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GODZILLA is a 2013 American monster film directed by Nic Pizzolatto and written by Max Borenstein, produced by Universal Studios. GODZILLA is the first movie in the GODZILLA triology, and the first movie in the new Godzilla Triology. The movie stars Chris Evans and Gal Gadot, it's known for being the most brutal adaptation of the Godzilla franchise, the monster being a grand total of 240 meters tall. Being the second biggest incarnation of Godzilla so far.


  • Chris Evans as Pete Adams, a soldier of the United States army who has been encharged to travel to Japan, to search for the cause of a series of mysterious earthquakes that have been happening all around the globe in the last four years.
  • Gal Gadot as Leslie 'Less' Caelen, a british criminal on the run who chose to travel to Japan to stay away from the police, however, she is encountered by Pete and forced to join the expedition.
  • Toby Jones as Richard Dawson, scientist of the expedition and the secondary antagonist of the movie. He is obsessed with the monster that lays beneath Japan.
  • Thomas Jane as William 'Rocky' Ooze, sergeant of the expedition and Pete's childhood friend. Rocky has participated in several flight missions before, and, in contrast to Richard, he's obsessed to take down the monster.
  • Benedict Wong as "The Cuck", a mysterious member of a Japanese governamental organization encharged to capture, contain, study and annihilate Kaijus.


The movie begins in a gigantic pitch black pit with a gigantic greenish egg in the middle of it. Out of the egg crawls a bleeding deformed, green/red creature that starts growling in pain as a deformed, malnourished bloody leg bursts out of his belly, accompanied by three more. The credits roll as the public's shown old footage of giant monsters/Kaijus destroying cities. The montage ends with a nuke being thrown in the middle of the ocean and with the well-known Godzilla roar.

The real movie begins with Pete Adams chilling with his girlfriend, Suzy (Emma Stone) in their house. Pete tells her that he must go in a trip to Japan to investigate some mysterious earthquakes tomorrow morning, Suzy gets dissapointed due to the fact that Pete's constantly travelling away from the country, but doesn't tell him. Next morning, his partner, Rocky, comes to pick him up to take him to the military base.

Now in the plane, the soldiers take several pictures of the village they're heading towards, Kariko Village. They eventually instalate themselves in a motel and get prepared to go to the mysterious caverns. All while a british criminal who people call Less, also gets into the motel, the recepcionist recognizes her, but Less gives him a false ID card to convince himself otherwhise, she stalks Pete from the keyhole of his motel door, planning to steal a ring he bought for his girlfriend while he's asleep. Meanwhile, Richard and Rocky have a conversation in the dining room of the motel about what could be the cause of those earthquakes, Less sneaks into Pete's room while he's asleep and tries to find the ring, but she's knocked out by Rocky.

Less wakes up tied to a chair, and Rocky and Pete start interrogating her, Rocky recognizes her from TV, and says that, after the mission's done, they could hand them over to the police and get a reward. Pete handcuffs Less and goes to sleep to prepare for tomorrow. Next morning, the group prepares an expedition into the caves, where they discover several new minerals, when a soldier goes to pick up one of them. He's surprised by a small, goopy spider-like being that jumps off the mineral and glues to his face, the spider eventually jumps off the man's face, revealing a bloody hole of flesh. More spiders come to attack the group, but they're saved by Less, who gets free of her handcuffs and manages to fight off all the insectoid creatures. As the group tries to get out of the caves, Richard grows more fascinated with the creatures, and encourages the rest of the group to keep going. They eventually reach a rocky chamber full of purple crystals and a green, rocky wall. A soldier goes to touch the strange wall but gets crushed by a gigantic arm, a 240mt creature rises from the underground and the cave starts crumbling. The group runs away, screaming their lungs out, except Richard, who just stares at the creature, smiling. Rocky comes back to pull Richard back and they all escape the cave. The creature bursts out of the ground and swims away.

Richard just sits on a cliff, watching as the creature swims away, several villagers run out of their humble houses, screaming 'Gojira', and Richard gets the idea to call the creature Godzilla. Meanwhile, the rest of the group go to ask one of the villagers (The Cuck) about Godzilla, he responds by saying that he had participated in a mission in 1954 to bomb the creature away from Japan, but failed to do so, and accidentally mutated it, expanding its 3 year old maximum lifespan to a 900 years old lifespan and giving it extra radiation powers, they enter the Cuck's house and Pete discovers pictures of an old logo with the shape of the head of Godzilla. He asks the Cuck about it and says that he was once part of an organization in charge of keeping away strange creatures and Kaijus so humanity wouldn't have to deal with them. They take the plane, but it's revealed that Richard has disassemble it so they can't fly away from the Island. Rocky ties Richard up so he can't do anything insane and turns on the news to see where Godzilla is now, they discover that he's been raiding Rio de Janeiro, and that he is now heading towards New York. They get picked up by another plane belonging to the USA army and fly towards Brooklyn.

A gigantic chunk of the USA army gets ready to receive Godzilla on a nearby harbor, and the titan eventually arrives, ending with every single soldier there with his atomic breath, Rocky, Pete, Less and the Cuck observe the scene from the plane that just picked them up, however, when they go to check on Richard, it's revealed that he had picked up a parachute and jumped off the plane towards where Godzilla was heading to, the Brooklyn Bridge. Godzilla arrives at the Brooklyn Bridge and so does Richard, who starts crawling up the Kaiju's skin until reaching his knee. Godzilla notices but doesn't do anything, the group reaches the mad Kaiju and try to attack it, but Godzilla breaks through them destroying the bridge, the Cuck dies and tells Pete that the only way to defeat Godzilla is by getting hit by another nuke, which will cause a meltdown in his body, the remaining three run off to where Godzilla is heading towards now, the Empire State.

Now in the Empire State, the trio begin running to the rooftop of the skyscraper as Godzilla approaches the building, Godzilla gets there faster though, and places Richar on the rooftop. Godzilla looks at the human as the trio quickly call the government to send a nuke halfway through the stairs of the building. However, Godzilla uses his atomic breath to destroy it, vaporizing Richard and sending anyone in the building flying away, Rocky gets crushed by a chunk of the building and dies, while Pete and Less land in the middle of the ocean, both being unconscious. Finally, a nuke is dropped and the whole surface of New York City is completely destroyed.

Post-Credits Scene.

Godzilla walks out of the remains of New York, having gained extra radiation power once again, Pete and Less finally wake up and look at the now destroyed New York, they walk off into the nothingness. Meanwhile, in Hawaii, the brand new extra powerful Godzilla does his infamous roar, claiming the crown as the new king of the monsters, it is also revealed that Godzilla is infact female, and that he has managed to lay a gigantic egg of the size of a mansion.