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Gabby Matcher: Monster Hacker is an American-Canadian CGI Animated Series that premiered on Falidon on January 4, 2019.


When moving to a bigger house, Gabby discovers colorful eggs with animal-like monsters inside.



  • Gabby Matcher (voiced by Cheri Oteri in the US and Eden Lawrence in the UK)
  • Larry Matcher (voiced by Trevor Devall in the US and Wayne Forester in the UK)
  • Delilah Matcher (voiced by Jennifer Hale in the US and Kate Harbour in the UK)
  • Martin Melvin (voiced by Evan Kishiyama in the US and Dexter-Norby Bell in the UK)
  • Mattina Melvin (voiced by April Winchell in the US and Maria Darling in the UK)
  • Chef Heff (voiced by Rob Paulsen in Both Dubs)


  • Buzzy Flabbit (voiced by Nick A. Fisher in the US and Freddie Howson in the UK)
  • Alessandra Cawmeleon (voiced by Abby Ryder Fortson in the US and Ava Talbot in the UK)
  • The Songbirds (voiced by Teresa Gallagher, Dan Russell, Kerry Shale, Rob Rackstraw, Lewis McLeoad, Colin McFarlane, and Keith Wickham in Both Dubs)
  • Slug-a-Bug (voiced by Hadley Gannaway in the US and Mili Patel in the UK)
  • Oliver Squidder (voiced by Boone Nelson in the US and William Roman in the UK)
  • Hernietta Hairhog (voiced by Ai-Chan Carrier in the US and Pixie Davis in the UK)
  • Yoyo and Jojo (voiced by Abigail Zoe Lewis (Yoyo, US), Remy Edgerly (Jojo, US), and Kathryn MacColl (Both, UK)
  • Tiny Tommy (voiced by Maxwell Apple in the US and Hari Patel in the UK)
  • Microfoot (voiced by Julien Edwards in the US and Bert Davis in the UK)
  • Cousin Slugella (voiced by Brittney Wilson in Both Dubs)