Godzilla Reigns is a 2016 American monster film directed by Nic Pizzolatto and written by Max Borenstein, produced by Universal Studios. GODZILLA is the second movie in the Godzilla triology, due to being an exit in critics and ticket office, the studio decided to make a King Kong triology as well, started with King Kong (2016). The movie stars Gal Gadot, Brie Larson and Henry Cavill.


  • Gal Gadot as Leslie 'Less' Caelen. A survivor from the New York massacre who has been taken hostage by the United States government and used as a test subject for several serums that were made to give a human superpowers via radiation to fight off the threat of Godzilla.
  • Brie Larson as Codename 18. Another prisioner and test subject, 18's memory was completely deleted due to several operations, brainwashing and serums that have been tested on her, said serum has given her an incredibly superior intelligence to other humans.
  • Henry Cavill as Codename 25, 25 still retains his memory but prefers to not say his real name, apparently, 25 was also the survivor of another massacre, this one taking place on England, where he and his cousin, Brian, were affected by the radiation.
  • Tom Holland as Codename 74, 74 is 25's brother. He still retains his memory as well, due to the many serums that have been tested on him. 74 has acquired camoflauge, but severe alzheimer.
  • R. Lee Ermey as President Sandler, a simple corporal who, after the apocalypse took place, decided to take advantage of everyone's fears and become the new president of the United States after murdering the previous one.



The movie begins with Godzilla entering the ocean, the water surrounding him starts turning green as he swims, and the song Smile is played, accompanied by screaming sounds. As the credits roll it is revealed that Godzilla has just left a completely destroyed and obliterated Tokyo. The scene cuts to a laboratory, where we see Less, from the last movie, naked, locked and chained up inside a water tank, with several scientists surrounding her, writing down something in small notebooks. Eventually, Less is left out of the tank, completely knocked out. As flashbacks decripting her capture show up, apparently, Pete, from the last movie, died due to the radiation and she was left to survive on her own, she was ambushed and kidnapped by several soldiers.

In the present, she wakes up in her cell along with her cellmates, 18, 25 and 74. 18 approaches her petting her head, telling her that everything is going to be alright, the prisioners whisper their plans to escape the facility when a guard yells at them from outside to stop telling secrets. He walks towards a high-security room where we find the main antagonist of the film, President Sandler, who is apparently checking over a project called "Mecha Godzilla" an attempt to build a creature able to defeat Godzilla along with the army of superhumans. Mecha Godzilla turns on and starts roaring, before being quickly turned off by a scientist.

Meanwhile, the group decides to surprise attack one of the guards when they get in the cell to leave food, they do so and manage to kill him, they quickly escape as the building goes on lockdown and hoards of wall begin invading the prision's halls. They eventually escape to see the radioactive wasteland that is the world currently, 25 says that he knows a place that's not been affected by insane people nor radiation, Alaska, so they decide to head towards Norway. Meanwhile, Sandler hears that superhumans have escaped their prision and has a rage attack, as he commands several forces to get them.

Meanwhile, Godzilla roams around India, his special mutated senses get him/her to be aware of his robotic counterpart's existence, so he sets up to destroy the robot, a battalion of soldiers ambush him and manage to knock him down, however, he quickly gets back up and unleashes his atomic breath, destroying the battalion. His back sprouts open releasing goo everywhere to reveal an egg from the post credits scene from the last movie, Godzilla starts rubbing their head against the egg and put it back inside their back, before marching over to destroy Mecha Godzilla.

Less, 25, 18 and 74 are set up a campfire to spend the night, while 18 and 74 fall asleep pretty quickly, Less and 25 develop a short romance, 25 reveals his life story to Less and she tells 25 how she used to be a criminal. They sleep and prepare to continue their journey tomorrow.

When they get on march again, and reach what's left of Miami, they encounter Godzilla, who stumbles out of the sea, they start running away from the Kaiju but get incercepted by Sandler's battalion, who lock them all inside a cell except for 74, who camouflages and runs away. Meanwhile, inside the army truck. 18 gets shot and killed by Sandler himself and the rest of the prisioners coward. However, the truck is stopped by Godzilla, who sends it flying out of the way with his tail. 25 and Less land on the middle of the ocean and swim away to a nearby harbor, where they encounter 74. Sandler, greatly injured and refuged inside the ruins of an office-like building calls the lead scientist and tells him to bring Mechagodzilla to kill Godzilla. Mechagodzilla gets turned on and sumerges into the sea to head towards Godzilla's location.

74, 25 and Less stop to rest in the middle of the beach, where 74's face is slowly desfiguring due to his serum-infected cells colliding with radiation. He eventually passes away, and 25 mourns his dead by placing a small plastic rocket toy he had as a kid on his dead brother's shoulder. 25 and Less walk away from all the destruction. Godzilla notes that his son is slowly hatching out of the egg, so he takes the slimy egg out. 25 and Less stop to witness the massive 145ft egg, they hear a roar behind them and it's revealed to be Mechagodzilla.

After a fight, Mechagodzilla is easily defeated when Godzilla uses his atomic breath inside the gigantic robot's metallic throat, decapitating him. The city starts crumbling and Sandler dies beneath the ruins. Less and 25 are trapped beneath the ruins of a building but 25 decides that if his brother isn't alive, then nothing shall be, he uses a chunk of rubble to slam Less'face into a bloody hole of flesh, killing her. Then comes out of the rubble to witness the sunset, before eventually passing away due to the radiation. The egg eventually hatches and an exact replica of the baby Godzilla from the first film crawls out, hurling in pain.

Post-Credits Scene n1.

We see that the Russian and Japanese governments have decided to create much more monsters and/or summon them, using information from the strange organization that the Cuck belonged to from the first movie. The teaser ends with a notebook showing us unfinished drawings of King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan, Gigan and several other monsters.

Post-Credits Scene n2.

We see a woman (Shelley Henning) half-naked and almost completely covered in dirt tied up to two wooden poles sticking out of the ground in the middle of a small stone island, surrounded by flames. We hear tribe chants as something approaches the woman, an abnormally large ape. This is a teaser for King Kong.

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