Fury of the Wolfman is the first sequel to Mark of the Wolfman.


Count Walter Delamare goes to Tibet in search of a cure for his lycantrophy. However, he is instead attacked by a Yeti-like creature and knocked unconcious. He is rescued by two oddball reclusive scientists, Dr. Ellen Rowan and Dr. Richard Meridan, who reveal that the Yeti is the result of a genetics experiment they performed which went awry, and they have subsequently lost control of the Yeti. They now believe that Walter possesses the strength to kill the Yeti. Walter is reluctant, but Meridan promises to help him look for a cure in return. Walter then decides to go along with it and confronts the Yeti. After a brutal fight, Walter kills the beast and then returns to Rowan and Meridan.

While Meridan conducts his research, Walter and Rowan begin an affair. One night their hideaway is ransacked by a hooligan group. Meridan then convinces Walter to kill them, and he does. Meridan then informs him that the police force is after them and sends him after the chief. Walter soon realises that he is being manipulated and steals Meridan's files, and is horrified to learn that the scientist was in fact trying to pinpoint his weakness and then sell him to the highest bidder as opposed to curing him. He also finds that the Yeti is still alive, caged beneath their mountain hideout. When Meridan learns of this, he unleashes the Yeti and sends it after Walter. They fight in the snow and once again Walter prevails before returning to the hideout and attacking Meridan, their fight igniting a deadly fire which quickly begins to consume their lab. Walter kills Meridan but is confronted by Rowan, who tries to calm him down. Walter sees that she is hiding a syringe and is trying to sedate him, so he flings her into the fire below and then flees as the lab burns to the ground.


The film was followed by Return of the Wolfman and Shadow of the Wolfman.

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