ush'eah, giving the souls shape, making them golden and indomitable, as their glorious leader, then, K'ush'eah added his own ideas to the idea of the soul, attaching meridians to it, making the soul a fourth source of life force. The soul, was what gave color to the meridians and what shaped the personality of each individual Dreadlord. But even then, K'ush'eah felt that the idea of the soul was too broad, uninteresting, so he then gave it complexity, the ability to evolve and change. With this change, the Hadoushin of War itself came to K'ush'eah in order to give his own ideas to their soul. While the complexity was done, Kinima'ija said that the soul should be able to transcend and create from it pillars that were meant to serve as a foundation to the next evolution of their soul, melting all the pillars into a core, that would create a new soul that was cultivated solely from the user and the five core elements of existence, spirit, fire, water, wind and earth. Out of these five, the core had to be made out of at least one, in order to evolve into a nascent soul. To further ascend into power and further cultivate it, a Dreadlord must sever something from their soul. One has to sever something from his soul three times in order to ascend to the last stage of evolution, into the stage that enlightens one to his very own soul, soul seeking. After one's soul is solidified and the individual is enlightened. Then, came the very last stage of the soul's evolution, the immortal awakening, sending their souls to a realm higher than spiritual. As the last part of this system alerted K'ush'eah, but delighted him in the same time, he then made two realms of immortality, by forging them one above the other. First immortal realm was fake, where the fake immortals were sent and one where the true ones' souls were sent. One could become a fake immortal by worshipping a person that has achieved true immortality, while a true immortal could only rise by eating the Illumination Vine and by challenging and defeating the Purifier. Nurnitai agrees to both's ideas, telling K'ush'eah to implement the changes, but before he could do so, his hammer broke. K'ush'eah, angry about his hammer breaking, goes to his forge to create a new hammer. Like this Tenma Numahime sneaked to the generals without Nurnitai to see and then added her own idea. She added distortions to them, perfections that further perfected what the Hadoushin of the forge, the Hadoushin of war and Nurnitai could conceive. She gave them each some kind of small piece of hair, that started to act as another meridian, but of opposite nature to the other meridians. This meridian distorted the order of the other meridians, creating distortions in their powers, making them stronger while adding further to the limitless potential and abilities. When K'ush'eah came back and saw this, he could not imagine what happened to create such meridian, but he was pleased, so he named it "The Immortal Meridian". Leaving it there, he finishes his work. But after he finishes, every Hadou God descended to K'ush'eah and they all started to go to the generals in order to gift them with their own creations and meridians. Here refuses initially but K'ush'eah and Nurnitai are overwhelmed after some time by the persistence of the Hadou Gods to partake in the recreation of the Dreadlords. And so, the Dreadlord generals are given gifts by all the Hadou Gods, blessings that would be eternally with them, that would course through the veins of their descendants. But the last and most glorious gift came from Nurnitai, that severed some power from the hand of the One Above All and gave it to them, in the form of a blade, just like his. Like this, after K'ush'eah finishes his work of the physical body as well as the soul and spirit, arranging everything as a piece of art. The generals are sent off to their loves to mate, resulting in the next generation taking on the father's additions. However mating with the females that were not modified, soon problems arose. There weren't enough women to make a fast increase in population, making reproduction problematic. But this was the smallest problem. The biggest problem was the perversion of the genetics that were unflawed with those flawed, that at their turn created flawed genetics that had to be purified as K'ush'eah's purification systems. It took time, but at the end, the race was perfect. The Dreadlords were the creation that was started by the Hadoushin and finished by them with the help of their Emperor, Nurnitai.

Journey to the Omega Realm

"I have to say, the adventure I had while becoming a cultivator weren't to my tastes, but it seemed required after some time to find true love. Mercurius promised it to me if I was to do this, but I feel like he never actually planned me to find true love. Maybe he just enjoys my loneliness. Maybe he wants me to see how it is to suffer from it. Regardless, it was worth a try. Plus, the generals themselves are quite expressive about the power of cultivation, begging me to try to wield it as well. I am a man cursed with power, I didn't want more power than I already have, but it seems power finds a way back to me always, no matter what I do. I started to accept that fact the more it happened, thinking that it was a great way to keep those I loved well...alive. But everybody dies one day, some earlier than others. Immortals get killed. Transcendent beings die at the end of everything, or are the cause of said end, killing themselves along with existence, while mortals decay. The more you think about it, the more it's just a tragic story about a big room with light from the stars, life and omnipresent death. One could argue that death is just the absence of life, and it's true. But, where there is life, there is always also death. Without one, the other can't exist, so they must work together or disperse as existence becomes blank without them. Once you become transcendent to everything, then you start to understand all this, and how the gears of everything work. But the question is, how many of these gears can be interacted with and how much can you interact with them?"

Life force Condensation stage
Chapter I

"At the beginning of this all, it seemed more like a world where I'd be trapped forever. I have to say that I didn't appreciate Mercurius sealing my powers for the time of this journey as well, made my life a lot harder, but a lot more interesting, I have to confess. People didn't seem to like me. They looked weirdly at me, judgmental. As if I wasn't like them. Truth is, that I obviously wasn't like them. I was so much more. But I tried to co-exist with them. It was the hardest task I've ever done, even as an Emperor for a race of immortals. People didn't like my company, or my help. Though there was one woman...that wasn't like the others. She was a ray of sunshine, bright and the actual warmth of the midsummer sun that gives breath of life to nature and the newly born, nurturing herself and others. She was an empowered heart full of discipline and courage. She was....special. Though, her father was the opposite of all her principles. He was cold, broken, beaten and bruised. Both physically and mentally. He was old and lived long, leading the sect he was in. When I asked Satdamsatsa about her father, she said he wasn't always like this. He became like this after her mother died from a sort of disease. She left them alone in this world and well..It kind of pains me to hide the truth to her about how Mercurius has done it. How he created them all for my sake. But if I told them the truth, would she despise me or would she forgive me? Would Satdamsatsa still be the same towards me? This bothers me. For now, I'm keeping this secret and then I will reveal it when the time is right. After all, I told her father and he wasn't the happiest about it..."

Eventually, as the Dreadlords became stronger and stronger, Nurnitai was approached by his generals, where they thought it would be a good idea that he should also attempt to cultivate his own soul. However, unlike the generals, Nurnitai didn't have what they had, with this the generals thought further and then conspired to create a second soul for Nurnitai that would go inside his divine spirit and merge it, in order to create a Divine spirit that can be cultivated. They all go to K'ush'eah in order to request him to create a soul specifically for this merge. But, he declined, as unlike with the Hadou Gods, he was not bound to the general's will. They didn't have anything to give him, thus he had no need to help them. So, the generals asked Mercurius to order K'ush'eah to make the soul, but Mercurius disagreed completely with the idea of sending Nurnitai on a journey of Cultivation as Nurnitai was already powerful and unrivaled by those of the same reality as him, but the Generals insisted, yet Mercurius didn't budge. So in order to convince Mercurius to order K'ush'eah, they go to Katwia and ask her for one thread of hair, which she wholesomely gives to them. With this thread of hair, they bribe Mercurius to speak to K'ush'eah and order him to create the soul. So does Mercurius, making it compatible solely with Nurnitai's divine spirit and then the generals presented it to Nurnitai. But even so, Nurnitai had the same mindset of Mercurius. He believed he had enough power in his life and he didn't need more. But then, the General of the Dread Manipulators stepped in and then asked Mercurius to create a world where Nurnitai could find true love as well as have his journey to becoming the Paragon of Cultivation. Mercurius saw this as an opportunity to observe the unknown, those, he accepts on those terms and then creates a realm, that he speeds up time into and allows it to grow by itself, giving them, like the Dreadlords, the gift of cultivation. Soon, the world was ready for Nurnitai to step in. Now came in how the lover was introduced in the world. To do this correctly, Mercurius made the two founders of a big sect have a daughter by the name of Satdamsatsa, that grows to be quite powerful, as she was the direct descendant of the largest sect in the said world. But in order to make this more interesting and make things more complicated for Nurnitai, he cursed the mother with a plague that creates worms inside of the host then ate them from the inside. With this, the father was heartbroken of his loss, and Satdamsatsa had to grow up without a mother. Then, another problem arose as Mercurius thought. Nurnitai, having so much knowledge, strength and experience would be able to destroy anybody in the world regardless of their cultivation, thus as to stop that, Mercurius seals his powers for the duration of the journey, as to keep this interesting. Then the last question arose. Why would Nurnitai himself want to cultivate his soul if he was there only to find love? In this case, Mercurius himself would plot the story to make it needed in order to win the heart of his lover. With this, they force Nurnitai into the world by making him fall out of the heavens with a white, blinding light that everybody in the world has seen it. With this, big groups of the large sects came to the place where he fell. Like that, they find a golden-haired man laying unconscious on the ground. Satdamsatsa and her father came too, then Satdamsatsa told him to take him in their sect. The father, unhappy of this, but having no choice if he wanted to make his daughter happy, went to take the stranger, but other sects and clans wanted him as well, because they thought he may be their savior, or a God that has fallen from the sky that could answer all their questions. With this, all the sects began to make a fight for Nurnitai, that he wasn't even aware of, but regardless, the biggest clan always won because it has the most cultivators and the strongest ones.

Nurnitai was taken to shelter before to wake up, with Satdamsatsa waiting for him to wake up, because she felt something mesmerizing about the man in front of her. She didn't know if it was his appearance or his mystery that mesmerized her and made her force her own father to get him shelter. It could've been anything, but she felt some kind of karmic connection to him, as if their two souls united, a fire like a spotlight. As she stood beside him, he woke up. The first thing he's seen was her, out of everything. Not the walls, not the colors around him, but her. They stared at each other, with no words, but her father came in and started to question him, his daughter leaving the room in order to let them speak in private. With this, the father found out who he is, and what his intentions are. To find love and become an Omega Realm Cultivator. But the father, he thought about it as a bad sign. With his wife's death, he could only see in hatred. So in order to sort Nurnitai out and his level of strength, he had him fight in a tournament of the cultivators of the life force condensation stage, because these type of stage was the only one that was actively having tournaments to see which is stronger than the other. It was childish for Nurnitai, but he decided to participate anyway, in order to show the father was he was capable of. At the start of the tournament, everybody was looking weird at him. They never met him, and they couldn't feel any cultivation power from him, but he was still on waiting for an opponent. Eventually, a cultivator of the fifth level of cultivation challenged Nurnitai. Both went inside the walls of the arena. And so, a battle started. Nurnitai was the most skilled between the two of them, but his power was weak compared to the cultivator, for all his power was sealed. But even if all his powers were sealed, his durability had remained, odd enough. With this, the cultivator was unable to even scratch Nurnitai, while Nurnitai could do small scratches to him with his power at the moment. As the father watches this, he sees potential in Nurnitai, but he was afraid for his daughter, that he could hurt her. He feels the connection between the two, wanting answers, but could never be too direct with Nurnitai, or he would give away the fact he disliked Nurnitai. He kept his irritation of Nurnitai's existence to himself, though. Those in his sect thought about Nurnitai as a sort of God either from his descending from Heaven or simply because of his unmatched beauty. Some remained blissfully ignorant to his existence and some were envious of him. But none of this matters to Nurnitai. He just wanted to find love and learn cultivation at this point. His external goal was to get the generals off his head by learning cultivation and reaching the Omega Realm, while his internal goal was to find love. Simple as that. The rest of the tournament was quite the same, until he got disqualified because of being too weak to participate in it, while having way too high durability. Nurnitai was more than happy in actuality. He got to escape early from the whole ordeal. He then approaches the father, as he presents himself as Kots, the leader of the Sect of Kots. With the tournament having ended, Nurnitai asked Kots to teach him his own system of cultivation, or help him create his own system in order to access cultivation. Kots, reluctantly does it with one condition. He will explain the odd connection between Nurnitai. Nurnitai agrees to this and then Kots and Nurnitai work on creating a system that Nurnitai should be most capable of practicing as if second nature. A system that had every practice by the static one. Dynamic, meditative and external agents. Like this, Nurnitai had stepped into the first level of the Life force condensation stage.

Chapter II

"At the beginning, it thought like Kots really liked me. He seemed like a father to me, and I for him, like a son he never had. The relationship seemed like it was doing him good. But once he found out about Mercurius killing his wife with one of the most terrifying diseases imaginable, just to make it interesting for him while complicating things for me. He's an asshole sometimes...Well. You can already see how this all made our relationship gone to hell. Though, he did finish making a system with me for cultivation. Well. He got even madder when I told him further that his daughter was made specifically for me and my tastes in a woman. He even cursed the day his clan fought to get me from the others clans on that faithful day. He also internalized the fact he taught me how to use a cultivation system that I have used until the last very moment, even when I reached the omega realm. I tried to explain it in the most charismatic way possible, with all possible wording, but his unadulterated rage didn't even let me explain him carefully. The very notion his daughter would end up with somebody he didn't agree to in the first place made him sick. I understand his reasoning, but the people that he DOES agree to are...least to say not proper for a woman, or gentlemen towards her. Most of them were just powerful in his eyes, while in actuality, most of them were perverted or simply in it to become descendants of the sect to take control of it. Power and lust were their main motives. Her father couldn't have chosen ONE right suitor for her, yet when I was her literal half, he decides to push me away. But I have to say...What did I expect? My friend just brutally murdered his wife, technically. He has all the right to be mad at me. But for somebody that his existence basically rotates around me, since I am the reason he currently exists...He could at least be a bit more respectful about it. Eventually, he just started to internalize all these emotions. This is where I learnt that internalizing feelings and emotions is bad for you. It's just a way to gulp emotions until you vomit them out and take it out on somebody else, even if they had nothing to do with it initially...Anyway! Kots didn't really have any way to stop me and Satdamsatsa into becoming love birds. She didn't even believe him when he told her about me and him talking about the whole subject. She declared it as utter nonsense and refused to believe it. I am slowly getting pressured though. At the very end, if I tell her, will she still love me? It's quite the problem I am facing, but I guess I've done it to myself by asking Mercurius to do something for me."

As the system of cultivation for Nurnitai was done, Kots now wants his answers, which without doubt Nurnitai gives, however he doesn't want to have anything to do with manipulating words, which was a problem. He was a charismatic person, but he didn't want to use words to his advantage. Never to use them in a different senses of the word that he didn't truly mean. He wasn't the type of person to lie. Thus, as Kots demands the truth, he gives him the truth. How this very world they lived in was simply a sort of toy world for those of a higher reality for them, that not even with cultivation could they even dare touch. With that, he also tells him straight about Mercurius giving Kots' wife a disease that was incurable and one of the worst that imagination could conceive. With all this said between the two, Kots then internalizes his wrath as not to destroy the temple they were currently inside of. With this, Nurnitai leaves the scenery, as Kots takes his anger on fellow clansmen that he kills with no mercy, then goes to his daughter, telling her all of the story, but she didn't believe one inch of it. She couldn't believe it. She refuses to. As such she went to Nurnitai and the two of them went on the plains, not to hide, but simply enjoy some time to know each other. She was at an advantage here, because unlike him, she actually had gone past the life force condensation stage with her training. She was at the last stage of the Soul Realm, the Soul Seeking stage. But she refuses to ascend to the immortal realm because of her fear of becoming a fake immortal. To even things out, the two then went hunting after Demon Beasts, animals that had a core inside of them that could be cultivated in order to grow stronger. She was helping him become stronger in cultivation, and in turn, she had to tell her about the world in the heavens that he has apparently fell from. So, he tells her stories of his youth, in order to appease her. In the end, this works out quite well for the both. She learnt many things about Nurnitai and his past, while Nurnitai learns more on the topic of cultivation. At this time, Nurnitai asks Satdamsatsa about her mother's death, as she explains the horrors of the disease, how one could've seen the worms crawling out of the dead, rotten flesh. The more Nurnitai heard about what Mercurius had done for his sake, the more disgusted he had become with himself. Even if these people were made for him and him only, as sorts of puppets, he didn't saw it as a correct to brutally kill somebody in that way. But he has to accept the reality of it all at the end. He wants to tell Satdamsatsa about it, but he was too afraid of her walking away from him, and with Mercurius, he would've seen both the possibility of her staying with him or leaving him as interesting, thus he had no one to complain to. It didn't take long before her father started to search for her, thus Nurnitai tells her to go back to her father, as he loves her still. But Satdamsatsa on the other hand, wasn't so assured about it.

Chapter III

"The bastard of a father actually tried to kill me with one of his candidates for his daughter! I have to say that it doesn't really surprise me, but I can't really do anything about it. I have to get stronger than the father in order to even raise a finger against him ,or hey may as well finish the job that his so-called assassins have started. It's a very unfinished job, as they were unable to harm me, but at the same time, my ability to hurt them was pointless. They were of a quite high cultivation stage. Regardless. This is going bad for me. But this has all just begun. I could've sworn I seen that in their eyes."

As Nurnitai had gone in a forest of his choice to find wood to make himself a small house, as not to be dependent on the temple of Kots for shelter. He worked hard to put each of the wood parts in the right place, but many times he's failed one part of it, and it all went to chaos, falling on him or before to enter. He felt like he was going insane, but he calmed himself right after each failure. Slowly and steadily, he was learning how to piece everything together and after many tries, he actually manages to do it correctly, making it stable for once.

He had a sigh of relief. "I hope I never have to make houses again. Without K'ush'eah's hammer, it's literal hell-"

Before to finish his sentence, an arrow of impregnable steel had gone through the walls of the small house, making the whole structure fall on Nurnitai. He throws it off him, standing up and looking at the direction the arrow was shot at. From the distance, he saw a figure with light weighted armor, black in color, traditional with 8 feathers of an eagle attached to the bottom of it. His hair was jet black as the armor he worn, with golden yet empty eyes that were staring at Nurnitai.

Nurnitai points at the stranger. "You! Next time, how about you get the shot right? Also, how about you don't ruin my house next time? That would very admirable from you." Of course, Nurnitai, now looking for a fight, put in a battle mood, there was no other option for the two but to fight. Of course, Nurnitai having been sealed of all his powers, he had to use his durability and skill to fight his opponent. But luckily for Nurnitai, this opponent was of no high level. He was of the fifth level of Life Force Condensation stage, meaning that even for Nurnitai, it was possibly for him to defeat his opponent, when Nurnitai had merely stepped into the first level of Life Force Condensation.

With all this being said, the opponent was irritated by Nurnitai's way of speaking, disrespectful towards him and his skills in archery. "Who do you think you are, to judge my skills and my power? I'll pluck you like a chicken!" He pridefully stated, shooting not one, not two but five arrows towards Nurnitai. Each of them had a different hue to them; the first one to be shot at Nurnitai had a brown hue, like the ground below them, the second had the color of hellish fires, the third one's speed was unimaginable, as if it was manipulating the winds themselves to speed itself up, the fourth had liquid pour from its tip, while the last arrow itself had a ghostly hue to it, as one could hear the manifested pride of the archer inside of it.

Nurnitai dodged the first three arrows, while he stomped the ground with his might, creating a wall with the debris, stopping the fourth arrow. But the fifth arrow went right into his stomach, ignoring the debris as if it passed right through it. The archer then had a smirk on his face. "See? I told you! You are nothing!" The archer then aimed for Nurnitai's head, as Nurnitai grabbed the arrow and threw it with accuracy into the Bow, breaking it in half with the force it was sent to. The archer looked at his bow, now ripped in half by one of his own arrow.

Nurnitai then looks at his opponent. "How is my performance now, if I may ask?" He had a smile on his face, not a smirk, but rather a smile.

The archer gritted his teeth at Nurnitai. "Get close to me and I'll destroy you! You'll see!" He pointed at Nurnitai, with killing intent, unsheathed a katana and took an offensive stance towards Nurnitai, speeding up towards him, lunging himself at Nurnitai. In response to this, Nurnitai barely dodges, as the blade cuts his cheek, only slightly. Golden blood bled from the small wound.

He then puts his finger on the small wound, wiping off the blood from his face, then remarked. "Your blade has bitter taste, archer." This further irritates his opponent, as it could be seen in his twitching right eye. He could keep a straight face no more.

The archer then points his blade at Nurnitai from afar, the expression of his face was priceless to Nurnitai. Unnerved. "Stop mocking me! That bow was precious to me! It was a gift from my father before his death!" The opponent then dashed at Nurnitai. "I will not allow you to disgrace his nam-"

Nurnitai simply caught the blade in a fist. He could feel how the infinite strength of his was coming back slowly in his body, crawling.

"So, this is also the blade of your father, correct?" Nurnitai looked directly into the eyes of his opponent, as to further unnerve them, but the expression once again changed. It was one of fear towards Nurnitai, as he could feel how the strength of the Heart of Tustatsa was coming back. The cultivator infront of Nurnitai could only whimper at the sight of such strength.

"Y-y-yes!" The boy stumbled in his speech as well as on his legs, as he let go of the sword in his fear. Nurnitai looked at the boy with now what seemed to be a neutral face.

"Why did you try to cause me harm, if I may ask?" Nurnitai grabs the sword from the ground, looking at it closely. The boy lifted his head towards Nurnitai to meet his eyes once again. With this the boy stood up, shyly.

"W-Well. The clan leader Kots told me to kill you if I wanted his daughter's hand in marriage!" He exclaimed towards Nurnitai, as he wasn't all that shook about the statement. Moreover, he had expect it from Kots. After all, Kots already had a vendetta against Nurnitai because of who he was.

Nurnitai Sighed at this. "Alright. Look, I'm sorry for the bow. I will spare your life, but don't chase after Satdamsatsa anymore. Or else...!" Nurnitai picked up the boy by his neck, pulling him closer, as he stared deep into his soul. The archer was somewhat intimidated and afraid of Nurnitai's power, but this didn't stop him from some sort of sarcastic line.

"What, do you also chase after her?" Nurnitai puts him down, as the boy sighs. "I guessed right."

Nurnitai crosses his arms, looking at the person in front of him. "What's your name?" He looks at the boy as if he was some sort of enemy still. It was obvious that Nurnitai was now quite irritated with his presence. A sort of rival, sort of not.

The boy answers sometime after thinking whether or not it was appropriate to tell the stranger, moreover enemy, his name. "My name is Anizi Wiza, but close friends just tend to call me Anizi."

And so, Anizi introduces himself. But right afterwards, Anizi then grew curious of his rival's name. "So, who are you? I told you my name so I'm expecting you also tell me yours." Anizi, leans closer to Nurnitai, while also keeping his arms crossed, a way to symbolize a sort of body language the two were speaking. Nurnitai at his own chuckles at the words of Anizi.

"Of course, of course. My name is Nurnitai." Anizi then looked at him with a confused glare. He was quite deranged by how the name sounded, or moreover, how it was spelled or even written.

"How do you even spell that name?" Anizi asked with a curious face, as Nurnitai sighed. Anizi further asks. "Can't I just give you a nickname?" Nurnitai looked at the ground, then back at Anizi

The boy then raised his head even further, pointing his finger at the sky, as if he had an idea. "How about we call you...Gabriel! Yeah, that would work." Nurnitai looked around, and analyzed this name.

"Hmm...Gabriel you say?"

Anizi nodded a few times at a high speed, in order to approve of it further. "Yeah!"

"...I guess this nickname will have to do then." For once in his life, Nurnitai was shocked that his name could be called hard to write or pronounce, but decided to live with the nickname Anizi had given him on the spot. "So, Anizi." He spoke with a softer tone now, as he felt more relaxed. "Why do you like Satdamsatsa?"

Anizi at his turn was quite embarrassed about this question, as well as a bit troubled by it. "Well...I'm the last of my bloodline and my clan depends on me to get a wife in order to continue my bloodline. If I don't, I'll forever be called a failure by my clansmen, even if I get to reach the Immortal Realm and get infinite lifespan."

"I see. Well, she...loves me. I have a few things to reveal to you?" Anizi's right eyebrow would raise. "What do you mean, Gabriel?"

He then spoke to Anizi about how this world was created by Mercurius for only three Goals. Entertain Mercurius, give Nurnitai the feeling of true love, and allow Nurnitai to reach the Omega Realm.

Anizi just listened at this point, as his eyes widened in a wild amalgamation of feelings, best described as ecstasy, disappointment and curiosity.

"So, you're telling me that we're all just experiments for a higher being to play with us like in a sandbox?" Anizi asks with his eyes darted towards Nurnitai.

"I wouldn't say so. I made sure that you are all free from destiny. You crave your own fate in this scenario. If anything, Mercurius simply interferes in your lives in order to play with them." Nurnitai responds with the same glance.

"Well, I guess you are the kid that knows the principal them, huh?"

"What's that mean?" Nurnitai demands to know, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, you know this higher being. Moreover, even friends maybe. That's what it means. You are a very important person here, while we are...normal people." Nurnitai, when he heard this, looked away, with a frown on his face.

"But no matter, Gabriel. I'll stay away from Satdamsatsa now. But...Can we stay acquainted or friends? I don't have many friends here. It's either people that try to take over my dead father's sect or subordinates. I'm weak compared to a lot of cultivators around here. I'm weaker than you, even if you are of lower cultivation level!"

Nurnitai chuckled as he putted his hand over his mouth to hide the laughter, then responded. "Of course. How old are you anyway?"

"I'm in my mid twenties." Anizi looks the other way, knowing that he was quite young and inexperienced, especially when he compared himself to others. He looked at Nurnitai with an air of determination, or perhaps admiration

Nurnitai sighed once again. It wasn't long until Anizi asked. "Do you have a breathing problem?"

"...." Nurnitai was speechless for a second, but then he burst out laughing. Anizi asked again "What's so funny?"

"Nothing, nothing. Anyway. Go home now. I'm sure you have something else to do than talk to me." Nurnitai putted his hands on his hips, looking at Anizi, as Anizi glared back.

"Right. I'll see you around!" Anizi dashed into the sky with a powerful jump then, seemed to levitate in the air. He waved at Nurnitai as a goodbye, then ran with the winds North from the initial location.

"...Now..." He looks towards the mountains that housed the temple of Kots, at the highest point of it was the mansion that Kots lived in, with the temple a little lower in altitude. Nurnitai then marched towards the mountain, passing through the river that was encircling the ground of the mountain, oddly enough. A part of it was frozen as a way to allow others to pass to it.

Nurnitai was approached and halted by two guards at the frozen pass. "Halt!" They demanded with a deep tone. However Nurnitai walked past them. The second guard attempted to impale Nurnitai, but he caught the spear just like he caught Anizi's sword. With this, he throws the Guard at the other side of the river. Nurnitai himself, was suppressing his urge to kill the guards. They didn't have anything to do with this and he knew that they would be afraid of him, even more so if he killed them. So, he just ignored the guards afterwards, going to the mansion, storming inside of it, where hundreds of guards assaulted him, putted their lances and spears all around Nurnitai's neck, forcing him in a kneel. Not because they overpowered Nurnitai, but rather, because that was the only way Kots would show up. Because he knew that somebody like Kots would never show up if he didn't know he had the upper hand. He specifically asked Anizi for his age to see what kind of people Kots would pit him against further. Kots, as predicted, showed up with more guards at his sides.

"So, you dare storm into my mansion, uninvited and scare my guards? What's the meaning of this?!" Kots had a superior hue to himself, with a thunderous voice.

To answer this, Nurnitai threw off the guards from himself, throwing them specifically at the guards that were at the sides of Kots, then pointed at the clan leader. "You bribed a boy with the love of your daughter to kill me!"

Kots smiled, as he then plays with his white beard, his eyes targeted towards Nurnitai. "So did you kill him? I would be disappointed if you didn't. I will have to kill him myself if that's the case."

Kots then took out from his sheathe an amber-colored sword, as he dashed towards Nurnitai. This was a shocking move for Kots to make, even for Nurnitai, but Nurnitai simply uses his hand as a makeshift blade, using his durability in order to block the sword. Kots then made a flip backwards. "You truly are durable, Nurnitai. But..." He disappears in smoke, coming back with Satdamsatsa. "How durable is she?!" He held his sword at Satdamsatsa's neck.

Nurnitai's eyes widened. He then approaches Kots. "Let her go! This is between us two!"

Kots grunts at this. "Stay away, or I'll kill her." Nurnitai backed off around 1 meter away from the initial location before. But then, he understood something. He walks to Kots, as Kots clenches the hilt of the sword at Satdamsatsa's neck. She said nothing, which further uncovered the truth.

Nurnitai grabs Kots' hand. "This is clearly an illusion!" Kots at his turn, surprised to see that Nurnitai had figured it out, as if it was so obvious. "How did you know?"

"You wouldn't hurt your only child, moreover, daughter. She's whatever is left of your wife, isn't she? This is why you protect her so much from me. If you'd want to kill her, then you wouldn't care whether or not I took her for myself."

Kots nodded, as the illusion of Satdamsatsa disappeared in smoke. "Impressive. You have eagle eyes and detective perception. If it weren't for the fact you are an accomplice of my wife's death, I would've been more than happy of giving my daughter to you."

"..." Nurnitai gave a stare at Kots. "For the last time, old man. I am NOT responsible nor helped in any way with her death. How can you call me an accomplice?!" It was true, Kots' mind was full of blind hated for Nurnitai. It made it almost impossible for Nurnitai to reason with him.

Kots:"Now, get out of here. Your opinion doesn't matter to me, I know what I need to and I won't change my perspective."

Nurnitai scowled at Kots with unimaginable contempt. "Do not send other men after me with the illusion that you'll give them their daughter if they get my head."

Kots had a smirk on his barren, pale and uncared face, as his shadow was lengthening over the room. "I'll look forward to going after you myself, probably, but I can't promise anything, Nurnitai." His dehydrated lips would be put into perspective more into this speech of his ,as a sort of way to tease Nurnitai.

Nurnitai then turned to the broken and beaten down door of the mansion that looked as if a juggernaut came through it. His heavy steps echoed through the room as he left the mansion, as Kots looks at him with great hatred and discomfort.

With Nurnitai having made his point, he looks at the sky that was clear, deep, no stars in sight, hiding into shadows unspoken as the wind itself hued a song that Nurnitai knew too well. One of patience, one of willpower and one of restlessness. Contradicting. The grass bent to the will of the wind, unlike the mountains that towered above all.

Chapter IV

"So. Anizi and I became friends after the whole ordeal. I didn't think our friendship would be more than decent. I actually thought I'd have to make him my pupil or something, but it seems the boy doesn't need me that much. It looks to me that all he needs is a father figure. More on the teaching subject, I think Satdamsatsa and Anizi had taught me more about cultivation that I'll need, at least for this stage in cultivation in particular. Out of them all, I was the fastest to climb the stages of cultivation. I have to say, I think that my motivation to climb the stages was to show Kots how weak he truly was, or just to impress Satdamsatsa. My goal deep inside? To feel love. To have somebody by my side until death do us apart after thousands of years of love. After all, Satdamsatsa lives for the moment. She's full of compassion, but also of adrenaline. Anizi, I'm sure he's going to reach higher than the immortal realm, or just take the immortal realm and be done with it. He's quite obsessed with making his father proud, who, mind you, is dead. But I guess keeping the tradition and retaining the wishes of the dead is honorable in a way."

Nurnitai got back to the forest of oaks that was lying infront of his now destroyed house. He let out an exhale, as he knew he had to either repair it log of oak with log of oak at the moment. However, he didn't expect to see an unarmored Anizi that was cutting with his bare hand oaks in order to make logs from them. Nurnitai had a shook face to this happening. One could see the sweat on Anizi as he was using all his strength in order to perfectly cut the oaks with precision that only the highest of heavens could observe. Anizi's armor for him felt like silk, his movements unhindered, but if somebody was to attack him and attack the armor directly, one could not distinguish it from an impregnable defense. As for Anizi's eyes, they reverted from the cold stare a while back to livelihood, as if Anizi's feelings had come to life with a sudden outburst since he met Nurnitai. The wind had completely stopped as if the will of the heavens started to dislike it's very embodiment. There was no darkness around the forest, no shadow that remained untouched by the sunlight. Anizi hadn't observed Nurnitai's presence yet, absorbed into the art cutting of oak wood completely, so Nurnitai didn't dare to bother Anizi. Like that, log with log, Anizi had built a big house made out of nothing but strong oak, perfectly made with no mistake, as if it was made by a heavenly being, to the point that the concept of "mistakes" was too afraid to try to interfere in the work of perfection that was ongoing. Only after having finished and refined what was left did Anizi perk up to see Nurnitai blatantly staring at him.

Anizi then took up his traditional bow, repaired, but the cracks were still visible on it. If felt like it was still broken. But the architecture of the bow was still pristine despite the damage it has suffered. The limbs of the bow were made of two bow nocks on each side instead of one. At the end of the limbs, the riser sections were sharper than most normal-classed swords, red as blood. The arrows weren't lower in quality either. It was like his armor, made traditional, as to resemble his clan. An arrow that when shot at the enemy, it would be unafraid of who it hits. An arrow that one may think as all-piercing. The shaft, fletching and nock of the arrow however, were simple in design. It was a remarkable and unique design, traditional to Anizi and his clan.

Anizi puts the Bow into his quiver, that was also quite simple in design. Jet black in color, with golden serpents on it. He stretches his hand towards the sky to wave at Nurnitai. "Greetings, Gabriel!"

Nurnitai had nearly forgotten that Anizi had given him a nickname. At the thought of rehearing the nickname, his ears perk up as a way to suggest that he has been more than surprised. If anything, he was more surprised to see that Anizi had remembered the nickname that he himself had given Nurnitai.

"Greetings Anizi. What are you doing here?" He at eases looking at Anizi, while Anizi who then looked at the house that was nearly as big as the biggest oak in the forest. If anything, it could house a thousands of people.

Anizi stretches his other hand on the back of his neck. "Well..I was just-" Nurnitai then cuts him off to speak himself.

"And moreover, why are you making a house? Are you trying to flex your architectural skills on me?" Nurnitai looked a bit dismayed, dishonored by his own low skills.

"What? No! Anyway, I've made you a house as a sorry for destroying the other house. Also, can I live with you? I made the house big enough for the two of us to live in it."

"Well..You did make the house so I couldn't say no to that. It is your house in a sense, not mine."

Anizi then glares deeply at Nurnitai with some visible embarrassment, as if he had done the worst thing that a man could've done. "Welll..I did destroy your house. I heard you say that it was hell to make it, so I wanted to make you happy..."

After hearing Anizi's thoughts on the matter that presented itself, Nurnitai pats him slightly. "It's okay. Yes, you can live with me." Anizi then perked up to Nurnitai, as his eyes widened with unseen joy.

"Thank yo-" Nurnitai cuts him off before he can finish the phrase.

"Know that I am not a good roommate, you have been warned, child." He gave off a glance at the cheerful archer, as he then puts his gentle hands on his hips.

"I'm sure I can take the challenge, Mr. Golden hair of absolute beauty!" The boy mumbles words at random, creating some sort of sequence of letters and words that was barely understandable, but without any sense in heaven and earth. Nurnitai at this point was amused by Anizi, but paid no heed to the sarcasm. "Then this is going to be alright."

The two already were establishing deeper roots within the mind of the other within this, like the trees they just cut, everything had roots, from the mind to the body. This connection could be cut, but in time, it will become harder and harder to cut. The two didn't have much in common, but their uniqueness and differences were more than enough to become friends. Different values made it increasingly interesting for the two of them.

With this, as it soon became noon, the two went in the forest to hunt the ferocious demonic beasts in order to cultivate their cores in order to become stronger. But that wasn't their main goal today. The main goal was to have excitement simply from the thrill of the hunt, as well as skin the beasts in order to decorate the house. An art of hunting. However, Anizi, unlike Nurnitai, he was praying for the souls of these beasts to go in heaven, as they normally shouldn't have to die. However, Nurnitai didn't understand this praying, so he asks Anizi about it in a calm and gentle way.

"Hey, Anizi, why do you pray for them?" He nudges Anizi to get his attention as Anizi's prayers could've actually reach the heavens for his prayers could be considered the best in all the world, and the most sincere, but heaven in this case didn't care, seemingly.

"I am praying for the animals, Gabriel." Nurnitai had looked at Anizi, with a somewhat neutral face to him. He didn't know whether to make the decision to tell Anizi about the Beasts and their so called souls.

"You see, these beasts have a sort of soul, but not an actual soul. After they die, their soul simply disperses. It isn't like ours. We're...unique. These creatures were made to serve us to become stronger, or become...allies." He had used a nicer word than simply "Pets" in this case. He didn't want to sadden Anizi or weaken his faith in the heavens and his beliefs.

"So my prayers for their soul aren't doing anything?" Anizi's shadow could be seen lamenting this mistake as Nurnitai cold-heartedly answers this question.

"Not so to speak. I will tell you that your prayers are the most beautiful I've ever seen. They're like a bride that cherishes the day of the marriage not because of the day itself, but the people in it."

Anizi looked at the sky with a tint of frustration. "I guess they are the most beautiful..." He then stumbles upon his own words, making a heavy pause between speaking. "I just hoped that they wouldn't be meaningless, that's all."

Nurnitai makes a few steps towards him, softly touching him by the left shoulder. "Your prayers are by no margin meaningless. They're so beautiful that they speak to the heavens, but the heavens will not change something they believe is already perfect, just like they won't change a sentient being."

Anizi's glance is shook from the sky back to the earth and back to Nurnitai in a matter of words. He stood silent there for a good few seconds, then he brought to the open. "I understand. Thanks for telling me..." He didn't finish his sentence.

Nurnitai then with a soft tone and silver tongue declared. "We should go back to the house with the Demonic Beast Cores and the skin we've got. We have more than enough for now, right?" Nurnitai made a gesture to show the collected amount of skin and cores of the beasts put in one place.

Anizi nods, as he puts his hands at the back of his head, fixing his headband and his black hair that was fixated into a small yet glorious ponytail. The two of them then fled with the speed of a dying star in the air.

Suddenly, a bird that could only be described as completely alien to these places flew into the two, catching them both with its adamant claws stuck in their skin, going through Anizi's armor like it wasn't much more than paper.

Anizi then shouted at the beast with ferocity and hostility fueled by anger and frustration. "Let us go, you fiend!" He throws a punch at the claws, but it had little to no effect on the goliath of a bird. With this, Nurnitai punches it into the chest cavity, forcing it to go down into the deepest part of the forest, where no light could enter nor escape, and even then the night began to crawl and cover the world, which made the shadow of the forest even deeper, to the point it became a darkness that could burn the flesh of a normal person. A darkness that one could only see through if his mind was just as dark.

Anizi was still ontop of the crushed bird into a sturdy tree, that had failed to stop the crash, broken, as the flesh of the bird slowly decays into an unbearable smell that not even the dead of the forest, nor the sturdy oaks could withstand. This indescribable smell had woken Anizi up in a matter of a few moments. As for Nurnitai, he was long time on his feet, as he himself was the first to notice the darkness, it too indescribable. With this, the only light that could be seen in the horizon that led into a darkness greater. Multiple layers of darkness that led to even more layers. But this was their only hope to escape the deep dark fears of the forest and its inhabitants. After all, in the depths of a forest, the dead do not sleep. The two then without even talking about it, as if they had the same thing in mind, attempt to get out of the forest, but it was so dense that it was like the bars of a jail. With their only option being to follow the light, the two venture into the eye of the forest, going into the cave without any second thoughts.

Inside of the cave, there was decayed skin all around the walls, to the point that the light itself was merely a mirage of the skin that was lighting the whole cave. In the last corridor of the cavern, there was a giant room, that was full of tumors on the walls, as if the flesh was alive. Yet, the surprise was that it indeed was alive. From the center of the tumors, an eye opened, the eye of a beast, with blue flame in it, with a white hue between the iris of the eye, that gave off light that shined in the room, eliminating all shadows on the wall, in order to reveal itself. In the deep corridors of the mind of Anizi and Nurnitai however, something spoke.

"Who dares enter my domain, scums?" It was the sound of a croaky voice, fueled with life from the feeling of wrath itself, monotonous in concept and penetrating in reality, unchanging in frequency, staying the way it was. In other words, it could also be characterized as a stentorian and strident voice.

"It is us, just some lost adventurers into the forest that cannot find their way home because of the density of the deep forest's trees." Spoke the archer in an uncomfortable tone. The eye glares down at them with suspicion and contempt. It stagnated, fixated onto the two, without to move an inch from the place it was. Its gaze was terrifying for Anizi, who had never seen something so massive, decayed or horrifying, but for Nurnitai, this was something he had met everyday in a form or another, thus, he was comfortable because of past experiences. The eye eventually discovers Nurnitai and his calm attitude towards it.

"And you," It makes a small pause in between. "You are the sent of Mercurius in this world, are you not, Golden One? Or should I tell you...The Golden Beast?" Nurnitai wasn't shocked of the assumption of the Tumor. He knew that his identity was going to be revealed, first at slow paces, then faster and faster, like a crash, ironically to the situation.

"Yes, I am the Golden Beast. If I may ask, who do I have the pleasure to talk to?" Nurnitai attempts to defuse the situation by talking politely in the case ahead, in order not to anger whoever was responsible for all the tumor in the cavern. The color of the tumors was a washed away, dirty yellow, with black in some places, like dots. Yet, nothing much could be actually seen, as only one wall of the cavern was lightened up by the eye. The rest, was all tumor colored by the shadows.

"I knew that Mercurius didn't tell you about me, of course..." His remained the same, now with a hint of frustration this time. Frustration because Mercurius hadn't told Nurnitai about him, but he had expected it as from the last phrase of his dialogue. The heat that an actual cavern would give as a shelter from the cold didn't exist in this case, as if the being's tumors had taken all the heat and rejected the will of the heavens and the law of heat, making it simply absent in the room. Small figures of hands took shape around the floor of the cavern, when the two lost adventurers then observed; There was a bridge that separated them from the floor. "I am Slavemaster Tikat and It is a pleasure to meet you."

Anizi's ears perked up when he heard the name of "Slavemaster Tikat". "Wait, are you THE Slavemaster Tikat?" He asks it as if the Slavemaster was a literal legend of horror, or a myth. But indeed he was. He had that title not because he was a nice being, it's because he takes people lost in the forest and turns them into beings with the same infection he gives, enslaving them, hence the title of "Slavemaster".

"That would happen to be me, young Anizi. After all, son of Cerel, there is only one of me." The eye glances over directly into the soul of Anizi, coldly, dead. It was as if all the Gods looked all at once at Anizi, as Anizi was trembling in fear at the thought of the Slavemaster's existence. His existence was supposed to be nothing more but a story to scare children, yet there he stood, more than real, in the face of the Golden Beast and Anizi, the very son of Cerel. The thought of being consumed by Tikat was one to be truly scared of, something you wouldn't even want to happen to the worst of your enemies.

Thus, The Slavemaster then looks at Nurnitai, who in his confusion was quite irritated. "I assure you, you do not need to fear me, Golden Beast." The slavemaster's cancer growth spurting was unlimited, but with Nurnitai's appearance, he was too scared to try. It was ironic. He couldn't have the emotion of fear, but in the end, something snapped inside of Tikat when he saw Nurnitai. It was as if the concept of fear itself has started to dwell inside of him. It was as if the tumors began to turn pale as if he saw a ghost of sorts. But it wasn't the fact he seen Nurnitai, it was the fact he saw the rest of his sealed power, and even what was unsealed. The blackened walls of infection retreated from the stone of the cavern in order to feed the Slavemaster's needs. "No, it's unlike you would be scared of me. I should be the one scared of you. I seem to have underestimated the power of a Godly being without to think a second time. If anything, you are a Devil, Nurnitai, that is your nature, as from your divine power, you manage the Destruction Arcana, do you not? Please, do forgive me for I have sinned." It was as if Tikat couldn't retake control of himself again. Yet, something else enveloped Tikat. Upon seeing Nurnitai's herculean body, he couldn't help but be in awe. As his long, lustrous golden hair dyed the whole cavern in gold. It was a miracle that Tikat just witnessed. It was true, while most Nurnitai's powers were sealed, his charisma and beauty had always remained the same. It was how he was made, and not even Mercurius could take this away from him, no matter what he'd do. An eternal vessel, that had a beginning but no end. If anything, it could hold the weight of the entire world on itself, but it would never cripple. A perfect, eternal body. The slavemaster even looking at Nurnitai felt like he was going mad. A cosmic being like himself would've thought he could resist the worksmanship of the One-Above-All, but he was so mistaken. In truth, he couldn't have ever dreamed of somebody to be able to obtain a physical perfection of that level.

In the end, the slavemaster's initial intentions became unrevealed, but his new intentions were clear. He became submissive to Nurnitai just by looking at him. Why, Anizi wasn't nearly as affected by Nurnitai's impossibly perfect and powerful body that he possessed. The slavemaster notices this within the first half a minute of being subject to Nurnitai's presence. "You...why aren't you subject to him? You have been longer in his presence. Tell me, now!" The slavemaster was slowly losing his composure at the thought of being the only one in the room out of two that loses his mind over the body of a divine being.

Anizi looks at the amalgamation of rotten flesh in front of him with disgust and contempt. "Because he's actively enacting his will around me, in order not to be enthralled by merely his presence." This couldn't had been more true. The frustration that could be felt from Tikat at this point was indefinite, indescribable in nature and quite justified by what was happening. But Nurnitai simply stood silent. He observed the capabilities of his very physique without a tint of shook or fear. It was as if he had tested this before. But the Slavemaster could do nothing but grunt, defeated. The mass of his skin shrinks from the discomfort as it then lunges itself to Nurnitai to attack, but Anizi was quick to respond. In the heat of the moment the archer took his arrow in his hand and threw it like a spear, without the need of a bow, striking the mass right into the eye, making it fall down onto the old rusty bridge the two were sitting on. He mumbled angrily in his misery. He was powerless, even if Nurnitai wasn't of a high level in cultivation.

"Why are you even trying to learn the art of Cultivation? Do you not have enough power as of lately?! Why is that you just want to get stronger and stronger?! I didn't even know that such a raw potential of power ever existed! So tell me, what is your reason for this?! You were born strong, you were made like it, so why continue on?!" Too many questions that led to the same answer. It was...annoying to say the least to Nurnitai, while Anizi could barely shake the disgust that was readable on his face. As this was happening, none of them realized that daylight could be seen from the entrance of the cavern, until a bright glimmer released itself onto the hair of Nurnitai, lighting up the room. Nurnitai saw this, then looked at the door. But then looked at the decomposing matter of the Slavemaster that was cursing his own destiny to die by Nurnitai's will, simply by looking at him. Nurnitai heard this however. With a raging fire of curiosity in his eyes. "Why are you cursing your destiny? What has destiny to do with all this? It's not like its concept truly matters. It doesn't exist, right?" He had a bright smile on his face, mocking Tikat, as he knew, that in truth, there was a Destiny that many tried to discover, accept, or just stop caring about it, but all failed. He mocked Tikat further.

Tikat didn't answer that for it was more than obvious that Nurnitai was merely playing with Tikat's mind at this point, the mocks were intentional and full-hearted. Nurnitai at his turn continued to smile brightly. "And to answer your question, Tikat. I initially wanted to become stronger because the Generals had been begging me to do it. But after some time, I started to realize, that with the true and full extent of the power of cultivation, I could conquer every hour, I could conquer destiny and in the end, have the love I desire from my lover."

Tikat scoffs the very notion of 'Lover'. For him, this was quite funny, because there was something else to this. "But your destiny is to love everything, is it not? You know this. But even if you do, you still try to break away from it."

Gabriel kept his smile as clean as possible, purely white. "Let me ask you a question then? What is it that you want from me then? Moreover, why is it that you care of Destiny yourself? Is it that you want to dethrone it as well?"

Tikat looked down at the bridge with his eye. He couldn't be more ashamed to answer, but alas, it was a truthful answer. "Yes, I want to destroy the so-called Destiny that cursed me to be...this amalgamation for the rest of eternity. I want to destroy this destiny of what it has done to all of us. How it keeps us jailed in an unending cycle of misery. If destiny exists, then nobody has done anything out of their own volition! If Destiny exists, then no saint was ever virtuous and no criminal has committed any sins! Don't you agree?"

"I am sure that Mercurius would agree, as I tend to agree as well." But Tikat still didn't get one part of this whole thing.

"Nurnitai, you...still have the concept of Justice inside of you. The Armors, they still talk to you, even if they're sealed, correct? You are still more than two, aren't you?!" Nurnitai simply kept his smile, it was truly a smile that could terrify Gods, demons and men alike, one that brought only despair to the ones that seen it. This, was one of the reasons that Tikat could only see destruction and death in his eye. An amazing, ungodly power, that no Demon in Ardasa nor any man or God could ever dream of having. A power to destroy everything was within Nurnitai, indeed. But even with all that power, sealed or unsealed, Nurnitai had laughed at it in itself.

"A question of my own, Tikat. Is it that your reasoning and memories are starting to wither away? What's with that question? Furthermore, how do you see so deep inside of me that you can see in my past? Or, is it that Mercurius had told you everything already?"

"I was told by Mercurius all I know about you! But, he's never told me how strong you are! For all I cared initially, I wanted to get your soul and use it for my very desires! Your soul, is the strongest here, with potential unseen, with latent talent that can always raise! You...are not bound by the silly laws of physics, not even the laws of life or death, are you?!" In the voice of the Slavemaster, one could hear the whimpering, the dread that he was suffering. It was as if he saw death standing in front of him, with it's dull and rusted scythe ready to cut his very existence to pieces. But Nurnitai could barely hold his chuckles at this point, but suddenly, he simply stopped. The air of the cave was dull. And so, Nurnitai simply stared at the Slavemaster, as his mass was dying. And yet...Nurnitai didn't even blink, just to watch Tikat die.

Yet, Nurnitai, before the slavemaster perished, decided to open his mouth with his silver tongue. "If you truly want an answer to that, then I will tell you that I have found the formula to destroy and transcend eternity now a long time. I command the arcana of Destruction. I wield an Ahnenerbe and devour souls, all for the sake of breaking the shackles that keep me down. As for you Tikat, those that you have absorbed will serve me well. You will also serve me, just like them. I got a question for you, as we're having this cheerful discussion. How is it being turned into fuel for somebody else? A slave to somebody else's will? Of course, you've done this yourself, but you never felt the pain that your victims felt, so, I ask thee, how is it? And even if you tried to kill me now, keep in mind that every scar builds my throne, for I am a lord of the dead. The Golden Beast."

Tikat could do nothing. It was far out of his power. It was over for him. "Curse you, Golden Beast!" And soon after, he had died, his cancerous mass had long been distilled into nothing but air.

Anizi had been watching all this with a hint of fear in his eyes, looking at Nurnitai. "Hey, Gabriel...What was that? How are you even capable of such feats? Many thought it was impossible to kill Tikat, yet you didn't even sweat in killing him! Just how strong are you?"

"Look back at Tikat's words and you will be left choking of amusement, because all he had said is an understatement." Nurnitai then simply walked out of the cave. It was now morning, as the creatures of the night had long hidden from the judgement and sight of Nurnitai. Yet even if you were to throw either Nurnitai or Anizi to the wolves, they'd both come back as leaders of the pack.

Anizi was more like the puppy of the leader, however. He had potential inside of him swelling, but he was nothing like Nurnitai. As stated many times before, they are opposites, but for some reason, their friendship was working. The other could never become like the other. Both were in instinct different, as well as in omens and desires, yet one thing they had in common. They both didn't reach the edge of the world yet. Yet this is how legends were being born.

As for Anizi, every time he looked at Nurnitai, it was like time stood still, every time he took his eyes before him, it started back again, and when he looked back at Nurnitai, it freezes back the way it did before. It was as if he was sleepwalking.

The two so-called adventures were now walking shoulder to shoulder, with an unbroken silence that one could call sacred between the two. A moment of silence in order to take the mind away from the slavemaster, yet Nurnitai wasn't talking because of that, it was because Nurnitai too felt like Anizi's eyes could swallow him whole with hope, and that disgusted and intrigued him at the same time. It wasn't hard for him to describe it. It was simply a feeling that made you lose your memories away.

When the two of them looked at each other, even their feelings were different. Nothing could make them more different to the other like they are now, but still, they were not like water and oil. With all this being said, the two of them quickly lost each other in the thickness of the woods, separating themselves from one another, simply because both of them refused to watch the other. The more Nurnitai thought about it, the funnier it became. As for Anizi, it wasn't even half as fun. With such a turn of events Anizi was shouting after Nurnitai to catch is attention.

But Nurnitai saw something much akin in nature and appearance to a shadowgraph. Mercurius.

Chapter V

"I'd rather not Comment this chapter of my so called 'story'. It's something that one has to read without another explaining anything. It's either you don't get it, or you get it. This is the line that divides those who can feel foreknowledge, and those who don't. Everybody has the ability to do it, but the ability to destroy and transcend foreknowledge, is something that nobody had

Mercurius was quite matter-of-fact today, straight to the point. After all, Mercurius felt that Nurnitai was the only one to understand him. With this being said, Nurnitai, simply stood, as the two went shoulder to shoulder, not even looking at each other, in opposite ways.

"Have you ever felt like you knew something in advance? I speak not of mere Deja vu, but Rather, prior knowledge of a certain idea. A phenomenon that assaults all senses, the infinite sense included. For Instance; I've seen this scenery before. I've tasted this food once before. I've smelled this aroma once before. I've enjoyed this piece of music once before, I've bedded this woman once before; And of course, these feelings have stirred my soul once before. A delusion - an elusive kind of illusion that springs to life as the mind errs. I do wonder - Have you experienced such a sensation?"

"Like one about how we battled each other once before?"

"Well, you cannot possibly know that until it comes to pass. And when it does, and your mind believes that this is how things happened originally, do you begin to experience that sensation of having already known. Yours is but a premonition. Or should I say...a self-destructive aspiration. Do you believe that you will lose the battle?"

"I do. Of course I do."

"And why do you believe that to be the case, my beastly companion? You, a loyal follower to the One Above All and his so-called Sensory. If there is indeed one soul who knows best the power that one can truly have from birth - Accumulating more and more through passion, strength and victory after victory - It is none other than you."

"Allow me to pose a question of my own, then. Do you truly believe that I will forever remain undefeated, untied,. even by those of equal power to me? Do you truly believe in the so called "eternal" empire that has been created for me to lead? Do you believe in these envisions? How do you answer, Hermes Trismegistus, - My dear, elusive sorcerer; You the exquisite magus who was whispered to be a mere step away from being the One Above All, to discover his divine truth and what's behind his very construct? Would a man as great as yourself condone such a foolish notion? I think not."

"If there weren't more pieces on the field, or dare I say, gears in this machine we are all apart of, I would very much concur with your statement. However, this empire has you. You, the beast of gold; the monarch of destruction. De jure successor to the spear of judgement, said to grant its wielder prowess to lord over existence. As long as you exist and lead the empire, even the thought of it falling is but folly of the highest order"

"However...They plan to murder me."


Nurnitai made a sharp 'Hmph!'

"You need not feign surprise. After all, I am certain you know everything within this existence. With that in mind, I did give you my previous answer."

"Are you planning to rush your death?"

"Actual life or death matters little. There is meaning behind the existence of such as I in their ranks. It cannot be undone."

"I see. Indeed, the dead - regardless of the concept, cannot and shouldn't be revived. The fallen, by very definition, are dead, and so, they cannot be restored to life. 'Tis the bitter law of this box. The fairy tales of the young and fair are utter nonsense, nothing more."

"And so, if one wishes to bend that very law, he needs to eliminate such fairy tales. It was your very own theory that proclaimed this, was it not?"

"Pray and you shall be given. Weep and a miracle shall occur. In my mind, such deux ex machina is the very definition of evil. If the laws of the universe were indeed constructed in such a way, our prayers would have no doubt shifted the very cosmos into motion. There exists no dream-like paradise where everyone is equally blessed with fortune. Nay, the world is without mercy, without compassion, forged only of blood and madness. As such, if one desires to enforce his own will in the world, he shall inevitably be tainted by both. If one wishes to save a life, a thousand corpses must be offered in its stead. Destruction is far easier than resurrection. 'Tis another eternal truth present in a world where everyone robs their fellow me on something. But alas, I digress.

You do not appear to have any intention to prevent your own death. Or at the very least, you wished Kots and his followers to believe so."

"Memento Mori, goes the well-saying. We must never forget our eventual end. Death weights heavy upon one's soul."

"And yet that very fact makes you the perfect soul to transcend life and death."

"Transcendence was your rune, as I recall. All I command is destruction."

"Destroying the very laws of the universe allows one to transcend it. I see. Allow me to amend to my prior statement, then. Destruction may be far simpler than resurrection, but it holds more significance. Nay ~ There had never been a need to return to the original state to begin with."

"Pray explain yourself."

"I merely meant that repetition was an agonizing process, my beastly companion. For instance...Indeed - You yourself had a childhood to call your own. am I correct? When you were of that age, did a single day not feel frightfully long; and to go further; a whole year, like an eternity?"

"Aye. A child's world is filled with the unknown. There is a sea of things not known, and a vast amount of information yet to be learned. In such a stage, time does indeed trickle along gently, like sand in a hourglass."

"Indeed, it is as you say. In other words, one's life is a journey of studying the unknown and changing it into the known. And so this is how I see it. The father that repeats night after night the very same moral lecture. The mother that prepares the very same meals day after day. The good neighbor whose smile beams the same way again and again. The bird that only sings the same song. The household with an ever-unchanging scent. And to bring the example to its extreme - A sun that knows only one say to sink below the horizon.

Ah, how dull; The world truly is a world of such tedium 'Tis what man calls 'age'; a steady march towards one's demise. And yet, despite growing ever more and ever paler with each passing year, civilizations do find happiness in being able to experience the unknown. Aye, for this is what it means to be alive."

"And so, one such as yourself, unable to experience the unknown, is in fact, not alive at all?

"Suppose, for argument's sake, if you would, that there existed a being from which the very concept of the unknown was removed from birth. The sensation of already knowing. His life consists merely of repeating and repeating things already known, in a world already known. Can you envision a fate more hellish than that? Granted no life to begin with, and consequently, denied death. Nay, he cannot die at all. What I long for in this world is proof that I was born into this world. Ah, how I desire the kiss of the unknown - maddeningly so. I shall teach you the endlessly cruel mysteries of the universe. Are you brave enough to hear my words; words I have never spoken to none other in my life?"

"Pray allow me a question before I answer. Why would you grant me, and only me, access to such knowledge?"

"Because I revere you, my beastly companion. For you are powerful; dazzling; a fearsome glimmer in your gaze. During the eternity of my un-life, Never have I laid eyes upon such as yourself, a being so close to the inferno of hell. You were the first. As best as I can judge, you are a man frightfully close to a demon."

"You utter a commonplace, Karl. It is hardly a rare occurrence for one such as a me to be called a demon."

"The more extreme the descriptor, the closer it comes to the realm of commonplace. I will not proclaim fire to be as water. Fire shall be fire; water shall be water. And a demon. You have labeled me as a magus; alas, I am no such thing. Only the strong enjoy the privilege of being described in simple, straightforward ways. However, I am essence, ever-frickle, shifting like the wind; my names too many to count. Frail...And helplessly fragile. That is what I am. A trifle existence hardly worthy of being compared to your supremacy. But that very stare also awards me with understanding. Pray honor me with your answer.

"Very well. You called me a supreme a moment before. And yet, just now, I thought of a being I would label as the same. dear friend. I revere you as well. I desire to fly close to your secrets. Is that merely part of this cycle as well; this sensation we called 'the already known'?"

"I am afraid so. And when it does, and your mind believes that this is how things happened originally, do you begin to experience that sensation of having already known. Ah, how agonizing, how truly vexing. Even upon meeting you, and being exposed to your inferno, still I do not live, still I cannot die."

"I feel your agony, I truly do. As if it were mine to endure."

"If so, I beg for you to comprehend, if you do indeed command destruction..."

"How amusing. Shall we annihilate everything?"

"Indeed. May everything burn - This world, all that our eyes can behold; God and The Devil, the heavens and the fiery pits of Hell, may the cosmos itself face ruination. Till we chance upon something we have yet to ravage. Till we transcend this very foreknowledge."

"Aye...This reminds me. We did have this talk once before, did we not?"

"Indeed, that I cannot deny. We have repeated it millions of times before, more often that one could count. You, at this very moment, are but prisoners of this plane. This is the story that I am envisioning for you. Once you have your fun with the woman, when you are sick of the one they call Anizi, then, we will ruin everything, until the deed is done and it cannot be undone. I am a prisoner of this plane too, but only through you can I also transcend my death, because only you could bring the unknown I so desire. My secrets are going to un-bury in due time. Now."

"Pray you allow me another question. What was Tikat? What was his true meaning in this story?"

"Nothing but to terrorize the deep forest and further develop the legends of this fake world. Soon, you'll also be a legend to this world, or perhaps, will you be cataloged as a Demon just like you rightfully are?"

"Time will tell."

The two looked at each other with their playful grins, as Mercurius then returns to the shadows with one last sentence for Nurnitai. "We shall burn this world down, you need feign not. As for thy powers, they shall soon re-appear. So far, even without your full power, you are truly, without doubt,", just when Anizi had found Nurnitai in all the dense forest.

"Gabriel, where have you been?! Who were you talking to earlier...?"

"Ah, fear not. I have not lost my sanity. Me and my friend were talking about our philosophies. It is but commonplace for this to happen."

"Doesn't matter, we got other problems. Kots had rallied up his army. What do you think is going to happen? Moreover, if we're attacked, what are we gonna do?!"

"Do not feign over such folly, Anizi. His army is made out of common people. I wouldn't be surprised if their souls were half the worth of a normal soul." Nurnitai obviously wasn't going to stress over something like this, but Anizi on the other hand...

"But they're so many Gabriel! Are you sure that we shouldn't take precaution?"

"If they were to attack us, they'd find out our true power. To attack us with their petty weapons, they will soon find out that they are like kids playing with toys against ancient masters."

"Maybe YOU, but not me. I am still weak, frail, I can still die!"

"You don't have another choice but to follow me. And even then, even if you had, would go with such choice? Would you travel your road alone?"

"...Fair enough."

Meanwhile, it was true. Anizi had reasons to be terrified, for Kots was getting his whole clan armed with blades of unbreakable steel, with enhanced techniques and powerful spells. Kots himself was losing no time, while Nurnitai was doing anything about it. He either was suicidal, or had a plan. Perhaps he was ignorant to the power of a whole clan because of his divinity. Anything was possible at this point, with no justified reason yet.

Thus, the archer and the golden beast make it to their house as if nothing was happening, when of course, the armies of Kots were approaching, marching. The earth was quaking like never before, as if all the ants from the world had started moving like a horde at the same time, in the same direction. Their movements together could move mountains and heavens, yet heaven knew the names of each person that was marching onwards. These people will never see the radiance of the light of the Star of Heaven.

Chapter VI

And so, the army arrived at long last, with their heavy boots trampling over any obstacle in their path to their target. They, at once, stopped, all the noise had stopped, as they were at least twenty meters away from Nurnitai. But out from the army, one person stepped out. With golden garments hanging around his armor, as testament of his high rank in the army. He points at Nurnitai with his index finger, which was covered in armor just like the rest of his body.

"So, I heard you are boss' problem eh?" He laughs at this. "I doubt you can even tank one hit from my glorious sword! Who are you to shame the boss like that? Love the boss' daughter? Pft! He shouldn't have even worried about you! You are nothin'. You heard me? Nothing, that is what you are." He approaches Nurnitai, unsheathing a rapier. "Come at me."

Nurnitai at this point, he just looked at him with contempt. He was disgusted of the vocabulary that this commanding officer was using, moreover, his attitude towards him, with no respect for his enemy. He was one of the people that their dreams were not worth saving, in Nurnitai's opinion.

He dashes at Nurnitai, only for his rapier's blade to be shattered upon impacting Nurnitai's skin. It was impregnable for fools like this person. The officer's face, priceless, alas, for Nurnitai.

With this being said, Nurnitai then claps. "It was a worthy attempt, but-" He's cut right off by the officer.

"How dare you?! You....You! You monster! That blade originated from my ancestry! You little shit! I will break you! I will make you suffer!" In his fit of rage he throws a fist at Nurnitai, only for all the bones in his arm to be shattered, much like the rapier itself.

The officer crumbles from the shame inside, the shame of not even being able to damage his opponent. Their gazes didn't dare to meet again. In frustration, the officer backpedals. "All of you, destroy him! Annihilate him with all you've got! Shatter him like he's shattered my equipment! Fry his corpse!" He gave the order and the army executed it without a second thought. They lift their bows at the sky, arm them, and shoot with all their strength, piercing the heavens and then falling down on Nurnitai like drops of rain.

He wasn't even dodging the arrows, for him, it truly was like water drops, harmless. They all broke upon touching him. It was a peculiar situation the army had gotten itself into. A man that was to them, by all means unbreakable. Even if they actually found a way to wound him, would it matter? That was the biggest question here. But deep inside, they all knew, they were not gonna reach heaven, not anymore.

Fear has issued through the army, as they saw their opponent was simply invincible. "H-H-ow the hell?! Wh-ho's he?!"

Some of them even fell on their knees crying out this fear. The fear of death. All around the place. One would think that Nurnitai would spare them, but they would be wrong to think like that. The officer at this point pleaded for his life as well as the life of his soldiers

"We beg you for mercy, O' great Godly being!"

"Pray you allow me to put you a question. Why do you serve in this army? Moreover, you knew that you had only one person to put down, did the thought of the person being absurdly powerful not pass through your mind even once?"

The Officer was startled, as he then proceeded to kneel on both of his knees and stared at the grass with empty eyes. He could feel as his emotions were being isolated from his mind.

"I would be dismayed by your performance if I were to simply kill all of you in one swift strike, especially if you all show no resistance against it. But on the other hand, It'd leave a bitter taste in my mouth if I killed people that don't even have the chance nor the ability to kill me. Get up and leave until I change my mind."

A soldier, like any other, then speaks out of the crowd. "Why are you letting us live if you see us as worthless?"

"Because I believe such action is nothing more but good sport. Your souls mean nothing to me, killing you without any effort would leave me with a bitter taste and I hold no grudge against you all. Even though, I don't search for a certain reason to spare your life..."

The soldiers fell silent, but yet another spoke out of the crowd. "We must not falter to the will of this monster! We must stand up and fight! A million hearts will always be stronger than any weapon!"

Nurnitai clapped, with a smile brighter than the sun itself. "Such a display of courage, but it holds more poison than you could ever comprehend, young soldier. I appreciate your will, it is adequate to a true soldier, yes."

But, with Nurnitai's mere golden gaze, the soldiers couldn't feel any other emotion but fear. Indeed, a sea of fear, but there was no shore to shelter one's body. A true incarnation of death stood in front of them.

Soon, nearly all of the army had retreated itself. All but one man. The man, unlike any other soldier, didn't wear armor, or any military uniform. The man wore the uniforms of a priest. Indeed, it was the priest of an army, that was part of the army for morale. He kneels at the Golden Beast, with a smile on his face, cynical in nature. He was trembling, both from happiness and dread, of the man that was standing in front of him.

"Your arrival has been

Powers & Abilities

Power Grid
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Speed Enhanced via Dark Cheetah.

Justice Embodiment: Gabriel is the physical universe embodiment of Justice itself.

Supernatural Charisma: Gabriel is Supernaturally Charismatic, being able to transcend mortal limitations, allowing Him to sway virtually anyone as well as entire communities to His cause and service with barely any effort, captivated by His irresistibility.

Supernatural Beauty: Gabriel is supernaturally beautiful and can use it to affect others. His Appearance is without Flaw without anything that would make them look unattractive or distract from his presence.

Godly Aura: Gabriel's Aura is one of the Mightiest out of all Voidics, and somewhat Stronger than most Gods. His Aura gives off the Vibe of his Status as God of Justice.

Godly Spiritual Pressure: Even for most Gods, Gabriel Possesses an Overpowering Spiritual Pressure, that gives him the capability to Stun, Paralyze, Injury and in some cases, even kill the Victim. Tho, he Rarely even uses Spiritual Pressure, and Limits it.

Master Essence Controller: Gabe has Masterful Control over Essence, The Energy that Composes All Beings ( With a Few Exceptions to it, such as Celestials )

Absolute Combat: Gabriel, Being Hundreds of Millions of Years old, Has trained more than half of his life on it, Had the Best Teachers of Combat and Morale, some of them being Gods of his Race and has been able to have achieved the highest level of combat proficiency, Armed and Unarmed, being capable of performing supernatural feats beyond normal boundaries. Gabriel has acquired a state of mental, physical, and spiritual balance, unmovable and Unchangeable, making him capable of defeating enemies only with his mere Presence. His Combat Skills are completely unmatched by anyone who came before, making him one of the most powerful opponents and a force to be reckoned with.

  • Ability Intuition: Gabriel has the ability to acquire knowledge of one's Powers without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired, this being the Definition of Ability Intuition, being able to mimic them, unless the power is a Singularity of sorts.
  • Absolute Attack Gabriel's attacks can Bypass absolutely any Defense, using both his Magical abilities and His Skills in Fighting armed and Unarmed.
  • Absolute Defense Despite not having ANY magic that can do this, Gabriel's skill in the arts of Combat, Armed and Unarmed, be it Sword, Spear, Katana or anything, cannot be breached by any means. While Gabriel can do such Defense, he has to Maintain it himself, it not being passive.
  • Absolute Unarmed Combat As a Master of any type of Combat, he's able to use and learn any type of Martial Arts, and replicate them perfectly.
  • Army Annihilation: Gabriel, using his skills in combat and Spiritual Combat can destroy Entire Armies, also using tactics to outsmart the enemy, making their numbers nearly Useless against him.
  • Attack Prediction: Gabriel can interpret and predict enemy attacks and react to the incoming attack, brush off or avoid the incoming attacks even from dead angle.
  • Attack Reversal: Gabriel has the ability to turn an attack back on the attacker with his skills with Unarmed Combat.
  • Clear Mind: The user's mental boundaries and limitations are completely erased allowing their mental abilities, memory, calculation, learning and creativity are Completely Unrestricted knowing what He needs to do and how He needs to do it. This exponentially enhances Gabriel's integration of knowledge and can store it in more than a single interpretation, before accurately deducing which interpretation would best fit the scenario.

Gabriel's mind is unrestricted and uninfluenced by any internal or external factors. Gabriel is a state of total awareness and reaction not impeded by higher mental function or emotion, a mind more open and reactive to subtle sensory input, intuition, and spontaneous action. His mind is a mind that is totally calm - a mind not influenced or caught up in events or others emotion, thus a mind more able to freely perceive and respond to any situation for his Advantage. However, Gabriel still does have all his Emotions, as none of them have ever gotten in the Way of his Goals.

  • Combat Adaptation: Gabriel, being a Master of Combat, can his fighting style and abilities automatically to be equal or superior to opponents style of fighting, whether armed or unarmed.
  • Combat Empowerment: Gabriel, being an User of Absolute Combat, becomes stronger, faster, more durable and faster when he comes in contact with battles and enhancing the existing powers.
  • Combat Merging: Gabriel has the ability to Merge his Supernatural Abilities and Magic with his Physical abilities
  • Combat Specialist: Gabriel is a Hand-to-Hand Combat Specialist, having encyclopedic knowledge in hand-to-hand fighting styles; therefore understanding and analyzing opponents style of combat and flaws in the opponent's attack and defense. He can also use attacks that can automatically knock down the opponent or use the strength of the opponent to his favor. He has a vast knowledge of the opponent's body and their limitations, have an incredible perception of opponents and his Surrounding areas using it to his advantages and can copy or mix several types of martial arts and movements and understand how a special attack works in a matter of minutes. This power can be enhanced by the users experience and improvement of skill. Masters of this abilities can counter or detect flaws on opponents Special Powers.
  • Counter: Gabriel Can reverse the moves of opponents and attack with His own counter moves. This technique acts as a trump card against opponent with superior power and skill, as it turns the strength of such opponents against them.
  • Fear Inducement: Gabriel, because of his Appearance, even if it's that of a Beautiful man, he can evoke and increase fear and horror in others causing the target’s brain to release fear-inducing chemicals if they look at him.
  • Indomitable Will: Gabriel's Will is that of the Strongest possible Metals. His Will allowed him to keep the power of the Two Strongest Emotions, that because of his Deal at the Fifth Stage, were Near-Infinite and has survived aging Billions and billions of years just through Sheer Willpower, and Resisted Atman Entering his
  • Instant Learning: Gabriel can Instantly learn any Move of Martial Arts or Magic, Incantation, etc via just looking at it, being able to assimilate any kind of knowledge and understand it fully and instantaneously.
  • Limitation Inducement: Gabriel can induce various limits/limitations or blocks into himself, allowing himself to fight with Other Gods, while not going a full power. Gabriel can take the Limitations on and off at any given time. He can for Example removing his ability to increase their powers or skills, causing them to decrease or simply remove them.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Gabriel needs only to pick up a weapon before He instantly becomes proficient in it. The first time he picks up a sword, He can spar with masters, the first time He uses a bow, He can hit bulls-eyes. Even alien, magical, or other weaponry that He should not understand comes naturally to Him.

Atlas/Infinite Strength: Gabriel is strong enough to easily rip Reality in half, or Break a Timeline, and destroy anything or anybody, simply through his Physical Strength, as an Embodiment of Strength. This comes from the heart of Tutsatsa, that in his legends, gave him the incredible strength he possesses. He was also given the concept of strength by the Living Tribunal after Atlas' Death, giving an explanation of his infinite strength both out and inside of his legends.

Soul Distribution:

-Soul/Aura Distribution Power: The User has the innate ability to distribute a piece of his soul/Aura to another by being touched by them. The User acquires power by bestowing an ability, allowing its wielder to cultivate it, and then take it back.

-The User's distribution of their soul, the wounds which one's Soul could not heal alone would finally heal. This power heals the Physical, Mental and Spiritual ailments of those who touched the User. While the Wound of a Person healed, all of their knowledge, Skills, and Talents would be engraved inside the piece of soul they Received from The User. Those healed in this way have their lifespan drastically reduced ( Does not work for Immortals by Age ), and once the person had died, the augmented fragment would return to The User.

-The User can Engrave a Letter in the one the User wishes to, signifying an ability, directly  onto another's Soul/Aura, he could share out his soul/Aura more deeply, and with greater power. He does this by having others drink his aura within a Ritual.

-The User can Forcibly retake the Soul/Aura Fragments of his Soul/Aura that he has shared out.

-Every time he regains a piece of his soul, the user becomes stronger and lives longer.

Sacred Letters: Gabe has the ability to access all the Sacred Letters, that vary between A To Z.

  • A - The Almighty: When the User activates "The Almighty", Their irises and pupils split in two. The User, upon activating, receives their full Strength.
    • Omni-Precognition: The User can see everything that is to occur from the present moment into the far-Flung Future. He can "Know" Everything that lies within that Gaze. Rather than seeing a linear future, The User has to Observe all possible futures at once like countless grains of sand in the wind, and can thus act accordingly using the knowledge he has gained to anticipate and counter his opponents. He can revive himself by changing futures where he dies. However, The User is unable to predict the actions of Those of Omnipotence.
      • Future Modification: The User has the ability to transform the future.
        • Power Intuition: Any power of which he "Knows" Will become his ally.
          • Reactionary Power Immunity: That power will not only be unable to defeat him, but become unable to harm him in any way.
    • Concussive Force: The User has Limitless strength, allowing the user to destroy anything.
      • Consumption: The User can consume other beings via Physical Contact.

A - The AntiThesis: The User can Designate any two targets and completely reverse anything that has already occurred between them. For Example, if The User were to be greatly injured while fighting an opponent, he could reverse what occured between himself and his Enemy, simultaneously healing himself while grievously wounding his Opponent.

B - The Balance: The User can take the misfortune that occurs within their sphere of influence and disperse it to those that have experienced good fortune. All the "misfortune" that would occur to him personally is redirected into his Substitute Shield; consequently, all "good fortune" that an opponent experiences in inflicting wounds upon them will be wreaked back upon them in equal magnitude as "misfortune", and the "misfortune" that they experience merely gets deflected and absorbed into his Substitute Shield, causing his opponent to experience even more "misfortune".

  • The User can form a hefty and bulky shield on their arm. The Shield is composed of a Star-Shaped Cross with it's ground-facing limb extended past others and solidified Essence Between the Limbs, giving it an angular Appearance. Rather than Working as a defense against physical attacks, the Substitute Shield absorbs all misfortune that would occur to The User, such as injuries sustained during a battle. Furthermore, using "The Balance", The user can turn back the absorbed misfortune onto his opponent in order to further injure them.

C - The Compulsory: By shooting its nerves from its fingers and extending them into its opponent's body, the user an forcibly control their movements. If it infiltrates a victim's entire body, The User can tear them to shreds near-instantaneously. If it only infiltrates parts, then the nerves will only tear these Parts. It can also send its nerves into inorganic objects in order to control and shape them, which is done by creating giant arms and hands out of the ground. In addition, if one of the user's fingers are severed, the User can use The Compulsory remotely, which involves an eye opening on the knuckle of the finger before attacking the target.

D - The DeathDealing: The User can perfectly calculate the "absolute lethal dose" of any substance they consume. - The amount that will cause death without fail - and raise or lower that value as they see fit, causing a lethal dosage of that substance. In order to facilitate the lethal dose, the user needs to consume a great amount of whatever it is they want to manipulate into his body. For Example by consuming blood, he can decrease the lethal dosage of the blood in his opponent's body, thus making it fatal for them.

  • Raising his own lethal dosage to an attack also grants The user a healing factor, which allows them to recover in seconds. Will still be affected by anti-Healing effects.
  • The User develops an immunity to whatever substance or energy-based attack they are attacked with. Their immunity acquisition speed is incredibly fast. Upon receiving an attack, the user will reflexively analyzes their Aura and Essence and begins to create their immunity at a Terrifying speed. As Long as he has one minute, he can render virtually any attack Ineffective.
  • The User can create a darkened area of influence the size of a large circle on the ground; if anyone steps within its radius, the User can lower their resistance to anything, such as Cold, causing them to become "Poisoned" By high amounts of that.
  • Weakness of DeathDealing: - If the target can extract the element from their body, that the user is manipulating, they can lower the concentration until it goes below the lethal dosage.
    • -The User can quickly build up immunity to elements, but if that element is changed by even a small amount, he can be affected by it again.

E - The Explode: The User has the ability to create bombs. Their explosive attacks cannot be blocked because their attacks are not bombs made of Essence. They are Essence That turn anything they make contact with into a bomb itself. This ability allows for Omni-Directional attacks, such that the User does not have to actually target an opponent and can inflict significant area damage. By using their power, the User can set off Explosions within their close vicinity. Additionally, they can generate explosive energy around them, which radiates outwards in a large globe and causes heavy damage to their surroundings.

F - The Fear: The User's Weapon would start generating thorns. The Thorns are easily able to cut trough most materials, but The true power of these thorns lies not in their offensive capability, but instead in their ability to induce limitless fear in those who are struck. Just a single wound is enough to inspire a deep-seated fear towards The User, causing victims to doubt everything, lose control of all rational thought, and see visions of their deepest fears. While this would typically result in instantaneous death due to a person's heart being unable to bear such intense shock, an individual's experience and willpower can be used to resist this fear to an extent, thought they will anyway succumb to it eventually. When the thorns strike an object a black substance of fear begins to spread. It can even move through the objects to induce fear in a foe. The thorns can induce fear in their target through simply touching them, so it is not necessary for the foe to be wounded for the fear to infect them.

G - The Glutton: The User can consume whatever they choose chooses by shifting their mouth outward into an extended form, allowing it to become a gaping maw of jagged teeth which eats whatever they please. However, as a side-effect, this ability leaves The User in a constant state of hunger.

H - The Heat: By Manipulating Essence and Elements in the air, the user can generate flames and launch them toward an opponent.

  • -Burner Finger 1: Pointing their finger at their opponent, the user launches a narrow beam of fire. It is strong enough to easily pierce through Icexa Ice.
  • -Burner Finger 2: The User concentrates the power of their flames into two fingers, causing them to leave a trail of fire behind the air, before swinging them at an opponent, creating a large explosion and inflicting considerable damage on the surrounding area.
  • -Burner Finger 3: By pointing three fingers at a surface, the User can melt solid structures into lava that can reduce a being to nothing is seconds.
  • -Burner Finger 4: Pointing all of his fingers except his thumb forward, the User creates a large blade of fire with an elongated crossguard around their hand before slashing at their opponents, creating a massive Explosion. The Sword can also be used to cut through large objects, such as pillars.
  • -Burning Full Fingers: Generating fire around all five fingertips on one hand, The User unleashes a torrent of flame in a spiralling cone in front of them.
  • -The User stomps the ground, releasing a torrent of fire and heat which sweeps over the surrounding area.

I - The Iron: The User can coat their skin partially or Full in a layer of "iron", making their Body virtually invulnerable to Physical harm while the transformation is active.

J - The Jail: The User can fire off Essence Constructs capable of forcibly closing gateways between dimensions, as well as form Essence cages to entrap his opponents. Once a person is trapped, their presence is sealed off from the outside, their Aura and Essence cannot be Detected, and while the person inside can hear people, the people on the other side are unable to hear them. These cages will continue to exist even if the User Dies. The Only people that cannot be held by "The Jail" Are Fellow Dreadlords.

K - The Killer: The User can Make Thousands of Miniguns in the air, and their hands, that shoot Spiritual Pressure instead of Aura, Essence or Physical Bullet. The bullets can easily pierce through armors, being anti-All, but Icexa. But to compensate for that, the Miniguns have a Mode for Anti-Icexa, but are normal bullets for the rest. The User can make a near-Endless amount of Miniguns, being able to kill armies in a very little amount of time.

  • Weakness: The Killer's Weakness is that this Power can ONLY Activate when the user is immensely mad, or Wrathful. If one calms the User down, then "The Killer" Will be stopped as well.

L - The Love: The User an launch a heart-shaped projectile by putting his hands together in the shape of a heart. Anyone hit by this heart falls in love with the user, becoming so obsessed with the User that they will do anything he asks, including attacking their own comrades and those they know to be of superior power.

M - The Miracle: The User can manifest "Miracles" Upon himself by giving form to the thoughts, feelings and desires of themselves and those around him. By focusing on the enemy's fear of being unable to destroy them, they is also able to covert any physical damage upon him to increase their size and might. With massive damage inflicted upon them, the User can covert any physical damage upon him to increase his size and might. With massive damage inflicted upon them, the User can become gigantic, towering over nearby buildings and other combatants.

N - The Nature: The User can change the nature and instincts of anything they wish and has the ability to control their nature as they wish, making them weak or strong. They are able to warp The Nature of anything. To Solid to Liquid, to weak to even weaker, strong to weak and so on.

O - The Overkill: The User possesses the ability to Greatly Increase his own power through simply killing someone. They can continue to Grow Stronger the more they kill, regardless of what form each victim actually takes, be it enemy, ally or even beast.

P - The Power: The User possesses superhuman strength, allowing them to lift entire planets with ease. Which is Type IV Strength.

Q -The Question: The User can FORCE their opponents to question EVERYTHING about themselves and their abilities.

  • Weakness: Speechlessness and Inaudibility.

R - The Roar: The User has the ability to produce, a strong, sound-based shockwave which he can attack his opponents with.

S - The SuperStar: The Users gains a considerable amount of zeal, stamina, and strength when they have at least one other person cheering them on. They Grow immense Durability, able to resist attacks easier. The Power also allows them to regenerate from damage, using their Cheers as source of all. After receiving enough cheering from People, The User is able to power up to a new form in a process called Star Power Up. This ability also links the user's supporters to him, allowing them to even be Infinitely revived so long as The User himself lives.

T - The Thunderbolt: The User can create, control and project lightning Bolts. This is made commonly generated in their hands and points where they want to project it. They can also conjure lightning bolts of significant power from the sky to attack targets in groups, causing considerable damage to an area. Those that already have Lightning powers will be immensely Boosted.

U - The Underbelly: The User can analyze the Essence of a target over a certain period of time, allowing him to determine an opponent's spiritual power distribution. After Doing so, he imprints his epithet letter onto his target and uses it to form a grid pattern, which is dubbed "Morphine Pattern". The Grid allows him to pinpoint the holes in a Target's Aura and Essence and attack them, increasing their size until the Target's Aura Depletes. This allows the user to paralyze and knock the opponent out.

V - The Visionary: The User has the ability to turn fantasy into reality. For example, if they imagine that the bones in someone's arm are made of cookies, this will become true. By imagining that their body is "more sturdy than the strongest steel," they can drastically increase their defense. They can instantly heal any wounds inflicted onto them by imagining that it has already healed. Using this power, They User can also create elements and substances from their Mind, creating lava, water and even creating a gigantic stone platform and steel pillars to attack and defend against opponents and manipulate them as they see fit. They User can also create real weapons around himself, ranging from machine guns to missiles, in order to attack their opponent. If The User dies, everything which they have imagined into existence ceases to exist.

  • Weakness: The User is Restricted to what he can think off, and of what his body can handle, as their body will have limits, as they cannot transcend limits.

W - The Wind: The User can deflect attacks away from targets of their choosing. When they uses this ability, the attacks are not countered; rather, they are pushed to the side of the target, preventing them from connecting. This ability causes solid attacks like swords to bend away from They User themselves. The User is not limited to blocking only the attacks which he can see; he can deflect the attacks through instinct alone, making even surprise attacks useless. The User can also use "The Wind" to cut opponents in half by moving their finger toward them, which bends their body out of the way.

X - The Axis: One of the user's eyes would get Sealed, but can get Unsealed for any time the User wishes, without any strain only when they are in danger. The User's guns are Immensely enhanced. Their weapons can pierce anything they fires at with perfect accuracy. When The User fires, their gun does not release a bullet; rather, it simply pierces everything between the muzzle and the target, leaving its power unable to be blocked by any barriers as a result. When the user has both of his eyes open, They can fully use "The X-Axis", which allows Their Weapon to pierce through whatever they shoot and renders their body intangible. Though the power will only work for a short period of time when their life is in danger during battle, if they open their eyes a total of three times in a row during One Battle, The user is permitted to keep them open for the entire Battle

Y1 - The Yourself: The User can transform Themselves into the exact physical likeness of another person. In doing so, The User replicates the spiritual power and abilities of this individual. The User can only copy Appearance, powers and techniques.

Y2 - The Yourself: The User can transform Themselves into the exact physical likeness of another person. In doing so, they can replicate the memories and personality of this individual, allowing them to flawlessly impersonate their target.

Z - The Zombie: Anyone who has The User's's blood splattered on them falls under their control, effectively becoming a "corpse" and doing whatever The User orders them to do. This aspect of their ability does not work on fellow Dreadlords, unless they have already died. Once a Dreadlord has died, however, The User can summon their corpse at any time and remotely activate their abilities. The amount of blood required to zombify someone depends on the strength of their Aura and Essence. If it is low, The user only needs a drop of blood to zombify them once it reaches their brain, but if it's high, the blood must be diffused at the heart and spread through the entire body before "The Zombie" Can take effect. The User's zombies can speak, although in fragments, and seem to want something of the User; However, their blood does not contain special properties like The User's does, so there is no risk of opponents falling under The User's control by coming in contact with the blood of her zombies. Those who are zombified before death have fresh cells, so they possess better movement and reaction speeds; additionally, they are the only zombies The User can completely control, as their personality vanishes in the process.

  • -The User can use the power to heal their comrades by using the flesh of the deceased to replace their own. They can even replace a lost limb by removing a corresponding limb from a corpse. They Can also Re-attach severed limbs to Their zombies by holding the limb in the proper place. Additionally, the user can endure and heal themselves of any fatal injuries which they must sustain in activating "The Zombie".

Dark Arc Powers: Gabe, Despite being a God of Justice, Gabriel knows and has the ability to use the Most Advanced Spells of the Dark Arcs, a Race of the Voidics, thanks to Sworrow.

Vampuire Abilities: Gabriel, being also the Child of 6th, has the Ability to use "Vampuire Cast" And "Vampuire Slayer". He also has Vampuire-Like Traits, such as: Supernatural Hearing, Supernatural Smelling, Enhanced Bite and affinity to their Magic.

Time Arc Abilities: Gabe, Being the Grandson of Crystalia, has the ability to do Time Manipulation to Extremely High Degrees. Through, not Meta-Time Manipulation

Galaxy Blast: Gabriel has the ability to Create and Charge a Blast colored like a Galaxy, that can go through Most materials and Explode even the most giant Planets. The Galaxy Blast's Most Feared ability is it's Effect, that if one is to be hit by it, the Area they got hit cannot Regenerate,even if they possess Ultimate Regeneration, unless the User has a Special Spell to Regenerate that Wound.

Reality Ripper: A Technique that allows Gabe to use his Arms to easily cut through Reality, make holes through it and Cut through most if not all spells, even Almighty Magic Spells . This was Inherithed by Gabriel from 6th.

Divine Creation: Gabe, after Becoming the Head of the Family and the Thunder King, has acquired his Mother's powers, and thus, was able to Create nearly anything he could've think of. This ability, tho, Is only half, and is quite limited.

Shadow Jump: Gabe has the ability to Shadow Jump, a Teleportation ability that allows him to go anywhere in the Universe, unless that place is protected in a way or another by a high-level Magic or spell. This spell is for Beginners, but is one of the most Useful yet. Gabriel, has the ability to Shadow Jump, and use Lightning Shadow Jump, which is a more Perfected Version, that allows him to pass most Defenses. Lightning Shadow Jump is Characterized by the User being hit by a Lightning Bolt, then Disappearing to the Location they want to move to.

Dark Cheetah: This is a Spell that allows Gabriel, or the User, to go at Speeds that Are Much Beyond Light, making the User an Actual Speedster, in the Variant of Voidics.

Roar of the Vampuire King: This is a Spell that the Vampuire Omega Dragon King has taught Gabe, to fight against 6th, and learn about Vampuire Spells even more. It Creates Sound Pressure that is able to destroy most objects with it, and even Vibranium, also having the same Effects as Galaxy Blast.

Master and Supernatural Swordsman: Gabriel has the ability to do near-Impossible Tasks with even the weakest Blades, and has Trained in all the 7 Ways of the Swords.

Slayer Cores: Gabriel has the Justice Vampuire Thunder Elf Core, the Immortal Flame Core, the Core of the Goddess Of Time and his First Core, the Slayer Core. The Cores can be used one at a time, or Resonate one to another. Their Resonation allows a huge boost of power, that allows him to do all that is possible for the Cores, but is straining to The User, and will kill the user if too much in the Resonation Mode.

  •  The Justice Vampuire Thunder Elf Core allows him further Control of his Thunder Powers, the Ability to Create and Easily Master Vampuire Spells.
  • The Immortal Flame Core is the Core that Originated from him being hit by the Strongest Nexus Blast in existence. He has the ability to use All Elements around the user to use them in the form of Fire. Gabriel's Hair, while Accessing this Core, Gabriel's Hair turns Fiery Orange
  • The Core of the Time Goddess allows him to use Time Arc Spells to the next Level, and Allows the user to be Immortal (but it is not needed in Gabriel's case). While using the Core, Gabriel's hair Turns White
  • The First Slayer Core, Simply called The Slayer Core, is a Core all Voidic Slayers have, and is needed for them to Officially be Slayers and Forever Slay God-Level Being Or even higher, giving them the name of God Slayers. At highest Levels, one can even do Omni-Slaying, or Concept-Slaying.

 Juggernaut ( Passive )

-This power makes the user capable of harnessing the power of hits/attacks against them into their own. This power gets progressively stronger as the user has it/gets attacked.

-The user can channel all their force into one single devastating blow, resetting the Power.

Line of Ancient Master Swordsman:

-The user summons a horde of lance-wielding swordsmen made of ice which proceed in attacking the target. The swordsmen are capable of blocking certain magical attacks like Ice.

Single Blade Cremation:

-The spell causes a brief shock wave followed by a massive pillar of red fire erupting from the ground in the shape of a katana's tip.

-the blasts from the pillar is so forceful that it can completely obliterate all buildings within its vicinity.


-The practitioner generates an orb of light blue energy which repels whatever strikes it.


-As the practitioner draws the symbols of the spell in the air, his/her entire body permeates a red energy, which engulfs the body of the target, causing complete paralysis.

Five Swirling Dragons of Destruction:

-Upon activation, energy ruptures a large area around the user, causing the ground to rise up in pillars, before rising into the air to form five enormous dragons above the user.

Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer:

-At the instant of the slash, the Blade absorbs and condenses The User's Aura before releasing it at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash attack, which flies forward. This slash takes the shape of a crescent moon or wave.

Moonless Night:

- Generating a blade of deep black Aura in his hand, The User swings it towards his target. Doing so causes a massive veil of black Aura to erupt upwards and approach the target, darkening the sky and heavily damaging anything caught within the blast. Afterward, the energy continues to rise before dissipating into the sky.

Justice Charge:

-The practitioner fires a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Dreadlords can fire a Justice Charge from their hands, fingers, and other parts of their bodies. 

Grand King's Justice Charge:

-By mixing their own blood with a Justice Charge, a Royal Dreadlord can fire a Justice Charge with much greater attack power and speed, in addition to having a change of color unique to them. It is many times more powerful than a normal Justice Cannon, disturbing the fabric of space as it travels. Upon release, it spins like a razor as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power. This is only to be used in Special Occasion and actual needs.

 One Strike of Justice:

-As five disks of crackling spiritual energy form at his fingertips, The User forms a fist and punches his opponent. The blow is devastating, and upon contact, a huge Lightning-shape is gouged into the surface behind the target.

 Ray of Judgement:

-The User Lille makes a chopping gesture with his arm and fires thin waves of energy from it. These energy waves can pierce through entire cities, and areas in its path are riddled with explosions.

Ripping Grass Formation:

-This technique uses five Soul Cutters to create a pentagon-shaped seal which, when activated, creates a massive explosion within its borders. The Soul Cutters function as accumulators, gathering the necessary amount of Aura to create the explosion.

Enhanced Death Cursed Eye: Using his Right Eye, Gabriel can turn Everything into a Special Ash called "Death Ash", Which is capable of destroying absolutely Physical. These Eyes also Enhances the user's Magic by 50%, allowing them to cast their Spells much deadlier. Gabriel, unlike the others, didn't receive the Curse of the Death Eyes, and thus didn't become near All-Knowing.

Golden Judgement Eye: By looking in the eye of One person, they get to know all their Sins and Virtues they have done in their Life, be it mortal or Immortal, and gain the ability to do The Ultimate, Absolute Judgement for the Being that looked into their eyes. In addition, the User is Immune to all Kinds of Illusions, his mind being a Completely Impenetrable Fortress.

Skin Adapt: A Pure-blood's Strongest Technique and Ability. The User can Adapt without any issue to Absolutely any attack, as the Skin would "study" everything before to even attack it, in barely any time. It studies all of it in 0.01 Nano-seconds, allowing the user to easily shrug off most attacks.

Dread Scales: This is how the Dreadlords are Immune to absolutely any element. These Scales Are the Pride of the Dreadlords, and their Signature Passive that they gain since birth. They Get into the armor, giving the Armor a more Mighty Look,and the Ability to Overpower and Surpass any Element there is. The Scales, if not used by a Dreadlord, are  Heavy as a Planet, and drain the User's Aura extremely fast, most people dying right after they touch a Dread Scale.

Shadow Light Wings: Gabriel, has from 6th, His Mother, the Shadow Light Wings, that allow him to Use the Darkest Spells Existent, but also the most Holy Spells, through his Wings. One of the Spells that Gabriel uses most Frequently is Shadow Vortex.

Shadow Vortex: The User Spins at Unimaginable speeds, creating a Tornado, then, the Tornado itself Becomes a Vortex, then an "Off-Spring" Of a Tornado and Vortex, forcing anything that is flying to fall down, and be caught in the Vortex.

Atman: Atman is an Eternal, Unchanging Essence that has Entered Gabriel's Body in the Second part of his Adventure Producing the Ri Isatratsa and merged with him. The Essence does not allow Forced Change, or Change in General, making Gabriel's body unchanging in time and space, making his body completely immune to Change, being unaffected by anything that is not Divine, and having Resistance to Divine Constructs, but not immune, as once Gabriel is hit too many times by a Divine Construct or God, his Resistance will break. Because Gabriel's body and Essence doesn't accept or allows change anymore, thus nobody would be able to Apply Buffs or De-Buffs to him, due to Applying Buffs or De-Buffs as Forced Changing something of Gabriel, Making any Buff or De-Buff that Gabriel Receives Obsolete. Because of Atman Gabriel can only die by the hand of Divine Constructs or Gods. Atman's Essence inside Gabriel's body has also given Gabriel an Unnatural Presence; Those around him will confess to him all their sins and bad-doings to him. Because of Gabriel being in full Control of Gabriel, Atman does accept Changes that Gabriel wishes to make himself. After he accepts to become The Embodiment of Justice and Strength, the Presence would be amplified, and easier to Control for Gabriel


Skin Adapt: Even if The Skin adapts "Can study" absolutely anything, in one of the shortest Time-Spans possible, The PAC ( Particle Accelerator Cannon ) Can easily go faster, And Actually hit Nurnitai. The Adapt only works if the Skin Adapt has time to comprehend that it's gonna get hit. Nurnitai also does not enjoy to use this and while fighting, he rather not use it.

Hearth of Tutsatsa: If the heart is destroyed, ripped of his chest, or removed in general, Nurnitai would instantly die, with absolutely no way to bring him back.

Fire of Dotia: If Nurnitai's will is broken, then the fire will extinguish and kill him. Extinguishing the flame directly through other means will also kill him.


Gabriel is an Enthustiastic Man, that loves to have a good chat. He is always in his armor, even if he doesn't need to. He Puts What is Good and Righteous on the First Place, while he is a Loving Husband for his Wife.

When the Universe is in danger, unlike most Gods, he will take the first step, and attempt to solve the Problem. Firstly Diplomatically, if possible, then will use Force as a mean.

He likes to Collect Relics of the past and Artefacts. He mostly Collects Cursed Artefacts or Relics, that must be put under heavy Security. Some of the time, he collects Artefacts or Relics which he believes that can be useful for either him or the Greater Good.

He is shown to be Kind and Caring. Hard to put in a bad mood but it's also been shown that small things sometimes enrage him, but nothing that will lead to something worse than irritation.

In a fight, Gabriel is shown to be serious, and doesn't Hesitate to Kill, unless his enemy either can't fight anymore or wants to stop the Fight. In an actual War, Gabe doesn't show any mercy, his Personality changing Dramatically while fighting or in a War. It is said that Gabriel has Both Hearts of Skyler and 6th, Skyler's Caring heart and 6th Heart of a God of War, but unlike 6th, he hasn't got all of it, allowing him to control himself. Most people see Gabriel while Fighting, as a Ruthless Beast that will destroy everything in his sight.

As a Branch Leader, Gabe is Diplomatic, Caring for his people and will do all that is needed to make them happy. He hates to see them Suffer and such, Due to their Actions, the Fire Arcs have been Hated by the Dreadlords for years, as the Fire Arcs have nearly Destroyed time, done Illegal Omexu's and kept provoking them, Gabe has always had a Secret Hate for Fire Arcs, but keeps it hidden.

People see Gabriel as an admirable hero that often if not always gets the job done. Even trying first diplomatically! However, he may unintentionally steal the spotlight for other heroes, by just trying to do his job. Though this mere fluke can be forgiven by his efficiency at his job. A caring father of his wife and many, many children, people look up to Gabriel. He’s a beacon when Hope seems faded. Although these are all desirable traits, his love can also be a downfall.




Holder Rune: This Rune allows the User to put a blade on a blade, allowing it to stay on your back, without the use of a belt, or shealth. These Runes are frequently used to hold High-Level Voidic Blades such as the Lightning Blade.

BlackStone Thunderium Armor: His Gauntlets have Two Vipers on them. On the Opening of the Viper's Heads, on the Right fist of the Gauntlet, it's Inscribed "Death", on the Left one is Inscribed "Awaits". The Pauldrons ( Armor of the Shoulders. ) And the Knee-Guard is in the Form of Mighty Lions. His Chest Plate shows the Face of a Dying Death Titan God. The Armor is Purely Black. On the back of the Armor, there is a Symbol Inscribed, that shows the Symbol of the Phoenix, which shows the Marking of a Master Essence Controller. On the Gauntlets, there are two Sonic Slayer Blades , That can help Gabriel Create a Sonic Blast strong enough to erase somebody from Existence If hit. There's Ancient Inscribing and Words of power all around the Armor, giving it even more Significance to the Armor.

  •  Absolute Regeneration: The Armor will Regenerate Infinitely, as Long as Gabriel Lives.
  • Bad Luck Indicement and Bad luck and Good Luck manipulation:The Armor gives the Enemies of the user Bad Luck, taking their good luck instead.
  • Aura and Energy Draining: Gabriel can Drain the Aura and Energies around him to boost his Durability, or just Drain the Opponents/Surroundings
  • Elemental Immunity: Gabriel, using his armor, is Immune to Elements, and can Easily Overcome them.
  • Skill Inducement: Gabriel's Skills while donning this armor are Greatly Increased, with all weapons
  • Armor Manipulation: Gabriel can Make his Armor Grow Spikes all over it, and even grow another Protective Layer
  • Intelligence Weakening: If the Opponent gets stabbed by the Spikes, they're Intelligence and way of Understanding things would be Weakened. ( This doesn't work on Omniscient Beings or 12-Level Intelligence beings. )
  • Armor Archiving: Gabriel can use his Armor to "Archive" information inside of the armor, allowing him to use the Knowledge for later use, or simply have it.
  • There is a Stronger Version of this armor called Blacklight Thunderium, which is 500% Stronger, has the Ability to grow Spikes that have a much stronger effect. The Blacklight Thunderium has a lot of Slots of Runes for the armor. His Knuckles Receive the same spikes that the armor in overall has. When one being gets Punched by the gauntlet, It gets written on them that "Death Awaits". This armor also allows Gabriel's Wings to grow them. On the back, it has Gun Holsters, and a Holder Rune for Gabriel's Blade. It's Designs enhance the Armor with "Divine Winds" and Lightning, which are Buil- in Rune-Slots.


Lightning Blade: The Blade of the Head of the Family, a Divine Construct without Equal, as some say. The Lightning Blade is a 1st Class Voidic Slayer Blade, that is said to be able to Do Omni-Slaying, but to higher degrees than known, able to even Slash at Concepts, and supposedly kill them. It's a Singularity, and has Multiple Forms of Energy going around it, all in the form of Lightning on the outside, while in the inside, it's uncomprehendable power can make one go mad just by looking at it, though, The Lightning Blade could've never be studied by Modern means due to its Ancient Power. The Lightning Blade's power Predates the Universe itself, and at it's Fully Capability, perhaps the Whole Multiverse. I's Abilities are completely unknown, but it is said that it can do the strongest and most feared Voidic Spells, as well as it's own Spells. It can use all Elements, but in form of Lightning, allowing the Lightning to have any possible Propriety, even some impossible. The Lightning Blad, can also do this in the Form of Fire and Wind, much stronger than the Sword of The Great Skies.

Dread-SoulBlade: Gabriel's Dread-SoulBlade, unlike the other ones, is a 1st Class God-Slayer Blade by Voidic Means. It holds the Hand Of the One-Above-All itself as the Spirit of the Dread-SoulBlade, allowing it near-Unlimited power. It is said that the Spirit itself has gifted the Dreadlords with the Dread-SoulBlades.

The Dread-SoulBlade is Said to have Created All the Dreadlord Gods but the Leader of the Dreadlords. It is even said to have Defeated. the Beast of God, the EndBringer Behemot himself and has Defeated Jena'tes ( Who is the All-Evil in the Dreadlord Culture, Mephisto In Human Culture. ) The Full power of the Dread-SoulBlade itself is Unknown, but it is seen destroying all it touches. It is also seen Using absolutely any power it wishes to use.

Ahnenerbe ( Holy Relic ): A Holy Relic is a weapon or artifact, which is a concept implemented by the Throne God,  the core of which is powered by spiritual techniques. These artifacts have nothing to do with the relics of any religion or spirituality, they are the manifestation of thoughts and feelings of people. No matter what it is, faith, profound hatred or resentment, love, or a curse, if something has a huge amount of concentration in a single object, it eventually will be called one's "holy relic". After binding a contract, the knight of the soul is assimilated with the relic forming the strongest spiritual connection, and it is almost impossible to break. After this, control of the relic is a very complex process, a normal person can not even master the first level of "The Eternity"

-Manipulation of Souls: to absorb the souls of the dead, each soul is absorbed in proportion to increases in all of the characteristics of the user. It also allows the ability to resist or ignore them (if the gap is too large in quantity).

-Spiritual Armor - Apostles Relics surrounded spiritual armor that protects them from passively any impacts. The strength of the armor depends directly on the number of souls. 100,000 souls to withstand nuclear attacks without receiving any damage.

-ESP - The Eternity users feel the soul at very large distances and see them in different color spectra.

-Regeneration - the loss of the body is nothing holy relic of the apostle, they can instantly recover the body of the spiritual nature, even if the body does not retain anything. Spiritual wounds of some complexity (ruptured internal organs, severed limbs, crushed head) also heal within hours. As the apostle associated with its relic can only kill him by destroying his repository of souls, ie its relic.

-Multilevel Damage -attacks from holy relics can be blocked on two planes of existence at the same time, material and spiritual. In addition, the wounds inflicted by relics is not only physical and spiritual trauma, it is conceptual as one can attack the very concept or "idea" of a person's existence

Ri Isatratsa ( The Eternity ):

A magic formula created by The Throne God, which allows the user to absorb souls and convert them into power. The basic abilities of all The Eternity Users Include: The ability to absorb the souls of the dead and boost their power with it (With merely 1,000 souls, nuclear weapons are completely ineffective), the ability to sense souls over very large distances, and detect their individual characteristics, have a body that only serves for physical interaction (Even if their entire body is destroyed, they will regenerate as long as their soul is intact), have power derived from a "Holy Relic" (Which can be any item of the user's choosing), and the ability to deal spiritual damage in conjunction with physical. The Formula Turns the Eye of the User into a Divine Construct itself, implanted into the eye of the User.

Holy relic.png

Levels of The Eternity:

Assiah: The first level of the "The Eternity" Formula, the characteristic that indicates the Holy Relic has merged with the user’s soul. At this rank it is incorporeal and somewhat unstable while at the same time giving the user a strong desire to kill. It also grants a more resilient body but can still be killed by hitting vital areas like the heart. What a Holy Relic does varies from individual to individual.

Yetzirah: The second level of the Formula, when the Holy Relic gets a physical form and the user is finally starting to show their particular traits. The Holy Relic can now be said to be finally stable and can be weaponized. His or her body is now strengthened to superhuman levels and the body will stop aging, although the soul will continue to do so.

Briah: The third level of the Formula, which allows the user's absolute deepest desire to be made reality. There are two different types of Briah, Hadou (Which is when one's desire focuses on others) and Gudou (When one's desire focuses on themselves). Said desire gives the user an ability relating to it in at least some capacity. ( For Instance, if one has the Desire of "I do not want to be touched by anyone", and his Briah Manifests as an ability that lets him always out-speed his enemy no matter what they attempt outside of outright time stop ). When the user has a Hadou desire, their ability will alter their surroundings, while a Gudou desire will alter themselves, though mixtures of both do exist.

Aztiluth: The final and ultimate level of the Ri Isatratsa formula, when the user becomes a full-blown Dreadlord/Hadou/Godou God and starts to paint over the Dreadlord Reality with their own Law, essentially making the Dimensions a canvas. The ability given to one by their desire is now amplified to far greater levels (ex. Schreiber/Wolfgang being able to bypass the very concept of speed to go faster than his enemy), and users are capable of manipulating the reality of the Dimensions on a conceptual level. However, not everyone is capable of attaining Atziluth, as it is a right determined at one's birth, meaning that not everybody that will ever possess A Holy Relic, will be able to reach it. Outside of the Dreadlord Dimensions, the power is Greatly Reduced, now allowing them to Manipulate Concepts, but there are cases where Atziluth's that do not Manipulate the Concepts of others but themselves (Godou-Type Atziluth.), and also some other Atziluths that will still have the power outside of Dreadlord Territory.

Taikyoku: is the beginning of all things, the root, original/first beginning, or beginning of all beginnings. Taikyoku is the "Supreme Ultimate" state of limitless potential, the oneness before duality, all who have reached Atziluth have taikyoku. Atziluth is the emanation of the spirit/soul (Atman), which is beyond the dimensional framework, representing a cosmic law which repaints all of reality for themselves, in accordance with the desire of the god itself, bypassing any obstacles because taikyoku is primary in relation to any form of existence.

Beings who reached taikyoku are transcendent in relation to any form of existence, any form of information, any form of duality, any form of time-space, regardless of its complexity, or its size. Taikyoku is the root of all things and phenomena, therefore, regardless if an impact is tangible, intangible, spiritual, mental, logical, verbal, nothing can affect them. To oppose the law, you are required to possess an equivalent or greater Taikyoku value to compete on a similar playing field as the Atziluth user.

Atziluth-Tai - The law of the throne. It's the wellspring of the concepts that operate in the setting, basically the mechanics of the cosmology itself. Hadou God's define their own mechanics so Other Universes/Multiverses would have other Mechanics, or are governed by different set of rules/laws. Aside from the macro mechanics, For example would be like how life forms perceive and act, how the world looks like, how the soul is managed after death (whether or not it is erased from existence after death or reset back in time, so you practically keep reliving your life over and over again), or whether the concept of (insert here) exist or not.

Gabriel's Yetzirah:

The Spear of Justice.

Gabriel's Holy Relic, also called the Spear Of Justice, a Weapon only himself can wield due to him being the Throne God, Representing the form of his Tsuni Muti. The Weapon is Described to be as Fast as Albedo ( Always faster than the Opponent ), Inevitable and Never-Missing like Rubedo and Erases the Existence of the Opponent like Nigredo, meaning that the spear is always faster than its target, never misses, and kills whatever it hits on a physical, mental, spiritual and conceptual level before dragging their soul to Ardasa to become a part of Gabriel's Legion whenever Gabriel throws the Spear at his Opponent. Gabriel can also instantly curse the target with a Stigma with the Spear should he choose to at any time, making them a part of his Legion the moment they die. Additionally, the spear can also ignore the concept of distance. Those who look Upon the spear itself will have their minds burned and Souls Erased. Members of the Legion, beings who possess resistance to soul attacks and destruction, find it troubling to maintain their consciousness when in its presence. Those who touch the spear but are not Gabriel will slowly lose their Existance the longer they hold onto it. The Spear, when the Effects of Never-Missing, Always Faster, The Spear has the ability to Take off the Curse of a Being off

Gabriel's Briah:

Apoptosis - The Fifth Universe of Gold:

Gabriel’s Briah, his desire being "I love everything". As love is equivalent to that of Justice for Gabriel, his desire manifests itself as a massive, hellish castle the size of a Dimension with an interior entirely made out of souls. Its full activation is also capable of soul-ripping other people into his castle, as he once took the lives of a Near-Infinite into his castle with one use during the Fall of The First Age of the Dreadlords. Anyone that is killed within the castle or is slain via The Spear of Justice becomes a part of Gabriel’s Legion of Einherjar, giving him all of their memories and powers. It also makes his Legion immortal as long as they are bound to him. It has a passive effect of distorting distance and coordination, making it impossible to get close unless one is invited to the castle itself by Gabriel. The duration of how long Gabriel can manifest his Briah is tremendously greater than that of other Hadou Briah users, being able to keep it active for as long as 2-3 months whereas any other of his legion is able to have it active for just a few Hours at the most; This duration being where The Expansion was not implanted into the castle (whereupon doing so later eliminated this weakness and allows Gabriel to have it on indefinitely). Additionally, the castle itself is detached from the multiverse, allowing Gabriel to have it manifest wherever he wishes and allowing him to instantly teleport anywhere in the multiverse by using it as a launching pad. He can also summon the Einherjar he's obtained to do battle alongside him, giving him the advantage through sheer numbers via this method.

  • Skeleton Giant': When desired to, Gabriel can have Gladshemir transform into a gigantic, mobile skeletal creature large enough to dwarf mountains that possesses great mobility. It can produce more energy than any earthquake in history all the way to 1944 through its movement alone and can generate a light beam from it's mouth possessing a level of heat surpassing that of nuclear bombs and capable of turning entire countries to ashes.
  • Skull Army: Due to his castle being made entirely out of skeletons, Gabriel can shape them into many shapes and forms. As many of his soul stock is made up of the entire Population of the First Age of Dreadlords, Gabriel usually sets them up into formations of skeletons and their weaponry from the Ages (ranging from , rifles, landmines, tanks, and even anti-tank turrets), with enough number and firepower to combat a being as powerful as Gods themselves. All with these skeletons and weapons have the ability to damage and destroy the soul just like the Holy Relics of the Legion as well as bringing anyone they kill into becoming part of Gabriel's legion. In addition, their ammunition will never run out as it replenishes after they restored from destruction by Gabriel's power should they somehow fall in battle (even if their soul is destroyed) due to Gabriel's Castle being in a constant state of creation and destruction. Because of this, it is virtually impossible to try and thin their numbers as long as Gabriel and his castle exists.
    • Krecizia: Gabriel can call upon the ace pilot of WW2 known as the "Star of Africa", manifesting behind him the latters' machine guns from his fighter plane. These machine guns can predict the future position of Gabriels' adversary, where it proceeds to shoot them down with accurate and powerful shelling.
    • 8th SS-Cavalry Division - Florian Geyer: Gabriel suddenly erects a wall of skeletons below his target, creating an obstacle between them and limiting their movement.
    • 9th SS-Panzer Division - Hohenstaufen: Manifests a hundred tank turrets, destroying everything in their way with powerful barrages of tank shells and explosions.
    • 12th SS-Panzer Division - Hitlerjujand: Creating hundreds of Artillery Tanks, Gabriel shoots his enemy in an incessant bombardment of warheads.
    • 24th SS-Mountain Division - Karstjäger: Summons numerous landmines and warheads to explode upon the enemy.
  • 36th SS-Grenadier Division - Dirlewanger: Gabriel implodes a flock of skeletons from below his foe, releasing numerous bayonets pierce them through through.
  • Black Round Table: Through his Briah, Gabriel can even reincarnate the members of the BRT after their initial deaths where he can send them out in the castle to fight alongside or for him.
    • Tubal Cain: An immortal monster who has the ability to decompose anything, whether they be physical or intangible, as well as decomposing the soul itself. Has an inferior replica of Gabriel's lance, which allows it to use the abilities of those it has slain.
    • Kaziklu Bey: A vampire who can drain the energy out of everything in his surroundings, regardless of whether or not they are organic, inorganic, tangible, or intangible.
    • Beatrice: Her Briah allows herself to become pure lightning, thus overwhelming her opponents with sheer speed and immunity to physical strikes.
    • Leonhard August: Has a Briah that allows her to become a being of pure flame, emitting enough to instantly vaporize metal while also becoming virtually impossible to strike with physical attacks.
    • Machina: Einherjar Nigredo. A powerful being that can erase the existence of whatever he hits with his fists, be it things such as living beings, objects, or even concepts (ex. Methuselah), as long as it has a history.
    • Malleus: Has the ability to manipulate shadows and can summon torture tools out from her own shadow. Anyone that steps on it will be paralyzed, even unable to breathe or even stop their heart if she so desires.
    • Samiel: Einherjar Rubedo. Her ability makes it so that her flames never miss (her false Briah makes it an ever-expanding fireball until it has taken out all the targets), has virtually infinite range. Using the true form of her ability, she can transport the target and herself to the inside of the barrel of her Holy Relic, making it essentially impossible to escape as it is a pocket dimension unto itself. Her flames are also able to ignore one's resistance to heat as it directly burns the soul and "idea" of the target.
    • Hrozvitnir: Einherjar Albedo. Has the ability to always be faster than the opponent, regardless of whether they move beyond the speed of light or not and whether they slow him down or speed themselves up through time manipulation unless they outright stopped his movement entirely. In his True Briah, Schreiber is able to outrun anyone in existence regardless of whether they are beyond space and time.





May the chosen path lead way and grace you with virtue, But surely a balance awaits So be it bliss or pain you gain. Beyond the route-way's end, you'll gain resilience and weakness. The trials - the thorn in your side - becomes the greatest strength in you. Descend into the abyss thou see Where the hearts of many wander Quietly, they wish and weave Placing hope inside their one, pure dream After the storm stills its wake, May all be blessed, so the fate and fallen can find rest Your will, the water reflects, so all will know Your hands brought the morrow.

Yetzirah: The Spear of Justice!

~ Gabriel Enacting his Yetzirah, The Spear of Justice

No mortal man under the sun, no powers that be, no chains that bind shall constrain Him,for He dwells in the nether; a soul from the grave is He. His shackles crumble, his chains fall limp onto the ground before His will; He, the Dweller in the Grave, His cries of mingling agony and madness. No man, no divine breath that course the veins of this universe hold the power to sway Him. And so the Lord asked – what manner of beast are you? Your lips breathe folly; your question a sage intellect would never hatch.If you know not what I am – very well, I shall answer. Know my name, for it is Legion.

Briah - The Fifth Universe of Gold!

~ Gabriel Enacting his Briah.

Ignorance allied with power is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.
~ Gabriel explaining the Enemies of Justice.

The Voice of the Majority is no Proof of Justice
~ Quote from Gabriel that explains how justice works


Slayer Classes: For Example, Death's Scythe in it's Fullest mode, would only be on par with only a 2nd Class Slayer Weapon, while The Lightning Bladeise a 1st Class.

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Nurnitai Has NOT Yet Reached the Power of a Hadou God yet, and thus he is not using Taikyoku, and does not have an Atziluth yet, therefore his Divinity Relies on the Worship of his Race and the Concepts given to him by Tribunal.

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