G.I. Joe: Renegades is a 2013 American action film based on the Hasbro toyline G.I. Joe. It was directed by Antoine Fuqua and is a sequel to the 2009 film G.I. Joe. The film stars Sam Worthington, Chris Evans, Jessica Chastain, Terry Crews, Johnny Galecki, Rose Byrne, Scott Adkins and Nan Yu.


The film begins with news reports of the assassination of the Pakistani President. US President Jim Phillips orders a team of G.I. Joes to head into Pakistan and retrieve nuclear weapons. During the raid, the Joes encounter a group of soldiers enhanced by nanotechnology. Snake Eyes, the silent ninja master, encounters a face from his past; Storm Shadow. The two duel and an explosion injures Storm Shadow, who retreats to the Himalayas to recover. Snake Eyes, in shock over Storm Shadow's reappearance, decides to dpart from the Joes for a while. He meets with the leader of the Arashikage Clan, the Blind Master, who sends Snake Eyes and his apprentice Jinx to apprehend Storm Shadow.

The history of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow is revealed through flashbacks. As a child, Snake Eyes snuck into a kitchen to steal food, but was caught by Storm Shadow. The two fought, during which Snake Eyes displayed his prowess. Storm Shadow's master, the Hard Master, observes the fight and intervenes before it can turn too brutal. He embraces Snake Eyes' skill and welcomes him into the Arashikage Clan. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow trained together over time, and to Storm Shadow's chargin, the Hard Master appeared to favour Snake Eyes. This led to a hatred of Snake Eyes manifesting itself in Storm Shadow. This then came to a head when one day the Hard Master was found dead, with Storm Shadow by his body. Snake Eyes tried to chase Storm Shadow as he fled, and forced to defend himself, Storm Shadow threw a blade at Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes tried to dodge it, but it wounded his throat and left him mute for the rest of his life. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow did not see each other after that day.

Meanwhile, the Joes are hanging around their compound in Pakistan when suddenly a set of drones arrive and open fire, destroying the compound. Duke leads his own team, consisting of Ripcord, Scarlett, Roadblock, Breaker and Lady Jaye to safety by jumping down a well. However, many of their friends and allies, including G.I. Joe leader General Hawk, are killed in the airstrike. The team soon find that they are the only survivors.

At the White House, the President reveals himself to be a double; Zartan, the master of disguise, has infiltrated the White House and taken over. He visits the captive President and taunts him. It is here that we are also introduced to Firefly, an ex-Joe, who is now working for Zartan and his organization.

After a trek across the desert, the surviving Joes finally manage to make it back into the United States. They witness an address by the President, who announces that the G.I. Joes were responsible for stealing warheads from Pakistan, and Snake Eyes himself killed the Pakistani President. As such, the Joes have become outlaws and a new organization has emerged to act as the protectors of America; Cobra. Lady Laye notices that something is off about the President and concludes that someone is impersonating him.

Duke takes them to the only person they can trust; General Joseph Colton, the original G.I. Joe. Together they concoct a plan to prove that the President is a fake. They sneak into a charity gala which he is attending, where Lady Jaye manages to obtain a DNA sample from him, which she sends to the other Joes back at their base, confirming his identity as Zartan. As they try to leave, they are pursued by Firefly and another Cobra member, Major Bludd. A fight ensues in an alleyway, which leads to the death of Breaker and Bludd.

At the same time, Snake Eyes and Jinx journey to the Himalayas, where they encounter Storm Shadow and a bitter confrontation occurs. After Snake Eyes subdues Storm Shadow, a group of ninjas begin to chase them down the mountainside. Snake Eyes triggers an avalanche, which sends them to their deaths.

Reunited with the Blind Master, Storm Shadow is interrogated. When he hands the Blind Master his sort, the truth is revealed. Storm Shadow was framed for the Hard Master's death; his true killer was a disguised Zartan, using the same disguise he would later wear while he turned Storm Shadow against Snake Eyes completely and influenced the young ninja into affiliating himself with Cobra. Seeking revenge, Storm Shadow agrees to help them in taking Cobra down.

Zartan summons the world leaders to a meeting in Fort Sumter. He tries to force them to get rid of their nuclear arsenal, but they simply tell him that he's gone mad. Zartan launches America's missile array, forcing all of the other leads to launch theirs. Zartan then detonates his in the air, preventing disaster, and the other leaders follow suite. Suddenly, the Cobra Commander enters and reveals himself to the world leaders. He places a briefcase before Zartan and unveils Project Zeus, several orbital kinetic bombardment weapons controlled by Cobra. As the Commander prepares to prove his superiority by destroying London, Storm Shadow reveals hs defection and starts attacking. At the same time, the other Joes begin an assault outside of the bunker, with weapons supplied by Colton. As the enter the base, Firefly flees with the briefcase while the Commander also leaves. Colton and Lady Jaye enter the basement where the real President is being held and rescue him. 

Storm Shadow chases Zartan through his escape route, eventually cornering him. Zartan attempts to shoot Storm  Shadow, but he slices the bullet in half and then throws his sword through Zartan, impaling him. The villain reverts to his true appearance as he dies.

Outside, Duke chases Firefly, who is carrying the briefcase, while the Commander escapes on a helicopter. A brutal fight ensues between Duke and Firefly, culminating in Duke breaking Firefly's neck. As the villain lies wounded on the ground, Duke manages to use the briefcase to disable the satellite and save London. As Duke walks away, Firefly tries to use one his explosive firefly devices to kill him, but finds that the detonator is missing. Duke reveals that he is carrying it and he blows the device up, killing Firefly. 

Following the battle, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow silently acknowledge each other with respect before the latter vanishes. The real President returns to power and commemorates the group as heroes, as well as honouring the memories of the fallen Joes. Colton also thanks each of them and presents Duke with a pistol which originally belonged to General George Patton. Duke proudly fires a single shot into the air.


G.I. Joe

Sam Worthington - Conrad "Duke" Hauser 

Chris Evans - Wallace "Ripcord" Weems 

Jessica Chastain - Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara 

Terry Crews - Marvin "Roadblock" Hinton 

Johnny Galecki - Alvin "Breaker" Kibby 

Rose Byrne - Jaye "Lady Jaye" Burnett

Scott Adkins - Snake Eyes 

Nan Yu - Kim "Jinx" Arashikage

Robert Patrick - General Joseph Colton

Harrison Ford - General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy 


Charlie Adler - Cobra Commander (Voice) 

Doug Jones - Cobra Commander (Body) 

Robert Carlyle - James McCullen/Destro 

Lena Headey - Ana Lewis/Anastasia DeCobray/The Baroness 

Richard Armitage - Zartan 

Tim Roth - Firefly

Vernon Wells - Major Bludd 

Tom Hardy - Dr Mindbender


Rain - Thomas "Storm Shadow" Arashikage

Jet Li - The Hard Master

Chow Yun Fat - The Blind Master

John Lithgow - President Jim Phillips 

Liam Hemsworth - Rex Lewis

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