While chickens, bats, wolves, and rabbits do spawn naturally in this biome, no other animals (including ocelots, horses/donkeys, cows, pigs, sheep, llamas, etc) spawn naturally here, neither do zombies or creepers.

Instead, there are giant hedgehog (which replaces cows in this biome), Looney Tuneish Tasmanian devil (which replaces pigs in this biome), (untameable) beast (which replaces Zombies in this biome), Tasmanian devil (which replaces the llamas in this biome), giant panda (which replaces polar bears in this biome), eckia (Which replaces Horses, Mules & Donkeys in this biome), great horned Owl (which replaces parrots in this biome), mutant (Which replaces Villagers in this biome), (untameable) mobians (which fills the similar role as wolves, but can become aggressive if the player attack it), & living dummy (Which replaces creepers in this biome).

But they all each have special drops that are not found on other mobs (for example, great horned owls drop great horned owl eggs that can be crafted into Dipped egg or omelettes if crafted with cooked beef or porkchops, which can restore 3 hunger points).

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