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G.A.B.E.N. is a 1998 sci-fi thriller film directed by Simon Richie.


The year is 2998 A.D. (a millennium from the movie's release year). A Center for Chaos Containment worker called Clancy Ferrell had recently been bullied by his co-workers and called "Redneck" because of his literal red neck, which has a mark the shape of a butt on it. He ran away, crying, but then ended up in the garage, and stumbled upon a failed project: the G.A.B.E.N. (Gross Animal Brightly Entering Nowhere). He then repurposed it into a war machine and ran off with it.

One day later, Jim Nelson was walking down the streets of Madstreet, Connecticut, when he stumbles upon a news report of G.A.B.E.N. disappearing from CCC.


  • Thomas Brooks as Jim Nelson, an assassin with a dark past, who has spent his whole life trying to catch the nefarious Commander Redneck.
  • David Burch as Wally Prince, Jim's high school friend, who assists Jim in stopping Commander Redneck's entire operation.
  • Topher Thompson as Greg McStove, an assassin who's an expert at burning down things.
  • Lewis Studley as Lewis Francis, an assassin who is able to hack any computer.
  • Rodger Bumpass as Officer Blake Willstein
  • Donald Allison as Officer Cory Handler
  • George Clooney as Mayor Damian Miller, the mayor of Madstreet.
  • Kurt Dietrich as Slave, a veteran assassin. (SPOILER: He gets killed in the sequel)
  • Johnson May as Clancy Ferrell, also known as Commander Redneck, an evil genius who took control over the Center for Chaos Containment's G.A.B.E.N. superweapon, and tried to rule the world using it.
  • Marie Wilson as News Reporter Linda Stewart
  • Aaron Landik as G.A.B.E.N.
  • Curtis Kenny as Jack LeBlanche, a technical worker for the G.A.B.E.N.
  • Sheila Weathers as Mary Field, the only female assassin in Madstreet.
  • Brian Stepanek as Charlie Nelson, Jim's now-dead father and assassin who appears in the flashback.
  • Annie Michelle as Penny Nelson, Jim's now dead mother and assassin who appears in the flashback.
  • Duke Actorman as the Gangly Gangster, Jim's old enemy.
  • Harold Drejieker as Harold Darwinson, a CCC worker who made fun of Clancy's red neck.
  • Steve Solomon as Steve Simpson, a CCC worker who made fun of Clancy's red neck.
  • Albert "MC Mango" Klein as Dancebot 7000, a robot programmed to dance.