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A map of Future Island, which is right next to California.

Future Island is an island off the coast of San Francisco, California. It is about 5 times bigger than South Island, New Zealand. It was first formed by an undersea volcano, which erupted and made a large island around 310 million years ago that later became Future Island. It is named because of the creatures that were originally from fiction (like The Future Is Wild, After Man, Gamera, Godzilla, King Kong, and other educational and entertainment stuff) became real and lives in this island due to aliens (which discovered universe travel before humans did). This island is also known for its collection of prehistoric animals, with most prehistoric animals living on the island being herbivores (plant eaters), they either survived extinctions and are always native to the island or were brought back and were introduced to the island by ancient aliens (since these aliens hoped that these animals will thrive and live on once again).

As for the laws on Future Island, it is similar to London (for exotic pets), Japan (also for exotic pets), and USA (for other things), except that bad language is forbidden on Future Island, if you say bad language, you'd be arrested for 25 years or loose $30,000.00 even for saying bad language once, f**ks are the worst bad language and is illegal to say it on this island, as human children don't want to hear any kind of bad language, bad language were banned on this island in 1910's as many people began to hate curse words of any kind on Future Island. Without bad language on this island, people bleeped out bad language on all movies, tv shows, games, etc. that were distributed on this island (including movies such as the American Werewolf in London, Ted, Sausage Party, and other movies with bad language) to make the movies and other entertainment stuff on this island more family-friendly.

Anyway, here's the examples of species on Future Island.



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